Enter to Win! Performance Business Wear from Ministry of Supply – 3 Lucky Winners!

Enter to Win! Performance Business Wear from Ministry of Supply – 3 Lucky Winners!
Quit fighting your clothes – Your workwear should work as hard as you do.

By almost all Twentieth Century sci-fi standards, we are now living in the future. We have cars that parallel park on their own, hand-held devices that have access to the entirety of human knowledge, and we’ve been in space for so long, most people don’t even know that we’re still there.

Considering this, it’s unbelievable that with all of our technological advances there’s one major sector that hasn’t progressed: Our everyday clothing. Isn’t it crazy to think that the 100% cotton dress shirt that guys wore in the 1960s as portrayed on Mad Men is still the same exact shirt you’re wearing to the office – fifty-five years later? Even as little as 25 years ago, Back to the Future 2 dreamed of clothing tech achievements like self-lacing shoes and auto-fitting jackets, and yet here we are still wearing the same old shirts, which are based on the best technology that was available 150 years ago. They harbor sweat and they stink. They don’t move with our body, and they don’t regulate body temperature.

Athletic apparel companies have been introducing new fabrics and manufacturing processes constantly, inventing garments that keep us warm when we’re cold, cool when we’re hot, and dry when we’re wet. But where do you really need that level of performance? In a casual pick-up game of basketball? Or in the boardroom? Or on a first date? Or after traveling for 16 hours on a work trip only to end up in a sales meeting. We see no problems with spending $50 on a performance t-shirt for recreational fitness but how have we not advanced to performance dress wear for the times that really count?

It’s time we demand more. It’s time our workwear works for us.

That’s exactly what three MIT students realized when they founded Ministry of Supply. During the course of your day, your body's temperature fluctuates, it perspires, and it pulls and pushes in four different directions. Hiking it to get to your train, the five block walk to your building, the sudden shift to arctic temperatures that your office manager keeps the place at. Your body is in a constant state of flux. Nothing is uniform, yet all of our daily workwear is designed to perform in a constant state.

performance chinos

Using research-based design, Ministry of Supply’s three founders analyzed how the body and skin stretches and moves at the Sports Technology Institute in the UK. Utilizing a process known as Photogrammatic Strain Analysis which is used by engineers to measure stress on things like aircraft and rockets, Ministry of Supply mapped muscles, joints, and skin, so their clothing could be designed to stretch and flex in the same places the body does.

From there the team used thermal imaging to pinpoint the body’s hotspots so seamless ventilation panels and ingenious ideas like mesh pockets, which increase airflow, could be added. In 2012 the brand’s first offering, the Apollo dress shirt, made with moisture-wicking and temperature adjusting materials, blew up on Kickstarter, setting the then record for the fashion-category with pledges of $429,276. This incredible support has allowed Ministry of Supply to expand into all areas of men’s business wear, including dress pants, chinos, sweaters, polos, undershirts, socks, and jackets, and shifting the standard for how our clothes should perform.

I’m very excited to announce that Ministry of Supply and Primer have teamed up to give THREE lucky winners an upgrade to their everyday business wear!

performance chinos ministry of supply

Prize #1: Aviator Chinos

First up for grabs are the Aviator Chinos. These are designed to be all-day pants, carrying you effortlessly from your long day at work, to whatever your evening holds. Made of 89% moisture-wicking Nylon, the Aviators offer temperature venting, 4-way stretch movement, and a durable water-resistant finish. They are designed to take anything your day can throw at them. The Aviators come in 6 classic chino colors and are available in both slim and standard fits.

performance dress shirt ministry of supply

Prize #2: Apollo Dress Shirt

Originally developed by NASA for space suits, Ministry of Supply brings Phase Change Material from the space station to the workstation. The Apollo shirt uses a knit fabric blend that quickly wicks away moisture from the body so that it evaporates at the shirt’s exterior. The Apollo line features an anti-microbial coating that kills odor-causing bacteria. “What’s that smell?” I dunno, but you can rest assured it’s not you.

