Win $500 Toward a New Sofa or Apartment Makeover from Apt2B!

Win $500 Toward a New Sofa or Apartment Makeover from Apt2B!
Upgrade your place, it's on us.

A surprising thing happens to a young man after he’s been out of college and working for a few years. All of a sudden he starts yearning for things he never, ever thought he’d want to spend money on. The once hurried young man, desperate to grab the cheap essentials from Ikea and get out of there, now longs for a nicer, more intentional apartment.

It begins slowly, as so many transitions do. Perhaps you start noticing how homey your female friends' apartments feel; or for the first time, you find yourself in awe during a summer bar-be-que at your well-off bachelor boss’s place. Whatever it is, with a look around our apartments, we all have that one, despairing moment: Our place sucks.

And just like starting a new exciting relationship after a bad break-up, your next, new place is going to be different. But how? Where do you start? The catch-22 about being in this transition phase – from first apartment after college to your first, real adult place – is it feels overwhelmingly expensive. You see photos in magazines and on Pinterest of these glorious, masculine dwellings, with their matching accent tables, massive wall art, and designer furniture and think, “love it – can’t afford it.”

But that’s because you’re not thinking tactically.

As a Primer reader you’re already familiar with the idea of being strategically stylish – our style articles all revolve around calculated choices to get a great look effortlessly and affordably. The addition of a tie in an otherwise casual outfit or the pairing of a casual grey crewneck sweatshirt to alter the mood of a business getup.

And perhaps the most tactical way to adjust, alter, and enhance an outfit – the nuclear option – is, simply, a change of footwear. Wearing a pair of Red Wings, a pair of Allen Edmonds wingtips, or plain white canvas sneakers will all completely transform the feel of the rest of the outfit. They say women can tell a lot about a guy by the shoes he wears; you can tell a lot about a guy by the sofa in his apartment.

Like a great pair of boots, your sofa defines the room. It’s the anchor that sets the tone for the entire place. Modern art? Vintage art? No art? Doesn’t matter, it’s your sofa that controls the character of the room. Consider, for example: If you have a lot of cool things on your walls, expertly placed and meticulously curated, with a crappy sofa – you’re a guy with great design and a crappy sofa. If you have a great sofa and sparse walls, you have great design and a minimalist aesthetic.

Your living room’s sofa is the essential foundation that the rest of the room is built upon.

Now really take a look at these before and after photos of my living room with my old Ikea couch and the Logan couch from Apt2B. Isn’t it crazy how different the room feels with just one change?

The scariest and saddest thing is, though, I didn’t realize just how crappy my Ikea couch was until I took the before photos. You may be thinking, “Well sure, he didn’t straighten the cushions or flatten out the wrinkles, of course it looks bad.” The thing is, I DID, and apparently this is what it still looks like. Now I’m looking back to all the times I’ve had guests come over thinking I had a nice place and they’re seeing this sad, slouchy curb-looking couch.

I turned 30 last July. You’ll come across a lot of articles on the internet about “things I wish I knew while I was in my 20’s” (including an upcoming post on Primer). These lists always include things like, “don’t let your diet and exercise slip away from you,” or “don’t wait to start contributing to your retirement,” or “cut out toxic relationships.”

You know what I wish I had read on that list 6 years ago? “Don’t buy an Ikea couch, ever, ever, ever, ever.”

I’m a fan of certain Ikea things, I enjoy taking some of their pieces and using them as foundations for DIY projects in a sort of Steve Rogers/Captain America kind of super upgrade. The problem is, their couches just don’t perform. I bought the couch you see above only 5 years ago. I had gotten to the place where I was ready to spend some money on a nice, new couch so I started perusing stores like Ashley Furniture and local furniture stores with names like “Giant Uncle Eddy’s!” or whatever, and just being disappointed in the design style versus the prices they were asking.

Above that, for a lot of these places it takes 8+ weeks to get your furniture because it’s manufactured in China and it takes that long to get it over here. It just wasn’t what I was looking for. So, I settled on Ikea and found one and brought it home.

