Enter to Win a Set of Port Products and a Joshu+Vela Dopp Bag from The Motley + a $10 Coupon Code for Everyone!

Congrats to Joe Russell, who we randomly drew as the winner! Thanks to all who entered!

Primer is proud to giveaway the complete new grooming line from Port Products all in a beautiful canvas and leather dopp kit from Joshu+Vela.

If you've been following Primer for a while, you'll know we're huge fans of The Motley –  the online grooming purveyor started by brother-sister team Matthew and Madison Ruggieri. All of the products The Motley carries are personally curated and tested by the duo. Having tested so many products over the years, the two have gained an unrivaled expertise  –  what works, what doesn't, what's worth it, and what isn't –  which has led them to starting their own brand with the perfect blend of nature and science: Port Products.

Included in the set is the No. 1 Detoxifying Daily Cleanser, a yucca root-enriched gel cleanser that cleans without stripping your skins natural oil balances. The No. 2 Face Saving Shave Formula is a highly viscous, anti-inflammatory shave cream for an easy shave with a healthy finish. And finally the No. 3 Balancing Daily Moisturizer that not only restores and maintains your skins moisture balance but simultaneously combats blemishes by way of the enriched ginger root.

The whole kit, which retails for $130 can be yours free. To enter, simply leave us a comment with your personal grooming regimen. A random entry will be pulled next Monday and announced shortly after. Good luck!

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Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Richard

    Pretty simple. Shower, Herbal Essence Shampoo and Conditioner (Rose Hip scent, and I have A LOT of hair), Dove Pro Care Bodywash, Clean & Clear Morning Burst Face Wash followed by Creamo moisturizer, brush my teeth with Marvis Ginger Mint and a charcoal toothbrush.

  • Jacob

    Shower, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo, Old Spice “flavor-of-the-day”. Nothing fancy. Keep it simple and get out the door.

  • ryan

    very basic. just shower, shave, brush teeth, and out the door!

  • Erick Mercadante

    Mine is simple, wake up grab a snack and protein shake, head to the gym work out for an hour. I then come home make myself some kind of breakfast( I am on the avengers diet) after I eat I jump into the shower where I use dove + men care shampoo and body wash and face wash. I then get all clean then I use the Gillette thermal scrub to get my whiskers nice and soft. I then shave with all Gillette fusion series products. then brush my teeth with optic white products. then use the dove + men face lotion and then pick out an outfit and then go to work/school.

  • Matt P.

    Paul Mitchell Mitch Double Hitter Shampoo, Sasquatch Eucalyptus Yogurt Soap, Tea Tree Conditioner for my beard/moustache, Dove for Men Cool Silver Antiperspirant, Mans Face Stuff All Nighter Moustache Wax, Marvis Toothpaste, Fendi Uomo Eau de Toilette.

  • Patrick H.

    Shower: Mitch Double Hitter for hair, Sasquatch Soap for the rest
    Face: Cremo Face Cleanser
    Shave: eShave shave cream followed by face moisturizer
    Freshen Up: Alfred Lane “Bravado” solid cologne, Gold Bond in the nether-regions, Dove Men Silver deodorant

  • http://www.shaanrafiq.com/ Shaan Rafiq

    Brush teeth (Oral B Pro Expert – smells like the dentists which makes little sense haha), use tongue brush (Wisdom), Mouthwash (Wisdom), Facial Cleanser (Simple: kind to skin moisturising facial wash), Facial Toner (Simple: Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner), Moisturise (Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula OR Coconut Oil). Once a week I’ll also use an exfoliate (King of Shaves: Super Scrub with Lime Zest) and a Face Mask (Ayuuri Natural Purifying Neem Face Mask). Ooh almost forgot I’ll use Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Foam and…this is a little strange…Sterimar Isotonic Sea Water Spray. Phew! That’s all.

  • Rich

    Simple enough.

    shower, shave, wash face. Every once in a while exfoliate with loofah.

    Shower: Tresemme shampoo and conditioner, Every Man Jack body wash(on recommendation from primer)

    Shave: Merkur Razor with Williams Shaving soap.

    Wash Face: aMENity face soap

  • http://www.twitter.com/DConcepc DConcepc

    Shower with any of Sasquatch Soap’s stuff. Shave and trim facial hair once a week with Art of Shaving’s products. And I use Degree Deodorant. I keep it pretty simple.

  • TJ

    Shower with American Crew shampoo & conditioner and Every Man Jack body wash with a loofah. DE wet shave with whatever cream I’m using at the time. Brush my teeth with Marvis toothpaste. Then it’s grab a piece of fruit or something and head out the door.

  • Tanner

    Shower: Twilight Woods from Bath & Body Works Men body wash or Grandpa’s Pine Tar soap; Shave using Art of Shaving pre-shave oil, badger brush, Truefitt & HIll 1805 Shaving cream, Merkur safety razor, Art of Shaving Sandalwood aftershave; Then brush teeth with Tom’s of Maine toothpaste then put on original scent Old Spice deodorant and Truefitt and Hill Spanish Leather cologne.

  • Cody

    Shower, Old Spice body wash (yes, I’m an Old Spice man), Suave for Men shampoo, wet shave with an Edwin Jagger Safety Razor, Feather Blades, and Proraso Eucalyptus shaving cream, Wash face with Clean and Clear face wash, Brush teeth and floss with Colgate toothbrush and Prowhitening Toothpaste, Old Spice deodorant, and I’m good to go!

  • Josh

    Shave with a Gillette Fusion and Gillette shaving gel, then shower with Dove body wash and head and shoulders shampoo. After the shower, Nivea post shave balm with 20 spf sunblock. Old Spice Matterhorn deodorant, occasionally I use my Hugo Boss Black in Motion cologne, but not on most days. Brush with Pronamel toothpaste.

    Patrick Bateman thinks I need to include an herbal face mask into my routine.

  • Benjamin Miller

    Shower (Axe Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, and whatever body wash I have on hand), Brush teeth (Colgate MaxClean toothpaste), Gillette Face Wash, Shave (Norelco Sensotouch Razor, Norelco Multigroom for trimming), and Neutrogena Post Shave Lotion. Not a bad regimen. 🙂

  • Andrew

    Cheapo coconut conditioner in the hair, Cetaphil on the face, and Kiss My Face Peaceful Patchouli shower gel. Quick once-over on the face with the clippers, Crest, Dove deodorant (never antiperspirant), Guerlain Homme Intense if it’s the weekend, a travel-mug of Nicaraguan French-press and I’m good to go.

  • ColbyJH

    Every Man Jack shampoo, body wash, and shaving cream. Currently using DSC razors until I make an investment in a safety razor. I also use Mitch styling cream and eShave after shave moisturizer.

  • Rich

    I use kiehl’s anti-aging serum after I wash my face. And sometimes their moisturizer if I have time. My gf got these for me because I’m not too great about skincare! Would love to win these!