Wrinkles are the bane of every man. The morning is rushed as it is, who has time to pull out the ironing board? While non-iron shirts have existed for decades, they come with a huge caveat: The coating process involves toxic formaldehyde, which has been classified as a cancer-causing substance. Because the Apollo is made of a proprietary high-grade synthetic blend it’s wrinkle-free by design.

performance sweater ministry of supply

Prize #3: Mercury Sweater

And finally, one lucky reader will take home Ministry of Supply’s Mercury sweater, available in both v neck and cardigan. Merino wool is one of nature’s highest performing materials – it wicks moisture and retains heat very well. But it’s kind of a blunt instrument; you run the risk of overheating. By blending Phase Change Material with Merino wool, the Mercury sweater pulls heat from your body when you’re too hot, and releases it once you’re cold. There are seamless ventilation panels located in places like the underarms, and it’s made with variable seamless knitting, a process that knits fabric for real-world three dimensional bodies. The result? A sweater that’s always comfortable.

Entering is simple! Simple enter using the widget below. We’ll pick 3 lucky winners at random after 3/13/15. Good luck!

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Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Chris

    I think I’d probably get the most use out of the Aviator Chinos, though that Mercury Sweater is a close second.

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    They’re all pretty slick, but my first choice would have to be the Chinos.

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    i would like the apollo dress shirt

  • Tobias Johansson

    The Aviator Chinos, just LOVE chinos! 🙂

  • Noah

    I’m most curious about the sweater; I sweat like an animal when I layer, but love the look. I wonder if it’ll really work for me!

  • Eric Cumming

    Deff would like those pants!

  • DL

    the sweater please!

  • David Gullatte

    Them chinos tho…

  • Mike

    Aviator chinos!

  • Sean C

    dress shirt, then the chinos!

  • stevececil

    While I wouldn’t have the opportunity to wear it often in AZ the Mercury Sweater is gorgeous! The Aviator Chinos would be my versy close second choice.

  • Jason


  • Radman30

    Definitely the Aviator Chinos.

  • b_sanks

    I definitely need/want the chinos the most

  • http://georgebeckham.com/ George

    Those chinos are pretty slick…

  • Cameron Albert

    The shirt looks very nice and great for travel

  • Trey

    the sweater

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    that apollo dress shirt is nice!

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    I think that sweater would be the best addition to my wardrobe!

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    They’re all fire. Think I’d go with the chinos, then the dress shirt.

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    I would enjoy the Aviator Chinos the most, with the Apollo dress shirt coming in second. There’s nothing like looking the best for business while being comfortable at the same time.

  • Devon Caldwell

    Definitely the Aviator Chinos!

  • Matt

    Love those Chinos! I find the ones I buy are always too warm. These would be great for the summer.

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    The Aviator Chinos sound awesome, but I wouldn’t scoff at a shirt or a sweater!

  • http://man-ontheroad.com Kevin

    Aviator Chinos all the way. Tired of my normal pants getting beat up through the wash and normal wear of city life.

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  • David


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    I think I’d like the Chinos most of all. Hard to find pants that fit me well (and feel comfortable.)

  • Jared

    The mercury sweater is clean. I dig sweaters, but layering always gets hot. I’m interested to see if the blended materials can really maintain body temperature.

  • Josh

    Aviator Chinos!!

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    The Apollo shirt would help enhance my current wardrobe.

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    The chinos!!!!

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    The Aviator Chinos look fantastic. Apollo is a close 2nd.

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    Chinos look great for work and travel

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    I think that sweater is great!

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    Mercury Sweater

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    Dress shirt

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    That shirt looks fantastic! Especially as a student always on the go to somewhere.

  • wkbruner

    I gotta go with the shirt. Not having to worry about wrinkles after a morning at the gym is ideal.

  • Marino

    The Chinos for sure!

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    Chinos are the top but I’m not fooling anyone, I love them all.

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    The Aviator Chinos would be great for all of my business travel.

  • Brock


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    Give me that Mercury Sweater!

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    Have to say the chinos would get the most use in my closet

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    Man, That Mercury Sweater would take my game up a few notches. That is for sure. Trade you for beer?

  • Min

    I can really use the Apollo Dress Shirt in hot scorching summer of Texas.

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    my pants are in need of an upgrade… so the Aviator Chinos are my go to want to win!!

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  • CryptoReporter

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    Id like the Aviator Chinos. Never tried this brand before but looks like great products.