Within weeks I started regretting it immediately. The back cushions would bend in the middle and fold over looking junky, the black cover marked easily, and the bottom cushions were allergic to staying in place, always hanging over the edge. And this couch cost me $800. It seemed like a deal because the couch was only $600 but if you wanted anything other than a white cover it was another $200. At this price, you’re getting into “real” couch price territory. And real couches, these are not. Speak nothing of the crappy cushions, I had to assemble it myself and, I kid you not, it is literally held together with cheap wood and door hinges. This was a poor investment, and at that price I could start browsing legit, well-made sofas.

This was the exact issue Mat Herman and Alex Back had, inspiring them to found Apt2B. How is it that we’re stuck choosing between the modern aesthetic offered by Ikea or the build quality but outdated styles of furniture from places like department stores?

“We want people to know that style is attainable and affordable,” says Mat, a second generation furniture veteran, describing Apt2B’s mission as a bridge between Ikea and Crate & Barrel.

Unlike most other furniture in this price range, Apt2B’s sofas are made right here in the USA. Specifically Los Angeles, where not only is Apt2B a household name among the young design-forward set, their line has overtaken brands like West Elm, Pottery Barn, and Pier 1 for most coveted apartment brand.

This is due thanks to their commitment to design, price, free shipping, and American manufacturing, but also because they develop their products with the “second apartment” customer in mind. Apt2B has a whole line of apartment-sized sofas, a concept missing from most other retailers who only offer sofa and loveseat options. This was perhaps my biggest realization after getting the Logan in place in my own living room: My previous couch was way too big for the space. The Logan is a full 15 inches shorter, which isn’t missed in terms of seating, but has really opened up the room and allows the space to breathe.

If Apt2B’s style feels on point, it’s because it’s rooted in some of the 20th century’s best design styles. Mid-Century modern, Scandinavian design, Bauhaus, and Danish modern all make appearances. And if that doesn’t mean anything to you, you probably recognize the feel as being decidedly “Mad Men”; with all of those design movements appearing between the 1920’s and 1970’s.

Here are some of my favorites

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Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Maurice Cherry

    The Avalon or the Bellflower, definitely. That Bellflower is a fine lookin’ chesterfield.

  • Wilson

    I would probably get the Faris Arm Chair. Got myself a decent couch but would love a nice chair to lounge in.

  • Danny Ryan

    The Coronado Sofa in Royal Blue

  • Matthew Renshaw

    The Avalon or the Vally 6 Drawer Dresser in chocolate!

  • Austin

    Definitely the Bellflower – love the vintage look!

  • Michael Lemus

    I’d take the Lexington all day!

  • Colton Blackmon

    The Avalon 2 pc sectional.

  • Steven Bremer

    The Jackson for our new house.

  • Ian

    The Logan looks great!

  • Eric Gutierrez

    The Logan and Avalon are the best looking to me.

  • Chris

    I’d probably be looking at an accent chair or two. Maybe the Harper or the Fairview would work well.

  • wkbruner

    The Lancaster dining table is mighty nice. I’d have to decide between that or an accent chair.

  • Spencer Jenkins

    I’d probably use it to get a new bedframe. The San Vicente and Woodman look particularly good.

  • Dana Crawford

    I’m in desperate need of an apartment makeover. I inherited my grandma’s couch and although it’s expensive it is not my taste at all!

  • John M

    I’d get the

  • Jeffrey Davis

    I’m actively looking for a sectional for my new place and man, that Avalon looks perfect!

  • Zac

    Coronado looks nice

  • ASopchak

    I’d go for the Constellation Writing Desk in Coffee and use the leftovers for a Sunset Side Chair in White and add a little of my own in for a Roscoe Nightstand in Black to match my bed. I’d never heard of Apt 2B until now, but great to know there’s some affordable options for good design.

  • Gus

    bellflower sofa

  • Mike

    Lots of nice ones. I think i would go with the clinton.

  • Jim Walter

    I’d be looking for a sectional. I checked out their website and really liked the Melrose and the Harper. I liked that the Harper looked like it was closed all the way around the bottom so my dog can’t lose it’s toys underneath it!

  • Ron Stephenson

    I’d buy that Jackson couch in a heartbeat.

  • PatrickW

    I’m all for the Hillandale.

  • Caleb

    Hewitt office chair, paired with an Edison table lamp.