  • Carol Lynn

    I Shower, I wash my hair, condition my hair, put detangler in my hair, put goop in my hair, then blow dry. Then I wash my face, Tone my face, moisturize, and then apply makeup.

  • Zach P.

    Pretty simple. Only shampoo my hair every other day, wash my face and moisturize daily. Make sure to use aftershave on those days I actually get up early enough to shave (safety razor).

  • cfezz

    Pretty straightforward – menthol face cleanse in the shower, beard trimmer to the lowest setting, Redken wax in the hair.

  • blake

    I start by dunking my face in ice cold mountain river water, then I use a cactus to comb by hair and a sharp rock to trim my beard (all men need facial hair). It’s a rough regimen for a rough guy, maybe I could use some products from The Motley after all.

  • Michael Rieger

    Shower, acne face wash, brush teeth, shave gel, shave, after shave with moisturizer, hair pomade.

  • Baron Kanter

    Wash the face every day hair/body every day. Shave with tea tree shaving cream and use a leave in tea tree conditioner.

  • Dylan Brown

    Super basic. I shower/shampoo/facewash all with Sasquatch Pine Tar Soap, brush my teeth with Crest Pro Health and then deodorize with Old Spice Original scent.

  • Josh Walker

    Shower with Joules Hare and Body
    Wash hair with herbal essences
    Clinique daily wash for men or scrub if shaving followed by safety razor shave. Clinique moisturiser or aftershave.Gucci aftershave or Jo Malone amber and patchouli cologne.
    Make some decent coffee
    Electric oral b toothbrush Colgate toothpaste Listerine

  • Keir

    Like a lot of the other guys, my routine is pretty simple: shower with Dove + Men body wash and shampoo, shave with Nivea shaving cream, and finish with Vaseline Men’s moisturizer.

  • Trieu

    Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Shampoo/Conditioner, Dove Men +Care bodywash. Neutrogena Redness Soothing Facial Cleanser twice a day, Clinique Even Better moisturizer with SPF in the morning, Sephora Acne-Fighting Mattifying moisturizer at night.

  • bikemright

    Shower, shampoo, bar of soap to clean up, shave with my double-edged razor, clean up any nicks and finish with some witch hazel and finally apply some lotion.

  • Adisal

    Simple routine is all I have. I use Clear Men Shampoo and Silkpro Conditioner for my hair. I scrub my face with Neutrogena Cooling Cleansing Gel and I wash my body with Shokubutsu Men Witch Hazel soap. My mouth is cleaned using Darlie Toothpaste and Listerine Green Tea Mouthwash. I shave using Gillette Pro blade and I use olive oil as shaving cream, works rather perfectly, I do recommend this. If I am going out, I will put on my Givenchy or Mont Blanc colognes

  • Andy Collier

    Shower, soap up with lemon lime burst soap from Guelph Soap Company (no shampoo, I am bald), shave with safety razor using Feather blades, badger brush and Ogallala Bay Rum, Limes and Peppercorns shave soap, brush teeth and apply Old Spice original deodorant.

  • Eastman18

    Sweat at the gym. Brush teeth (to get rid of that protein powder residue) and hop into a cool (sometimes cold) shower. Lather up some Head and Shoulders. Suds it up with whatever body wash was on sale, or the mysterious green stuff at the gym. Apply antiperspirant and, depending on the weather, gold bond powder. Moisturize face with Aveeno ultra-calming.

  • Paul

    Morning: shower with Irish Spring soap and whatever shampoo I have on hand. Shave with DE safety razor, Proraso shaving cream and aftershave. Brush teeth, and moisturize with Gold Bond Ultimate. Before bed: wash face with Jack Black Daily Facial Cleanser, brush teeth, and floss.

  • Luke

    Shower: Old Spice body wash, Garneri Fructis shampoo, Proraso Shaving Creme, GO247 face scrub, Benta Berry Moisturizer. American Crew Fiber on my hair once it’s dry and then brush my teeth with Sensodyne cause cold stuff hurts me.

  • David Gullatte

    Taylor of Old Bond St shaving soap, Clubman Pinaud aftershave, CVS brand body wash, Head and Shoulders 2 in 1. And I look good.

  • The Custodian

    Wake up, hit the snooze button…wake up again. Brush teeth, Proactive face wash followed by Coconut oil as moisturizer. L’Oreal Sculpte on damp hair. Comb beard with 1 or 2 drops of argan oil to keep it looking nice n fresh.. Get dressed and out the door like a gent.

  • http://www.brndbl.tumblr.com/ Ryan Donnell

    Going with Acne.org’s facial wash, light peroxide and moisturizer. I am a Dollar Shave Club member, so I am shaving with sharp blades. Still looking for the perfect hair product.

  • Casey

    Brush teeth as soon as I wake up. Shower, shampoo about every third day (otherwise I get dry scalp), Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap, shave with my vintage Gillette adjustable DE safety razor with a nice shaving cream applied with either a badger or horse hair brush. After shower I apply lotion and after shave. Clinical strength deodorant applied morning and night.

  • John

    Shower, facial cleanser, shave, toner, moisturizing aftershave.

  • Paden Clayton

    If I’m putting in a lot of effort then its quick electric shave (gets rid of the longer hair but isn’t close enough and misses spots), tea tree shampoo and conditioner, moisturizing face wash, blade shaving using badger brush and shaving bowl, aftershave, then polo double black cologne.

  • tan_man007

    shave, shower, facial cleanser, brush teeth, deodorant, cologne

  • NC

    wish it was simple lol.

    Jason’s shampoo and conditioner
    jack black daily face cleanse / energizing scrub (alternate everyday)
    Jack black Turbo Wash

    Dovo straight razor
    van der Hagen shave set


    Jack black spf 15 face moisturizer
    Jack black extra rich body moisturizer

  • Jonathan

    Im currently rocking a sweet beard, so i shampoo and condition the whole head with american crew shampoo and conditioner. for the body i use doves body and facial shower gel (i have have a very mild allergy reaction to certain soap residues, leaves me itching for a few hours) brush the teeth with whatever i buy in bulk from sams club and use listerine mouth wash. winters been drying me out so ive been using a facial skin lotion sample i got with the dove deoderant i use.

  • Saporitoe

    Pretty basic — shower, shave, American Crew pomade, get dressed, and off to grad school!

  • Spencer Jenkins

    Beard trim, M double hitter shampoo, cremo wash for my face, good old irish spring soap, dab of brylcreem in the hair and beard, and a little lotion on the face afterwards.

  • Will

    Shower, wet shave, brush teeth

  • bumblebeeman

    Just simple ice cold water

  • chris davies

    Shampoo 3x/week, Conditioner 1x/week. Shave Sunday and Wednesday with Harry’s stuff.