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    Apollo Dress shirt

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    Can always use a moisture wicking shirt here in Texas

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  • Tanano

    This definitely piques my interest; I feel like I’m always hot especially living in California but I do have to dress formally.

    • Tanano

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    Those chinos really are fantastic. I’d be thrilled to get my hands on those.

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    Either the chinos or the shirt, for sure.

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    Any of the 3 would be cool upgrades for my business travel wear. In it to win it.

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    I want the Apollo Dress Shirt.

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    Those chinos are fantastic. I would like those best, but all three items look awesome.

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    Like the Khakis a lot! Need for the spill proof!

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    Either the chinos or the sweater

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    Chinos, sweater, dress shirt.

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    That apollo shirt is interesting.

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    Aviator Chinos or dress shirt. Both look pretty awesome

  • diego

    the shirt es special

  • Sam Sik Youn

    It seems the chinos are pretty popular, but I think the cardigan sweater would be the better choice for me here. I already get plenty of use for currently existing chinos, but by picking a sweater that is good even in more uncomfortable situations, it would open up the range of times that I can wear a sweater! Still, those chinos…

  • DD

    The chinos. Definitely.

  • TheNatedogg

    I’d love the Aviator Chinos, but all three sound amazing!

  • mattjay

    I’d love the Aviator Chinos because I really like the Chino recommendations from a lot of the Getups on Primer but sometimes they aren’t as flexible as I’d like. Seems like the Aviators solve that problem!

  • SelsdonMowbray

    Either chinos or the sweater

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    Those chinos look nice! The shirt looks pretty good as well!

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    The fabric texture on that shirt is amazing. I want it.

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    Dat shirt.

  • disqus_sw8Eumv7Kx

    Already own the Apollo and love it, what better item to pair it with than the sweater!

  • Marcelo Rezende Calça Soeira

    Apollo Dress Shirt for the win!

  • Rob

    I would have to go for the shirt – I’m constantly trying to find the right fit and then have to deal with ironing when usually in a rush to get out the door – although all the pieces seem like a great idea

  • Preston

    Love the dress shirt. It would go perfectly with my professional attire.

  • Kenyon

    I like the Apollo Dress Shirt the best

  • Ben W

    They all look superbly designed, but I would find the aviator chinos most useful.

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    1. Apollo shirt 2. Chinos

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    Any one have experience with the Sweater? How is it with pilling?

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    Probably the Sweater, but those Chino’s would be an excellent addition to a sparse part of my wardrobe.

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    Either would make my week. However, those chinos are incredible!

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    You can’t possibly go wrong with this trifecta, however, I am leaning towards the Apollo Dress Shirt!

  • Patrick Regan

    That’s a hard one, but I think it’d have to be the Aviator Chinos. I’m pretty good on shirts, but just happen to need a new pair of chinos!

  • Lumir Boureanu

    The Chinos are really nice and elegant.

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    Chino’s look nice!

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    Chinos for sure. I’m constantly at a loss for good pants.

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    All three are nice but I would use the chinos the most.

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    I would get the most out of the aviator chinos, then the sweater! Well..I mean really all three are great !!

  • Christopher McCaffery

    I’ve got enough sweaters, but those chinos looks sweet.

  • http://www.joshcordner.com Josh Cordner

    Those chinos looks really nice, they’ve got my vote. I’ve got socks and undershirts from Ministry of Supply before, very pleased with them.

  • micah

    Those chinos look great!

  • Raymond

    The Chinos for sure. It’s so difficult to find the right fit that also allows you to move.

  • Mitch

    I’d love the chinos but they all look nice!

  • Anthony Wilen

    I definitely would be going after the Chinos. I’m always looking for something that can move with me, while still looking good and not getting too hot.

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  • Roughkat


  • Will G.

    I’m digging the chinos and button down!

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  • GJ Sequeira

    That shirt is amazing!!!

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    Definitely the shirt!

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    I really like the Mercury Sweater.

  • derek wall

    The Chinos would be the best fit for me. I bike to work and it’s hard to find a decent pair of pants that hold up well. Between biking and working with children with special needs I need pants that hold up well.

  • Jack Daggett

    That Apollo Dress Shirt is really innovative. Cool stuff!