  • Eric Cumming

    sweet couches dude

  • disqus_Mq0i4LAF9S

    The Clinton, all the way

  • Mike

    Constellation writing desk with a Hayworth High-Back Ergonomic Office Chair for my home office.

  • Tyler

    The monroe sofa

  • David

    Probably a Clinton Sectional!

  • daniel reyes

    I’m moving into my first place this week. This post couldn’t have come at a better time!


  • ChrisLW25

    Avalon, for sure! That would look stellar in my place!

  • joverman

    The Logan.

  • Mabell

    The logan will look great in my apt.

  • Wat1

    I like the Coronado.

  • bankc11

    The Logan for sure!!

  • Terrence O’Brien

    Probably split it between Constellation desk and Kanan bookcase (cat would just destroy the couch)

  • Steve K

    As my den comes together in my new home, I can see one of these sofas fitting nicely in that space.

  • DTownExpress

    Im about to get my grown-up apartment, and am in the same predicament you were, not wanting to go the Ikea route, this is a good alternative, thank you!

  • René Roth

    Finally working on my first “intentional” apartment, with a coherent look and style to it. This would help so much!

  • Greg


  • Roy O

    The Avalon! Great look.

  • Tony Silvers

    Awesome selection of sofas – they offer pretty much every style you’d want. It’s hard to choose between the Jackson and the Bellflower (tufted buttons = classy). Great color options as well. I’m sold on the greys. Thanks for putting Apt2B on my radar!

  • Ardie

    That Avalon would go great to replace my IKEA couch!

  • JBu92

    Clinton sofa in coal/navy would look hella nice in my apartment…

  • Travis

    I love the coronado and the clinton, but all of the designs on on point.

  • courage

    I really like the monroe.

  • aks

    The Logan.

  • Young Napoleon

    Bellflower definitely.

  • Josh


  • Mlcvr

    The Jackson!

  • WKD

    The Avalon or Avalon sectional – something understated and comfortable.

  • Andrew T

    Murtaugh buffet console

  • Kyle

    Love that cloth chesterfield style.

  • Adam

    The Monroe fits perfectly with the look I’m going for with my place.

  • Lynn

    The Sherman Tufted Urban Sofa bed or the Kires Urban Sofa Bed – Black. Space is at a premium in my apartment and the two for one nature of the beds will be much appreciated by my guests.

  • Jakob

    The Bellflower, duh!

  • Jeff-Hol

    The Clinton, or the Logan!

  • Bryce Boltjes


  • dougwake

    That Huntley Drive bed looks awesome!

  • spencmenace

    I would probably go with the cheapest so the blue logan at $888

  • Sam Osterling

    Definitely the Lancaster Coffee Table or the Oxnard Shelf Bookcase.

  • Jeff

    The Avalon is awesome!

  • Jon Taylor

    the logan or the clinton probably

  • Jon

    I love the Clinton option above!

  • Thomas

    The Avalon – Definitely

  • shea

    The Jackson is sexy.

  • eheaton

    I’m liking the Monroe!

  • Vincent John D’Onofrio

    I’m a fan of the Hillandale.

  • Joseph Burtoni

    The bixby Lounge Chair in Blackis absolutely amazing. It would look good in any apartment.

  • Mario

    The Carmel Plush Mattress–my IKEA one sucks!

  • Stephen Menke

    Love giveaways

  • Anthony Wilen

    This is a tough choice! I would love the Avalon sofa or the Harrison Chair.

  • TyLo

    The Clinton

  • Paden

    Stark nightstand for me.

  • gdscribner

    The Hillandale. It’s sharp, modern, and sleek.

  • Shane

    The Coronado or Jackson…decisions decisions

  • Chris

    I think I would go for the Clinton in coal. It’s a solid choice.

  • Steven

    Agoura Coffee Table in Dark Chocolate!

  • Mason Elledge

    Definitely the Hillandale… beige or grey would be nice.

  • Greg

    Definitely the Avalon. That thing looks like a cloud.

  • Brown Parachute

    The Bellflower Chair: the only chair from which to orchestrate a classy masquerade orgy.

  • Dunavant

    My place needs some new curtains; the right pillows can transform a mundane couch!

  • Matthew Macchietto

    Money towards the Monroe. I am definately attracted to mid-century modern furniture!