  • b_sanks

    1. Shower: Dove + men care shampoo, Neutrogena face wash, Every man Jack bodywash
    2. Brush teeth: Sonic toothbrush, Crest toothpaste
    3. Shave: Merkur safety razor, C.O. Bigelow shave cream, Oil of Olay face lotion

  • James Lee

    Morning routine: Teeth: tongue scraper, brush teeth, mouthwash. Shower: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash. After shower: shave, moisturize, hair product, body powder, deodorant, cologne.

  • Tyler

    Shower, brush hair and let it air dry, shave, brush teeth, apply deodorant, apply light amount of cologne behind each ear, get dressed!

  • Keith

    Simplicity at its best. Best thing first thing!

  • zachsdad1

    4 S’s

  • Peter

    I take a shower, and then follow the notecard I’ve taped to my mirror:
    – Shave.
    – Comb hair.
    – Brush teeth.
    – Deodorant.

  • James

    Pretty simple. Brush my teeth, shower: “Whatever shampoo I decided to try that month”, Every Man Jack Body wash, Aveeno Men face wash. After hopping out, slap on some Every Man Jack moisturizer and Old Spice Original Deodorant. Throw in some Suave men’s styling paste and I am out the door.

  • George Pr

    Pretty darn simple: shower (head/shoulders shampoo/conditioner for hair and beard, body wash is whatever my wife buys, I use a loofah), shave (beard trimmer and mach 3). Brush teeth with whatever toothpaste is on hand.

  • Lynn

    Shower: Everyman Jack Sandalwood bodywash, Paul Mitchell double hitter shampoo/conditioner Neutrogena Men face wash
    Shaving: Everyman Jack Shaving cream and moisturizer. Gillette Razor.
    Finishing Touches: Degree Active Deoderant, English Laundry Cologne

  • John Egan

    I wake up in the morning feeling like P- Diddy. I then grab my glasses and I’m out the door I’m gonna hit the city. But before I leave brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack. ‘Cuz when I leave for the night I ain’t coming back.

  • Jay Coverdale

    Nevea soap. Shave head down once a week. Trim beard weekly. Shower before and after sex about 4 times a week. Brush teeth 2-3 times a day. Old spice underarm.sandalwood oils for scent.

  • Christopher

    Nothing too fancy:
    Shower with Brick bar soap, wash hair with American Crew Shampoo and conditioner. Wet shave with William’s mug shaving soap. American crew hair styler with on the hair and a small dab for the ‘stache. Crest toothpaste and mouthwash. Old Spice Pure sport deodorant, and a Burberry touch cologne. Then I’m out the door.

  • Dan Justo

    Shower, Axe Phoenix body wash, Johnson & Johnson facial cleanser, Vidal Sassoon extra volume shampoo

  • D.Lish28

    Shower – Dove Men+Care bar soap, Head & Shoulders Shampoo & Conditioner 2-in-1 (Old Spice smell) (and only every other day), Neutrogena Naturals face wash. Post Shower – Speed Stick 24/7 deodorant/antiperspirant, Neutrogena Men Triple Protect Face Lotion with sunscreen SPF 20, Ralph Lauren Polo Blue cologne, Axe Natural Understated Look Cream, Crest 3D white toothpaste,

    Shea Moisture Shea Butter & African Black Shave Cream.

  • Chello

    herbal essence shampoo/conditioner. old spice “champion” body wash. rinse face with Cetaphil cleanser, Dollar Shave Club boyfriend razor, and Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave butter. brush my teeth, applied cologne

  • Jesse

    Shower, scentless moisturizing ways for dry skin, followed by a face scrub. If its a shaving day, safety razor shave and aftershave lotion. Dental hygiene, hair product, and finally face lotion for dry skin.

  • Danny

    Wake up, brush teeth, shower, Basic shampoo and conditioner for my short hair (suave, I think), Nutrogena oil free acne cleanser on back, Old Spice body wash everywhere, dry off, put in teeth whiteners, style hair with some styling paste, shave (once a week… I go for the stubble look), spritz of cologne, trim nose hair, remove whiteners, moisturize.

  • Jessie Hwang

    My boyfriend doesn’t have a routine, and I’d love for him to actually HAVE one. He showers, brushes his teeth and go.

  • Kevin Cortes

    Shave (upper cheeks and neck,) shower, brush my teeth, blow dry, deodorant, and beard conditioner. Simple enough.

  • Martin

    Sasquatch Soap, Trader Joe’s Tea Trea Oil Shampoo/Conditioner, Cremo Face Wash and Shaving Cream, Gold Bond Men’s Moisturizer, Crest Toothpaste

  • http://about.me/mikepetrucci Mike Petrucci

    Super basic. Shower at night, wake up and get dressed. Apply deodorant, check for stray hairs on my face (working on my beard), make sure nose doesn’t house any tagalongs, brush the teeth and fix my hair. That’s it for the most part!

  • Jordan M.

    Nothing too complicated, I shower with Nature’s Gate shampoo and Jason body wash, brush my teeth with Tom’s toothpaste, Listerine, Old Spice Denali deodorant, and RedKen hair wax (this stuff is the best, it stay’s where you want it to and doesn’t even look like you have something in your hair). Then, it’s out the door and ready to face the world!

  • Bryan

    I’m a simple guy. Take a quick <10 minutes shower with Men's Dove soap and Garnier Fructise shampoo. Usually use a facial cleanser by Anthony then follow it up with a moisturizer by the same name.

  • Jack Reid

    Shower with Everyman Jack Cedarwood body wash, PM Tea Tree Special shampoo and conditioner and Nivea for men face wash. If it’s a ball cap type of day I brush my teeth and slap on some deodorant, otherwise I’ll finish with PM Tea Tree hair and body moisturizer and shaping cream.

  • Harold

    Shower, straight razor shave, dreadnought aftershave, out the door.

  • Dorian

    Shower,Tresemme shampoo/conditioner, dove body bar, proactive 3 step kit, brush teeth crest pro whitening.

  • CalebEShoe

    Straight forward, really:
    I wash my hair each day with Garnier shampoo and condition twice a week. My hair is cut in a long-ish Ivy League style so I apply an aloe infused hair gel and comb my hair back so that I get a simple part and front lift. I typically use Barbasol or Gilette shaving cream and shave four times a week.

  • Christian B

    Suave Rosemary-Mint shampoo and conditioner, Old Spice body wash (scent varies by season), Gillette Fusion razor and shaving gel, Chanel Allure pour Homme aftershave, Short Sexy Hair Rocked Out molding clay

  • John

    Shower, safety razor shave, after shave balm, brush & brush.

  • Collin Sharkey

    I don’t have to be clean shaven at work, so I don’t shave every morning. When I do, however, I do so in the shower. Typically use whatever moisturizing shampoo is on sale when I do my grocery shopping. I use a nivea face moisturizer and mens Vaseline lotion on my arms and shoulders in the winter months to stop this Wisconsin weather from making me feel like a crocodile.

