Free Art Download: A Forest Service Engineer’s Guide to Cocktails from 1974 (16″x20″)

Free Art Download: A Forest Service Engineer’s Guide to Cocktails from 1974 (16″x20″)
Who says the government doesn't get anything right?

Recently an incredible discovery was made in the National Archives. Deep within the chronicles of government proceedings, an archivist uncovered a meticulous blueprint by an engineer from the US Forest Service detailing some of the most common cocktails.

Esquire tracked down the Regional Engineer who signed off on the document as being Cleve Ketcham, who worked for the service in Region 8 from 1974 to 1980. Ketcham was a superior draftsman of surveying manuals, though not much of a drinker himself, he put together the plan as a joke with some co-workers. But just because the man didn’t drink much doesn’t mean you can’t trust his work: The draft was checked for accuracy by several gents including “I. Mixum” and “I.P. Freely”.

As a functional recipe book, it’s a bit of a pain to decode, but if the artistic nature of mixology confuses your left brain thinking, it’s a solid plan that will help break down the differences between cocktails.

This chart is available here for download in giant 16”x20” which you can have printed at Costco for only $7. The frame used in the photo above is the RIBBA frame from Ikea, ringing up at only $20.


A Closer Look

forest service cocktail blueprint

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