Huge! Enter to Win a $1,000 Gift Card from Combatant Gentlemen

Huge! Enter to Win a $1,000 Gift Card from Combatant Gentlemen
With Combatant Gentlemen's low prices one lucky winner is going to be getting a ton of new wardrobe staples.

Here’s the thing: Every guy needs a nice suit. But every guy doesn’t need a luxurious suit. Unlike dress shoes like the Allen Edmonds Strands, which I make the argument that investing in a pair of well-made $300 dress shoes is a smart, life-long investment, the same can’t be said for suits. There are a lot of men out there that only wear a suit 2-3 times per year. Maybe a unique work event that happens every so often in an otherwise casual workplace. Maybe a very special date. A wedding. A funeral. A guy needs to look his best in all of these situations, but that doesn’t mean it makes sense for him to spend a week's paycheck on a suit.

In many ways, its a lot like neckties. You can easily find ties for $90+, and I’m sure they’re amazing neckwear. But for a guy who wears a tie only a handful of times, it doesn’t need to be amazing, it just needs to look great. And there are plenty of places like The Tie Bar and, or at retailers like JCPenney (as well as CG) that a beautiful tie can be had for less than $25.

The surprising thing is, as common as this gentleman is, there are very few good choices for picking up a well-fitting, quality starter suit. Gents usually fall back on four places when they need a functional suit like this. Men’s Wearhouse, Target, H&M, or budget departments stores like Macy’s. On the surface, these may seem like smart options but they look less enticing once you start investigating the fit, style, what they’re made out of, and the quality of construction.

Vishall Melwani, co-founder of Combatant Gentlemen saw this huge hole in the menswear market. Following in the footsteps of web-only brands like Everlane and Warby Parker, Combatant Gentlemen cuts out the wholesale and retailer steps in the sales funnel. By doing this, they’re able to sell items with an incredibly reduced markup, while still earning a profit.

The 100% wool slim-fit herringbone suit shown in these pictures is only $200. You can't even get a suit jacket at Express for that. All of the suits are at least 100% Super 140s wool and are half-canvassed.

combatant gentlemen suit

Melwani and his colleagues are no strangers to nice suits and fine tailoring. He’s a third generation tailor, growing up in a family that owns 17 Versace boutiques. But instead of taking that expertise and starting a company that sells $2,000 suits for $800 like so many other companies that have popped up in recent years, Combatant Gentlemen is unapologetically “every day”. These are workhorse suits, but they function: They don’t wrinkle easily (a problem with many cheaper suits, especially with polyester blends) and they look sharp and smart. The way they do this is by focussing on modern details. Lightly structured shoulders, higher armholes, slimmer lapels – all of these little design decisions combine to create a suit that is hard to believe comes in under $200.

This fusion of next-generation retailing and smart design has led to some very high-profile investors with deep expertise in tech and fashion like Tony Hsieh, founder of Zappos, Brian Spaly, CEO of Trunk Club, and Jake Bornstein of Flint & Tinder.

combatant gentlemen

The exciting thing is, since launch in 2012, CG has added more products than just suits. From $40 slim chinos and shirts to $100 wool overcoats. One of my favorites is the denim line. For $70 you can get a pair of slim-straight Japanese selvedge, raw denim, cut and sewn in Los Angeles. They have a solid weight and look great with just a t-shirt or dressed up with a sportcoat. Compare that to the quality and source of jeans you can get at Gap for the same price and the value becomes clear.

Combatant Gentlemen Denim

Ordering any clothing online is a gamble, however. What if it doesn’t fit? What if it’s not as good as the pictures make it look? With Combatant Gentlemen not only is initial shipping always free, a return label is included with your shipment in case it doesn’t fit or you’re unsatisfied. That seems unlikely though: According to Tech blog PandoDaily there’s a return rate of just 4%.

Go check out all the goods Combatant Gentlemen has to offer.

Enter to Win

Now you have a chance to win not only a suit and a pair of jeans, but a lot, lot more. Combatant Gentlemen has given us a $1,000 gift card to giveaway to one lucky reader. Simply enter using the widget below. We’ll announce one winner on December 4th. Good luck!

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Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Peter

    $1000 buys you a lot, thats for sure. I’d probably pick up a new suit, a part of denim to play around with raw denim, a coat, and a bunch of accessories. Currently losing weight so i’d save a good deal to buy stuff later when I’ve hit my goals.

  • Justin

    Im in the same boat peter so i would be going with a lot of accessories and a nice pair of shoes

  • Trevor

    Speaking as a student, I’d probably get two suits, one in navy and one in charcoal. I’d also like one of their Italian wool overcoats, a nice white shirt and maybe a red chambray. There’s a bunch of options to start building a career wardrobe.

  • Austin

    Seeing as I am graduating from University in May, the $1,000 would definitely be a great way to start my professional attire collection! I think a new suit, shirt, and shoes would definitely be in order!

  • Cristian

    There are conditions for entering? Like the place to live? I would love to win some good quality clothes!

  • Dan

    As a tall guy, it’s always hard finding well fitting suits and selvedge, so that’s where I’d focus.

  • Curtis

    2 nights in Montreal lineup. Take my money!

  • Josh

    I’m definitely interested in the basic-plus kind of suits – herringbones and other small patterns on staple colors. And their new overcoats look fantastic.

  • nodoubtfan

    I would get the Charcoal Modern Fit Birdseye Suit, white poplin semi-spread collar, and the In The Zone tie (for starters).

  • Terrance

    I’m replacing a lot of basics due to weight loss and I actually work in clothing, so I need things I can wear daily and in different ways.

  • Danzarr .

    I like the coats, but it sucks to live in LA because you never need a heravy coat, so just a suit.

  • Christopher McCaffery

    Those topcoats look really nice.

  • Jared Bonnit

    I’d definitely try out one or two of their slim fit suits as well as their myriad accessories. Their overcoat looks promising as well.

  • Carlos Palacios

    This would be a great way to purchase items that might otherwise be too expensive on a student budget. Fingers crossed!!

  • Josh Lu

    good luck everyone

  • Keir

    OMG with $1000 I would absolutely buy a new suit (the old basic black is getting old), a new pair of raw selvage jeans, and one of those amazing- looking peacoats! Accessories would follow with what was left over!

  • Muhanad

    That’s awesome, I don’t have that much of luck though

  • James

    Got to admit, the charcoal houndstooth suit looks all kinds of nice

  • Joshua

    Awesome 🙂

  • Andy

    Herringbone suit. Couple of shirts for me.

  • Mike Wheat

    great contest guys.

  • Andrew

    boo! open it up to canada too 🙁

  • st.

    A nice suit would be great way to start my new job.

  • Peter Larson

    I really like the look of that brown slim fit nailhead suit. very sharp.

  • Richard Anthony Maldonado

    I have a couple of suits from CG overall quality is great for the price. I love the weight of them. The few issues that I’ve had were resolved immediately. This is a great company.

  • Nick

    I already have a solid black suit that I quite like, though I spent a bit more that I would’ve at Combatant Gentleman. So I’d probably go with something more casual that I could wear in the summer, like the Chino suit, along with some accessories and a few shirts.

  • vipermj9

    Would be great for my upcoming wedding

  • Nick

    Seems like CG is great for entry-level professionals and students alike… With Christmas right around the corner hopefully I’ll find an excuse to spend a little money.

  • joshskies

    that selvedge demin (grey slim) and chino suit!
    And the prices are very reasonable, I was pretty impressed. Most times they want a testicle and some fingers for good jeans and a watch…

  • thinker_random

    I am need of some new clothes for the new job. This would do the trick nicely.

  • Matt

    That topcoat looks great. I would also go for a suit or two – like the chino for summer wear and the grey nailhead. A couple knit ties would be excellent – especially at that pricepoint.

  • Ali

    A couple of suits, one tux for those extra-special occasions, and maybe some raw denim.

  • Wayne

    I love CG. Great suits.

  • John Jensen

    I’d either buy a nice new suit or some dress boots since I don’t have any yet!

  • Ross Haymond

    Definitely will be using this company in the future. Esspecially with a $1000 gift card.

  • Matt

    Man, I’d be pumped to get some selvedge denim! pick me! pick me!

  • Tom

    Definitely rebuild my wardrobe with some chinos, oxfords, and a couple of suits!

  • John M

    I really like the CANDY STRIPES ORANGE TIE actually

  • Tim

    could finally get a tuxedo…and like 10 other things. prices seem almost too good to be true.

  • Mlcvr

    The wool overcoat & peacoat are immaculate. Fingers crossed.

  • stevececil

    What a great giveaway. I would be tempted to turn over a good portion of my daily wear with this gift card.

  • ag

    Probably a couple of new suits, some shirts, maybe a sampling of the other stuff. $1000 would go a long way it seems.

  • Bryan

    I do wish they had shorter pants, though.

  • Stoneule

    I’d love this. I’m actually wearing a Combat Gent shirt as I type.

  • Daniel Judge

    I would go with the herringbone, grey, and navy suits. Plus a tux and overcoat

    • james a

      I like the casual shirt s

  • joverman

    A pair of jeans, a new navy suit, a few shirts, top coat, a pair of chinos; I’d still have $430 dollars left to spend. This is a great give away.

  • Chris

    I already have a charcoal suit so the navy blue slit fit suit would be a great addition. After that I would get a lighter weigh suit for summer weddings.

  • Evan

    Man, $1000 is a humongous amount for a wardrobe. I would pick up a light grey and dark grey suit, one of which would be a houndstooth suit. Plus 5 or 6 shirts, one for each day of the week. A wool overcoat is desperately needed for the winter. Then the rest of the budget would go towards chinos and ties.

  • Zac

    Suits! All the suits!

  • Jim

    Anyone actually try the $200 suits?

  • dbilliter

    I have two suits both from over 10 years ago… Could use an update.

  • Joe

    I’ve never heard of this site before, I’m on the shorter side, in the awkward stage between a 29 and a 30 length and I’m looking forward to seeing how this site works

  • Paul

    The topcoat looks nice, and I’d probably go for the navy plaid 3-piece also. Ash grey cardigan for good measure. 🙂

  • Simon

    Think I’ll use half of it to get my dad a wardrobe upgrade…

  • Well wow this some of a competition!
    From Combatants Gentlemen I would pick a suit, because I’m going to a prom this spring, and definitely want to look sharp arriving with a beautiful lady by my side.
    Besides that I would pick some of there denims, the black slim straight selvedge denim looks awesome, and some knits and scarves. I have a little crush on scarves! A few knits would probably also sneak into the basket..