  • Jeremy Rintoul

    I love he classic look of the Bellflower. The scrolled arms are awesome.

  • Mel King

    Oh, I love the Logan, but I’d be torn because those bed frames look pretty great, too!

  • Steve

    LOGAN for Sure!

  • Tagzation

    Digging the Logan for sure.

  • Nate

    Lincoln Hts leather storage bench in molasses + bedroom reading area = Awesome

  • Dan

    I like the Hillendale. Would match my bed set perfectly

  • Jacob Bluebaugh

    What beautiful furniture! I am torn between the Logan, Jackson, and Avalon.

  • Richard Edney

    The Catalina in charcoal.

  • Turner

    The Hillandale!

  • SelsdonMowbray

    I’d pick the avalon.

  • Calvin Xu

    I’d get the Dupree computer desk! I definitely need a new one.

  • Jessie H

    The Bellflower!

  • Ben W

    I would go with the Avalon. Looks classy!

  • Yingerman

    The Bellflower is a dime, definitely.

  • Rory

    The Bellflower for sure

  • Mike

    I would buy the Avalon

  • J

    The Coronado for sure

  • Drew

    The Jackson, Avalon, or Coronado would liven up my place and really help the transition into adulthood!!

  • Houston

    The Avalon in royal blue or black.

  • Devon Caldwell

    Bellflower is a great looking couch indeed!

  • Carl P

    The Logan or The Bellflower if the wife was choosing!

  • pablo


  • Adam Scolatti

    The Clinton is cool!

  • Grant

    The Logan for sure!

  • Dave

    Its hard to choose from all the nice items.

  • Roxy

    I’d be all over that La Brea reversible chaise sofa!

  • MacKenzie

    I would personally pick the Avalon, I love the way it looks and I think it fits with my overall sense of style.

  • Dave

    The Marion L shaped desk is something that I definitely need.

  • Kyle

    Bellflower without a doubt! The chesterfield look is too classic to pass on.

  • Drew

    I love the Fillmore in granite! With orange throw cushions.

  • Teresa Jones

    The Avalon

  • SummerB

    I love The Coronado.

  • Nick

    The jackson sofa in granite

  • Patrick Ryan

    I love the Clinton sofa!

  • Young at Heart

    The Clinton is nice:)

  • Josh

    I really dig the Hillandale, which would be perfect as I start a new job outside DC and furnish a new place.

  • Brandon

    Really like the Mulholland sectional sofa, in woven gravel. The Logan would be my go to if there isn’t enough space.

  • pjk6212013

    I would choose the Avalon

  • sonnetdog

    I love the Jackson sofa – would look great in my place!

  • Daniel Lelewski

    Liking either of those two tone Clinton sectionals. Perfect timing since my new apt move in date is May 1st!

  • Lindsey

    I would definitely get the Hillandale!

  • Evelyn Goettner

    I would choose the Avalon sofa and some new decor (pics,pillows ect.)

  • Bates Nunamaker

    I already have a great couch, so I’d probably get the Zelzah Console and the Bunker HIll Ottoman in Mushroom

  • Travis Davidson

    It’ll be the Bellflower or the Jackson for me. I’m not a fan of having to sit on a crack when sitting in the middle of a couch.

  • Scott

    The avalon for sure, but I would change up the wall colors too. Maybe a dark blue, or a slate grey

  • Mark

    The Bellflower is very cool!

  • Adam Wyatt

    Definitely get that Clinton sofa!

  • chris davies

    I like the clean lines on these sofas

  • derek wall

    I would need to get one of the accent chairs.

  • Michael

    Hillandale looks amazing!

  • Kevin Savoie

    I would love to get a nice accent arm chair. The Elsinore Teal is pretty awesome looking.

  • kyle lonzo

    In desperate need of a coffee table and the garnet looks awesome, i would also invest in some interesting art pieces as well

  • Paul

    Personally, I’m a fan of the Clinton. Could definitely see that in my living room.

  • Mandi Marcus

    I would choose The Bellflower! It’s stylish and looks comfy.

  • Pablo O.

    Really like the Jackson

  • Scinju

    I need a new desk. I would get the Allenford or the York.

