Watch Giveaway! Five Lucky Winners Get to Choose Their Favorites from The 5th Watches!

Watch Giveaway! Five Lucky Winners Get to Choose Their Favorites from The 5th Watches!
Enter to win 1 of 5 beautiful watches from The 5th!

When it comes to mastering men’s style, the devil is in the details. But that doesn’t mean the details are supposed to be complicated.

Watches come in many shapes and styles. A lot of them have tons of dials, dates, rotating bezels, and even visible gears. But sometimes getting the details right means getting rid of unnecessary clutter.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce today that we’re giving away FIVE beautiful minimalist watches by The 5th to five lucky readers.

The 5th is an Australian company making waves in the affordable watch world because of their focus on modern design and quality. Their entire line is composed of clean, classy designs with the utmost attention to all the details that matter. They’re not too big and not too thick, but they’re not dainty either. With the New York Classic line having an ultra thin 6mm case and a 41mm face, and the Melbourne line having a 7.88mm case and a 43mm face, these watches will look perfect on a wrist of any size – from sticks to smokestacks.

The 5th watches thickness

Their commitment to quality is built right into their sales model. To be able to create new, beautiful designs at the best quality while keeping them affordable, The 5th only sells limited stock on their website on the 5th of each month until they’re gone. Fans sign up for their VIP waiting list and are given the opportunity to buy exclusive new designs before they go public on the site.

One of the coolest things about the New York Classic range is not only are the cases thin, but each watch actually comes with TWO Italian leather straps. You get double the versatility buying just one watch.

The 5th Watches

All watches come with Italian leather straps, are made of 316L stainless steel with Japanese quartz movements, have hardened mineral crystal lenses, and are water resistant to 5ATM.

The 5th has 10 models available. Here are my favorites:

The 5th Watches Brooklyn


$135 with 10% off code PRIMER10

I absolutely love this watch. The all black look coupled with the beautifully simple tick marks make for a dynamite combination that works in extremely casual and dressy situations alike. As a part of the New York Classic line, it comes with two Italian leather straps, one matte and one shiny. It’s a modern take on classic form.

The 5th Watches Tribeca


$135 with 10% off code PRIMER10

Rose gold is a great choice for men because it’s more subtle and classy than traditional yellow gold, which can feel blingy or over the top. The Tribeca comes with both a brown and black strap, so you’ll look amazing, whether you’re wearing your gray suit with brown shoes or black.

The 5th Watches Black and Tan

Black & Tan

$95 with 10% off code PRIMER10

Part of the Melbourne line, this thicker-cased sleek watch perfectly combines black and tan. It fit right at home with Red Wings or wingtips.

The 5th Watches

White & Tan

$95 with 10% off code PRIMER10

If you’re looking for 100% class, the White & Tan watch in the Melbourne line will be your go-to for years to come.

Now get your hands on one!

We're giving FIVE lucky readers their choice from The 5th! Check out The 5th Watches website and tell us in the comments which watch you would choose to win! Simply enter with the widget below!

The 5th Watch Giveaway

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Nainoa J

    The all black face seems a little hard to read at first glance, but the minimalist design of all the watches is quite attractive.

  • Keir

    Gorgeous minimalist watches. Really bold design with classic leather straps. Love them!

  • NOS337

    Tribeca +1

  • Robert

    I like the contrast of the Black and Tan. It looks to be a versitle watch.

  • Jim Kleer

    The white and Tan to me looks like the most polished, and you can’t really beat that price piont.

  • Brandon Atkins

    The Tribeca and the white and tan would be on my list for a minimalist watch. Though more toward the white and tan, since I already have a couple of rose gold watches.

  • BovineTipper

    Gotta go for the black and tan!

  • Andy Nguyen

    The white and tan looks great!

  • Bastian Schulz

    The Black & Tan looks like a good mixture of classis design, a modern twist and minimalism to me

  • Tom

    Always nice to find products that can fulfill many different looks. Great piece.

  • Casey meister

    The Black and Tan one is probably the most versatile, yet minimalist watch… I like!

  • Aaron Watson

    White and Tan has a classic clean look to it.

  • hullmar

    Always thought about owning one, while low on cash, i hope i can get one as a prize 🙂

  • ashish sharma

    I like the white & tan – A classic & clean timepiece. Simple & elegant. Good for every occasion; best for late Sunday Brunch on a sunny morning!

  • Mac

    Black and Tan looks great

  • Rory Blackburn

    I love the Tribeca but I wished they did it with the Melbourne! SO I would have to go with the melbourne white and tan

  • EndlessDream

    White and tan is stunning!

  • Jacob

    Love the Brooklyn!

  • Zack

    The Tribeca is just stunning!

  • Lukas Stewart

    I Like the black face and black strap watch, one that I have yet to add to my collection 🙂

  • Zohar Fischer

    White & Tan

  • Jon T

    brooklyn or broadway! all black is great, but the gold case is something else

  • Michael Dougherty

    I like the white and tan.

  • Mlcvr

    Beautiful stuff.

  • Christopher Pauley

    Love the Melbourne White + Tan. Super clean

  • Elliot Miller

    The white & tan is my choice

  • Jason Pittard

    Very clean and looks like would be easy to wear under a dress shirt.

  • Dan McKeown

    The Tribeca looks real nice. Versatile too since it comes with two bands.

  • Chris H

    Tribeca is my favorite

  • Trevor Barnby

    Looks like you saved the best for last! The white and tan looks great.

  • Chase Ayres

    Would love to try one of these.

  • John

    These are all very slick watches!

  • Irvin

    Tribeca is the best one for me. And second to that is Upper East. Both have a classic, timeless design that could be paired well with any outfit.

  • Kelly

    White & Tan please.

  • Ryan S

    White and tan is a great minimal watch!

  • Jason W.

    Love the simplistic design. The “Tribecca” would go well with a lot of of summer wedding outfits !

  • Mitch Eastwood (Dr Gonzo)

    Tribeca, black or tan band, very versatile

  • Connie K

    The White and Tan is just gorgeous.

  • Brooks

    Love the minimalist look of these watches.

  • Mugla

    That white and tan one is straight down my alley.