  • Phil

    Starting to look for a new job so this would be perfect

  • Max Masuda

    I would definitely spring for that khaki chino suit and that navy plaid three piece.

  • Dom

    I’d definitely get a few suits, namely the Navy Blue Modern Fit Birdseye. Also the peacoat and the selvedge denim looks awesome.

  • Oliver

    Where to start : i could acquire my first suit so i think i should steer for Navy or Grey keep it classic. Then a nice tie/bowtie combo and a beautiful pair of denim OF COURSE!

  • Nick P.

    I’d most certainly pick up a standard Navy Blue suit as I don’t have one yet. I’d probably pick up the kakhi chino suit and the brown nailhead too. There are too many shirts that I like to put them here. That Midnight Blue Tux (Shawl collar) is also nice looking.

  • Brian

    I’m a sucker for the three piece suits.

  • maxim303

    I’d get the flannel suit or two to be nice and warm in the colder months.

  • Vinny

    Definitely could use a new suit and shoes.

  • Will A

    I would pick the 100% wool slim-fit herringbone suit, the CANDY STRIPES ORANGE TIE, BLACK SLIM STRAIGHT SELVEDGE DENIM, and the THE BROWN SUITS YOU OUTFIT.

  • cg802

    A new suit for my cousins wedding next summer, and some Christmas shopping, a free bit of shopping should be shared.

  • Matt Reeder

    Would definitely pick up a navy suit, some new denim (blue and gray) and plenty of dress/casual shirts and accessories with the remainder.

  • Elliott

    I would definitely go with the navy and charcoal slim suits. ‘Tis the season to be dapper!

  • Michael

    Seems like a great deal! This could really help me get some great quality clothes.

  • John Hendrickson

    I’ve been doing a TON of research on Combatant Gentlemen over the last couple weeks and I have to say I’ve read nothing but great things. Having been out of College a couple of years and losing a ton of weight, neither of my old suits fit me anymore, so winning this would definitely go to the purchase of two versatile suits. Along with that, you can never go wrong with the staples of clean selvedge denim, over coats, and knits!

  • Matthew

    Definitely the denim, the slim navy suit, and the slim charcoal. That still leaves a lot to pick…

  • Corey

    Stuff looks awesome for an awesome price!

  • Tyler

    I’d be all over a new tux!

  • Ron

    $1,000 could “freshen up” a man’s closet/wardrobe quite nicely. I’m in!

  • Heath Harris

    With $1000 I would get a new suit, a coat, and bunch of chinos and shirts, since those are what I wear the most of. Definitely an awesome place that I will probably be buying from now regardless of whether or not I win this.

  • Eric Cumming

    That suit #WANT. Might have to pick one up, $1000 Gift card be damned

  • Max

    I recently saw that CombatGent added some scarves to their arsenal as well. Glad to see they’re diversifying from suits alone.

  • Michael Martin

    Well lets see:

    5 Semi-spread Collar shirts for the work week: $150
    2 Charcoal and 2 Navy Suits (avg ~$175): $700
    2 Pairs of Chinos: $80
    5 Ties to go with the shirts: $80

    RATS! I am $10 over but I did shoot an average for the suits (TOTAL EYEBALL NUMBER) so I know I can remove that $10 and possibly the shipping cost as I don’t see free shipping anywhere.

    That’s a good start for me. Based on these prices though, I will return for more.

  • Ben

    the charcoal tux is KILLER.

  • Del Johnston

    A navy blue herringbone suit for $200? Yes please. So much from CombatGent is covet worthy. I only wear a suit a few times a year, but I would probably have to buy several…just because. A wool peacoat or overcoat? Such a difficult choice. The winner of this contest will be stocking up on lots of quality goods, for sure!

  • Cocoliso

    I really like the ide of good clothing for a descent price

  • Mike

    Grey slim fit suit, blue chambray shirt and indigo slim straight jeans seem like a nice start.

  • Cole I

    Can’t beat having a couple of beater staple suits.

  • Jason

    I’ve got a suit that is really starteto show its age. But I’d also REALLY like to grab some new ties and a second vest (I totally love vests).

  • Caleb Roberts

    $1000? I would throw out everything currently in my closet and start from scratch with the basics.

  • Erin Murphy

    I would buy DEEP INDIGO SLIM SELVEDGE Denim and soooo much more

  • Jason Wood

    It would be awfully nice to have a new suit and some money to revamp the closet.

  • Tom Meitner

    I just loaded up on staple suits from CG, but I’d probably get 1-2 more with some patterns on them. And definitely load up on the shirts – once you figure out sizing, they are the slimmest and best-looking shirts on the market. Really hope I win this one!

  • Ferdi

    Awesome! Good Luck everyone!

  • TheNatedogg

    I’d get a suit, a couple pairs of the Japanese selvedge denim, a cardigan, a coat, a tuxedo, a couple pairs of chinos, and a few ties/bow ties.

  • Matt

    I’m desperate for a grey suit. With that kind of gift card, I might even be brave enough to grab myself a brown suit as well!

  • Scott Hayter

    I’d probably go after 1 suit and then fill up on jeans, shirts, and accessories. Casual workplace where selvedge jeans and chinos are considered more than appropriate really limits the opportunity to rock the suit.

  • Blake

    Don’t really need the heavy coat in Texas but those sure look nice.

  • Arsh

    This does sound pretty enticing

  • Bill McCauley

    I hate to sound boring, but 5 new suits would be fantastic.

  • Sam

    As a west coast musician who just moved to Chicago, I don’t have any decent winter dress wear. I would likely get a tux and a flannel suit and probably a small collection of heavier shirts and pants.

  • Graig

    That brown nailhead suit is where it begins for me… but gracious, $1000 is gonna go a lot further than that. Unbelievable.

  • Daniel

    Sounds good, but is it for the international audience, or US only?

  • Paul Krantz

    I’d choose an assortment of summer-weight items for travel in 2015.

  • kyle

    I would be getting that herringbone suit and a pair of selvedge jeans

  • Aaron

    I would definitely grab a couple of new suits.

  • Skesler62

    Never tried it…but if I win $1000 I’d totally be in!

  • Kyle

    I go through suits pretty quickly due to travel. I might have to look into buying one of these – they look pretty sturdy!

  • Victor Hudson

    I’d love the suit and jeans and would use the gift card to build off of those items.

  • Daniel

    Oh wow, James Bond style midnight blue tuxedos for 200 dollars… would be perfect for the Christmas party at my company

  • cfezz

    Jeans! The suits didn’t fit me well in the shoulders, I tried two different sizes (though with $1k I might get them tailored..), but the jeans are great.

  • Ivo

    I would love a new topcoat and a suit!

  • Jon

    khaki or brown slim fit suit

  • travis

    Holy Moley! This would be so great! I really need a navy blue suit because I’ve been going on job interviews and my grey suit needs a break.

  • Jesse Coletta

    I’ve been wanting to see what Combat Gent has to offer for a while! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Trey A

    suits, ties, and a good overcoat

  • Brett

    I would have to get a new suit and quite a few shirts. I can never find a shirt that fits how I want it to, it is either too long in the arms or too tight around the waist and chest.

  • Mike Smith

    Definitely a suit to start. Then mix and match a casual upgrade to my wardrobe.

  • Travis Davidson

    $1,000 would sure help me get on my feet with starting my own business. I’ll keep my figures crossed!

  • brak

    SHOOT! I could use a grand on that site…

  • Nick

    I need a new suit…bad

  • Anthony

    Love the look and price of everything!

  • John Markle

    Glad to see these guys getting more attention. Keep up the great work!

  • Scott Zirkel

    I’d replace some outdated/ill-fitting pieces and give my wardrobe a much needed update.

  • Kirk

    That herringbone suit does look pretty sweet.

  • JChristie

    I really need more than a couple black suits, so more than half would go towards outfitting me with navy, grey, and tan suits. Add to that some chinos, a couple shirts, and some knit ties, and I’m close to the total.

  • Devon Caldwell

    Graduating in May, I would certainly pick up 2 suits at the very least: grey and navy. Without a knowledge of if I will need suits for my career path or not, I think two shall be plenty in the meantime. With the remaining money, I can stock up on 2 pairs of raw denim, some good looking scarves, sweaters and of course 2-3 collared white and blue shirts.

    One things for sure, with Combat Gent, cash goes a LONG way!

  • Brett

    Definitely in need of a new suit (or 5!)

  • TyLo

    I could always use a snazzy new suit that fits well, or a couple, my game could definitely handle some stylized accessories as well. I must say I play the tie game well.

  • John Egan

    Coming out of college, paying loans are a killer. How these loan interest rates are so high baffles me and the government is ruining young professionals and the economy. Struggling to afford to buy a premium wardrobe for my new bright engineering career. This suits Combatant Gentlemen offer will help me tremendously to walk into that business room, with the highest of confidence, and seal every deal that is on that table. I’m ready to succeed in this world and I want to look good doing it as well. Look good, feel good.

  • Ike Dolby

    Great concept, and really cool shipping policy!

  • JS

    Been looking into trying these guys out for a while now.

  • Jason

    New job means a new suit! I’d go for the 3 piece gray suit, a tux, jeans and some shirts.

  • Taylor

    Would love the opportunity to get in on this. I need a suit and more dress/casual wear. Gotta stop growing so much I guess.

  • Ray Vitelli

    Id get the navy suit

  • b_sanks

    A couple new suits, many pairs of pants, and shirt galore. This would be great!

  • Danno

    Defo get some of their high tech dress shirts. They look pretty awesome.

  • JC

    I’m eying their new outerwear and nailhead suits!

  • miller

    Modern fit suit, maybe a nice new blazer.

  • Jake

    That suit in the header looks hella sexy.

  • Joshua

    This would be an amazing chance to clean out a good part of my wardrobe and invest in some pieces that’ll last!

  • jbird669

    I would love to play with raw denim, and I’m going to suit up for sure. Some shoes as well.

  • kevincox

    Accessories and shoes! Can’t wait!