  • Alex J

    I’ve been wanting a nice wingback arm chair for a while now.

  • Ryan

    The Clinton!!

  • Tyneisha

    I’d put it toward the Clinton Sofa!

  • David

    The Coronado

  • Charles

    The Hillandale looks quite nice.

  • Fred

    I would use the winnings for The Clinton. That burst of brown/orange would pull together a lot of what I already have. Finishing touch indeed!

  • Adam Rabo

    The Logan

  • Guada

    I love the Bellflower!

  • Roro Hamwi

    I would love love Hillandale, it is really pretty

  • Jon

    Roscoe platform bed

  • Zach

    The Monroe sofa is awesome!

  • Ryan

    Bellflower or Jackson! The sag in my current couch is wrecking my back!

  • Tanner Hays

    The logan

  • Ben Stultz

    I would get the Logan Sofa or the Coronado

  • Jonathan

    The Jackson

  • Caesar Merlin

    I’m partial towards the Monroe

  • rick


  • chris

    It looks a lot better

  • Bob Downs

    I’d get four of the

  • Dennis Payne


  • tim r

    Looking for a new sectional and that Mulholland in on point. Grey with the metal legs. RIGHT what I’m looking for and in the right price range with the extra 5 Hundo from winning the contest 😉

  • nickie burke

    The Bellflower

  • Adam Menchaca

    The Clinton is a couch I would have to redecorate my entire living room for and that would make me very VERY happy and broke.

  • Jenee

    I like that blackburn. But my walls are crying out for some kind of decor, as well.

  • Nicole Vosburgh

    I am loving the Logan Sofa!

  • Nicole Vosburgh

    I am loving the Logan Sofa!

  • Chris Mayers

    The Logan Sofa!

  • Chris Mayers

    The Logan Sofa!

  • Nick Bruno

    The Harper Sofa with the Pecan wood; dark blue/navy would crush it in with my frames & print collection

  • bkkihega

    I would love to get the Kiers Urban Sofa Bed.

  • CS


  • Rita Alarcon

    I would get some new lamps and maybe a rug

  • Nick Legrady

    I’d get the Monroe in orange. favorite color!

  • Phil D.

    Branch lounge chair

  • Ayushi Sinha

    The Clinton!

  • Justin Parker

    The Bellflower is a good looking sofa

  • Andrew

    Logan or Hillandale!

  • steven casado

    I’d love a manly looking, open style way to hang my clothes as my apartment does not have a closet

  • Will Milne

    Definitely the Bellflower. It is stunning.

  • Joann Hazelwood

    I really like the Logan

  • Pat

    I am in need of a nice chair and would love the Faris Arm Chair.

  • joan001

    accent chair

  • Kaylin Bruce

    Not sure which yet, but leaning towards a couch or chair.

  • Paula S

    I love the Bellflower and would great in my living room.

  • KS

    I love the Avalon sofa.

  • Abby

    I so desperately need new sofas in my house. I recently purchased last June and my parent’s gave me their old set. I truely appreciate the gift but I’m also jealous of their nice new sofa and recliners

  • Dave

    Seriously I could use some help from Apt2B!

  • Today

    Hillandale. It’s boxy and simple 🙂

  • Bryce

    The Hillandale is one of the more simplistic designs but is such an attractive couch. Very bold stance due to very short legs. I’d gladly replace my hand-me-down beat up leather couch.

  • Darren

    the Clinton looks so good

  • Chelsey Cornelius

    My fav is the The Coronado & Also The Bellflower! <333 It would make a huge, fashionable impression in my new home!

  • Kevin

    I think I would get the Allenford Desk for my new apartment

  • Asher

    The Jackson

  • Michael A. Fairfax

    The Jackson, I think.

  • Julie n.

    The Avalon or the Carmel plush mattress! Or a great comfortable office chair

  • Saegan Michelle Anderson

    the Hillandale,

  • Curtis

    The Coronado in a heartbeat.

  • Peter

    Most likely the La Habra TV stand or new desk chair.

  • Ryan

    Those couches all look way better than my empty floor

  • clefspeare449 .

    The Bellflower, easily. Classic design.

  • Wells

    Probably the avalon or hillendale

  • JosephJB

    I would choose “The Jackson” sofa.