  • Alexandre Gomes

    Very nice clothes

  • Andrew T

    I’d go for the Chinos.

  • Matt

    The dress shirt!

  • Steve K

    I think the sweater looks pretty badass

  • John

    Love the apollo dress shirt

  • René Roth

    Loving this, three versatile and quality pieces, I’d go for any of them.

  • Jason Wood

    I’d definitely like the shirt most.

  • Joshua

    Those chinos sure would be nice to have.

  • Dunavant


  • Spencer Jenkins

    I’d definitely use the chinos more. I live in Florida, and I hate shorts. These would be a smart upgrade and much more comfortable.

  • Steve Nash

    #1 Dress Shirt, #2 Chinos, #3 Sweater

  • Dylan Brown

    Aviator Chinos!

  • David

    I gotta try the shirt.

  • WKD

    Apollo shirt because it seems the most versatile

  • Ben

    They all look pretty sweet, but the chinos would be used most in my wardrobe!

  • iveney

    Chino FTW!!

  • Nick

    Tough call but I would go with the Mercury Sweater, as I always find that I have to remove my sweater once it gets too warm. Be good to have one that I could leave on and stay cool.

  • Glen

    I’d love to get a pair of those chinos.

  • August

    Mercury Sweater!

  • Scinju

    I would like the Apollo Dress Shirt

  • Alex

    The Apollo dress shirt would fit my needs the best!

  • Rahman

    The Aviator Chinos would be perfect for me

  • Will Milne

    Tough decision! As nice as the dress shirt looks, I’d have to go for the chinos! That waist band that keeps shirts tucked in looks awesome.

  • Josh

    I think I’d get the most mileage out of the Apollo shirt, the idea of not sweating through a shirt sounds amazing to me!

  • http://pattajames.blogspot.com/ James Jackson

    I really like the Aviator Chinos but right now the Mercury sweater would be nice in this ice .

  • CS Applegate

    Aviator chinos!

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    Dress shirt for sure! looks awesome.

  • J

    That shirt is fantastic!

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    The chinos would be a great addition.

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    That sweater looks neat, I’d love to get that one!

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    Aviator Chinos

  • Wayne


  • Kyle

    That sweater is so dope. Definitely want that over the other two.

  • Jonathan

    The shirtwould be great!

  • TerminusEst

    Given the time of the year and given that I recently bought a bunch of dress shirts for work stuff, I think the chino would do me the most good.

  • Michael

    I’d pick the dress shirt first

  • Lawrence Okereke

    I’d love the Apollo dress shirt

  • Riley

    I would like the Aviator Chinos. They look to be an incredible piece of techwear.

  • Nate

    I like the chinos the most!

  • rjo

    Mercury Sweater or Apollo Shirt – I dunno – Just give me all 3 and I will tell everyone I know how great they are.

  • Ike Dolby

    That shirt is awesome! I’m always wishing I could wear my hiking and running clothes in to the office, but it’s clearly not work-appropriate. These are the perfect solution. And I could be dressed to the nines on the trail, too.

  • Patrick H.

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  • chris

    The chinos are nice

  • Alfredo Ruiz

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    mercury sweater

  • Steven

    That shirt looks killer!

  • Chris Northington

    I think I would love the Chinos, but I’m really interested in trying all of Ministry of Supply’s stuff. Second choice would be the dress shirt, I’m in search of the perfect dress shirt. I’m about to completely redo my wardrobe and looking for a dress shirt I can buy serveral of.

  • Jon Stillwell

    I think the dress shirt is awesome, but I’d get the most use out of the chinos.

  • Calvin

    Feelin’ those aves though

  • Dan

    They’re all pretty really cool but I’d choose the Aviator Chinos

  • Dan

    They’re all pretty really cool but I’d choose the Aviator Chinos

  • David Gomez

    The Apollo Dress Shirt is easily the item I like the most. I’m a shorter guy with longer arms and a thick neck, so it is essentially impossible for me to find a proper fitting dress shirt.

  • Glenn


  • TEAdown

    Aviator Chinos would be a god send, I’m quick to sweat and pants don’t make it any more comfortable!

  • Jessie

    The Mercury Sweater is perfect for Seattle weather!