  • Andrew

    I’d get the grey slim fit suit

  • Jessie Hwang

    My boyfriend is in dire need of new professional attire: a couple of suits, a few shirts, a vest, a NICE coat (there’s more to life than hoodies and fleece jackets!), and definitely a bowtie or two.

  • Biel

    Good luck everyone!

  • Eduardo

    I would gear up my closet for the upcoming holidays!

  • Hao

    Definitely would spring for a suit/blazer upgrade, and some nice selvedge denim.

  • R_castro

    Khaki Slim Fit Chino Suit is calling my name!

  • Thomas

    I’d definitely get some chinos, a few nice shirts, and fill up on accessories.

  • chris

    the indigo button down looks good so does 80% of the rest of their shirts and I need a new suit!

  • Lee

    I would but a lot of things

  • Kayvon Bahmanyar

    Great giveaway! In need of a new suit so perfect timing.

  • Blake Alexander Hammerton

    Dang, a grand at Combat Gent!??! That will go a LONG way! I would love to pick up a tux and a few suits to really start 2015 right!

  • Dustin

    Another suit would be nice, and I could definitely use more shirts and casual options like chinos.

  • Steeps

    Would love to win this. That can really beef up my wardrobe. I really need a new pair of shoes.

  • Evan

    I’d totally get some of the flannel shirts.

  • Marcus

    Wow, I had no idea they had added all the other stuff, I thought they were just suits. I could redo my whole wardrobe with $1000 there.

  • Josh Hayes

    That would be a huge amount of money to spend especially for a student, thank you for the giveaway. I would probably start with a dark navy or light patterned charcoal suit and a shirt or two, then a black cardigan and a sweater. That peacoat looks great as well. Then I would fill the rest of my cart with various scarves and ties, mostly to give away to friends and family.

  • EB III

    I would pick up a navy and charcoal suit. Probably one more suit after the basics. Definitely the overcoat, and with the rest get an assortment of business and casual shirts.

  • George Beckham

    About to graduate and start my career- would be nice to have a few things to get going with.

  • Jake

    Lot’s of quality items to choose from.

  • Jon Trapp

    These guys have a lot of great stuff, I’ll be checking them out for sure.

  • Mike

    Andrew – love to see you do a review of these online suit retailers, i.e. Combatant Gentlemen, Suit Supply, Indochino, etc. Curious to find a good review of quality, fit, value, customer service, durability, etc.

  • Josh

    hook me up

  • Eric Henao

    Well this would be a awfully nice Christmas present for myself! Here’s to winning! I’d prolly first get a bunch of chinos as my current stock needs to be replaced!

  • Padraig Rian

    I definitely need a new navy suit and new pocket squares!

  • Erica

    Wow, what a great give away. I’d love to get my husband suits, dress shirts and those Chinos!

  • John Waldowski

    I feel like this could literally buy me all the clothing I would need for years, maybe forever.

  • Mason

    Seriously like the look of the wool suit!

  • sean

    ill be done with school soon I could really use this!

  • Micah

    I’d definitely pick up a black or blue suit, a wool over coat, then just some accessories.

  • Butch_Zee

    That’d be one sweet suit. Currently 166 comments? I’m sure it’s coincidence today.

  • Jack Holden

    I could definitely use a new suit.

  • Roughkat

    Daddy needs new shoes.

  • Sean Hupp

    This would be extremely helpful for me, being a student and all.

  • Mike

    As a poor newlywed recently out of college, $1000 would go a long way to grow my professional wardrobe. I only have one cheap suit right now, so I would probably buy a few suits in different colors. I would also like some nice shirts. Some of the scarfs look good for the winter too!

  • Anthony Wilen

    This would be amazing. For $1,000 I would definitely go with shirts, ties, denim, and other accessories. However, I think a tuxedo would be a cool addition to the wardrobe too. So many options!

  • Paden

    I’d pick up a new suit, overcoat, as well as everything else I could for $1000

  • Aaron

    Amazing offer!

  • Jeff-Hol

    I’ve been shopping at Frank and Oak a lot lately, but I migght have to switch over to CG. They got a great look, at fantastic prices!

  • Bobby Donohue

    I think I’d get a couple of suits – navy & charcoal. I like the pea coat too.

    Then jeans and shirts. This looks awesome, thanks!

  • Alex

    I’d definitely go suit shopping – the grey and charcoal, with a pair of shoes and an overcoat.

  • gdahlberg

    Tuxedo? Probably.

  • Colin

    All suits, all day.

  • Siddharthan Vaithilingam

    I’d pick up a new suit, an outerwear jacket and denim and some suit accessories.

  • Spencer

    I’d love to grab a new suit with the $1000, their Navy Plaid and Khaki suits are especially sharp.

  • David

    I’d got with one or two suits. I’m intrigued about fit, which for me is everything.

  • Andrew

    Some nice things here from suits and coats to accessories. Great giveaway to get one started or to replace some worn things.

  • Alexandre

    Great Article

  • Daniel O’Neil

    These suits look great, glad I heard of them.

  • Eric James Hanusa

    I’d just like to say that December 4th is my birthday and this would be the best present ever! Been waiting 3 months to get there denim and other products though; as they aren’t restocking in a timely manner at all. :/ Hopefully they will be fully stocked on my birthday!!! 🙂

  • Drew

    As a future teacher, I would get a couple suits and stock up on shirts and ties. This would be a great chance to up the wardrobe without spending the little teacher salary earned.

  • tim r

    I was actually looking at Combat Gent for my next Navy suit. Also contacted them about clothing my groomsmen for my wedding in may. Customer service was great and their new look book is extraordinary. Their new night out in Montreal (also oddly where I’m going for my honeymoon… match made already?) lineup is dope. Especially the midhnight blue tux.

  • Patrick Regan

    I’m a writer in Los Angeles with a nice suit already to my name, so I probably won’t ever really need much in the way of suits (Hooooollywood!)

    That being said, the denim and the casual shirts look fantastic. I’d love to get my hands on some of the gingham and flannel.

  • Sean Herwaldt

    I have a suit from CG and I love it, fully planning on purchasing 1 more in the near future.

  • Christopher Moye

    Seriously could use this. Started a new job 3 months ago AND lost 30 lbs. Nothing fits right anymore. Congrats to who ever wins

  • Randy

    I would probably get every knit tie and spend the rest on shirts and chinos that I have a hard time finding in my size since I’m a muscular 5’6″.

  • Bradley

    I’ve lost almost 50 pounds the last 2.5 years so I definitely need a new suit before interviewing next year!

  • Josh Hudson

    I could get in on that charcoal herringbone suit. Overcoats look pretty good too!

  • Jeff

    Law school next fall, need to build up my professional wardrobe!

  • ktorquem


  • Corey Whaley

    I’d start with a suit, definitely. But also put together a cardigan/denim outfit.

  • Mike

    Couple of suits for sure, and most definitely a blazer.

  • Aaron

    I’ve never seen a decent quality three-piece suit for less than $250!

  • James Hartley

    I’d love the Italian overcoat and several suits. I’ve never had a quality suit before.

  • TerminusEst

    Gotta say, with a thousand dollars one can buy a lot of stuff from CG… Hope I win!

  • Jim

    Definitely going to have to pick up a few shirts. Poplin, gingham, and flannel all available in one place.

  • Luke Livingston

    need those jeans (not to mention that suit)!

  • Michael

    Used them for my wedding. Solid suits. Wish they had the 3-piece early in the summer – one in navy blue is something I’ve wanted for a while.

  • Dmitriy

    Can always use an additional suit

  • Drew

    I totally did the Men’s Wearhouse desperation thing last time I bought a suit for, yes, that 2-3 time a year situation. What I got wasn’t terrible, but I’m realizing now I could have done a lot better for a lot less. So for me it’s a new gray suit all the way.

  • David Carasiti

    Love it! I’d be getting some suits, a tux and accessories.

  • Dm

    Great giveaway, I will definitely check out the website.

  • Brian

    With a $1,000.00 budget, I would go with the following: Grey Plaid Slim Fit Three Piece Suit – quantity 1; Navy Plaid Slim Fit Three Piece Suit – quantity 1; Charcoal Slim Fit Herringbone Suit – quantity 1; Black Pinstripe Three Piece Suit – quantity 1; Italian Wool Overcoat – quantity 1; miscellaneous ties – quantity 3; miscellaneous scarves – quantity 2

  • Danny

    I’d go with the wool overcoat and a few nice new suits. Also some bots.

  • Will

    Looks like good quality stuff, will definitely check them out and spread the word as I bolster my professional attire

  • Will

    Man, where to begin?

    Navy Plaid Slim Fit Three Piece Suit
    Light Blue and White Wide Stripe Semi-Spread Collar
    Balancing Act Knit Tie
    Italian Wool Overcoat
    Olive Slim Straight Chino Pant
    Black and Grey Block Scarf

    And those are just the first ones that caught my eye and would be swooped on!

  • Young Napoleon

    I’d buy another suit in light gray, a few tie and shirt combos, and some jeans.

  • Eric Heaton

    Would love to up the game for my professional attire. A new suit and some new shirts sound fantastic!

  • Amber

    I just bought my husband a pair of Combatant Gentlemen Selvedge Denim and they are some of the best looking jeans he’s ever owned! I’d even venture to say they outshine his old APC Denim!! Will definitely shop for him on CG more!!

  • Adin Softic

    As I’m graduating next month (I hope) suit is essential. Also it would be great to upgrade my wardrobe, my current clothes aren’t even close to style that I’m aiming for.

  • Vittorio Zeviani

    Well, I’d finally buy my first suit! Or a good amount of the nicest shoes

  • Anita Duvall

    For my husband I would start with the Deep Indigo Slim Selvidge Denim Jean. Then the Gingham Button Down Collar Shirts. Then on to the Italian Wool Overcoat.

  • Kennybob

    I’d buy a couple of suits and a ton of ties. It’s been so long since I have worn a suit. The only one I have is from over 10 years ago and it is very dated.

  • Joe J

    I definitely need an upgrade in the business casual department, it just hasn’t been in the budget lately!

  • Henry DeMartino

    I’d definitely invest in new shirts, ties, and a suit or two, wearing them everyday, means I need a lot of options.

  • John

    I’ve got a wedding coming up, I might buy a tuxedo! After that, another suit or two. $1K goes a long way.

