The Getup: How to Dress Well When It’s Hot

For many of us spring ended in February. When you live in a hot and humid place and need to look great at work or on a date, comfort and confidence comes down to one thing: Dressing intentionally.
Mizzen and MainThis post is in collaboration with Mizzen+Main, designers of American-made shirts that breathe and stretch as you conquer your day. Performance fabric, traditional style.

What is this?

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  • David Gullatte

    Anyone remember when this site had affordable clothes? I don’t need to go to a blog to find $125 shirts… they’re everywhere…

  • Jesse Oduro

    Curious what your thoughts are on the j crew bag? Is the quality decent? Thanks for the feedback

    • Andrew

      Hey Jesse! I know a couple of friends who have Factory bags and really like them for the price. The leather accents are faux leather, but if you’re ok with that, it’s hard to beat the style for that price.

      • Jesse Oduro

        Sweet man. Thanks for your swift response! I really value the work you put in on this page. Thanx a ton.

        • Andrew

          You’re very welcome! Glad it’s helpful. 🙂

      • Bullet Tooth Tony

        sorry to hijack the thread, but it reminded me of an inquiry I’d been hoping to ask:

        have you guys done an article on weekender bags yet?

    • bryclops

      I have that bag, and I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by its durability. It’s definitely a good-looking style, too, but be warned that the faux leather on the bottom is much less convincing in real life than in the pics online. YMMV on whether that’s a dealbreaker or not.

  • Just My Opinion

    I like this and living in Bermuda and dealing with this type of weather all the time I would add using an under vest. I know it seems strange why add another layer but it helps wick away sweat from your body, which actually keeps you cool, and it keeps your shirt dry. Nothing worse then your shirt sticking to you.

    I like the sleeveless ones from the Gap but anyone will do, just make sure they don’t have sleeves and are cut low in the front so you can keep your shirt open without seeing it.

    • Andrew

      Is an under vest like an A-frame undershirt?

      • Just My Opinion

        Yes think “wife beater” didn’t want to call it that.

        • Andrew

          Haha, I appreciate that. Totally agree about the A-Frame being a smart hot weather inclusion.

  • Michael

    Nice look!

    • Andrew

      Thanks 🙂

  • Ross

    Sockless with dress shoe Getup….God NO! WHYYYY?!?! LOL!

    Great Getup Andrew! Glad to see you back doing these columns! Just need a good pair of lightweight dress socks 😉

    • Andrew

      Haha! Thanks

  • Nathan Jones

    Andrew, great outfit! For those of us who have a hard time squeezing into slim fit pants, do you have alternatives to a similar type of summer pant?

  • Chris Clarke

    These prices are offensive. The fact of the matter is, most college guys just leaving school… are poor AF… $125 AMERICAN for a shirt… wow.