  • stanis3k .

    the jackson, looks elegant

  • Denise Bigley

    I like the Amherst Spiral Mirror SILVER

  • pspierce

    I need a dining room (anything). It is currently a home gym and occassionally, I have dates eat sitting on a workout bench. sad.

  • Mike

    They say lighting can make or break a room, so I’d probably get a couple table lamps like the Doheny, and maybe a floor lamp as well.

  • Tom

    I’d go with the Logan in a heartbeat

  • poulindylan

    I would go with the Avalon or the Coronado

  • Nathan

    Clinton Chair

  • Robert Hall

    Any sofa is better than the none I have…

  • Kyle

    I’d get the Hillandale Apt. Size couch. But this was a great post for me. I’ll be getting my first apartment when I get home from my deployment so I’ve been looking for some decent furniture. Thanks!

  • denise piersante

    me me me me me

  • janwarner

    The Avalon looks really comfy!

  • slr11

    I would put it towards a TV and new lighting.

  • Joshua Collier


  • Chris

    the clinton son

  • Justin Rogers

    Valley Vista Chair in charcoal. Looks perfect for lazy reading or working while relaxed. It would go great in my second bedroom and my fiancee would love it too.


    MAIN FLOOR LAMP 5 LITE ARCH IT looks so cool!

  • Ron

    Love the avalon and would be great in my apt.

  • Butch_Zee

    I’d probably go with the Norris Bonded Leather Arm Chair in Chocolate.

  • Radman30

    The Roscoe Platform Bed.

  • paigechandler

    Oh how I want the Chesterfield side table

  • Ada Miller

    We could use a new couch and I’m really liking the Avalon couch.

  • Zach

    I’d have a hard time choosing just one piece but that Canby bedframe looks sharp!

  • Burke

    I’d go with the logan. Pretty classic design and small enough for my smaller place.

  • Krueger_Nancy

    I would love the Cubic Table Lamp, cute and functinal.

  • Michael

    Hard to say, but I’d probably go with The Logan. Currently redoing my floors so I can’t quite picture it!

  • Steve Nash

    Hillandale, $1,098

  • Damian ‘Myzery’ Rowe

    Id definitely get some bar-stools, I have a bar but no bar-stools lol. I’d get 3 of the San Fernando black bar-stools.

  • Mark Roberts

    The Avalon couch for sure!

  • disqus_sw8Eumv7Kx

    The avalon looks super comfy.

  • Andrew Mac

    I’d get the clinton, very nice.

  • Danniel


  • Matthew P.

    I love the Monroe. Very Madmen.

  • Peggy

    The Avalon 2 pc sectional.

  • Love3570

    i love the Avalon. It’s absolutely my style !

  • Linda Poplees

    I would pick the Avalon, looks very comfy!

  • Feralpaw

    I like The Logan most

  • DD

    Sofa upgrade. Want a gray, modern one.

  • Tom

    I’d pick out an area rug.

  • timothychalfant

    Bellflower Sofa is a nice style!!!

  • Thomas F

    I like the Glamis Mid-Back Office Chair.

  • Matt T

    The clinton is slick!

  • TJ

    I’d go with an accent chair, I’m just not sure which one because they all look great!

  • Christopher

    I’d definitely think about the Bellflower1

  • Nick DeFrancesco

    Contrast stitching on the Clinton is nice

  • Jacob Fisher

    Definitely the Marco couch

  • Jason

    I really like the Logan!

  • Chris

    It’s a hard decesion between the Clinton Ave and the Bellflower!

  • Patrick H.

    love the avalon

  • Mick Ramos

    The Bellflower is pretty amazing. I’d definitely get that.

  • Rosa P

    I’d go for the Hillandale. love it

  • justinmarcello

    these couches are sweeeett

  • Jessica Herring

    I really like the The Jackson sofa! This would be perfect for my new apt!

  • Payden

    The Bellflower for sure!

  • Nate Abelaye

    The Logan looks great

  • Justin L. Williams

    The Avalon

  • Ryan

    The Clinton

  • Rebecca O

    I would choose the Bellflower. This one looks so comfy and versatile to decorate with. I would love it in my home.