  • Michael

    For a body wash, I alternate between Every Man Jack & Dove Men Gel. For my face, I use Every Man Jack Mint Scrub followed by Neutrogena Acne Wash (or regular Face Wash). I moisturize with Clean & Clear Dual Action cream.

  • Patrick Ryan

    I use Kiehl’s soap bar and Head and Shoulders. As for shaving, I use a safety straight razor with cold water and an after shave moisturizer with coenzyme Q10. I finish with a Kent comb through the hair.

  • sean

    workout, then shower every day (shampoo hair every other day). brush teeth, mouthwash and gone for work.

  • Jake K

    Wake up, get out of bed. Drag a comb across my head. Brush my teeth all clean and wink into the mirror.

  • Marlin

    In the morning if my face is a little puffy, I’ll put on an ice pack while doing my stomach crunches. I can do a thousand now.
    After I remove the ice pack, I use a Deep Pore Cleanser Lotion. In the shower I use a water activated gel cleanser, then a honey almond body scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub.
    Then I apply an herb mint facial mask which I leave on for ten minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an aftershave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older.
    Then moisturiser, then an anti-ageing eye balm, followed by a final moisturising protective lotion.

  • Jon Taylor

    I use a generic brand similar to Paul Michel Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner. I don’t have a set soap, whatever looks good when I need it. I also use Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Gloss and Conditioner and Korres Quercetin & Oak Face Wash

  • Robert Wheeler

    Shower before bed with zest bodywash, and brush with Aim toothpaste, shave with a schick razor and water, and q-tips on my ears. Then in the morning I use old spice deodorant(one of the newer varieties), some minty listerine, tame the bed hair with a bit of water and throw a ball cap on.

  • Ivan Skachko

    I wake up and jump in the shower right away. I start off by throwing shampoo in my hair and rinsing only to follow up with conditioner. While the conditioner is in my hair I will brush my teeth, shave/trim the beard in front of my hefty shower mirror. I will then rinse the conditioner and at the same time scrub myself clean with a bar of soap. Shower is off, Towel comes on. All I need from there is my deodorant and I’m out the door in a jiffy 🙂

  • Vic

    Shower first. I use a combined shampoo/conditioner then a facial scrub then a Dove for Men bodywash. I follow up with a Gucci Guilty shampoo just for the smell. I also throw on a Gucci Guilty aftershave before I brush my teeth. I wrap up with body lotion on face, hands, and elbows and a spritz of Gucci Guilty cologne. Out the door.

  • Corin T

    Shower: whatever (non-flowery) shower gel is on sale at The Body Shop, Bosley anti-dandruff shampoo or Cliniderm Gentle Shampoo plus Clinique face scrub (one a week)
    Facewash: Cliniderm Gentle Cleanser
    Shaving: Art of Shaving unscented pre-shave oil and shaving cream, with an Art of Shaving badger brush and a Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power razor
    Moisturiser: Avene or Cliniderm Soothing Lotion
    Scent: Terre d’Hermes
    Toothpaste: Sensodyne
    Deodorant: Tom’s of Maine

  • leeesposito

    Shower, brush teeth, put on something basic and out of the door to sit in front of a computer

  • ArizonaSecrets

    I use a Neutrogena bar for my face and an Irish Spring bar for my body. DE Shave with a Merkur Futur and Feather blades. I use Taylor of Old Bond to lather up and rubaome Kiehls on my face when I’m all done. Also enjoy using Murray’s Pomade on my hair once it has been warmed up in my palms.

  • Thyndman4

    Wake up: Brush Teeth, shower, Old Spice bar soap, wash face, then use a shampoo conditioner on my hair and beard.

  • Jason Wilkins

    Shower (Cheap shampoo and Old Spice Denali bodywash), shave every other day (safety razor, shave soap and lotion), Old Spice Denali deodorant, and a matte-finish hair paste.

  • Pete

    Shower using Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner and Jack Black “Turbo Wash.” Wash face with Neutrogena “Morning Burst.” Shave with Gillette Fusion series products and follow-up with Jack Black “Post Shave Cooling Gel” (or H20+ face lotion if I decide not to shave)
    Gets the job done.

  • Gus Leonard

    My daily? Shower with Shampoo+Bodywash, Shave with Mach3 and Nuetrogena shaving cream. Hair gets a lick of Bed Head. Then moisturize with 15SPF Neutrogena, brush teeth, and out the door!

  • Alan

    I use Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap, Every Man Jack face wash (& moisturizer), and 365 shampoo from Whole Foods. I have a safety razor and use Taylor of Old Bond Street shave soap and a brush.

  • Chris

    Basic. Old spice shower gel. Everyman Jack for face lotion. American crew hair gel. The super expensive and luxury Colgate total tooth paste.

  • Schmed

    The Three S’s: Sh*t, Shower, Shave.

  • bhoe

    nexxus shampoo and conditioner, dove body wash, degree deodorant. gilette fusion on nivea shave gel

  • JD

    I’m a huge fan of Dove bar soap then I usually use a healthy handful of Mane N’ Tail shampoo (good for me and my dog when it is his turn for a bath). Old Spice red zone classic scent antiperspirant, Brylcreem in the hair, colgate on the teeth. Simple and classic.

  • Daniel Bartelson

    Shampoo every other day. Love Dove products. Anti-presperant (deoderant does nothing for me after two hours.) Crest. Shave once or twice a month. To lazy to do it more.

  • Tyler Jones

    A mud soap to help control oils, followed by a LUSH rose water toner, and topped off with a Vichy eye cream and facial moisturizer.

  • Corey Buller

    Redken for Men shampoo and conditioner, Shea butter body wash, and acne face wash followed up by aveeno spy 30 face lotion and jargons shea butter body lotion

  • Jk

    Dermalogica clay cleanser
    Oil of Olay SPF 15 sensitive skin daily moisturizer

    Dermalogica clay cleanser
    Olay SPF 15 sensitive skin daily moisturizer

    Shave 3x weekly-
    Jack black shave cream
    Nivea sensitive after shave balm

  • Josh

    Unfortunately I still use crappy “edge” shaving cream. Would love an upgrade!

  • Leev Robert

    I recently started growing a beard and I use the Wash and Go Conditioner. Nivea for men shower gel, nivea cleanser and some pomade to keep my hair through the day

  • http://tyler-summer11.blogspot.com/ TyLo

    NIGHT Showerer: Paul Mitchell Double Hitter, Aveeno Face Wash, Dove Moisturizing Body Soap, Shave with Harry’s Blades and Gillette Sensitive Skin Sh. Cream, Crest Whitening Toothpaste
    MORNING: Wash face with warm water only, Dove Anti-Perspirant, Brush Teeth, Electric Shaver, Mr. Natty Hair Clay, Billy Jealousy Combination Code Face Moisturizer

  • Brian

    My routine is very basic, Brush teeth, Grab a quick shower with Dove’s Men Care bodywash, followed by a quick shave with Nivea shave lotion, grab a quick breakfast and run out the door.