  • abramnik

    Great looking watches – Tribeca or White & Tan 🙂

  • Andrew McMaster

    Black and Tan

  • Joe R

    The black and tan seems like the ideal ‘middle of the road’ watch, that you could dress up or down and still look sharp. Great post Andrew!

  • Ricky W

    Melbourne White & Tan

  • Alexandre

    All of them are awesome but the Black & Tan is the best.

  • Drew Weintraut

    Tribeca +1

  • Michael Lee

    While it is hard to choose just one, I would have to go with the Black and Tan. It offers, in my opinion, the most versatility while maintaining The Fifth’s sleek and down to earth design.

  • Graig

    Very cool minimalist design. I really like that subtle use of rose gold. The Tribeca is definitely my choice.

  • Kenyon

    White and Tan for the win

  • Daniel Rousseau

    The Tibeca would be great for its versatility with the black and brown straps.

  • Calvin Maynard

    ‘Dat Tribeca though. Tasty.

  • Jesus

    They all look great, but that white & tan takes it for me.

  • kitae17

    Brooklyn or Black & Tan look nice.

  • Sam

    I’m loving the look of Melbourne – named after one of my favourite cities in the world (I’m from around the corner in Sydney, Australia!). The Black & Tan Melbourne Minimal is absolutely superb. As a Gen Y, tech-obsessed man, there is something special about returning to timeless analog minimalism.

  • Tom

    White and tan melbourne minimal

  • Josh Hoefler

    I love the Brooklyn. The matte black strap looks real sharp.

  • Alex Bear

    The Tribeca one, all my watches are silver, but my ring is gold, need that matching metal in my life!

  • Ebsan

    I like the fact that their slim. I’ve recently been wearing a lot of Skagen’s because of this.

  • Raffi Baldassini

    As someone who lives in Ireland I really like the black and tan but I don’t think the name would go down well

  • James K.

    These are great looking watches.

  • Charles MacGregor

    This brand of watch has always intrigued me and I definitely prefer the leather band and sleek styles of the Brooklyn and Tribeca.

  • Arkadiy

    Love the rose gold!

  • Josh K

    I would go with the White and Tan

  • j4m3z

    Tribeca is classy.

  • Mrralph21

    That Brooklyn all black looks perfect, a statement piece that doesn’t call attention to itself

  • Steve K

    I need a rose gold watch in my collection!

  • Mark David

    Love the minimalist look!

  • Mike Hendrickson

    The Tribeca is really classy. I just got married in February and have been looking for a rose gold watch to match my ring.

  • Jeremy V

    The Tribeca matches my wedding band. Rose gold is classy and is easier to fit multiply outfits. Really enjoy the simplicity of the style.

  • Ed Taylor


  • Brent Erickson

    Upper East is the one for me. Dead simple and very versatile. Perfect for business travel.

  • Vincent H

    Definitely would choose the Upper East.

  • Joshua Eidson

    I’ve been shopping for a new, clean watch. One of these sure would be nice.

  • Mitch

    Love the white and tan!

  • Jeff

    Black and Tan

  • Conor

    The Brooklyn is the watch that stands out to me. Simplistic design as well as the simplistic color scheme just looks very tidy.

  • Bob

    The Upper East is my favorite.

  • Dominic A

    I like how thin the NY Classic line is

  • Porter

    That Tribeca is a thing of beauty!

  • Christopher Miller

    The Tribeca watch is icey

  • Caleb Jensema

    That White & Tan would look sharp with my suit at the office!

  • Bill H.

    That Tribeca is nice…

  • Timothy

    The Brooklyn looks awesome

  • Mikec

    The minamlist design is always a classic look. And the white and tan will go with almost any look

  • Josh

    The Upper East is a classic that I would wear proudly – would love to support an Australian company as a former Australian Resident as well – Sydneysider!

  • stevececil

    Great giveaway! Those watches are beautiful. A would love the Brooklyn

  • Lynn

    The Rose Gold Tribeca looks great, classic elegance with a modern design.

  • Fred J


  • Ashley Chan

    Tribeca FTW!

  • Scotty

    These watches have a superbly clean and classy design. The simplicity is phenomenal!

  • Matt

    These watches are spectacular.

  • Rust

    I would choose the Soho.

  • Diego T.

    Love the Tribeca!

  • Travis

    Man I like the all black Brooklyn, but I have been looking for a watch like the more understated Tribecca for a while. It’ll be a tough call if I win!

  • Chris

    I love the simple design of them all but the White and Tan would get the most use.

  • Jonathan Fenske

    These look great!

  • Marshall Lilly

    Have never heard of these guys before, but will need to pick one up at some point. Beautiful and absolutely timeless timepieces! If I had to pick just one, it would have to be the Tribeca…

  • Jonathan Fenske

    These look great!!

  • Set

    Using the roman numeral V is interesting. I think the Tribeca looks pretty nice.

  • James A.

    they’re all very aesthetically pleasing but I would have to favor the Tribeca!

  • Justin Burgess

    I love the Melbourne Minimal Black and Tan! I’ve got a minimal silver and tan currently, but love the look of the black instead.

  • Matt

    Love the White and Tan!

  • Keith Dodge

    Cool watches! Great style at a great price.

  • IgnorantVeil

    The slender hands make for a nice twist on the minimalist design. Really nice.

  • Joe Pekula

    Really digging the all black New York Classic

  • Maulik

    Tribeca Please

  • Andrew Jefferies

    I need that black and tan in my life!

  • LEW

    Nice looking watches!

  • Sean

    Definitely loving the Melbourne Black and Tan, but I think they’d all look great on my wrist.

  • Matt Anthony

    LOVE the Tribeca! I’m a huge fan of rose gold right now, and I think both the brown and black leather bands will look good with any outfit.

  • Adam Hendrix

    East Side

  • John Waldowski

    I’m all about the Brooklyn

  • Michael Kinkoph

    Brooklyn +1

  • Corey

    I love how thin the face of the New York Classic is!

  • Eric Goldman

    Melbourne White and Tan

  • Robert

    The Black and tan one is a work of art

  • Dean Bogin

    Both the Black/Tan and the all Black look awesome. Love the minimaist design.

  • Chris Z

    I gotta say I think the Brooklyn is my favorite but the Tribeca is real nice as well.