  • Max Masuda

    The Logan looks nice

  • Melissa Cunningham

    I would choose the Logan

  • Mary Lou Tomko

    I like the Coronado Sofa the best

  • Angela Simmons

    I Like the The Bellflower it looks really comfortable

  • TandJ

    Seems like nice couches! The logan looks great.

  • Connor Delaney

    The Avalon would look good in my apartment.

  • Tom

    Loving the quilted one!

  • Michael Glover

    I’d take the logan for sure.

  • Julie Tardi

    Avalon, love the style!!

  • Macsdd

    The Bellflower is a really nice looking coach.

  • Eric Sztanyo

    The Logan. The Jackson. The Monroe.

  • Christopher Pauley

    Murtaugh coffee table looks amazing

  • Josh

    Big fan of the Monroe. I’ll just need to get a whole set of other chairs to accompany it.

  • HTownCowboy

    I like the look of that 72″ Coronado…with the $500, I would buy 2 of them.

  • Lisa

    I really love the Norris Bonded Leather Arm Chair.

  • Lucas Fellers

    I’d probably put this towards the Bannister to get some more seating space.

  • Adams

    Will be moving into a new place soon. Would love to upgrade furniture.

  • Chris Northington

    The Jackson is pretty sweet!

  • Paulus

    I would jump for the Catalina 2 pc sectional, or the Albright Apt. size. It’s perfect timing too, since we are moving and buying all new furniture!

  • Holly E

    I love the Bellflower.

  • Drew Fitz

    The Coronado edging out the Monroe with the bit of extra armrest. Clean and simple; its pure class with a “North by Northwest” vibe. It has the character Ikea tries to copy but can’ attain.

  • Dustin Jones

    The Aliso shag rug and/or the San Vicente bed.

  • Lauren

    Love the Logan!

  • Pri

    I really like The Avalon

  • Jen Bryan

    I would definitely get the Avalon! Sleek and modern, yet still functional and comfy!

  • ScottMcJ

    The Avalon for the win, yes.

  • Diane Hernandez

    The Avalon

  • dmikes

    I’m a broke college kid, furniture in general would be nice.

  • marc123

    all nice

  • marc123


  • april proveaux

    I would use it towards one of their sectionals! My husband and I have been lusting after a few of them!

  • Scott

    I’d probably go with the Hillandale or the Logan!

  • Shauntea Crutcher

    I would probably get an area rug and a pair of lamps.

  • Ozzy

    College kid needing a new couch. These look great. Would get the coronado.

  • Marcus

    love the Coronado

  • Kaitlin

    Hope I win!

  • Dan

    Really need a new couch!

  • Chris

    The Logan sofa

  • Brian

    Digging the burnside bed.

  • David Hendrickson

    The Logan or The Monroe. Simple and classic.

  • Camille

    Our sofa is doing OK at the moment, but our coffee table is SERIOUSLY sad. I’d love to have the Garnet coffee table!

  • Tyler

    The logan looks great in that blue!

  • ella

    The Bellflower is gorgeous!

  • Victor Hugo Lopez

    Honestly I kind of like the Hillandale

  • kymnasium

    I love the Logan that is perfect for our home. Looks stylish and love the color.

  • Trenton

    I would definitely take The Bellflower!

  • Anthony Coco

    The harper in any of the iterations, and the filmore. The one-piece seat cushion is sharp.

  • DaveD

    I’d use it to lower the price on a sectional. Fillmore/Mullholland/Monroe depending on which the wife liked better…

  • David Carasiti

    In desperate need of a bedroom makeover!

  • SheilaV

    I really like the Hillandale. There are many great sofa’s.

  • Michael Jahnke

    I’d go Logan or Monroe, I like the clean lines.

  • Jessica Amador

    I love the Jackson 2 piece in grey, their Ensley cabinet in teal, and their Lovina 5 shelf. So many nice options. Great website!

  • becca

    The kires urban sofa bed is nice

  • Joe J

    The Stanley Coffee Table.

  • Chelsea

    I would definitely buy the Jackson. Love the clean lines but I’m a sucker for anything tufted.

  • Russell

    I just got an apartment this week and the Clinton Ave. sofa in Cream would be perfect for my space.