  • C


  • Law

    One could always do for a good suit

  • Ilima

    Great giveaway! Looking forward to trying their suit selection.

  • Tom

    Can’t beat it for that price!

  • LS

    $1000 would be *extremely* helpful to me. I’m planning my wedding, and it would be great to have all 4 of my groomsmen in brand new charcoal birds-eye suits.

  • diamondslady812

    I would buy some denim for my husband,nice shoes for my son and accessories for both of them

  • Stephen

    1 khaki Chino suit, a hnadful of dress shirts, an overcoat, 2 pairs of jeans and use the rest for gifts


    I would love to win this!

  • Alex

    That suit is a classic look

  • Steven

    You know that credit is going toward a new suit and like 10 different shirts!

  • Matt Broussard

    I’d start with 2 suits: one black and one in either gray or navy. I’ve been eyeing that peacoat since they launched so that’s a sure buy. The rest would we combos of chinos and shirts.

  • Charlie

    I’d probably go for one of the lighter gray suits, I’ve always wanted a suit like that

  • Mo

    Never heard of Combatant Gentleman until this post. Looks great

  • Rob

    Always thought charcoal and navy were the best looking! But really love the outerwear

  • James

    I’d probably buy a couple of suits (black, navy), some new ties to rotate through, and a tux for special occasions. I’d also probably ask my close friends if they’d like a new suit.

  • Steven Lloyd

    Navy suit would undoubtedly be my first purchase. After that, a few earth-tone shirts in various patterns would be a perfect addition to my closet. Cashmere sweaters would be next on the list, in basic colors like blue, black, and red. I’d also get a couple pairs of dark denim and some chinos in colors I normally would be a little bit too nervous to buy on my own. Finally, I would get myself an Italian wool peacoat to top it off. Boom!

  • Adam Hendrix

    I’m in dire need of a nice suit & some new shirts.

  • Bryan

    Looks awesome!

  • Duke

    I could use some different suits. I debate and have to wear suits, so I’ve been wearing the same 3 for more than 3 years.

  • Michael T

    I’d go for a Charcoal Herringbone suit, pair of jeans, and overcoat.

  • Taylor

    Don’t own any suits, because I’m broke and haven’t finished losing weight. But 1000 bucks could definitely remedy that. Some of those Gingham button-downs look great, too.

  • Michael Rochelle

    Having purchased one of their sutis already, and loving it, I would have to have a few more in different styles. I would also love to try some of their casual line.

  • Steve

    This company keeps impressing me with their marketing techniques, this is great!!

  • Drew Curtis

    A nice suit would be really nice. A new pair of jeans and new button ups for sure!

  • Stephen Menke

    $1000 buys you a lot, that’s for sure.

  • Sho Stehr

    Can’t wait to win this gift card and get a wardrobe ready coming out of college!

  • Stephen

    Done with school and working now. Got the shoes (AE Strand), shirts (BR slim tall), pants (JC Bowery slim), and ties (thetiebar). A couple good looking suits is all I’m really missing!

  • Ethan

    Fantastic!! Count me in!

  • derek wall

    With quality prices like this I would probably be getting an entire new wardrobe.

  • Robert Cristian

    I’m from Europe, is there any chance I could win or its an US only contest? Thanks anyway, I’m always looking forward new interesting articles and giveaways like this one!

  • techorama

    Why always open to US residents only?….some love for Canada please.

  • Jack Daggett

    I’d spend it all on suits, especially a full color run of the 3-piece suits.

  • Calvin

    I would definitely pick up a new suit, then some nice accessories like a belt and a bow tie to keep it classy.

  • David412

    I could use a new suit

  • Cole Olvera

    I would definitely purchase a couple new suits, shoes and an overcoat.

  • Cameron Albert

    I’d love to update my wardrobe!

  • Eric

    Haven’t heard of this company before, but this article put it right on my radar. I’d def buy 2 suits, a pair of jeans, and some shirts. Stuff to help me look my best for my new promotion at work that I’ve barely been able to afford the new clothes for. 🙂

  • Austin

    I’d definitely go with a few suits,a tux, probably a jacket and use the rest on accessories and denim.

  • Adams

    Great opportunity to get several new pieces!

  • Ryan

    I would use the money on a few suits (gray, navy, and possibly brown), a shirt or two, some shoes, and the rest on accessories like ties, pocket squares or belts. My style game would take a serious step up with anything from Combatant Gentleman.

  • Kyle

    I’m with you Dan. It’s always difficult to find suits that fit well being tall.

  • Nick

    I’d definitely start off with a pair of the Deep Indigo Slim Selvedge Denim – I need that go to piece for my wardrobe. I would then get a Navy Slim Fit Suit, an Italian Wool Overcoat and some of the V-neck Cashmere Sweaters

  • Chris Moore

    With $1,000 I’d definitely pick up a navy tux. I only have one excuse a year to wear one but I’d rock the hell out of that thing. Toss in the brown and the 3 piece navy suits, then sit on the rest and see what comes up.

  • Victor Hugo Lopez

    I would probably get navy and charcoal suits. Shirts and ties.

  • CaliKapo

    My wife would be so happy if I could finally step up my wardrobe into the 21st century!

  • Tony Guido

    I would just go through the range of outfits on the website including the suits
    (which happens to be something I lack) and check out the quality of their selvedge. Honestly there is not a thing that doesn’t catch my eye.

  • Jim

    I’d get a couple suits and some shirts. I love the more casual button-downs w/ spread collars. Their selection of slim silk ties is a little lacking, and I can’t tell if their “regular” ties are actually the more popular slim (but not super-slim) variety.

  • Steven Diaz

    Never hurts to add more suits to the collection!

  • Haven Harris

    It would be nice to upgrade my suit collection.

  • Thomas

    The Charcoal Slim Fit Herringbone suit (because I’m graduating next year and want to be the best-dressed guy), the slim selvedge denim and a whole lot of shirts (I want the red chambray!)

  • Ben

    I would definitely get the Slim Grey Suit (need a new suit for interviews), The Italian Wool Overcoat, and some new shirts!

  • Pat

    Would love a big upgrade to my wardrobe!

  • Kyle

    Definitely true about where people end up buying suits. It makes me 10x more sad when I join a wedding and the party picks a cheap $100 tuxedo from Men’s Warehouse that isn’t even close to a good fit.

  • Brown Gill


  • Milestone87

    I’d get at least 2 suits, jeans, shirts, and ties. Haha they would get plenty of use.

  • Brad Easley

    Charcoal Modern Fit Birdseye Suit!

  • Chad

    Great opportunity for those like myself who are graduating and in need of bolstering the career wardrobe.

  • atrain714

    I would love to win a whole new outfit, $1000 goes a long way!

  • John Hartman

    NAVY PLAID SLIM FIT THREE PIECE SUIT. great price and business model for a new company .

  • Murat

    Thanks for great stuff guys. I’d pick some suits and pair of shoes.

  • Matt

    These look sharp! Probably gonna pick up a suit from here when I need one

  • Marc-Olivier Amyot

    As an undergraduate at the University, this would an amazing occasion to renew my wardrobe. I’d probably get a pair of raw denim, a navy suit and some accessories.

  • Radman30

    Never heard of the Combatant Gentlemen before. I will have to check them out.

  • William

    I’d see if I could stretch that $1000 into three suits. At least two, though — one herringbone, one brown.

  • Josh Morgan

    I could stand to replace my entire office wardrobe due to lifting weights, and this prize would help. Most of my shirts, pants, and sweaters no longer fit, and I have no sock game to speak of. I could also use a nice suit or two for events. I feel like a kid daydreaming about a Toys’R’Us shopping spree here.

    Regardless of what I could use, I wish the best of luck to everyone who’s entered! Combatant Gentlemen is a rad company.

  • Max Bodach

    Yeah they are really good

  • Will Kolton Bell

    I’d start off with charcoal slim fit flannel suit for these cold Wisconsin winters, and then a black slim fit suit. Then to top it off some button down shirts and the overcoat.

  • Jesus Gonzalez

    That would be a great addition to my new wardrobe!

  • R-J
  • Rajeev

    Graduated from college in December 2013, and joined a management consulting firm soon after. I moved out to New York, which is where the action is if you’re in business. They say dress for the job you want, not the job you have – unfortunately, my college suits say that I’m looking to be an intern, not a partner. I’d use that $1000 to stock up on suits, shirts, ties, the works. Hell, I’ll even give my current suits to the kids in the mail room (who may reject them, since I’ve been getting by on altering my dad’s suits from the 70’s).

  • AJ

    I’d buy a navy and charcoal suit; three dress shirts in white, blue, and gray; three ties in red, blue, and black; and as for the rest, some knits and chinos. I’d be happy such additions as I’d be more confident in how I dress for conferences, school, volunteering/internships, etc.

  • Andrew Ross

    I would buy two shirts, two pairs of denim, and two pairs of chinos. I would also buy two suits and two bow ties, that would put me at about $1,000. Wish me luck!

  • Husker

    Suite and shoes!

  • Silvian Baltac

    that combination of tie and checks is awesome!

  • Samson Thompson

    I’d definitely get my first suit but I don’t know what else! Might have to do some window shopping…

  • Tim Ho

    The herringbone pattern looks great; I’d settle on a full suit in that.

  • Nate

    $1000 is a lot! I’d pick up at least 3 suits.

  • Sidney Ricketts

    Legs are too big from a summer of working out and not having to wear a suit. Finding a good suit in a store is pretty hard so since Combatant has free returns that could definitely help out.

  • Maggie Neilson

    I like the classy flannel shirts, charcoal grey is the best. I’d also get my man a suit and a few scarves.

  • Dave

    I would really love to get a new suit

  • kevinjhu

    I’d like to refresh my wardrobe with a suit, a peacoat, a few shirts, and some raw denim.

  • Adam Blakely

    Gray suit, blue suit, and tons of shirts! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Ray

    That’s a big gift card. I definitely would be able to pick up a bunch of new outfits and more

  • Ryan

    I’m dying for a new wardrobe: lost significant amounts of weight over the past 6 months, but I have 4 kids, one brand new, and salary hasn’t quite picked up to pre-recession levels yet, so I have to hold off on updating my clothing set with preference to the kids and wife. If I won this, I’d be a happy, more presentable, well-dressed professional with at least a few new pants and button downs and a suit, maybe a new pair of jeans to replace the currently almost knee-baring pair.