  • Today

    Mercury Sweater! I want to feel comfortable, moderately cozy all day every day.

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  • Will

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  • Geoffrey Miles Mercado

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  • DP

    sweet shirt concept.

  • Robin Holst

    The chinos would be a first choice, altough the dress shirt is not far behind!

  • Mike

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  • joe

    fingers crossed

  • Wilson

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  • Michael Easley

    Loving those chinos

  • Evan M.

    Definitely interested in the Mercury Sweater cardigan.

  • Clayton

    I would definitely use the sweater the most. Very cool idea for a clothing line.

  • clay hobson

    The shirt looks awesome! Space age fabrics, yo!

  • charlie

    definitely the chinos

  • Natalie

    I think my favorite item would have to be the aviator chinos

  • Daniel Shapiro

    All pretty great looking, but I’m interested the most in those chinos!

  • Scott White

    Wow, nice chinos.

  • Marc

    Chinos would be most used for sure.

  • thinker_random

    Those Chinos look like they would be great for my job!

  • Brooksie

    Chinos, defintatly the chinos.

  • Troy Hicks

    Definitely the Aviator Chinos!

  • Bob

    I would definitely like the Aviator chinos.

  • Thomas

    I’d LOVE a pair of those chinos!

  • Sean

    That Mercury Sweater looks like a winner to me.

  • Chanakya

    the sweater looks really good

  • James Thomson-Sakhrani

    That shirt looks spectacular. I’d definitely go with that.

  • Simon

    Chinos all the way

  • Jay

    i’m thinking the Aviator Chinos

  • LB

    It was a close call between the sweater and the chinos at first, but after more thought, it has to be the sweater

  • tan_man007

    I would use the Aviator Chinos the most!

  • Marcus Williamson

    Love the chinos!

  • Brian Cerasuolo

    I think the shirt is the most innovative thing.already a lot of players in pants and aweaters with similiar materials. No one has nailed the shirt yet though.

  • Payden

    That Apollo shirt would be a lifesaver.

  • latanya t

    Aviator Chinos

  • Mike

    Apollo shirt

  • JonScott

    Those chinos look fantastic. Would be a great addition

  • Wehaf

    The sweater is at the top of my list!

  • Mabell

    The Apollo shirt!

  • Bob

    I love the Archive and Gemini dress shirts, and that Mercury V-neck would have served me well this winter.

  • Carl


  • Jennifer Miller

    I would love the Aviator Chinos for my husband!

  • ZRudolph

    Improved merino sounds like the cat’s pajamas.

  • ccolbert

    I would get the most use out of the Aviator chinos… But who doesn’t love a good sweater! (coming from a man who lives in a place that doesn’t get that cold)

  • Douglas Houston

    I would go with the Aviator Chinos, I like the classic look but in a modern material.

  • Mike

    Love the Apollo dress shirt!

  • ankush tiwari

    aviator chinos

  • Joseph Burtoni

    They all look nice, but I would love the Mercury sweater.

  • Josh

    Living in Louisiana, I’ve yet to find a shirt that performs as well in the heat and humidity as the company claims. Here’s to hoping the Apollo breaks that record.

  • John

    First choice would be the Apollo Shirt, though all are great.

  • Wanda Patterson

    I like the look of the the Aviator Chinos. My hubby would rock these.

  • AJBoilanger

    I’d probably pick the chinos, definitely the thing that I’d use the most.

  • caleb

    The Chinos are awesome.

  • Salman

    That Mercury Sweater

  • Troy

    I’ve been eyeing the Apollo dress shirt…ok the Aviator pants, too.

  • joan001

    Mercury Sweater

  • MissTreeTop

    I would love for my husband to own the Chinos! They look comfortable and nice!

  • Laydeelovewv

    Apollo Dress Shirt

  • Adam Menchaca

    Those Chinos would be nice to replace the ones that died on me last week.

  • Kurt

    Speaking from experience, you can’t beat the pants!

  • Kurt

    Speaking from experience, you can’t beat the pants!

  • Rich

    I have been looking for a good pair of chinos and contest or not, I will be getting a pair from Ministry of Supply.

  • Samantha Daleo

    I love the Chinos. I think they would look awesome on my husband.