  • Casey Zimmerman

    The potential to win a beautiful watch and a 10% off discount code? Can’t beat that!

  • TheSeizure

    New York!

  • derek wall

    Those are some nice watches. Wouldn’t mind 1 or 2 or all of them.

  • Brandon Dean

    White & Tan for sure. Super classy and stays simple.

  • Ross Langdale

    White and Tan looks great

  • Salman


  • John

    Black and Tan for sure. Looks perfect.

  • Cam Schreier

    I would definetly go with either the Brooklyn, because the black on black is beautifully professional, and all around slick.

    Or the Broadaay because as the website says, it really is a show stopper!

    Or the Tribeca, because it looks very nice for a casual outfit.

  • Kevin S.

    Never heard of the company, but these watches look right up my alley. Would love to win one!

  • Trevor Twitty

    Really digging the look of the Tribeca. Rose Gold is always a win.

  • Brian

    I’m a big fan of white and tan. Nice contest, Andrew. Cheers.

  • Peter

    Love the simple clean look of the White & Tan Melbourne model. The roman numeral branding to all of the watches is a great branded touch that adds some elegance to each piece.

  • Brown Gill

    The Tribeca is so classic!

  • Steven Curry

    I’m loving the White and Tan model. I may just have to pick it up regardless of the contest results.

  • Isaac Ringo

    The Fifth Watches, WoW, So Amazing. My Favorite is Brooklyn from the New York Classic, it matches my personality I guess 🙂 Second favorite is Broadway, Melbourne Minimal. So great you guys, Thanks

  • Tarang Patel

    I typically away from black watchfaces because they seem less dressy and thus won’t work in a wide variety of situations, but Black and Tan looks REALLY good!

  • Andy Brannigan

    Classic designer watches! These remind me of old classic watches that completed the man. With the White & Tan you can dress up or down and still look like you have solid fashion taste no matter the occasion.

  • Dan Mehmen


  • Adam A

    White and Tan is my favorite!

  • James Mersol

    I like the White and Tan the best – it looks like you could wear it equally well with a suit as you could with a polo and shorts. Truly a classic design.

  • Eric Sanford

    Upper East

  • Zac S.

    The ‘Brooklyn’ watch is my favorite. I love how simple and smooth every bit of it is. A classic look that will still start a conversation.

  • Gabe Taylor

    The Brooklyn- great style!

  • Modern Connoisseur

    Simple and sharp luv them

  • Leev Robert

    Brooklyn for sure!

  • RJ

    Tribeca for sure!

  • Scott

    Black & Tan!

  • Frankie Withers

    black & gold Melbourne looks nice

  • Brandon K. Brock

    Love the black and tan!

  • Jesus Gonzalez

    I wonder if the all black face is gunmetal or completely black? I can imagine that if it were gunmetal, the photographs would make it look like it would be difficult to read

  • Thomas

    Melbourne Black & Tan

  • Andrew Ghobrial

    Upper East is my favorite!

  • Brad Galbraith

    I would go with the Tribeca – love the versatility.

  • mwelbornhp

    Very nice designs. I like all of them. Well done.

  • Today

    Brooklyn for sure!

  • Jeffrey Davis

    Black & Tan is on point!

  • sean

    yay give away!

  • Frank K.

    Love the rose gold Tribeca. Thanks for posting and helping us learn about another up and coming watch company.

  • Brandon B. Busbee

    I love brown watch straps. I definitely would prefer the Melbourne model as well as I prefer thicker watches. Thanks Primer and 5th Watches!

  • Jonathan I

    love the all black!

  • Nate

    I’d have to go for the Upper East

  • Smirx

    That Tribeca is one classy watch.

  • Colin Cooley

    Nice timepieces!

  • Steeps

    These are very nice looking watches. Would be very eager to get my hands on one.

  • Will

    The Brooklyn, for sure.

  • Gino

    Beautiful wathes. Ill take the Tribeca 🙂

  • riotxix

    Brooklyn for sure

  • Baron Kanter

    That white and tan is great but I also i live the tribeca, it’s a bit bolder of a statement and I usually play it too safe

  • sundragon

    Not a fan of all black watches but the lighter faces are a nice balance.

  • Dustin Murdock

    The white and tan. Dapper comes to mind

  • Austin Leavitt

    Gotta love the black and tan. Looks both sleek and classy!

  • Juan David Urbina

    The TRIBECA looks simply amazing

  • Zachy

    Oh man, where have these been hiding?

  • Drew Curtis

    Brooklyn would be my choice!

  • Michael Rubio

    I have been looking for a black on black minimal watch for some time, so I definitely like the Brooklyn one!

  • hcm004

    Love all the New York styles. Nice and thin face, gorgeous minimalist style, sharp bands.

  • Michael Paraskevas


  • James Simpson

    White and Tan!

  • Saurabh Wadhwa

    Minimalistic is really classy. Good collection with great design.

  • Ender93

    The white and tan looks superb

  • Nate

    I like the Melbourne Minimal – Black and Tan version! Sleek and nice looking!

  • Nick

    The black and tan one looks like a really clean, simple watch. I like how they don’t have too much going on like a lot of watches

  • Brad Prall

    Tribeca is perfect

  • Anuraag Jhawar

    Black & Tan!

  • Domink B

    The NY range just seems too thin. Probably would have to be white & tan for me.

  • Kevin Christensen

    I would do the White + Tan!

  • Jay

    Love the minimalist look of the faces.

  • Tyler S

    White & Tan it is

  • Taylor Porter

    Brooklyn +1
    I already have the Tribeca and its great! Love swapping out the straps depending on the look.

  • John

    Interesting concept, only selling once a day a month. White & Tan for me.

  • Aleks

    Well, the company has very well developed website. Hopefully, their products are also good. My choice is NEW YORK CLASSIC Brooklyn 🙂 Love black

  • wlp3D

    The rose gold with the brown or black strap is a perfect classic look. Love that these watches are minimal, keep it simple and back to the basics.

  • disqus_sw8Eumv7Kx

    Mmmm White and Tan

  • Brian

    Tribeca is my favorite. It’s simple, elegant and goes with everything. Also love the White & Tan.