  • Phil Blaine

    Suits, baby. All kinds of suits.

  • Gus

    Since my size has changed recently, I’d buy the backbone to a whole new wardrobe…

  • Lottie Lemmons

    Love love the charcoal flannel and cross hatch chambray!

  • Casey

    The Navy Notch Lapel Tuxedo and Navy Birdseye suit look pretty sweet!

  • Mark Roberts

    I’d grab some shirts, they look like they have very nice shirts.

    • Adam

      Agreed. The shirts look killer and the suits look nice too. Unfortunately they are out currently of 32 waist pants for the navy slim fit suit. Otherwise I would purchase the navy suit right now! I may go with the ludlow from j crew instead. Good luck everyone.

  • Drew

    Stoked! I’d by a ton of stuff.

  • Dung

    I have the hardest time finding clothes that fit. I hope these do!

  • Jamie

    I would get a few new suits. Being in law school, I’m going to need more than just the one hanging in my closet before too long.

  • John

    that grey selvage is on point

  • NJallday

    $1000 dollars would allow me to purchase a quality pair of dress shoes, perhaps some Allan Edmonds. I would also look into a quality suit, probably grey. I would also stock up on some killer socks, along with a new pair of winter boots.

  • K. M.

    This would be an awesome prize to win, thanks for the opportunity!

  • Billy

    I already have a charcoal suit and a couple nice pairs of shoes, so I’d look into a navy and a light gray suit. I could also use a sport jacket. Then I’d go for socks, ties, shirts and pants. Depending on how much was left.

  • Zack Eisner

    grey plaid slim fit 3 piece. and a nice navy.

  • Zachary Hecht
  • Matthew

    I have been needing a new coat for a while now so I would probably pick up that peacoat or overcoat and some shirts. I might pick up a navy suit as well.

  • Greg B

    A new suit, shirt, and some chinos would be awesome!

  • Jeremy

    I’d get a navy and gray suit, a couple dress shirts and knits, and definitely that peacoat

  • Tabel

    I have recently been building a new wardrobe. I’m a carpenter/job super and I’d really like to get into the office with more client relations. Point is… I’d go for some casual dress clothes. Some shoes that look great that i could get some serious milage from, some sport coats to go with some great denim, all around a more tailored look that I never used to fully embrace.

  • Nate

    I wanna try out one of the topcoats

  • Jake P.

    I could really use that gift to build a new wardrobe. Its about time since most guys at my work all have the same type of shirts.

  • Matt

    Awesome, yes please!

  • ReeceButler

    The first things I would buy would definitely be the Grey Plaid Three Piece Suit and the Wool Peacoat. The rest would likely go to a charcoal suit, a few shirts and a pair or two of selvedge denim.

  • Lee

    Definitely want to get some shirts and new pants.

  • Connor Delaney

    If Zappos, Trunk Club, and Flint & Tinder are behind it, so shall I.

  • Michael

    Been hurting for some new work shirts lately, looks like this could do just the trick

  • Jacob

    I’d probably pick out a couple suits and jeans!

  • Michael Blankenberger

    I would totally update my office wardrobe. Suite and accessories.

  • Rex

    I’d love to get new suit

  • Fern

    Lost a few lbs recently and I could definitely use some small threads…the Charcoal grey flannel button down shirt looks awesome, i seem to have trouble with casual clothes

  • Alex

    Definitely picking up a suit and some denim for starters

  • Will

    Their suits are on point and at a fair price a college gentleman like me can afford. WAITING ON CHRISTMAS MONEY!!! I’m excited!

  • Wilki27

    Great company and great prices. My buddy swears by them and has purchased several suits and shirts from them.

  • Dennis K

    Just on first impression, I’d probably get a navy, black, gray and tan suit. Something for every occasion and season. And looking over the rest of the site? I’d probably get one of everything till I ran out of $$$. Great stuff at amazing prices. They’re probably going to be getting my money in the future regardless.

  • Kevin

    I already own a navy suit, so I’d probably go for the charcoal flannel and one of the tuxedos to add some balance to the formalwear section of my wardrobe. Beyond that, I could definitely use a pair of the selvedge denim jeans for both work and life. The jeans I own now are either a little too fashion-forward and slim-fitting or a little too old school, so it would be great to have a few pairs that have a modern fit and a clean aesthetic.

  • David

    I’m a little suit obsessed and really should give CG a try.

  • chastylrjr

    As I’m slowly working to mature my wardrobe, $1000 for some new suits, dress shirts and casual wear would be great!

  • Anders L.S.

    As a grad student, the lack of funds too often means a lack of wardrobe. Being very careful to buy quality well-fitting clothing is so crucial.

  • Jonathan

    I would love to get a nice pair of boots and a quality fitting navy suit for interviews as I am in my final years of college

  • Zihan

    I’d pick up a suit, some selvedge denim, and a pair of nice shoes

  • Pete

    I’m going with the Indigo Slim Straight Selvedge Denim. Great price for great looking denim!

  • Andrew

    I’d get me a suit or two, some shirts, and jeans. Also maybe sweaters…for them chilly days.

  • Mike

    I’d definitely get a suit or 2, a tux, maybe a pair of jeans and that wool overcoat!

  • Sean Thomas

    I actually just received my first suit yesterday. $160 for the charcoal gray suit. It’s the first suit I’ve spent less than $700 on….it seems like good quality fabric….not as heavy as some of my other wool suits though.

    I would pick up some of the textured suits and an overcoat. Thanks guys.

  • Brian Peterson

    This is just what I’d need to feel more comfortable with my appearance at work and on the weekends. I would use the gift card to get the essentials that I’m sorely lacking currently.

  • paula s

    I would get my husband and brother both a suit.

  • Shad

    I’d definitely pick up a suit. You’d have to, right? Add to that a peacoat, an assortment of button downs, and a couple pairs of chinos. Have to go for variety. $1,000 does buy you a lot there. Which is surprising. If I had any room left over, I’d grab a couple bow ties.

  • ForeverGuest

    Yes please.

  • Andy

    For $1000, I would be able to construct quite a few outfits. I would get the overcoat, the peacoat, the Navy Plaid Slim Fit Three Piece, the Charcoal Pinstripe Slim Fit Suit, some spread collared shirts, and a couple ties. I think this will provide me with the most versatility.

  • M.

    Great giveaway. A suit or two, topcoat & some denim would be great at these prices. Looks like combatant gent is getting better every day

  • Kelsea Nixon

    Black modern fit, black slim fit, and some cashmere sweaters:)

  • Anthony Prima

    i would for buy a lot of button downs and crew neck sweaters

  • Terrence O’Brien

    Not sure where i’d where it, but all about that Navy Shawl Collar tux. I’d definitely stock up on some chinos and some raw denim though.

  • James

    Navy Plaid Slim Fit Three-Piece Suit
    Black Slim Fit Suit w/ vest

    Khaki Slim Fit Chino Suit
    Italian Wool Overcoat
    Indigo Slim Straight Selvedge Denim
    Lavender Poplin Semi-Spread Collar
    Light Blue and White Wide Stripe Semi-Spread Collar

  • Christopher Monsivais

    I’d definitely go with one of each of the shirts and then most of the suits.

  • Tom

    I would likely pick up a blue and gray suits for my business travel needs, then some denim for after meeting drinks and dinner.

  • Matt Brady

    So many options… I think I’d pick up a three-piece first (probably the Navy Plaid), a pair of dark indigo slim denim, and the Grey Tattersall shirt. I mean, I pretty much want one of everything they make, but that’s a start.

  • Maamon Mhameed

    1000$ would let me buy one of the get up category of get ups

  • Kieran

    really need one of these for interviews, dress to impress kind of thing!

  • Jodi Boulier

    Men’s suits are so expensive but they always look so dang nice on a man! I’d get my husband a new suit, then a sports jacket to wear with with jeans and some new shirts! Thank you!

  • B

    Great prices! Perfect for those just starting their careers.

  • Flo

    that whould be awesome

  • Jose

    New job, new wardrobe!

  • Adrian

    A suit, some shirts, some ties. Replacing essentially everything in my closet

  • Trenton

    I could certainly use a new suit, as well as a handful of new shirts and jeans! Might even pick up a new pair of shoes

  • Emiliano

    Soon I’ll be graduating from college, so a nice suit, a couple of shirts and some accessories would be great to start off

  • Tim

    I think it would take me a long time to narrow down my selections-too many awesome items!

  • Belinda Hughes

    Daddy need a new suit to impress!

  • Steve

    $1000 would go a long way with combatant gentlemen. Great contest.

  • John

    I think I could see myself picking up 2 shirts, a wool overcoat, several pieces of denim and of course a nice new suit!

  • Matt T

    I’m a huge fan of the Combat Gent looks. Some really solid peices for awesome prices. Would be a great wardrobe overhaul!

  • micah

    I’d definitely go for a navy suit. I’ve been wanting one for years. But I also love those selvedge jeans. I’m sure I could easily take care of the $1000.

  • Dylan Brown

    I just started my first “real job” so a few stand by suits and some more professional shirts, ties and pants would go a really long way for me!

  • Korey

    If I were to win, I’d get a flannel shirt, a couple sweaters, chinos, and a navy or gray suit. That’d help round out my wardrobe considerably. I’ve bought a couple of shirts from them, and they fit almost perfectly.

  • Carson

    These suits are awesome in terms of looks, texture and longevity.

  • Nalane Singh

    The ShowStopper outfit, The Pursuit of Excellence & the Taking Care of Business outfit are my fave.

  • Erojohn

    I could use a nice suit, especially if it is free. But yeah probably just 1 suit now and another once I get to my fighting weight.

  • Lane

    I would love to pick out a suit for my honey–he definitely needs one! 😉 He’s early in his career and needs something sharp to start building a quality, professional wardrobe.

  • natasha lamoreux

    Great clothes for my husbands new job. Love all the button downs

  • Jonah

    This is spot on for what the Primer readership needs. Fresh out of college, heading into work, interviews, etc. Awesome post.