  • G George

    the apollo shirt

  • Matt Payne

    i’m digging the chinos

  • PatrickW

    I am a big fan of the aviator chinos.

  • Macsdd

    The Aviator Chinos

  • Logan Creen

    The dress shirt!

  • Jay

    Aviator Chinos!

  • Daren

    I like the chinos

  • Dana Crawford

    the shirt looks to be well suited for the work place that’s a little too warm

  • Rien

    Definitely the Apollo

  • J.T. Dimino

    Like the chinos best – but wouldn’t mind getting all of them. 😉

  • Dyllan

    Apollo Shirt!

  • Brian

    I’m a fan of the sweater!

  • Shane

    The Aviator Chinos would be perfect for work in Las Vegas desert heat this summer.

  • Christian P

    I could really use those Aviator chinos. Pretty awesome!

  • Mary Reis

    I really like the Mercury Sweater … but the Aviator Chinos are awesome too… well so is the Apollo Dress Shirt…Well I guess you can say I love them all!

  • John

    Working for an office where business casual is the appropriate attire, Aviator Chinos would rule them all!

  • Tiago

    The Mercury Sweater!

  • Tiago

    The Mercury Sweater!

  • James Hartley


  • A Jones

    Great texture on the Apollo Dress Shirt

  • Mike Wheat

    apollo dress shirt looks slick.

  • K. M.

    the sweater

  • http://www.erichenao.com Eric Henao

    Love the sweater!

  • Bigbob

    Really like the chinos!

  • Bigbob

    Really like the chinos!

  • JohnnySnow626

    I love that Mercury Sweater.

  • JohnnySnow626

    I love that Mercury Sweater.

  • Jacob

    I’d say chinos, then sweater, then shirt. But I would definitely give these three good wear.

  • Tim Huggins

    I’d enjoy having the Aviator Chinos. I’m always up for a good pair of work pants.

  • Ryan

    Sweater Weather?

  • Tyler Jones

    The apollo dress shirt is a very unique idea, would love to add it to my collection!

  • Ron

    I would use the chinos and shirts.

  • Patrick Anthony

    Mercury Sweater hands down, but I am lacking nice chinos….hmmm.

  • Gabe

    Aviator Chinos!

  • Aaron Kravitz

    Aviator Chinos!

  • Evan

    The aviator chinos because I could wear it with everything

  • AB

    Chinos, definitely

  • James Fagan

    Apollo Shirt!

  • Melissa B.

    I would like to win the shirt.

  • tristan

    Chinos look nice

  • Tiffany S

    The Apollo dress shirt.

  • Chris

    Aviator chinos all day

  • Dustin Jones

    Either the sweater or the shirt.

  • Drew Fitz

    I could get the most play out of the Mercury sweater. A great looking piece!

  • Tom

    Aviator chinos!

  • Max

    I’ve read a lot about them in Boston Business Journal. Would love to try their stuff out!

  • Angel Harvell McMore

    The Sweater

  • Wayne

    Those pants sounds quite nice.

  • Adams

    Very cool products. Thanks for promoting.

  • Conrad

    Dress shirt – I replace shirts way more often than I like because of pit stains. That sweater looks good though, and it would be awesome to have a layer that dresses up a shirt, and still breathes.

  • Paresh Pandit

    The Mercury Sweater seems like a smart idea.

  • Travis

    The chinos for sure!

  • Megan Filzen

    Apollo Dress Shirt, Aviator Chinos, and Mercury Sweater

  • Austin

    The Aviator Dress shirt looks awesome! Casual to informal…that’s the way to go!

  • Kevin Yang

    I think I’d like the sweater the most!

  • beth s.

    Aviator Chinos,but undershirts and socks

  • Paul

    The Mercury Sweater

  • http://www.vividroyalty.com Josh


  • Joseph Wong

    Definitely the Apollo Dress Shirt, but wow those chinos…look…soo….good.

  • Aiden

    Aviator Chinos!

  • LaTeefah Johnson

    Aviator Chinos

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  • Harry

    The dress shirt looks the best, then the chinos.

  • Andy D

    The Aviator Chinos. Running low on pants 🙁

  • Mr. Fox

    I’d be really lucky to win the Aviator Chinos! Thanks for this great opportunity!