  • Robert May

    Awesome! Didn’t know about the company, signing up for their list now…

  • Calvin Xu

    The White & Tan all the way!

  • Danno

    Love the look of these watches!

  • Brady Lanter

    As always, sharing great style with us. I really like the all black watch.

  • Chris Criswell

    Love the White and Tan!

  • Flaviu

    Nice miniamlist and versatile watches. keep up the good work guys. Best of luck!

  • craig hoffman

    The thin faces of the watches are a nice feature. I am not a fan of the thicker, large faces many watched have. These are a great find. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  • Spencer Lee Eiseman

    The Brooklyn

  • Jeremy Balliston

    Upper East for sure. Love that style.

  • ZachEvans654

    The Tribeca is my favorite!

  • Brian Short

    Modern and Classic! How can you go wrong…

  • Patrick Regan

    I’d say the Melbourne White and Tan — I need something that contrasts a bit with my current wristwatch.

  • Sean Darling

    Love that Tribeca

  • Jordan Laman

    I could dig a white and tan with a black strap.

  • Nick Ridgeway

    +1 Tribeca

  • Kovács Béla

    Beautiful watches!

  • Ryan Poole

    Love the simplicity and elegance of the Tribeca.

  • Jesse Coletta

    Really loving the MVMT watch you all recommended. I can’t wait to try one of these!

  • Josh T

    The Black and Tan style looks great!

  • David Gravelle

    Less is indeed MORE. Great article, thorough

  • dknash

    Tough choice. I’ll go with Brooklyn.

  • untravel

    I like the black and tan. The minimalist design of The Fifth watches is well complimented by a non-monochromatic color scheme.

  • Amadandubh

    Upper East.

  • Steffen Rohrbach

    Melbourne Black&Tan

  • TyLo

    I want that Brooklyn!

  • KC

    Good looking watches made with quality materials in a variety of styles. Very nice.

  • Roger Ramirez

    Tribeca for sure.

  • G Joseph

    Tribeca for sure. Though the SoHo is very tempting. I’ve honestly never owned a watch. The minimalist and thinness of the whole thing would really be perfect

  • Luis Barron

    I like the watches. I think the roman numeral 5 is a nice touch. I would go with the white & tan.

  • Timeo Williams

    Thanks for the offer

  • Clarence Messler

    The Brooklyn is by far my favorite!!

  • S. Jamar B.

    I’m a New Yorker definitely between the Brooklyn & TriBeCa!

  • Charles Stanford

    Tribeca +1

  • Sean Kitko

    Really like the Black & Tan and Tribeca

  • Kyle Greer

    I’m liking the Black and Tan!

  • Paul Vo

    White & Tan

  • Drew

    The White & Tan. +1 Looks terrific.

  • Dnsani

    White & Tan +1

  • Zach Waliullah

    Great looking watches, and shoutout to the quality of the Primer Magazine. Appreciate what you all do!

  • Comrade Andy

    I really like these 5 watches. One may end up in my wishlist.

  • Mike Rogers

    Really love the minimalist design guys! Thanks for the post!

  • Scofabear

    white and tan!

  • Brian

    White and Tan is my favorite!

  • PG

    White & Tan

  • Ben Logsdon

    Although the name of Black and Tan evokes a certain bit of thirst, I prefer the White and Tan watch.

  • Joseph Updike

    Someday, I hope to have a watch collection. Maybe one for leather boots too, but watches definitely.

  • Abhishek Bhatnagar

    The all black is such a beautiful watch!

  • dbreisch

    TriBeCa’s versatility is hard to top, and rose gold is completely in right now, isn’t it? Also easier to read than the Brooklyn.

  • Louis Le

    I love looking at the Tribeca and the White Tan. It seems easier to see and read as opposed to the Black and Tan, and the harder to glance at Brooklyn.

  • Cody H

    Yay giveaways!

  • DD

    The all black is such a beautiful design!

  • Brett

    I very much want the Tribeca. The rose gold look is a classic I would love to add to my burgeoning collection.

  • Ivo

    My favorite is the black and white new york classic!

  • Aaron

    Love the Tribeca

  • Kayvon

    I love the white & tan!

  • John D

    Tribeca all the way.

  • Matthew S

    That Melbourne White + Tan…

  • Matías Kornacher

    The Tribeca looks amazing

  • Justin Newman

    These watches are beautiful!

  • Danny

    White and tan looks great to me!

  • thoise_18

    i like all these watches especially with white dials.

  • Spenser

    nice looking minimal face.

  • Jacob

    the Tribeca is timeless

  • Salem Sahaag

    The all black watch looks awesome!!!

  • Pamela M

    Very nice! I’d choose the Black + Tan one I think but all are nice

  • JJRob

    Love the Tribeca–you don’t see rose gold nearly as often as you should!

  • Brad Banning

    Tribeca 10/10

  • alex jones

    Big fan of the 6mm NY classic

  • Eric Henao

    The Upper East!

  • Douglas Gerard

    I’d choose the BROADWAY, very elegant

  • Mike Drohan

    Tribeca all day

  • Adam Blakely

    I love the white and tan.

  • Kevin Syers

    Love that minimalist design

  • Josh

    would be nice to win!

  • John Bachner

    Cool Watches

  • Carsten

    I would love to own a New York Classic – Tribeca in Rosé Golf <3

  • Nick

    Wow all of the watches are amazing, hard to choose from.
    But if I had to make a choice I would go for the All black Brooklyn in the new york classic line. Sleek design and minimalist.
    Really love them.

  • Adam m.

    black and tan

  • Carsten

    Thank you for that possibility, they look so good!

  • Hector Cortes

    I love the all black Brooklyn!

  • Lalin

    Black & Tan looks like a casual yet elegant watch for any type of situation.

  • mattjay

    These look great! How do I connect my iPhone to this thing?? 😉

  • Robert Cristian

    I like the last one the most, I think that White&Tan would work for both a casual and a more elegant outfit.

  • Mike Rothwell

    All black looking good

  • John Sears

    White an tan

  • Alan Ewing

    The Brooklyn in all black would be my choice. All designs look great at that price.

  • DJ

    Loving the Tribeca!