  • Wayne S.

    Shower, occasional shave, lotion with SPF, some Layrite hair product.

  • Tyler

    Shower: Dove for Men body wash, Pevonia face scrub, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo/conditioner. Mary Kay under eye gel, Aveno Radiant Skin daily moisturizer w/ spf, brush teeth with Crest vivid white, Yes to Carrots leave-in conditioner.

  • Christopher McCaffery

    Shower, brush teeth and floss, and some hairspray.

  • Erin Ellis

    I am completely addicted to Pantene shampoo and conditioner. My moisturizer of choice is the grapefruit body butter from Bliss spa.

  • Brian

    Keep it simple. Shower: shampoo, facewash, and bodywash. Eat breakfast. Brush teeth. Go to work. I’m not attached to any particularly product for any.

  • Devon Taylor

    shave, Shower, face cleanser, brush my teeth

  • Benjamin K.

    Shower with Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash, TowelDry men’s thickening shampoo, shave w/ Taylor of Old Bond Street (Sandalwood) Cream, and Old Spice original after shave (and original scent deoderant). Brush my teeth with Aquafresh paste.

  • Ron Macoon

    right now dove men’s soap and art of shaving stuff, but I’m always ready to try something new

  • Zack

    Shower, Frizz-ease shampoo and conditioner, Dove pro care body wash, Old spice deodorant and the cologne of the day.

  • Peter Ramirez

    Shower: nourishing body wash, tea tree shampoo, macadamia conditioner. Pore refining face wash. Once out, a light toner, SPF 15 face cream, under eye cream, contacts, and a good tooth brushing. After that it’s usually Paul Mitchell’s Reworks in my hair for a sleek look or Moroccan surf paste for that casual look.

  • Victor C Uhlman

    Wake up, look in mirror, struggle with regret and mortality.

  • Timothy J Greeley

    Shower with bar soap, shave, brush teeth, end with cold water and run comb/fingers through hair and scalp, use hands to flick most water out of hair and off skin, towel dry remaining water and hair, use mouthwash, apply moisturizer to face, pluck eyebrows if necessary, clean ears, apply hair product, apply non scented deodorant, apply cologne, apply clothing.

    I recommend trying no poo at some point if you haven’t. My hair is much healthier now and I have no flaking. It is NOT for everyone though.

  • Ryan

    Shower, shave, hair, teeth!

  • Jeremy Armstrong

    Shower, shave, deoderant. Use a turbo wash, good face wash, american crew shampoo and hair products. Nothin crazy fancy, but no axe; not in college anymore

  • micah

    Pretty simple: shower, Paul Mitchell shampoo, a quick blow dry and BEARD OIL, my new favorite discovery.

  • Rob Dc

    First, I cook bacon. Shirtless. I use the hot grease as moisturizer. Then I carve a chair out of an oak tree. I then place the chair under my waterfall (shower) and use the remaining wood shavings as an exfoliant. I like to sing along with my shower radio which also happens to be a bald eagle screaming overhead. I dry off and use some liquid nails as hair gel and off I go!

    Oh, and sometimes I use concealer to hide my zits.

  • Chad

    Shower, deodorant, shave, apply moisturizer/ sunscreen to face, brush teeth. My hair is buzzed short so I don’t have anything to worry about there.

  • J. S. Qeem

    Shower. Paul Mitchell Special Tea Tree shampoo 2-3 times a week. American Crew tea tree conditioner (always). Shave. Brush teeth. Lotion up. Listerine. Good to go.

  • Danzarr .

    simple, shower, irish spring soap, shampoo+selson bleu when/if needed, shave with straight razor, aftershave, gel and deoderant, and I am off.

  • Jacob

    Shower, lubriderm for men lotion, once or twice a week shave with dollar shave club razor, brush teeth and mouthwash.

  • Samuel Stanton

    Dove Men’s shampoo and Clean and Clear Morning Burst Face Scrub in the shower ever morning, followed by lotion, including a spot on the face because I live in a very dry climate. In the evening I use Clean and Clear Acne Gel.

  • chris

    Not sure what my shampoo, straight razor shave, whichever roomates toothpaste is in front of me.

  • James

    Shave with L’Oreal Sensitive Skin shaving cream, a straight razor, and generic sensitive skin aftershave.
    American Crew tea tree shampoo, Pantene Shine conditioner.
    Softee Super Freeze ethnic hair gel.

  • Tim Ferk

    Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo, Herbalism facial cleanser, and Dirty body wash from LUSH followed by Nivea body lotion and Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle repair moisturizer.

  • Steve Jimenez

    Shower, towel dry the hair, comb into a full pompadour with Suavecito pomade, out the door!

  • Nick C

    Wash – Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, American Crew Shampoo / Confitioner
    Shave – Prorarso Shave Cream, Merkur 180 Razor, Random blades
    Condition – Nivea Aftershave balm, Kiehls Facial Fuel, Nivea Eye Cream.
    Hair – Imperial Classic Pomade.

  • http://mattheweverett.org/ Matthew Everett

    I’ve cut my routine to bare bones. I get up and knock out anything I can before/during breakfast (e.g., walk the dog/workout, read the news, etc). Then I shower with Suave 2in1 and some kind of complementary body wash; I might or might not trim my beard depending on my schedule. I brush my teeth with a cheap toothbrush (usually the free one from the dentist) and Crest, put on some Old Spice deodorant, dress, and go about my day.

  • Michael E.

    American Crew Citrus Shampoo and Cond. A little goes a long way with this stuff, ive had the same small bottles for 9 months now which for me totally justifies the price. Dove men bar soap, cheap and effective. I also use the dove men’s line of face wash, it’s not too harsh on the skin and smells mighty fine. Hop out of the shower, brush the teeth then slap on some Old Spice Fiji which the wife insists is the only deodorant she likes the scent of. For the hair (which I wear in a side part-Ivy League cut) I have been pleasantly surprised with Axe’s pomade. I was skeptical considering Axe’s reputation but for the price point it does what I need it to, easy to style and doesnt fly away at the first sign of wind which is my chief complaint with most products (I’m looking at you, Brylcreem.) Then I’m out the door.

  • Will Milne

    Shower (malin & goetz for hair), beard trim, then beard oil from a local maker.

  • Randy Aaron Gonce

    I’m really simple, usually shower, brush, shave, comb, gone!

  • Ed Graña

    Very simple. Shower using Sauve shampoo and conditioner, Ivory soap. The Art of Shaving products for a close shave.

  • patricksleu

    Shower, scrub shave!

  • chris

    Wake up as late as possible, shower, brush teeth, leave

  • Jonesy

    Shower with a moisturizing body wash due to extremely dry skin, shave every few days, apply pomade to hair, brush teeth, get dressed, make coffee and out the door.