  • Serrita

    Just bought The Monroe but I would definitely get the AquaToland Throw to accent along with some colorful pillows

  • Annette


  • Tim Moss

    I’d probably put it towards the Logan. Who wants debt, right?

  • kiyana

    The Avalon looks so nice & comfy!

  • sc24

    I would buy a dining table.

  • Ben T

    I liked the Logan

  • Erin Elizabeth

    The Mulholland sectional looks like a perfect fit for any apartment 🙂 I need this in blaacckkkk!!!!

  • dustin

    I love the Coronado (in a gray), but they are all beautiful. It would be the focal point of my living room with a few bright pillows and an accent to make it pop.

  • Will
  • Wehaf

    I like the Monroe and Logan sofas.

  • kimm16

    Now what would be any better than a Apt2B makeover? Nothing

  • Glen

    I just bought a sofa a few months back, so I’d go with the Vantage Wood Back Bed Cider. Beautiful bed.

  • Chris Burkhalter

    Probably a sweet mattress to be honest

  • Lea Anna

    I’d get some new dining chairs like the Rinaldi side chair

  • _HP

    As a designer, I absolutely love the Monroe and Clinton.

  • HP

    Monroe – that amazing orange hue for the win.

  • Jamie Williams

    Avalon sofa would be my first choice, then decor to finish off the new look of my office/living room make-over.

  • Ania

    logan, if I win some mula

  • Lisa Bouch

    I like the Coronado

  • Wendi Watson

    i need a really nice coffee table or a great side table

  • Matt

    The Logan is calling my name!

  • Deborah Gardner

    I would definitely get the Acala Armless Sofa, it looks so comfortable!

  • Tom

    The Pico Tufted Back Sofa looks great.

  • Jim

    Chaplin Floor Lamp in CHROME

  • Stephanie Jordan

    The Avalon or the Logan.. Love both of those!

  • Anita Kennett

    The Hillendale would be perfect,thanks so much for sharing.

  • Michelle Ramos

    The Harrison sofa in slate is perfect. I’d get that one.

  • Leah

    I really love the Arcadia Arch Floor Lamp so I’d probably get that!

  • laroyal06

    I love the Avalon Sofa in sixties blue color!

  • lifeskit

    I would choose the Hillandale

  • Evan Wiens


  • Natasha

    The Logan!

  • Darlene Comeaux

    The Avalon is perfect for my living room/

  • John

    That´s a nice article, but with a decent importer, you could buy these couches for less than half the price.

  • Melissa Tippie

    I would choose the Avalon! So stylish yet looks comfy as well.

  • Amy

    I love the Jackson couch. LOVE

  • Andy


  • Gregg Medina

    I’d go with a Jackson, cause my sons name is jackson!

  • D.Johnson

    The avalon sofa.

  • Bruce Vrana

    Coronado sofa

  • Danielle magee

    The jetson sofa is so fun!

  • Yvonne Rorie

    The Jackson is the sofa for me.

  • Jeannette Harkin

    The item I would love is the GARDEN GROVE GLOSSY SITTING stone….both in red and white

  • Shakeia Rieux

    I would get the Silverlake Urban Sofa Bed in Black

  • Grant

    A new office chair and then definitely one of the lucile lounge chairs for the living room.

  • Vietcloud

    I would really like the Harper

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  • Kimberly Flickinger

    love the The Coronado Sofa in Royal Blue

  • Buddy Garrett

    I would choose the Brockmont Coffee Table Wenge/White.

  • Jaime

    I would get a plethora of home decor items possibly

  • Maamon Mhameed

    i would really like to win

  • JohnR

    The Coronado Sofa in Royal Blue

  • Nonya Bidnez

    Id go with The Logan

  • Shea Naylor Balentine

    I’d prolly put it towards a new mattress!

  • Mike Petrucci

    I’m not sure what we’d get but the La Brea Studded 2pc Sectional (woven graphite) is pretty slick.

  • Aaron Martin

    The Logan, $888

  • Bradley

    Monroe in Tangerine! I have an orange accent wall in my bedroom so that would tie the entire apartment together!!

  • jamesmjay

    A reclining sofa and modern lamps; also some tables

  • Kat McQuaid

    I would love to own the Avalon sofa.