  • Blake Alexander Hammerton

    The Tribeca in white and tan is the go-to I would choose. I have several other with black faces, but a crisp, clean white face is what’s left on my list. I really love the subtle style and price.

  • Jon Horn

    These look awesome!

  • vhudson3

    love these watches

  • Brayden

    I’d go with the White & Tan

  • Jeremy B

    These watches look really great. Would love to have one.

  • 3NU

    Looks awesome. Would love to take one home. 🙂

  • Sean O

    The White and Tan is awesome!

  • Josh Hayes


  • Acer Wang

    Black and Tan has my eye glued to it.

  • Macsdd

    I’m not so much a fan of the black one, but the others look really nice.

  • Adam

    Love this

  • Moltas Nilsson

    Tribeca, cause I love Tribeca irl!

  • rgar

    Melbourne Minimal Black and Tan!

  • Jeremy David

    The black and tan could class up things up for me when going out in casual settings. I’d go for that one.

  • Geremy Massolin

    Hhhhheeellllllloooooo Tribeca! 🙂

  • Neil T. O.

    Beautiful group of watches. I would love to get the Melbourne Line’s Black & Tan watch.

  • Tim Pogo

    The Brooklyn. Seriously.

  • Nathan Long

    Tribeca for the win!

  • Daniel T


  • Joshua C

    Tribeca is absolutely gorgeous. Love the face/dial contrast

  • Jorge Alberto Granados Parra


  • Scinju

    Definitely the Brooklyn

  • John

    All of these watches are excellent. My favorite is the Brooklyn though.

  • Borsch

    Thanks for competition!

  • cfezz

    I think the black ones look a little dark, but all would look pretty nice

  • Clint G

    The tribeca with the rose gold looks awesome!

  • Fyzx teacher

    Interesting designs

  • Chad Orlikowski

    White & Tan, classic.

  • Chris

    Love the thin profile.

  • Christopher McCaffery

    I’d love me a watch.

  • Arno Miller

    I like the smaller cases, less clunky than some watches out there. Great prices too!

  • George Santillan

    I really like their Broadway. Very classy and very elegant.

  • Tyler G

    The Tribeca watch looks great! Rose gold is never the wrong choice.

  • JohnnySnow626

    Love it

  • JosephJB

    I would choose to win the Melbourne Minimal – White + Tan watch.

  • Daniel Johnson

    White and tan looks great!

  • Harris Miner

    Love these watches!

  • Han


  • Joey Buyske

    For my personal style, the White & Tan would be my favorite. As the article states, it is very minimal and the strap options give it endless possibilities. If I can’t pick one up from this contest, I’ll definitely be looking into purchasing one at that price point.

  • auronblue

    Really digging the white & tan. should be super versatile

  • Henri Koci

    Looks quite minimalist ☺

  • Wah-El

    Brooklyn is love. Broadway is life. Yes, I love black.

  • Drew

    Wow, I love these all. Really liking the minimalist style.

  • tiger7758

    The Brooklyn watch looks so sharp, I need that one!

  • Vinny

    Love the White+Tan.

  • Rubén

    Brooklyn for sure!

  • Michael H

    Love the White & Tan. Classic look.

  • Christopher

    Love the white & tan watch with the clean look and think it would be very versatile in any social setting.

  • Chris Burkhalter

    I would go with the Brooklyn for sure

  • Logan Creen

    Huge fan of the black and tan and the tribeca, both look great!

  • rikk

    I love the simplicity of design. Such a clean look that goes with just about anything. Dress it up or dress it down. My favorite look for a watch!

  • Khoi N.

    The Tribeca definitely gets the gold.

  • Lonzy66

    Love the watches

  • Austin Somer

    Fantastic looking watches! Excited to start wearing one….

  • Felipe Chavez


  • Caelan Ball

    Those watches look so nice.

  • Justin C.

    I love the minimal design, but love the flashiness of the metal.

  • Kyle C

    I’ve been looking for a nice black watch. Fingers crossed!

  • Erik Shaw

    The Tribeca reminds me of a Daniel Wellington, I would probably choose the Brooklyn or the Black & Tan if I won just to switch it up.

  • Jon Horn

    The Brooklyn

  • Samuel Lee


  • Jeremy

    First time I’ve heard of The 5th Watches, but I really like them! Already signed up for their monthly release.

  • Leslie Harris

    White and tan is my favorite but they are all sharp!

  • Dee

    Tribeca is the best one

  • Shaun Gilligan

    Tribeca looks great!

  • CS

    Tribca – the way to go!

  • PrinceShun

    Thx looks like to just need another watch

  • Jon L

    The White & Tan is gorgeous.

  • John Bachner


  • Cody Brown

    The all black Brooklyn piece is CLEAN

  • Michael Nicely


  • Andrew


  • DJRamsey

    I like all of them. The V at 5 o’clock is a nice touch. I would choose the Black and Tan

  • Max K

    Those look nice-Tribeca for the win!

  • Corey Templeton

    Would enjoy the Black & Tan one!

  • Maurice

    The white and tan is so classy and clean. Love the minimalist approach on all of them, though!

  • John Everyman

    I like the Brooklyn all-black look.

  • Keyvan

    The black on black Brooklyn Classic is the watch I would love. It is absolutely AWESOME. So classy.

  • Jean Laplante

    Black & Tan is awesome!

  • Nick

    Those are beautiful watches!

  • drabay

    Not really a watch guy but these look pretty nice

  • Theo E.

    These watches look great! The Black & Tan is my favorite right now.

  • TJ

    The roman numeral at the 5 o’clock position is an interesting choice.

  • Noah C.

    All black. Brooklyn yo

  • Pete C

    Love the Tribeca!

  • Ron DeGregorio

    I love minimalist watches, and the packaging looks amazing. I love the Brooklyn look and the White and Tan.

  • Zach Smithley

    Tribeca is clean

  • Matt

    One of these days… I’ll win something…

  • Bouncer Criss


  • Randall Rayford

    definitely the Tribeca.

  • stanis3k .

    love that brown

  • Drew

    Amazing watches

  • Aristat

    I love their designs. I’ve been waiting for the fifth to come to see their offerings and pick up a watch or two. Tribeca is what I’m hoping to get.

