20 Winners! Enter to Win: Beau Brummell for Men – Small-batch Shaving and Skin Care Products Made in New York

20 Winners! Enter to Win: Beau Brummell for Men – Small-batch Shaving and Skin Care Products Made in New York
Our biggest giveaway, ever! Plus free samples for Primer readers.

When my dad taught me to shave, it was with a cheap disposable Bic razor and a can of Barbasol. When I became a teenager and began the sad, awkward battle against acne, my doctor recommended Persa-Gel and some face wash that smelled like a hospital.

You know, drug store stuff.

So, for years, I bought my grooming products in the same way that I bought generic Tylenol, as if stubble and the occasional pimple were medical conditions. The absence of zits and peach fuzz was the end goal here, and these products took a scorched earth approach. Severely dried out skin and a chapped-looking face like I just got off a ski lift were acceptable as side effects of the treatment. It was a stretch to call these grooming products at all.

Then one day, I woke up and I was in my 30s. When I look in the mirror, I’m tying a tie. I’m adjusting a pocket square and buttoning a suit jacket. The purpose of my entire morning routine has changed. I’m not in front of the mirror frantically trying to treat an adolescent ailment. I’m composing the clean look of a gentleman.

This is when I realized that I was ready for grooming products that were as grown up and modern as my suit and tie.

The big brand marketers were realizing this at around the same time, too. If you go to the skin care and cleanser section at Target, you’ll notice that they’ve done something pretty clever. They’ve taken all those face wash and skin care products for women, sent them down to their marketing department to change the color of the lables, and stuck them back on the shelf. Maybe they swapped out some of the fragrances, too, but essentially, you’re getting the same thing you’d get from the pink bottle but now in a dark blue bottle.

There’s a problem with that.

Skin deep, men are different than women.

The differences are subtle, but meaningful.

Men's Skin Care Products Should be Different

Like a suit and jacket, facial cleansers and skin care products aren’t really unisex products, even though men and women both use them. Sure, if you were to go put on a woman’s pant suit, you’d be clothed. But you’d look undeniably awkward. Obviously, a woman’s suit is tailored differently to suit her body.

It’s the same with the grooming products you buy to care for your face. A man’s skin is thicker and firmer than a woman’s. And what we do to our faces is drastically different, too. We aren’t removing makeup residue from our pores every night. And women aren’t dragging a razor across their face once, maybe twice a day.

There are quality grooming products out there specifically made for men’s facial care, but you won’t usually find them in the drug store.

The good news: We here at Primer have discovered a line of grooming products that are specifically formulated for men.

Beau Brummell

Brummell, credited for ushering in modern style for gentlemen.

It’s called Beau Brummell for Men, and it’s named for the original refined gentleman. In an era when 18th century Englishmen were dressing like pompous peacocks, Beau Brummell revolutionized men’s fashion. He pioneered an understated look that relies on finely tailored, bespoke garments rather than puffy shirts, knee breeches and stockings. Whenever you put on a modern day suit and necktie, thank Beau Brummell for introducing this classy look.

The spirit of Beau Brummell for Men’s skin care products is much the same: understated refinement that is specifically tailored for modern masculinity.

Right now, Beau Brummell for Men has five products: The Gentleman’s Facial Moisturizer, The Gentleman’s Facial Scrub, The Gentleman’s Face Wash, The Gentleman’s Shaving CreamThe Gentleman’s Facial Mask, and a 100% Badger Hair Shaving Brush.

Beau Brummell For Men Face Wash

Each of these products is crafted in small batches in New York. Consider them the craft beer of shaving and skin care products for men.  They are formulated specifically for a man’s skin, and how they work is both simple and ingenious. Rather than relying on harsh chemicals that dry out your skin, Beau Brummell for Men uses active charcoal to detoxify your skin. Active charcoal is a natural ingredient which is extremely porous, allowing it to absorb 100 times its own weight in impurities.

Beau Brummell for Men SkinCare

It’s the same mechanism that lets you take polluted water, run it through a carbon filter, and have clean, purified water suitable for drinking. In this way, Beau Brummell for Men’s products are a novel use of an old proven technology; ancient Egyptians were using charcoal to remove toxins from their water over a millennium ago.

Beau Brummell Skincare

We're Giving Away 20 FREE Beau Brummell Products

So, the fact that Beau Brummell for Men exists is the good news.

Here’s the better news: Beau Brummell is hooking up 20 Primer readers with free products. That’s right, 20 winners! This is our biggest giveaway yet, and we’re pumped to get these skin care products in your hands for free.

That’s because caring for your skin really matters. It matters as much as tying your tie correctly and ironing your shirt right. In fact, it matters more.

If your skin is clean, healthy, and tight, it’s written all over your face. Women can see it. Men can see it.

So, what do you want your face to say about you?

Enter to Win: Expertly Formulated Shaving and Skin Care Products from Beau Brummell for Men

Here’s how to enter to win a free Beau Brummell for Men product of your choosing:

Beau Brummell Giveaway

Best of luck to all you potential winners. We’ll announce the twenty prize winners on Monday, August 29th.

While you wait, the cool guys at Beau Brummell are giving away free sample packs with all 5 products to Primer readers!!!

Beau Brummell for Men Skincare line

Jack Busch lives in the Pittsburgh area where he writes and edits for fun and money.

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  • Ward10

    Looks amazing – can’t wait to be 1/20 to win

  • alex

    i want them all

  • http://www.frankwithersphoto.com Frankie Withers


  • Brandon Bradley

    When will you announce the winner?