  • Thanh Hai Ho

    Shower with American Crew shampoo & conditioner and Every Man Jack body wash with a loofah. DE wet shave with whatever cream I’m using at the time. Brush my teeth with Marvis toothpaste. Then it’s grab a piece of fruit or something and head out the door.

  • Angel De La Garza

    During my shower I use Clear shampoo and dove body wash. I use Jack Black daily cleanser, shaving cream, and daily moisturizer.

  • Michael Carpenter

    shower, level 2000 soap, exfoliating face scrub, pantene shampoo and conditioner. norelco electric shaver followed with aveeno organics aftershave. lystorine pre mouthwash, brush teeth and lysotrine post wash. organic olive oil cream hair leave in conditioner, a spritz of Burberry touch

  • adam m

    Shower, shave (the works), face lotion, and some clubman talc in the nether regions

  • Ryan

    Shower, Giovanni Shampoo and conditioner, Old Spice bodywash, brush teeth, Louper Straight razor shave. Gilette aftershace

  • Tyler Havriliak

    I awaken from my mortal sleep, enjoy a ferocious shower filled with the final countdown on repeat on my speakers, then guzzle my face with creamy white goodness, and shave. Then I depart to slay immortal figgeous, my deranged dragon nemisis.

  • Walter Woods

    Shower, shave, wash face, fix hair, brush teeth

  • John M

    Shower, DE razor shave, teeth, Q tips, hair, cologne, off to work!

  • Matt

    In the morning if my face is a little puffy I’ll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. I can do 1000 now. After I remove the ice pack I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower I use a water activated gel cleanser, then a honey almond body scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub. Then I apply an herb-mint facial mask which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.

  • Nestor Munoz Sanchez

    Brush teeth, Shower, Paul Mitchell 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, Cetaphil facial cleanser, every man jack face lotion, old spice deodorant, Kenneth Cole black cologne. Help me upgrade my regimen!!

  • Justin

    Wake up, grab a shower, wash my face with Jack Black products, brush my teeth, and I’m out the door

  • Logan

    In the morning, I just shower (using Sasquatch soap and shampoo), shave and then moisturize and apply sunscreen. At night, I use CeraVe foaming face wash, a chemical exfoliator, moisturizer and a spot treatment.

  • Burke

    Brush teeth, shower, shave, style hair and go about my day.

  • Evan

    Shower: Shampoo with Jack Black shampoo and conditioner. Wash with Dove + Men Body Wash, wash face with Aveeno Daily Cleanser. I moisturize with BullDog moisturizer. Brush my teeth with Crest Pro white and use Listerine. I use Malin + Goetz styling cream in my hair. I shave with Aveeno Shaving Cream

  • Jordan Laman

    Get up, maybe shave. Maybe shower with J Crew 3 in 1. Wash face with hand soap. Brush Teeth. Old Spice Deodorant. Maybe Chanel Platinum Egoiste or Mont Blanc cologne. My grooming game is sorry.

  • Rajp23

    Shower (irish spring bar soap, generic grocery store shampoo every 3-4 days), but the next part is more important – shave with a disposable razor and shaving cream, and follow it up with a good Nivea face wash (gotta have that anti-something or other acid to clean out the pores). Would love this set – I’m moving from California to new York in a week to start a new job after graduating. The new job will require long hours and a ton of travel, and I’d hazard a guess that these would come in handy. Good luck to all the people who entered!

  • Na Humma

    Shower & shave the night before, in the morning wash my face, brush my teeth, fix my hair; then take on the world!

  • Santosh

    Shower: Tea tree oil soap
    Face: Every Man Jack Face Scrub
    Shave: Feather blades (wet shave) with proraso shave cream
    Toner/Aftershave: Witch Hazel mixed with jojoba oil

  • Wojciech

    Simple for me. Shower, Bed Head Clean Up shampoo and a Tea Tree conditioner. Then brush my teeth, Rembrandt whitening wash, and Aveeno moisturizer to finish.

  • Brendon

    I am very serious that every day after shaving I have to use a lotion moisturizer, my father has eczema so that is a must. I shower also always use conditioner – I’m pretty paranoid that my dry skin could cause complications

  • phylshin

    Step 1 – Groom/Teeth: Trim Hair on sides and back. (If Needed), Brush teeth with soft brush and bamboo salt paste.
    Step 2 – Shower: Herbal Essence Shampoo(Hair), Dove Men’s Body Wash (Body), Nippon Kodo Charcoal Cleansing Bar(Face), LAB Multi-Action Face Wash (Face, use instead of Nippon when shaving to prepare facial hair.)
    Step 3 – Shave: Prepare shave soap in ceramic bowl before shower. After Step 2, apply foamed soap to face while in shower, and shave with Edwin Jagger De89bl DE Razor
    Step 4 – Moisturize: Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2(Face), St. Ives Collagen Elastin Moisturizer(Face), Jergens Daily Moisturizer(Body)
    Step 5 – Hair: Blow Dry Hair, Apply Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax(Purple)
    Step 6 – Green Tea before work

    Step 1 – Gym
    Step 2 – Shower / Moisturize / Brush Teeth (See Above)
    Step 3 – Tea

  • Ivar Zukovskis

    I start my day by showering and normally I tend to stick to quite basic
    and simple things. I use Garnier products as shampoo and conditioner, and Dove men +care as a shower gel/face wash. Finish it all up by L’oreal Men expert hydra energetic moisturizer, apply some Old Spice Whitewater to stay fresh through the day, a sprinkle of Bulgari Aqua and a dash of hair wax for styling. Put my suit and tie on and BOOM, ready for any challenge ahead of me.

  • sharkmuncher

    Dr. Bronner’s Mint shampoo and soap, Merkur DE shave, Old Spice Deodorant. Not much to it.

  • Marc Jacob Dolitsky

    Shower with Garneir Fructise Shampoo and Tresseme conditioner. Trim my beard with the Gillete Fusion Proglide Styler weekly, along with shaving my neck every other day with the Fusion Proglide.

  • chris

    Shower with a 2-in-1, deoderant, brush teeth, face lotion with spf, hair pomade, and out the door!

  • Evan

    Shower, alternate between Head & Shoulders and whatever shampoo the wife’s using, Dove Pro Care face wash and soap, brush the teeth, deodorize the pits.

  • Hinshelworld

    Shower with Dove Men and Shave with Harrys. Good to Go.

  • Birdman

    Shower with Nivea sensitive skin wash and a no-name shampoo and conditioner; brush the face prior to shaving with Everyman Jack’s shave lotion, and a quick wash and moisturize before finishing up.

  • Adam

    Shower time with the Jack Black face wash and the Dove for Men shower gel. Then shaving with a safety blade and some Jack Black moisturizer and then finally a polish of the old teeth and an application of some aveda forming cream in the hair.

  • Patrick

    Brush teeth, shower, face wash/exfoliant (alternate every or every other day), shave, lotion, deodorant, fiber for hair and out the door. Never anything fancy and the products are all modestly priced and readily available.