  • Jance Mosley

    Jance. Cool watches!

  • Dennis Fullalove

    I love the Tribeca.

  • Kai

    Brooklyn for a stealthy look.

  • Zack S

    The fifth or mvmt? That’s the real question.

  • Peter Wilson

    Rose gold looks great.

  • Kyle LaPolice

    Id probably go with the Black + Tan

  • JD

    Digging the black on black.

  • noel0leon

    I definitely think the black on black is the way to go – the large face looks like it’s easy to read and black watches work with so many suits it’s excellent.

  • Dave Hess

    I’m a fan of the Black and Tan!

  • Tammy Nguyen

    i like the white & tan 🙂

  • Victor Hugo Lopez

    Tribeca looks awesome

  • Ray

    Looks interesting

  • Nadine Rubio

    I want the Tribeca!

  • Dustin

    Brooklyn is beyond cool

  • crazedchef

    I would be very happy to strap one of these beauties onto my wrist!

  • Tim M

    The White and Tan watch is beautiful! Definitely my favorite.

  • Matt

    White and Tan looks clean.

  • David Dallas

    New York Classic Tribeca !

  • nolangorniak

    Love the black one, if I don’t win I’ll probably get one!

  • rhone04

    Black and tan!

  • Mircea Constantinescu


  • Lkllnd

    The colors of the black + tan work georgously together, it’s unbelievably sexy

  • Adaeze C.

    They are all so great it’s hard to pick just one!

  • Craig

    Beautiful watches!

  • The Gdwag

    New York Classic timepiece,simple and elegant

  • Jovan Castrodes

    White and Tan looks suh-weeeet! I’m not hating on Brooklyn either. Those look top-drawer watches.

  • William S Edwards

    love the Melbourne style, clean lines and easy to read face, which i need at my age 🙁

  • Cal

    Tribeca s’il vous plait

  • Cheezitherecomesthefuzz

    The Melbourne Black and Tan is just beautiful!

  • Ardit Malaj

    I love minimalistic watches. It truly defines you as a gentleman.

  • Lachlan

    I vote for the Brooklyn. Black on Black with the slim line case – looks perfect!

  • Karim Romero

    Leather Strap FTW. Design quite elegant.

  • Ryan Donnell

    Interesting unique design with the 5 on the face. The classic design will be a conversation starter.

  • Will Milne

    Whoa! Love the minimalism on the Brooklyn watch.

  • Dustunf

    Love the subtlety of the black on black. Feels like a nice dark noir film

  • Ivar Zukovskis

    The Tribeca watch looks the most polished to my taste. I would definitely were it day in and day out.

  • Matt W

    White and Tan has the timeless, classic look

  • Bryce Gillespie

    Melbourne Minimal – Black and Tan.

  • Kyle

    Wow the Tribeca looks gorgeous! Gimme Gimme

  • Irene Pilato

    I really like the Brooklyn design!

  • Germán von Ulrich

    I would love the Brooklyn!

  • Daniel Jespersen

    Dont float the main stream. Brooklyn or Tribeca for sure.

  • Ben

    I like the clean style. I need something to break up my dive watch obsession.

  • Dominic Cloutier

    So pretty

  • Landon Williams

    Very sleek and thin. Love it.

  • Steve A

    Honestly, I have been looking for a minilamist watch for quite some time. These have the exact look I want. Can’t go wrong with the New York Classic line.

  • Alex Zinni

    Great value! I’m loving the Black and Tan the most especially at that price point.

  • JJJ

    The Tribeca for me!

  • John Pugh

    The Tribeca looks awesome. Love a good rose gold watch!

  • Nick Bollinger

    I’d definitely go with the black and tan!

  • Seth

    Loving everything about the White and Tan, hopefully they’re big enough for my wrist.

  • sam

    Love the brown leather with the white face for my hubs!

  • John S

    Black and Tan

  • Tim Wilson

    Love these watches.

  • Bejon Parsinia

    The Brooklyn is very sleek.

  • Michael Lefkowitz

    Love these watches

  • Jason P

    Tribeca for sure

  • Billy

    These watches look nice! Clean and simple

  • Scotty B


  • Marvin

    Tribeca will look mighty fine on my wrist.

  • TJ Lewis

    These Watches are slick!

  • Mr. Scrubs RN

    I like how thin the NY is

  • Ian K. Husak

    The minimalist design of the Brooklyn is perfect for dressing it up or down. It looks like an awesome watch!

  • breiff

    Black & Tan

  • Roger Leu

    First time commenter, long time hesitat-er. The watches look great, thanks Mr. Snavely.

  • Zach Christiansen

    I really like the black faces! Anything minimalist i really like!

  • Michael Howles

    Nice classic watches. I think I’d have to go with the Brooklyn

  • SalPic

    Tribeca for me.

  • Evan

    These look great and can replace my old casio watch I’ve worn for the longest time

  • Yingerman


  • tanorjb

    The Brooklyn looks quite sharp! I like the black on black.

  • Anthony Mwikamba

    I would like to win the Brooklyn so as to upgrade my friend’s fake timepiece as a birthday gift.

  • Gideon Hewitt

    Awww man!!! These watches are slick. I would be honored to be considered for this give away. It would be a real gift. I work full time and have two young girls. This week I will completing a 4 year program and receiving a Bachelor degree that I have been working on as a full time student, in addition to everything else and all that I have going on (including just getting out of school) times are a little tough to be able to really celebrate my graduation. To be able to wear one of these to the graduation ceremony would really make it special for me. Thank you for your consideration.

    – Long time follower and representative of Primer Magazines’ styles.

  • Owen Luu

    okay so i don’t know if my comment was posted BUT hey just thought that these watches are gorgeous!!

  • Paden

    I like the brooklyn

  • Bssss

    I need the white and tan in my life.

  • Brad Donovan

    White and Tan

  • Derek Edgren

    I like the Tribeca

  • Reuben Wall

    awww yaya, watches look awesome

  • Brian Wu

    White and tan

  • Rachel G

    These are awesome!

  • youwouldntunderstand

    Fo’ free? Fo’ real?

  • Michael

    I like the Tribeca, as it is in a thin NY classic profile and a very classic rose gold colour. It also comes with brown and black straps.

