The Most Delicious Fall Cocktail Is Also The Easiest

apple cider cocktail for fall

Sometimes an evening calls for a carefully crafted cocktail. And sometimes it just calls for a delicious libation that’s quick to make but equally satisfying. Enjoy solo or easily make several at a time for a room of good company.

What you need:

  • Spiced Apple Cider
  • Ginger Juice, available at Whole Foods
  • Bourbon, Bulleit works well here

Ideally you’d shake this over ice, but if you’re visiting family without one, a stir will work in a pinch.

Place 2 oz of bourbon and a cap full of ginger juice (more or less, to taste) in a rocks glass with some ice. Top with spiced apple cider. Stir. Taste. Make surprised face at how easy this tasty fall drink is. Repeat.

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Andrew Snavely

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