  • kevin

    I usually take a shower w head and shoulders, then mt sapola body wash. Wet shave w proraso cream and imperial barber aftershave tonic

  • Victor P.

    Shower, Head and shoulders, face wash, Brush teeth, floss, shave (badger brush + Merkur Safety Razor), aftershave, pomade, comb, proceed to kick ass.

  • Tristan Cloutier

    I use Dove men care soaps to wash and exfoliate in the shower. Then I have a Aveeno hydratation cream. I use a Nivea after shave, a Dove cucumber shampoo, a Dove for men deodorant. I have two perfumes. I use L’homme macho by Dans un jardin in the day and L’Homme libre by Yves Saint-Laurent at night.

  • Tristan

    Shower, Every Man Jack Shampoo with tea tree oil, and Suave body wash, and Apricot Scrub for face
    Brush teeth with Phillips Sonacare and Tom’s toothpaste
    Deodorize with Brut original
    Check beard for stray hairs needing trimming
    go face the day

  • Andrew

    First, I bruch my teeth and every once in a while floss.
    Shower: Sasquatch soap for the body, head and shoulders for the hair, and cremo face cleanser for the face.
    Shave: Parker safety razor and tweezerman best badger hair brush, bump stopper shaving cream, ursa major essential face elixer aftershave, still looking for a moisturizer (port maybe?)
    Slap on some old spice deodorant afterwards, then I’m out the door.

  • Drew

    Badger hair brush. Straight Razor.

  • Richard Lee

    For shower, I just use grandpa old pine tar bar soap for everything and conditioner every other day. Brush my teeth with regular toothbrush and tooth paste and floss and use a tongue cleaner. I need to step up my grooming with this kit!

  • Travis Davidson

    Before showering I trim the beard. During my shower I make sure to scrub and shampoo all the right places, making sure to get rid of the beard trimming remnants. After the shower I will shave my neck, brush my teeth and put on the necessary underarm odor blockers. If play time will happen after work I put on a fragrance and head to work.

  • Matt

    Shower, exfoliate and moisturize, style hair, out the door.

  • John MaC

    Jack Black Turbo Wash and Daily facial cleanser.

  • Dave DeDonato

    Every Man Jack Body Wash, American Crew Shampoo and Conditioner, Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Scrub, Proraso Shave Soap, Dove men face moisturizer, Sensodyne Toothpaste, Old Spice Deoderant because I want to smell like a man.

  • tindercd

    Shower, Comb hair & facial hair, lotion, Deodorant, Brush Teeth, cologne, dress and fix hair again after putting shirt on and messing it up then off to work.

  • Jano

    Really not too much. Shower, brush teeth, blow dry and style hair. Finish off with moisturizing my face. About 30-40mins total depending on how lazy I am.

  • Conner

    Condition, shampoo every other day, Dove clean body wash, Neutrogena face wash. Shave with straight razor, English leather aftershave, neutrogena moisturizer with SPF, Every Man Jack eye cream. Comb hair with a little Short Sexy Hair styling gunk (kind of like a pomade). Floss, brush, swish. Done.

  • rychastings

    I just wash my face with neutrogena face soap but I dont do much else

  • Steven Desantis

    shower with bar soap….thats about it haha! I really need to invest in some quality grooming products!

  • Christian

    Floss and brush my teeth with Colgate total. Shower using Head and Shoulders shampoo/conditioner and Neutrogena body wash. Shave with Art of Shaving Lavender cream, Merkur 34C safety razor, and Art of Shaving after shave balm. Finish off with Neutrogena oil free spf 35 moisturizer and I’m good to go.

  • Kris F

    Shower, shave, and cologne…it needs some sprucing up!

  • Carl

    Tressame shampoo and conditioner kheils original musk body wash clean and clear face wash with arm and hammer toothpaste

  • Lincoln Slentz

    Shower. Suave for men 2 in 1 and Old spice bar soap. Brush my teeth with Colgate. Dress and out the door.

  • Nirmal

    Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Face Wash and Moisturizer

  • Eric

    Shower, shave, brush. Less than 10 min for it all but thats all thats needed

  • SteveO_in_NY

    the most basic. just shower, shave neck, comb beard and hair, brush teeth, and out the door!

  • laydownlarry

    Shower in the evening after the gym. Shave if I feel the need. Face lotion after that. Then always with some toner before bed. If you guys don’t know this already, toner is the jam! Even after I shower, I hit the face with some toner and i’m blown away by how much dirt it sucks off my face. It’s like a soft barnacle that I employ nightly to suck all the goo from my face’s hull. Ahoy!

  • Danny Scotch

    Wake up and hope that I can sleep in for 15 mins. When the alarm goes off again, curse the fact that I am an adult and slowly shuffle to the bathroom. Look in the mirror and wonder what the hell happened to me, and promise myself to stop drinking so much beer. Get in the shower wondering why the shower curtain follows me like I’m friggen magneto in a sheet metal factory. Turn on the water, praying that it gives you at least 3 mins of hot water before the ice water comes on and chills your soul. Wash with shampoo that was on sale, which you always cheap out on because discount shampoo means you can buy a bar of Irish spring that is blue for some reason. Shower complete, it’s time for grooming.

    Step out of the shower, wondering if switching from mouthwash to vodka would be frowned upon. Shave with costco brand of Mach 3 razor, which is just as good and anyone who says otherwise is a ninny. That’s right, a ninny. Look for shaving cream. Find none. Look for lotion. Out of that too. Wonder if butter or wd-40 is a good alternate. Decide to just use water and hope for the best. Because even at 28 the face still thinks puberty was fun, apply skin cleaner. Leave on face while brushing teeth. Wonder why toothpaste isn’t gin flavored. Wash

  • Joseph Burtoni

    Malin + Goetz Deodorant, Peppermint Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body wash.

    American Crew Pomade or Fiber

    Polo Black Cologne

    Crest toothpaste and mouthwash

  • Brett

    Brush Teeth. Wash face (Proactive). Shower. Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner. Towel Dry. Brush. Shiner Gold Pomade. Finger Comb. Comb. Deoderant. Cologne. Clothes.

  • Julian

    Shave, lotion, brush teeth, sometimes comb hair.

  • Victor

    exfoliate twice a week. Pre Shave wash and a tea tree after shave and a green tea moisturizer

  • Steven

    Shower, shave, oatmeal, then work 🙂

  • Dan

    Shower, exfoliate, brush teeth, shave (head and face), face wash, aftershave, SPF moisturizer, eye cream, deo, cologne

  • Sam

    Shampoo (anything lite scented, because let’s be honest, I want my natural scent or cologne to over power it), I’ve got a buzz cut 24/7 because how active I am, training in martial arts for the past 20 years, so conditioner is out. Sorry gals, you can’t run your manicured fingers through my hair, but feel free to rub my buzz.