  • Daniel

    Wow, all the watches look amazing. The Upper East is classic, minimal, and looks really smooth.

  • Neil Naidoo

    Wow, the Black and Tan just oozes class. #Impressed.

  • Nathan Oglesby

    Tribeca looks great! The rose gold has just enough color to make it pop.

  • Tyler Foster

    The Brooklyn is pretty sleek!

  • Travis

    Such cool watches. I have been looking for a great minimalist watch like this. Love how thin the New York Classic is.

  • Sheldon

    These are a different sort of “thing” than the electronic smartwatch that a lot of people are praising. And yet, I think the Tribeca in particular looks pretty cool.

  • Kris

    I love the all black model. So sleek and minimalistic.

  • R.S.

    In my daily life, I think i’ve perfected my look. I’ve got a pair of rugged boots and my everyday casual business work attire, but I’ve always gone with a cheap watch that either I get sick of, or breaks before I get much use out of it. The Black and Tan fits my style perfectly, and I’d bet I’d get a lot of use out of her.

  • Daniel

    Tribeca for sure!

  • RP

    Oh maaan oh man oh man. WANT

  • Christo

    Melbourne. There is something about that All Black version… I don’t know, but I keep on going back to it.

  • Wyatt

    Please win

  • Dan

    I like the black & tan

  • ryanhess23

    I like the exclusivity of the 5th watches and the fact that not many people have them. I love the simplistic and minimalist design to them as well. It really fits my style.

  • Marko Petkovic

    Excellent watches!

  • awbuboltz

    I like the Black & Tan, black, yet not as harsh as the Brooklyn.

  • Pat

    The White and Tan is a fantastic design.

  • Max

    Awesome watches. Really like how thin the New York Classic is, and the look of the White & Tan.

  • Matt P.


  • D.Iglesias

    White & Tan is gorgeous!

  • John Bachner


  • Lil’

    I really like the brooklyn one

  • Justin Boek

    Normally not a fan of the rose gold, but that watch really looks sharp.

  • Scott

    I haven’t seen many rose gold watches that I like, but this one is pretty clean.

  • Micah

    All black with the option of a matte strap?? Brooklyn.

  • Steve Leung

    I love the All-Black watch by The Fifth Watches!

  • Ameer

    I like the simple design of this watch

  • bbrittain

    The Brooklyn or The Tribeca!

  • David Carasiti

    Upper East!

  • M. Halay Tunceriki

    Tribeca is my favorite

  • Andy McFlurry

    The White and Tan is gorgeous, I’m all about it. Dang.

  • Max R.

    White and Tan

  • Brian P

    Melbourne All Black

  • Eric V

    Brooklyn – simple, beautiful

  • davidka

    New York Classic

  • diabolic012

    Brooklyn is my favourite.

  • Erik Sorensen

    In would opt for the Melbourne Black and Tan. I appreciate the contrast and styling.

  • Othello

    The Brooklyn all day!

  • CaroleAnne Sorli

    The Broadway

  • Christian Siles

    white and tan!!!!

  • Brian O’Neil


    White + Tan is great looking

  • Chris

    All the watches look great. I would like the Black & Tan!

  • wdm63043

    Beautiful, simple and clean. Love these watches

  • Mickey

    I like the all black Brooklyn

  • Martin C.

    The Brooklyn looks nice and minimal. All black.

  • TMann

    I like the idea of selling the watch with two leather straps. Most folks don’t realize how easy it is to swap them out. As with my shoes and belts, I usually wear brown leather…but it’s nice to have the option of having it in black as well.

  • Rick Thomas

    I love the Tribeca!

  • mark

    Nice looking watches!

  • Jacob

    white and tan

  • Glenn


  • Josef O

    Definitely Black and Tan

  • Cecilia G.

    Brooklyn would be my choice.

  • Nadia Martin

    I would choose the Broadway watch for my husband. He can’t live without his watch but the watch he currently have is not very nice. This would be an awesome gift he would love it

  • Surfryhder

    Love the black on black very modern…

  • Chris Langton

    I love the look of the Tribecca. I’ve never owned a rose gold watch before, but that model is making me seriously consider a purchase.

  • Derrick DeBenedetto

    This is exactly the style of watch I am looking for

  • D’09

    That Black & Tan though…….

  • Michael H

    TriBeCa looks good. It would be great to have a rose gold watch.

  • Jeff Shultz

    Black on black is my favorite.

  • Davepel

    Timeless time pieces seem counterproductive but these watches are incredible

  • Austin

    Love the tribeca!

  • Mike Dalton

    Hard to choose; love them all 🙂

  • Will F

    Black & Tan is the one.

  • BRS

    Tribeca for sure!

  • snowmanjack

    Love the black and tan, but think I’d have to go Upper East to round out the wardrobe.

  • Vishaal Abhinav

    I would love to win The Brooklyn watch or any other one of the elegant pieces by The Fifth!

  • dikszont

    I would choose the New York Classic Upper East watch!

  • white.midget

    I’ll have the Brooklyn, please and thank you, sir.

  • Owen

    the tribeca is screaming my name

  • diane


  • russrpm

    I like the Tribecca. Very classy look.

  • Kim Niland

    The simplicity makes these watches very elegant and classy

  • sc2466

    I would choose the Melbourne Minimal Rose Gold + Peach. These are beautiful watches.

  • ireon williams

    Rose gold and peach

  • Char

    I really love how simple these watches are and my dad would love one! Thank you!

  • wins4me

    I love the NEW YORK CLASSIC

    Upper East

    Old world sophistication for my grandson

  • jill s


    Black + Gold

  • Jami Kath Harrison

    Makes me want to start wearing a watch again!

  • Christopher Lee

    The NEW YORK CLASSIC Upper East is sleek as f*^k

  • evamack

    I like Trebeca

  • steve weber

    I like the white and tan the best.

  • KPR890

    That white and tan looks awesome!

  • J Lo

    I’d go with the Brooklyn

  • Robin M

    I like the New York Classic SoHo.

  • tiffany dayton

    I like the Tribeca. I like the gold around the face.

