Everyday Carry: The Creative Director

Everyday Carry: The Creative Director
Inspiration is your raw material, and this EDC equips you with the tools you need to ply your craft as a creative director.
Everyday Carry: The Creative Director

As a creative director, people say you often have magic on the brain. You wear many hats in the creative process and wield a wide array of talents that apply to the vast breadth and depth of the arts and entertainment industries. From concept to execution, those various threads of inspiration come together in wondrous harmony under your watch as a crisp creative director, be the medium TV, movies, music, marketing and advertising, media, or fashion. Although the true powerhouse is between your ears, a creative director with only grey matter and force of will as his tools is ill-equipped for the job. He’s got to have an everyday carry that’s curated to his many tasks. We’ve assembled the right combination of EDC gear that will have the creative director in you firing on all neurons and letting all of your original ideas fly.

J. Crew Harwick Messenger Bag – $98

everyday carry harwick messenger bag

As capable as you are, you can’t carry all your gear in your arms. As creative director, your daily bag has to be both practical and handsome. The water-resistant nylon Harwick has room for gear and electronics while staying slick with real leather straps.

Mod Notebook – $29

mod notebooks

The feud between analog vs. digital is over: You can have the best of both worlds with the Mod Notebook. On the train or in the cafe, the Mod Notebook is a device-free catch-all for your handwritten brainstorming. Once you've filled it up, your notes and sketches get mailed and digitized by the Mod Notebook staff using a postage-paid envelope that’s included in your notebook. All of your brilliance can then be viewed via their app and, of course, in your original notebook, which they will return to you upon request. The luxury of not having to carry your tablet with you everywhere you go is just that added bonus.

Sennheiser 202 II Professional Headphones – $25

creative director everyday carry sennheiser hd 202 ii professional

Sometimes when the cranial juices are flowing, you just want to tune out the cacophany outside your head. A good set of cans are the order of the moment, since earbuds don’t always communicate the need for privacy. Sennheiser is known for quality sound, but you don’t have to buy their top tier model to get a great audio experience. The 202 IIs have rich bass, large detachable ear-cups and a clean design that suits your aesthetic and your musical tastes perfectly.

Bellroy Phone Pocket Plus – $120

everyday carry belroy leather phone pocket

No big plastic and rubber phone case for you. Bellroy has created something tasteful and classic with just the right amount of protection. The fully zipped rich leather case is designed to hold a smartphone but also has room for cards, bills, coins and even a SIM card.

Waterman Hemisphere Obsession Rollerball Pen – $70
everyday carry waterman hemisphere obsession rollerball pen

The Hemisphere Obsession provides simple elegance and a fluid penning of creative planning that may just have you turning to handwriting versus a device more than you ever imagined you would. The deep Waterman lacquer shimmers and the smooth rollerball action means zero interruptions (unless your writer’s block gets in the way).

Apple iPad Pro – $600-$800

everyday carry creative director ipad pro

Apple diverted from its small iPad Mini to create a creative tool par-excellence in the iPad Pro. The two sizes (9.7 and 12.9 inches) both have a super-crisp Retina display and a fast A9X chip, along with the ability to sketch using the Apple Pencil or an aftermarket stylus. Time to make great things happen at the tips of your fingers

Recommended Apps for iPad Pro:

  • Adobe Comp CC: Manages layouts and wireframes like a boss.
  • Evernote: This electronic organizing toolbox can handle all of your projects and automatically syncs with all of your devices.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Provides access to your Adobe suite of software anywhere you go and allows you to share files, transfer and store to your heart’s desire.
  • Procreate: If it’s painting and sketching savvy you require, look no further since this is the most potent tool available for mobile.

FiftyThree Digital Stylus Pencil – $50

everyday carry fiftythree digital stylus pencil

You can cut your stylus price in half by migrating from Apple's stylus to the FiftyThree.  You get instant compatibility with the iPad Pro along with a tip that creates all size lines without adjustment, built-in eraser, and zero setup. On a full 90-minute charge, it lasts for a full month under normal use, which means you can probably go full throttle with your drawings for a week.

GBTiger K3 USB 36000mAh Portable Power Bank – $130

everyday carry gbtiger k3 usb 36000mah portable power bank

Since you don’t always have access to power, having backup so that your work isn’t interrupted is key. This portable charger has a full four outputs and the ability to manage numerous Apple and Android devices. It’s so potent, it’ll juice up a MacBook Pro 1.5 times on a full charge.

MEKU Leather Eyeglass Case – $25

creative director everyday carry meku leather eyeglass case

Nothing breaks up the creative process quite like having your glasses smashed inside your bag, but that can all be prevented with this stylish full leather hard case. The richly hued leather detracts from its utilitarian purpose, and the contrast stitching brings a vintage feel to it all. Now, if it could just prevent that impending far-sightedness.

Warby Parker Downing Sunglasses – $95

everyday carry creative director warby parker downing sunglasses

Warby Parker is the much-loved eyeglass and sunglass brand that presents a huge array of classic styles including the Gatsby-esque Downing. The resilient acetate tortoiseshell frame and 100% UV protective and scratch-resistant round lenses convey a creative spirit that’s hopefully backed by the wheels turning inside your head.

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