  • Mikel Howard

    I have lost a ton of weight and have been in need of some new suits for my job, but haven’t been able to afford it. I am stoked to have read this article and found this store. I would definitely start with their Navy Plaid Slim Fit Three Piece Suit ( a Then for sure I would get the Charcoal Slim Fit Flannel suite (

  • Tanano

    Lot of comments this time cause of the contest… But what shoes are those?

    Definitely going to have to check out those selvedge jeans. Great price point but I’ll have to check out the quality before anything. After that, anything goes for the 1000!

  • Sam Sik Youn

    I’d probably fill in the gaps in my wardrobe as well as in my brother’s. Probably more shirts and chinos than suits.

  • jimmy

    Those peacoats are amazing

  • Ryan

    Oh man, I am always looking to have some fun with suits – I’d pick up a 3-piece in navy, a medium gray, something patterned. Too. Many. Options.

  • Justin

    I could really use this!!!

  • Sam Allen

    I’d get some of their dress shirts, like maybe the white poplin with the semi-spread collar

  • Josh Desousa

    I’ve been following Combatant Gentlemen for quite some time. Their prices for the quality of material are impeccable and very hard to pass up. CG makes it easy for a college student, as myself, to dress in functional, fashionable clothes. Primer Magazine and Combatant Gentlemen make it easy for a young man to make wise wardrobe selections that he can afford. If I was to win $1000.00 I would pick up two suits; grey and navy, to look as sharp as possible for interview season. With the remaining money, I would purchase a couple pairs of their chinos. I really like the olive green pair, those are a must. A cardigan might also be on the list of things to purchase. With a thousand green-backs in my pocket, I could stay on their website all day deciding on what to buy. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Sean

    I’d get the icy brown suits.

  • august

    Navy suit. Overcoat. Peacoat. 2-3 bowties. Should put me around $400. I’d probably spend the rest on either knits or shirts… damn that’s a lot of shirts. Ok, maybe a charcoal suit in that case, or give the selvedge denim and chinos try. The selvedge doesn’t look like they’re raws, which is nice, because I don’t really like the effort of raw jeans.

  • adam m.

    that would be awesome to win and I would definitely pick a new suit

  • Marc

    Charcoal suit, navy suit, odd trousers.

  • Krueger_Nancy

    Jeans, Chinos and some great shirts to send my son off to college.

  • Zach P.

    The Charcoal Modern Fit Birdseye Suit, along with a few new dress shirts.

  • paigechandler

    I’d get my hubby a tux

  • Tony Ho Tran

    Very impressed with their advertisement on YouTube. Excited to try them out, $1000 gift card or not.

  • Mike

    I would buy some cardigans, some jeans, and a few shirts

  • jk

    Buy overcoat with basic sweater and denim for sure

  • Baron Kanter

    6 shirts: Brown Gingham, Green Gingham, Brown/Black Micro gingham. Grey flannel, Green Chambray, Grey Chambray
    2 Suits: Brown Slim Fit, Khaki Slim Fit (I only have grey and blue and I live where its HOT)
    1 Tuxedo: Navy, already have a black one
    1 Pair Jeans,
    1 Pair Chinos
    1 Cardigan
    Blue Slim tie, Plaid Slim tie

    Boom! One thousand Dollars well spent

  • Mason Sale

    Alright, with a 1k gift card I could buy myself a wardrobe. I’d get at least 3 suit colors: Khaki, Nailhead, and Black possibly a 2nd grey. I’m also interested in the denim, some chinos, some silk ties, and some wide spread collar shirts, and more scarves.

    If I haven’t spent $1,000 by then I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

  • Brandon Overton

    Any one of the suits is looking great!

  • Rolldat

    I think that $1000 can go along way towards improving one’s wardrobe. As with Peter, I have a dedication to losing weight for my wedding next year and want to improve my personal style. Being in New Orleans, I’d love to be able to explore some of the more lightweight and traditional Southern flair of clothing and this would help to usher in a “new” Sean in the coming New Year.

  • Brad McNally

    Very first thing, two suits. One grey, one blue. I definitely like the kahki one as well though.

  • David Bjerke

    These things are the perfect price point for how often I wear a suit/tux. Just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Being 6’5” 175 lbs., I’m always worried about fit.

    My brother has a wedding coming up so this I would use this to buy the 4 of us tuxes/suits, plus get myself an extra suit! Really digging that midnight navy shawl collar tux…

  • rickel bart

    i like the slim fit suits!

  • Zak

    Nice. I have been thinking about purchasing from them.

  • effa114

    Lots of great pieces there. I’d be waiting on the winnings until they ship to Canada, then definitely suits and maybe the Italian topcoat! Great new brand discovery. Thanks Primer.

  • Andrew

    Got a new job coming in, so having a few pairs of suits plus a coat would work great

  • Jason

    Have 2 CombatGent suits and am very happy with the durability and quality.

  • Betty

    For the great man in my life!

  • Mike

    Nice suits, has anyone tried their chinos?

  • marc123

    good luck

  • denisebigley

    The Navy Blue Slim Fit Suit is just ne f the things I would buy

  • Angela Simmons

    Wow 1st let me say thank you for the opportunity. I would buy my husband a whole new wardrobe which he really needs. He likes to dress up in suits. When we moved from Korea to Ft Hood Texas; tho movers lost most of his clothes. I like the CHARCOAL SLIM FIT FLANNEL SUIT & THE BLACK SLIM FIT SUIT. I will definitely be sharing the suits thanks!

  • JB Estrabillo

    A Navy Suit. And a Bunch of Chinos. Step my game up from strictly jeans.

  • Juan F

    Happy early holidays to me!

  • Andy

    great giveaway.

  • Emily Freas

    My husband and I are FINALLY getting our honeymoon this Christmas, so I’d pick up a suit or two for the hotel restaurant for him, as well as one of their nice coats. Ireland is cold over the holidays!

  • Tucker Robeson

    WOW. This is awesome! Whether I win or not, I’m glad you brought this brand to light and shared on here Andrew! You’re the man. Love this site.

  • Chris Burkhalter

    Definitely the grey and the navy birdseye modern fit suits. Probably a couple shirts and sweaters as well.

  • timothychalfant

    Love a fine fitting dress shirt



  • Kevin

    Great contest

  • Matt B

    I could never turn down a new suit!

  • Sean C

    It would be nice win $1000 alot of nice clothing at Combatant Gentlemen

  • Jacqueline Dunkin

    I would buy my husband the Bond suit and some new shoes. First time seeing these clothes and really like some of the styles. More importantly I know my husband will.

  • Justin

    Looks Awesome

  • Manuel

    I think this is an amazing giveaway! It really helps out someone who is trying to develop there wardrobe!

  • Jessica Herring


  • Bryan Trusty

    Easy….a couple suits, an overcoat, lots of shirts, a few scarves and some jeans. And I would probably have money left over!

  • Mark

    As a sophomore in college, I am looking to upgrade my wardrobe by adding a few suits. This past recruiting season left me with one worn down one that needs replacing so winning this would be a life saver!

  • Brian

    Tons of options, but I’d start with a couple suits and that navy tux, then fill out the rest with chinos, ties, an overcoat, etc.

  • Alex

    This is a great giveaway! Good luck to all entrees!

  • Salman

    Kill two birds with one stone – replace the college wardrobe with some nice chinos/denim and shirts, and pick up a suit (or two) for my first post-grad job this winter.

  • Rebecca B

    Navy blue modern fit birdseye suit

  • Ben

    With many interviews coming up, I would get a navy and a charcoal suit. Combined with a couple shirts and a couple pairs of chinos, it would be a great way to start building a more professional closet

  • Christian P

    Suits galore….

  • Alex Xie

    A grand could buy a whole new frugal wardrobe!

  • wayne rome

    nice to win nice clothes

  • Steve

    As a recent grad I would love a new suit

  • Zach

    I would have to get a navy suit and a gray suit also some of the denim and a few of the shirts. I graduate from college in the summer and I need to start getting some good professional clothes.

  • Mediapig71

    I’m already a combat gent fan, and I would love to expand my wardrobe with the grey herringbone suit, the midnight blue shawl tux, some selvedge jeans, and the pea coat. Fingers crossed!

  • Jim

    Would have to get one or two suits: Charcoal herringbone or brown nailhead. As well as some chino colors: brown chocolate and ash navy.

  • Adam

    I would buy so much of everything it is overwhelming to even think about

  • E Michelle Bakle

    I would get a ton of suits! the charcoal slim, the navy plaid and of course the black pinstripe!

  • jill190

    A man in the suit just does something, so I would choose on of the modern fit suit because it would fit my husband shoulders.

  • Joseph Killoran

    Living in London the Herringbone in navy blue would make sense, although in my case it wouldn’t prevail so I would probably fall for the Khaki chino and save it for a 007 mission-level business trip across the world.

    • Joseph Killoran

      Good luck to all the Primers!

  • Gonzalo Jose Sequeira

    I remember Dappered doing a review on the suits, and the folks over at combatgent definitely took that review to heart. Plus, the suits look amazing. Wouldn’t mind a modern fit to try out

  • Tyler

    I already have the basics down but I an in dire need of a firm fitting suit to wear to job interviews

  • MARY


  • Brian Jeffery Bowers

    OK, I’m a fan–For starters I’d snag the charcoal slim herringbone suit, black slim denim, a couple of the v-necks, and that smart-looking peacoat!

  • Edward Kwak

    I’ve heard about these guys about a year ago, never really understood what they were doing but glad to see what they are doing and where they are headed!

  • Marc N

    $1000 is quite a bit of change. I’d start with either a Navy or Gray 3-piece suit (or maybe even both), a couple oxford shirts and some silk ties.

  • R

    CG definitely makes a lot of items that are a great value.

  • Khan Craigs

    definitely a pair of shoes, raw demin, a new suit, and an overcoat

  • Scott White

    With a grand? I’d start by getting a modern fit navy suits and a half dozen light colored shirts to set a good foundation for my professional wardrobe. The rest would probably go toward a grey suit and overcoat.

  • Marcus Narvaez

    I would definitely pick up a couple suits and a few pair of Chinos. Those jeans look pretty awesome too!

  • Jesse

    I wouldn’t mind having $1,000 for black friday but i can wait until Dec.4th haha

  • JasonRoberts

    I’d grab a nice Grey Slim Fit Nailhead Suit. And $800 worth of other stuff. 🙂

  • Blaine Marlatt

    I would get a new suit, shirt, tie, denim and some accessories.