  • David Popov

    If i would win i would definitely pick the Upper East one! Black strap gives off a mysterious feeling that can match with almost any outfit and, the silver dial makes a statement of power and authority without the flashiness of the gold, a humble yet authoritative feeling.

  • Beatrice Pierre

    Beautiful watches!

  • Irina

    I love the design!

  • Sara M

    I really love the Upper East watch. It’s classic & timeless (no pun intended) I could wear this with so many different styles

  • Paul Gardner

    the brooklyn with all black face is the one i like

  • peterg201

    The all black Brooklyn

  • Vijay Krishnan

    Gorgeous !!

  • Jessica Miller

    I like the NEW YORK CLASSIC


  • Jack Daggett

    Upper East for sure. Classic lines and I need a new dress watch

  • Joshua

    The Black and Tan. Would go with just about anything

  • Ruth McIver

    I love the MELBOURNE MINIMAL Rose Gold + Peach, It is beautiful and reminds me of springtime

  • Robert Tschinkel

    I love the Tribeca watch, it is stylish, elegant and a classic time piece

  • Kyle W.

    Tribeca or White and Tan would look great with a blue suit

  • vickie couturier

    Melbourne Minimal
    Black + Tan

  • Margaret King

    I love the Tribeca .

  • Natalie

    I really like the look of the Tribeca watch.

  • Love3570

    I would choose the Broadway (Black & gold). Very pretty!

  • Kelly Tupick

    I would choose the Rose Gold + Peach watch. Thanks,this would be awesome!!! wooohooo!!

  • Liberty

    I like the Brooklyn watch included in this post

  • Brandon

    Bought the Tribeca a few weeks ago – maybe the most versatile watch I own.

  • Cynthia

    I really, really like the Melbourn Minimal watch. Classy, cute, elegant and made for my life style. I want to win!

  • Alex

    I like the black one best.

  • Sinjin Tang

    too bad you don’t have a watch with a rotating countdown bezel. Those are hard to find.

  • Tiffanynichole89

    I really like the rose gold and peach or the white and tan watch.

  • Teresa Stebbins

    Would love to win! Great gift for my son!

  • Maryann Royster

    The Tribeca is what I would pick for my husband

  • Nick A

    My top picks are the Brooklyn and Tribeca.

  • Judith Moss

    These are all stunning watches but I especially like the all black watch

  • Brandy Williams

    the all black design is my favorite, but I would be happy to have any of them!

  • Amy


    Upper East

    $150 USD

    Old world sophistication

  • Karen Genna Nadeau

    I really like the black and tan.

  • Afonso


  • lee mckoen

    I would choose the Tribeca for sure! All sharp looking watches!

  • Colin Riley

    I really like the Brooklyn because of the sleek look of it, but the Tribeca also catches my eye because of the classic style.

  • Salem Sahaag

    The Brooklyn looks awesome!

  • Kim ONeill

    I like the Upper East. really classy

  • Jordan Bonner

    Awesome watches!

  • JoshkBW

    I’d definitely go for the Black + Tan.

  • Mark W

    love to win!

  • Broadway black please!

  • Devon Taylor

    All Black is fire!

  • Kevin King

    I’m liking that Brooklyn style. Sleek. Would match my new suit perfectly…

  • EvanLA

    Nice and simple. Love it!

  • ColbyJH

    Hard to choose but the Black & Tan is my favorite!

  • Madison

    the tan watch was made for me seriously

  • shannon fowler

    Rose Gold + Peach it is beautiful and classy

  • Manuel

    The Tribeca one is classy and versatile, I will definitely give it a good use.

  • Noelle Carroll

    I love the rose gold and peach

  • Meghan Berdelle

    Love the white and tan!

  • BungeeBall

    Really nice looking watches

  • sdjackofclubs

    Really like the Tribeca!

  • cage


  • Bruno Adame

    I LOVE THE DESIGN. its so minimal I feel like there is always too much going on in many other watches. These are simply fantastic.

  • Alex Powell

    The Tribeca looks amazing!

  • richard

    toss up between the White and tan and the tribeca. Both look great!

  • Jon C

    Digging the Broadway

  • XX

    I want the White & Tan and the Brooklyn!!! I want them all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole Johnson Huckins

    The SoHo! LOVE!

  • Chris

    Tribeca model has a great simplicity and clean design.

  • greg b

    I like the Brooklyn watch

  • Brandon Sparks

    I would just love to have the Brooklyn

  • DV Blane

    Very nice watches!

  • Oliver Wiegand

    the black one would be great.

  • Brian Siefferman

    White and Tan looks great! Tribeca would be my second favorite though. Both great looking watches!

  • wickdawg

    The Black and Tan. Whew.

  • Michael E

    The white and tan is amazing.

  • rpatrick1


    All Black is gorgeous!

  • melissa baker


  • Owen Luu


  • IvetteCh

    The Brooklyn is pretty neat!



  • Breanna Pollard

    I love the White & Tan watch.

  • lace ruffles

    Black and tan

  • Carol Roberts clark

    White and Tan has a classic clean look to it love it

  • Joe J

    I like the White & Tan.

  • STAL

    Black & Tan is perfect!


    Wow I love the plain face with just the V and the redish band is the nicest color I have seen on any watch so far. I hope to win.

  • Alexandria Powell

    These are all super appealing.

  • Nick L

    i like the minimalism

  • Kyle Butler

    Ooh the rose gold sure would be nice!

  • Chris

    I love the White & Tan

  • Kalvin

    +1 White and tan!

  • drew kwederas

    The white and tan is very simple, and sleek. That’s my choice.

  • Woods

    I really like the black and tan. I have a watch similar to the white and tan, but the case is so big. I like how the 5th’s watches aren’t huge.

  • Michael Robson

    The Black and Tan looks sharp.

  • David Dabbi Willis

    Absolutely gorgeous watches

  • Kelley Roach

    White & Tan

  • Josh Lippman

    Brooklyn….very sleek

  • Chris

    Beautiful watches!

  • marcicornelius

    I would choose Broadway. I love the color

  • Zachary Stucki

    Big fan of the tribeca

  • Jilyn Stucki

    Love the watches!!!

  • im_ant

    The Brooklyn is so gorgeous!

  • Connie McCullough

    Melbourne Minimal with a pink strap. Love it.