  • justinmarcello

    Those pants are dapper as heck!

  • Jared

    That dress shirt looks sweet!

  • Micah

    I could live with any of the three but I think the chinos then the dress shirt.

  • Rik Shah

    Th Aviator Chinos; perfect for my job!

  • Ben

    Starting my first real job next week so any of these would be a great help, but the sweater would be the most versatile for me.

  • Viktor Ivanov

    The Aviator chinos

  • Mikel Howard

    The Aviator Chino’s are exactly what I have been looking for! I can never seem to find the perfect Khaki colored pant that doesn’t make me look like my grandpa. That Apollo Shirt is looking on-point as well and not too mention comfortable!

  • clefspeare449 .

    Would be delighted to get a pair of those Aviator Chinos.

  • melikegarfield

    I would like the Aviator Chinos. They are great to complete my business casual look.

  • Andrew

    Any of these would be brilliant for travel, especially if you go carry-on only!

  • Clayton MacPherson

    The shirt for sure. But those chinos.

  • Shawn G

    I’d say either the Aviator Chinos or the Mercury Sweater.

  • Peter

    I’m in it for the Chinos.

  • http://Batmannananana.com/ Caesar Merlin

    I would like the Apollo dress shirt the most followed by the aviator chino then the sweater

  • Jessica Rose

    Definitely the mercury sweater!

  • Eric Gutierrez

    The Aviator Chinos are probably the most versatile out of all of these.

  • ProfessorLyle

    The Aviator Chinos have a cool name.

  • Greg T

    I’m digging the chinos.

  • Brent B.

    Aviator Chinos would be a nice option, a good pair of pants is a must.

  • M Elshamy

    That dress shirt really looks nice!

  • brandon.

    I’m going to be flying through the lounge in these Aviator Chinos!!

  • Kurtis

    The fabric on the Apollo shirt looks phenomenal

  • Zach M

    The aviator chinos look awesome!

  • Dylan

    Those chinos!

  • Justin

    That Mercury Sweater!

  • Matt

    The Chinos

  • Nikita Ivanov

    Dress shirt looks really good.

  • sleach

    The Aviator Chinos look pretty swell

  • Will Claunch

    Work in the office with site visits during the florida summer, the apollo is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  • marshall

    It is hard to be the versatility of chinos. The Aviator Chinos would be my pick.

  • Acme

    I’d go with the Apollo Shirt

  • Guest


  • Dominic A


  • Shane

    Love the idea of a rubber band to help keep your shirt tucked in!

  • Averill Trotter

    The chinos

  • Zachary

    Instead of buying a plane I will just get Aviator chinos to feel like a pilot.

  • Julie Tardi

    the Aviator Chinos.

  • Jonathan Guidry

    As I live in he South, I would get the most use out of the shirt or chinos!

  • Rayshawn

    I’m a fan of the Aviator Chinos.

  • Kristopher Hesson

    I could really use those chinos

  • Tom

    I’d definitely like the chinos the most.

  • blake

    I like the dark chinos

  • Jon

    The aviator Chinos are my pick

  • claytonsu

    i think i’m most excited about the aviator chinos. The weather in San Francisco changes so quickly, so being prepared for anything while looking great can be a challenge. Plus, the moisture wicking aspect will really come in handy for those times you have to chase down the bus!

  • J W

    The Apollo shirt might be my next go to shirt.

  • Josh

    While I’m interested in the dress shirt I think I would get more use out of the Mercury sweater.

  • Seth Bull

    I’d use the mercury sweater the most for sure.

  • Trey Harrison

    The chinos would be awesome. It’s rarely cold enough in Alabama to justify a sweater or coat, but I desperately need a pair of casual business pants.

  • Trieu

    Those chinos look awesome, I’d love to win a pair!

  • josh

    I could probably do with the Apollo Dress Shirt most although all of them would be awesome. I live in Brisbane so it gets seriously sweaty.

  • Eric L.

    Aviator chinos, MOS is awesome( as is Primer.)

  • Jacob

    I’d love a pair of those Aviator Chinos! Wow…

  • liz l

    Apollo dress shirt looks great

  • Anthony

    Aviator chinos! Sounds perfect for a tropical trip where you need to look sharp.

  • Tony

    Looks great!

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