  • Jacob

    I’d pick up a new suit and get the taking care of business outfit.

  • Levitate Style

    Love this option for suits instead of H&M, Zara, and J Crew factory thats in the similar price range

  • Patrick Durgin

    Probably 1-2 suits, at least one of them in Charcoal. 4-5 dress shirts, 4-5 casual shirts, a handful of ties and maybe the overcoat. It’d be a solid starter business wardrobe.

  • Chaitanyaa

    I’d probably pick up a couple of suits, an overcoat when I reach my target weight, and use the rest for ties, and accessories

  • Josh

    Grey, navy and black suits for sure. Maybe chino for summer. Always wanted a classic tuxedo. Wool overcoat and the rest on pants and nice shirts. Can’t forget the bow ties! Tall and athletic guys like me can have a hard time finding suits that fill well and not look huge on us so I appreciate the slim fit option and unhemmed pants.

  • Caesar Merlin

    I would probably just get a navy suit and a grey suit. grad school interview season is coming up 😀

  • Gus

    I’d pick up a suit, maybe a coat, and a lot of accessories!

  • Fionn

    I would most definitely pick up that beautiful gray herringbone suit, the navy suit, and the charcoal birdseye suit (I am lacking in the suit department-about to go into a job where I’ll be needing to wear them often) as well as a good handful of the gingham and striped shirts and some scarves. I’d also probably try my hand at selvedge denim (something which I have yet to dig into)

  • sandy

    Loving all that Combat Gent stands for! Can’t wait for everything that it has to offer.

  • Zakary Kim

    I’d love to get a few of the paisley ties and slim fit charcoal suits!

  • Andy

    Gots to look sharp, people.

  • Mitch

    Oh man this would help me out in a huge way!

  • David

    Getting married in August and planning for an outdoor wedding, so I would use it to buy all of my groomsman a lightweight chino suit

  • Josh Martin

    Probably go with navy, charcoal, and grey plaid suits, Italian wool pea coat, stock up on ties (navy punched windowpane tie and blue and white graph tie I love). I’d probably then mix in some gingham and oxford shirts as well as a couple sweaters.

  • Thomas Frink

    I have quite a few suits, so I would use it to buy appropriate dress shirts and ties.

  • Nick

    I’d pick up a couple of suits and a bunch of shirts and pants. 1000 can get a ton on that site.

  • Michael Arnau

    I would get a suit in navy and in charcoal, a wool peacoat, a couple of cardigans, a couple of their dress shirts, and accessories with whatever’s left

  • Gus Leonard

    Wow! $200 for a wool suit? Count me in!

  • Joshua Catania


  • Chris

    I’d get some scarves, sweaters, and their birdseye charcoal suit!

  • Jose Guerrero

    With $1,000 dollars i’d buy a few shirts, ties, and a suit, okay maybe more than a few shirts. But all to look sharp and ready for school or special occasions

  • Glenn

    Need clothes to land a teaching job

  • Day

    I need a suit to be best man next summer which means I will likely be constrained to black (not ideal for most of the time.) But with $1000 I could buy at least one, if not two more suits on top of the wedding one!

  • Isaac A.

    I’ve recently graduated and seriously looking for nice fitting clothes to establish my professional wardrobe. With $1000, I’d probably choose a couple suits like the slim fit navy blue or charcoal.

  • Nathaniel Battaglia

    I’d buy two suits, several shirts, probably ten ties (get rid of my old ones)… And another suit.

  • Jacob

    Thanks! I’d love to have a couple of these suits to wear to work

  • Riley

    Definitely had my eyes on one of their suits as well as the selvedge denim for a while

  • Zachary

    Shut up and take my money.

  • mark

    good pair of shoes

  • eyshon salahuddin

    I would love to purchase my husband the Navy Blue Slim Fit Herringbone suit. It looks like it embraces the body perfectly.

  • Trieu

    I would get the Navy Slim Fit Chino Suit and some of the shirts they have too.

  • Smoot

    After spending the past 2 months with a trainer I am all over this. I believe I would spend more than the $1k as I would pick up 3 of the modern fit suites and I need all new pants. I see a whole new primer wardrobe coming.

  • andym801

    I need a few good looking suits. The last two I bought were in 2003. Yikes.

  • Tim


  • Pam-i-am

    I use to sell men’s wear back when I was in college. You can tell quality from cheap. Sure would love to outfit my husband in your line!

  • Scott

    I would love a few more button downs.

  • Jamie Walson

    My husband would love some suites for Christmas!! We usually shop second hand for pricy things

  • Preston

    I do not own two staples of a man’s wardrobe, a navy suit or a blue dress shirt so I would absolutely grab the slim fit 3 piece navy suit and the blue herringbone semi-spread shirt. The navy punched windowpane tie would also be a beautiful addition to my wardrobe… This is such a cool opportunity I have read excellent things about them!

  • Mike

    Man I hope I win… Had my marriage dissolve, past six months been putting myself back together and taking charge of my life. Nothing like looking nice to help a man’s confidence

  • denise


  • denise

    me me me me me me me

  • adam

    I would totally be investing in their suits and a few knits. All super slick and not like anything i have yet.

  • Kate

    I’d give this to my boyfriend to get some of those beautifully crafted slim fit 3-piece suits. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • mps1228 .

    Selvedge denim, navy/charcoal suit

  • Michael Lindgren

    I’m definitely in the market for a good slim fit suit, I’ve got an off-the-rack charcoal and even after tailoring I feel buried in it.

  • Steve

    Navy tux BOOM

  • Joseph

    I would love to expand my suit wardrobe, I wear suits every day for work but only have about 5. Hard to buy these expensive new clothes just coming out of college and getting hit with student loans and rent right away

  • Vince

    Just bought a few shirts they had on their 5-7pm PST special. Hopefully the quality is as good as everyone says!

  • Don

    Midnight blue tuxedo for sure! Looks darker than black under indoor lighting.

  • stepshep

    definitely a couple of suits

  • Matt Carlson

    I would love to put this towards suits for my wedding party!!

  • Paul

    Just got back from shopping. $1000? Yessir

  • Garrett

    Any suit would be great, I’m not a picky person !

  • Ken Dao

    521th comment, good luck gentlemen!

  • shaunie


  • Louis

    Id probably get two suits at least one in navy and the light grey pinstripe both slim fit. I’d also pick up two pairs of chinos one in grey and one in navy. I’d also grab the gray and white blocked scarf. Finally i would pick up the green and navy cubed gingham shirt as well as the green gingham shirt. The rest would be left for accessories, primarily some nice ties and bow ties to complete the whole ensemble.

  • Amy Nicole

    For starters I’d get my boyfriend a new pair of jeans, BLACK SLIM SELVEDGE DENIM. And my brother a tie for his new job POWERFUL IN PAISLEY STEEL GREY TIE.

  • Lynn Z

    Lynn Z. My Husband and Son could really use new clothes..this would be a true God send..

  • trisha5k

    a new suit for my son

  • Aaron F.

    There is quite a few items I would get with the $1000 but the Navy Plaid Slim fit Three Piece Suit is a must buy for me.

  • Alison Lechowicz

    I would buy a new dark suit for my husband. He is interviewing for a new job.

  • iowarose

    I’d buy my husband quality suit and dress clothes.

  • Stephen C. Berry

    I’d definitely go for the three-piece navy suit. Probably a herringbone one as well. I could use more ties and shirts as well. I work in a fairly casual office, but I get a lot of compliments whenever I dress up nicer than the other guys my age. No offense to any IT professionals on this site, but they come to my work in shorts and t-shirts!

  • ben

    I don’t need a suit for work, but I’d love a tux for the opera (and those special nights out). I’d add the wool overcoat for this winter, and pick up a few pairs of the selvedge denim, which I’ve heard are a bargain. Anything left over and I’ll grab some shirts!

  • Sam

    I’d pick up my first couple of post-grad suits with enough shirts to ensure variation. Love the denim as well.

  • FilteredRiddle

    I’m 70lbs down, with more weight to go. I’m in dire need of a new wardrobe, and a navy and charcoal suit are exactly the place to start.

  • DandyInTheBronx

    Would love to try everything, I am liking the BROWN SLIM FIT NAILHEAD SUIT color!

  • Karson

    As a graduate student, I would get a suit, shirt, shoes and accessories

  • Bryant

    Awesome! $1000 would get me all the basics I’ve been needing to pick up – with plenty to spare for new accessories.

  • Chandler

    Just from experience in my previous purchase, these are some really nice products especially for students.

  • Tyler

    I know exactly what I would do with $1000….

  • Payden

    I wear a tux about 6 times per year so a good tux is high on my list. My daily uniform is button down and jeans so I would finish off my wardrobe with some good denim and nice shirts. So stylish.

  • vivalaslim

    Would definitely try their suit, shirts, and denim.

  • ccolbert

    New suits and some nicer denim would surely spruce up someone’s wardrobe!

  • Dustin J

    I would like the charcoal houndstooth suit, the green and grey chinos, and the jeans.

  • Ronald J

    I like the way the folks at Combatant Gentleman think. As a mixer of high end fashion with the opposite ends of the spectrum, this giveaway is right up my alley.

  • Thom Douglas

    Definitely woud get a new suit, but one of those overcoats looks pretty nice too.

  • Michael

    I would love to have a nice peacoat. Also, I mostly wear t-shirts and henleys so getting a full wardrobe of nice shirts would be great too!

  • Kenny

    Been looking into getting some selvedge denim. A new suit would be nice too!

  • MJ

    What…$1000! Considering that amount of money and the prices on CombatGent, I could probably upgrade my entire closet. A few dress shirts, some nice chinos, a couple of the less expensive suits. The only problem is I’m trying to change my weight and wouldn’t want to get things that won’t fit 6 months from now.

  • Mitch Hayes

    A new suit is essential. I am 24 and still don’t have one to my name. After that, raw denim and a nice pair of shoes would be calling my name.

  • Drew

    The options here are overwhelming! I’d go with an essential suit (navy- three piece for more versatility), a charcoal herringbone (timeless suit), and a tuxedo. A good tux can last forever, pending you stay in shape. That last bit of money would go to filling out the wardrobe with an overcoat, knits, some chinos, and bowties. This would prepare me well for the litany of weddings I have coming up over the next year that will range from casual to black tie. Besides that, who doesn’t want to be dressed sharply for all occasions?

  • John

    I could definitely use this to buy a new black suit, as the older one is not fitting anymore. If the zippers are too far away to even touch each other,s it is really time to buy a new one – or hit the gym. Lesson learned!

  • CR

    I’d get 2 suits. The black and navy slim fits. I’d use the rest on ties.

  • kylejnolan

    I’d definitely pick up a pair of DEEP INDIGO SLIM SELVEDGE DENIM

  • Garrett

    I like what they did with the Two Nights get-ups. Would make it even more simple to start a wardrobe out of it

  • Rob

    I am graduating and won’t have time to work between school and coaching varsity lacrosse at a local hs. So I would need to buy a suit for interviews along with a few nice shirts and chinos. A tie or two would also be appreciated.

  • jennifer57

    a new suit for my husband.

  • jphineas

    I would definitely try to score one of the light grey nailhead suits, preferably vested.

  • Josh

    I could go for some new shirts!

  • Daniel

    I could certainly use $1000 worth of clothes.

  • daniel reyes

    Oh man I hope I win!

  • Ryan

    Nice chance to win some great clothes

  • Matt J

    I’ve been looking at getting a grey suit soon, and may have to bite the bullet. There’s a lot of great looking combinations of shirts and suits to choose from. Bookmarked!

  • Christian Raab

    Awesome, would need a new suit 🙂

  • Javier Morales

    As a college student, I don’t have much of a budget for clothing. With $1000, I would definitely buy two new suits, so I could get rid of those not-so-sharp thrift finds. I would also get some good jeans, as I’ve never had a good pair of jeans, and I would like to see the difference!

  • Nick C

    I’d get the Navy Shawl Collar Tuxedo!

  • Brad

    I recently moved to NYC for a new job and I’m in desperate need of winter clothes – the pea coat, cardigans, and scarves would be great to build up my cold-weather wardrobe, and the Navy Slim Fit suit looks pretty perfect as well.

  • John McKinney

    There are just so many options when you have $1000 to spend

  • Adam Phillips

    Good contest. Hope I win.

  • Adam Kappel

    This would be awesome! Great way to revamp the style a bit.

  • The Cuban

    Would love to win this contest. I’m heading to Washington DC to intern on Capitol Hill for my last semester of undergrad and I’m in desperate need of attire (I have none lol)

  • karen hunter

    I would get several suits, shirts and coat. I really like this suit

  • mystlawer

    I’m looking to try out some chinos as this is the staple of my work wardrobe.

  • Grant L

    Suits and Shoes … Never can have enough shoes.

  • Laydeelovewv


  • edward

    Great site. I hope it looks as good as it does on the site.

  • jessy

    An awesome post followed by an awesome site. Good luck gents.

  • Samantha Daleo

    I would get my husband a bunch of shirts. My favorite one is the Green and Navy Cubed Gingham Button-Down Collar.

  • Mackenzie

    Love me some raw denim! Especially at 70 bucks a pair!

  • Trevor

    I just ordered a peacoat and cashmere sweater for them… they haven’t arrived yet, but experience with customer service has been great and the quality looks fantastic. I would be super excited to pick out a couple suits — probably the charcoal herringbone in slim for the winter, a few shirts, and maybe some of that nice-looking raw denim of theirs.

  • Brandi Goolsby

    Indigo Slim Straight Selvedge Denis jeans! Blue Heather Herringbone collar shirt

  • Garrett Richard Ferrara

    I love the premade get-ups as well. They’re kinda hidden but they’re well done.

  • Briton Alexander

    I would definitely have to get some of the Japanese denim, a coat, some ties, and some more pairs of chinos. Can never have enough chinos.

  • D Clemons

    Thanks for pointing out CG, Primer. Having never heard of the company, I’m excited to try out a slim suit at that price point. If the quality is there, I’m definitely in for some shirts and chinos. The selvedge denim at 70 is killer too.


  • Erik Jones

    CG definitely has much to choose from! I think I would hold the winnings until I had lost some more weight! My wardrobe is in constant flux as since losing over 80lbs this year and in the process of losing more. The first thing purchased would be the Gray Modern Fit Suit and a few ties.

  • Daniel

    $1000 can completely revamp my professional wardrobe! A couple herringbone shirts, a pair of chino’s, two suits, and a whole lot more!

  • Oscar

    $1000 could get your an entire new wardrobe from CG from casual to formal and everything in between.

  • home88

    This is unbelievably generous. As a broke student this would be a God-send.

  • Brian

    could use a wardrobe revamp since the divorce

  • Dani Muniz

    really would like to win this for my husband.

  • Buddy Garrett

    I would choose a Black Modern Fit Tuxedo, a Circuit Overload Slim Tie and Khaki Slim Straight Chino Pants.

  • Brad

    I definitely need a new suit. After that, I’d grab some denim and several button downs.

  • Aaron Martin

    Grey Slim Straight Selvedge Denim
    1 X $70.00SIZE: 38
    Navy and Black Micro Gingham Button-Down Collar
    1 X $40.00SIZE: XL

    Ash Grey Crew Neck Cotton-Cashmere Sweater
    1 X $45.00SIZE: 2Xlarge

    Blue Heather Herringbone Button-Down Collar
    1 X $40.00SIZE: XL

  • Tiffany O.

    My boyfriend needs a basic black modern fit suit. That gift card would go far. He could get shoes, a colored vest and a cute bow tie! I love bow ties!

  • Lynn

    Wow I would buy a whole new wardrobe for my hubby!

  • Rob B

    I’m ready to win

  • Dsmith

    Moving up in the world and need to look good!

  • Paul

    Hope i win

  • Beth F

    I could so use this for the boys, I mean the men in my family.

  • Z

    I’d definitely snag a gray suit.

  • Zach

    I would definitely pick up their a coue of their suits but at the same time I love sweaters so I would grab each color of the crew neck cotton cashmere sweater.

  • Phil R

    The Charcoal Modern Suit looked nice, saw a few ties that would sharpen it up and make the look. Happy Holidays everyone.

  • EP

    the great thing about CG is that you can stretch $1000 so far. I would spring for a slim fit suit in both navy and grey, a several of their shirts, and their fantastic selvage denim. I’m not wild about their ties, I wish they had a solid black knit tie – very classic and versatile. That being said, that gift card is easily a brand new wardrobe.

  • Bill Cooke

    I would be getting loaded up with shirts ties and shoes

  • V J

    I’d definitely get a new grey suit–probably the birsdeye one. Also, a maroon cashmere sweater. And some ties!

  • Nic

    New jeans, new shirts, new suits…so many choices!

  • Brendon Brackin

    This would be great, but where will the winner be announced?

  • Sidney

    I would love to win this. I love combatant gent’s clothing and style and this would definitely help me re-cultivate my wardrobe into something more professional.

  • Chris

    For $1000, I’d pick up both a charcoal and a navy suit. Then perhaps some nice shirts and a pair of denim pants to round it out.

  • Aaron

    I would like to see a side-by-side comparison of a Indochino, or SuitSupply similar product.

  • Ry

    after the topcoat, i’d just load up on ties. i’d say that is the weakest point of my closet.

  • Eli

    I would probably get a slimgrey suit and a good pair of brown leather shoes.

  • JOSH

    Liking the day to night shirt in white. Also tux seems like an awesome deal

  • Galaad

    As we lack both quality selvedge denim and suit maker here in France, I would definitively get both if I win.

  • Sean Henry

    No lie. I would probably buy a pair of jeans for every day in the month. It would be fantastic.

  • Jon McMahon

    This would get me well on my way to wearing a suit everyday

  • JS

    Could use a few new suits

  • john knight

    As many Suits, shirts and ties I can get. Good luck to all.

  • Ibs

    I would buy all of their ties and bowties

  • Josh

    I would get one of the italian wool overcoats and some shirts and accessories! Would be great as I am about to start a new job!

  • Susan Reedy

    $1000 would buy a whole lot of button down shirts, a couple suits, and a lot of chinos. There is a an Italian wool peacoat I have an eye on for my husband, too. This is an amazing contest and I’d be thrilled to win.

  • Cheryll Cosenza

    My husband needs everything, lol!! He is a jeans and tee guy! He needs nice shirts, nice shoes, and a few pairs of comfortable pants.

  • Jr

    Been looking at this brand for a while now.

  • KrystalR

    The Slim Suits are great! I’m looking to get my son dressing in a new direction as he finishes up college and begins his real estate career and just about everything on the site is perfect!

  • Yong

    Would love to get a suit and some denim

  • Casey

    As a college senior about to graduate and enter the real world work force, my wardrobe could use a little assistance and $1000 would be fantastic. I would start with a slim fit grey suit and a few new dress shirts to go with the suit. Additionally, a new outerwear coat is necessary for me. Fantastic contest!

  • BarracudaRon

    outerwear, a coat, scarf and a few pair of jeans!

  • Adrian

    The navy blue slim straight chinos are very appealing

  • TioTaco

    I am just starting a new job and could really use a couple new suits!

  • Wilson Sun

    $1000 for a new suit, a pair of raw denim and nice pair of shoes. That will be my wish-list for this Christmas.

  • Jack Przybylski Jr.

    Cash like that, am so in the need of suits, it would be all about the suits, like the Slim Fit Suit

  • Ben Morgan

    I’m graduating college next week and could definitely use an update to my wardrobe for the professional world. Maybe a couple of suites, a peacoat, and some quality denim.

  • Kathleen

    Glad I found you-Thanks for the great prize!

  • Richard D Bonjour


  • Jeremiah Gallego

    A new suit with a bunch of denim

  • Sarah B.

    Navy and Black Micro Gingham Button-Down Collar <–Nice for my hubby. And he doesn't have a suit, really needs one

  • Stephen Saunders

    I have my eye on new shoes and shirts. This shirt for instance is pretty cool: Green and Black Micro Gingham Button-Down Collar.



  • Barb Carlson


  • Mediapig71

    So did anyone win this? Did I miss my email?

    • Andrew

      Waiting for a reply from the winner, if I don’t hear back I’ll select a new one.

      • Mediapig71

        Right on…. well, someone is about to get stoked when they check their email!