    I’ve got body wash that doesn’t dry out my skin, and again, nothing over powering. Axe is for highschoolers and I don’t need to cover up pot smell or BO. I’ve got a shave set, and basic clippers and tweezers, pro re nata.

    I do have a bar have face wash soap, keeps my face not too dry, not too oily and smooth.

  • Andy

    Shower and shave when I need to. That’s about it.

  • Richard Edney

    In the morning, I shower, put a little styler in and finger brush my hair, dress, and leave by 7AM to take the kids to school and get to work. About once a week I’ll trim and shape up my beard (I haven’t been without some kind of facial hair in a few years–my wife likes it). I wash my hair every 3 days (it took some time to work up to this). Right now I use a shampoo from Billy Jealousy.

  • Wesley

    Shave with Edge and 4 blade razor. Shower using Old Spice body wash then use a facial cleansing pad, brush my teeth, then rinse out with mouthwash and I’m ready for the day. Just simple for a guy at a military school.

  • stephen

    Shower, comb hair maybe with ponder maybe no product, brush teeth.

  • Ding

    Shower, usually without products unless washing out pomade buildup. Natural bar soap. Shave, done!

  • Craig Best Jr.

    Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner, vitaMan cleanser, locally made soap from Indigo Wild, Jack Black deoderant, and Ayres body lotion.

  • Andy

    Wake up, brush my teeth then shave is necessary. I use Clinique 3-step for men. So face wash, toner then moisturize. Tweeze eyebrows if necessary. A little bit of cologne and I’m out the door.

  • Winston Roberts

    Shower, shave with a DE Safety razor and some Porasso shave cream, brush my teeth, and attempt to make it on time to where ever it is I need to be.

  • Cheezitherecomesthefuzz

    Brush my teeth in the shower, moisturize after. And also moisturize before bed.

  • AustinKButler

    Shampoo with Dr. Broner’s Peppermint Castile Soap, Condition with Malin + Goetz Cilantro Hair Conditioner that sets while I loofa more Dr. Broner’s on my body, then rinse. Wash face with Ursa Major Fantastic Face Soap, then apply conditioner to my facial hair. Floss then brush with Sonicare Platinum and rinse mouth with Listerine. Old Spice Deoderant and Dior Aqua Faranheit.

  • dvdflnn

    wake up, dress. off to work, 3-4 cups of joe, run calls on ambulance, work out. shave anthony pre shave oil, art of shaving cream and lotion. lunch, more coffee, more calls. dinner, study, shower and repeat….

  • JackHuang

    Pretty simple: brush teeth, shower, shave, moisturizer.

    Shampoo twice a week: Paul Mitchell Double Hitter.
    Body: Dove Pro Care body wash + loofah.
    Face: Cremo Face Cleanser daily, Kiehl’s Facial Fuel exfoliating scrub weekly.
    Shave: cartridge razor.
    Moisturizer: Kiehl’s Facial Fuel.

  • Drew

    AM: Shower, Shampoo/Condition Hair (every 2 days or so), gentle face wash (Clinique Men) daily or use exfoliater if I plan on shaving (every 3 days or so), shave, scruffing lotion, & moisturize all over. Brush teeth, mouthwash, and style/comb my fair with pomade with extra shine.
    PM: Wash face with gentle cleanser, scruffing lotion, moisturize, brush teeth, floss, & mouthwash.

    Whoa, this was more extensive of a routine then I thought, but it keeps my face fresh, breakouts at bay, and my oral hygiene on point.

  • James

    I’m a big fan of natural grooming products in general, but just the usual regimen with those.

  • Cwxl

    brush teeth,Shower in the AM, sometimes shave sometimes leave the stubble or beard, air dry my hair, apply product and done.

  • Kendrick Acken

    I have a love for Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. The peppermint is my favorite. I use that as a body wash and an Aveda face wash that leaves my face feeling smooth as a baby’s bottom. That and a dab of Head and Shoulder’s Old Spice during the winter and I’m good to go. Run a trimmer over my face to keep the beard looking trim and a brush of the teeth and I’m out the door. (hair is a whole different story)

  • Lukas

    Shower: Aveeno shampoo, Dove For Men body wash, and Kiehl’s facial fuel scrub applied with a Clarisonic Mia2 (which has improved my skin immensely). Shave: Cremo cream, followed by L’Occitane original aftershave cream. Hair: American Crew pomade. Teeth: Sensodyne Pronamel with a Sonicare brush.

  • Kenneth

    Up and up target knock-off of Clean & Clear morning burst. Neutrogena rapid clear whenever necessary. I also find foods have a lot to do with skin care so I cut down on sugars.

  • Jared

    Not much, just shower with Suave shampoo and conditioner, then maybe some lotion. And shave if necessary.

  • Joe

    Here is my daily routine:
    Shave: Gilette Pro Fusion Glide Razor
    Face Wash: Boots #7 Energizing Face Wash
    Face Exfoliate: Boots #7 Energizing Face Scrub
    Shampoo: Paul Mitchelle Tea Tree Shampoo / Conditioner

    Toner: Botanics -Mattifying Toner
    brush teeth and off I go……

  • Joel G

    Shower, Brush Teeth. Once a week beard trims and hair cuts every six. I keep it simple.

  • Javier

    Straight forward: I shower, then wash my face with a scrub prior to safety razor shaving. This involves a set of shaving stuff i got for christmas a few years ago with a pre-shave oil, shaving cream and aftershave. I leave my hair wet and combe it using the wider tooth side of a “(my old roommate’s mother’s name) for probate judge” comb I’ve had since my first year of college. From there I play some music while I get dressed, usually my workout playlist to get me feeling confident and pumped up for whatever I may be doing. I use a bit of pomade and redo my hair using the fine toothed side of the comb, run my hand through it a few times before I go out the door, get my shoes on and go get after that date/weekday/night out.

  • Brandon

    Shower, Neutrogena face wash, Dove deep moisturizer body wash, Paul Mitchell shampoo, Neutrogena face lotion. Crest 3D whitening toothpaste.

  • Sy

    Hot shower, Paul Mitchell Shampoo and conditioner. Shave with the Art of Shaving kit, Aveno Moisturizer for the rest of my face, then Old spice deodorant and brush with Toms toothpaste.

  • Butch_Zee

    Get up. Stretch. A quick set of push ups or pull ups, alternating days. Shower with Dr. Bronner’s soap. Shave: baby oil preshave, Art of Shaving soap & brush, shave with disposable razor, Art of Shaving aftershave. Mosturize, cream varies. Dime-sized drop of baby oil for hair (or pea-sized vaseline.) A spray of Creed/varies. Get dressed, clothes pressed & hanging the night before, shoes shined night before. Eat. Grab messenger bag or briefcase & out the door.

  • SeanXavier

    Shower. Shampoo Condition Hair. Condition Beard. Out of shower, dry everything, rub in oil to beard, lotion for face. Water-soluble pomade for hair. Comb and blow dry. Shave neck clean. Comb through beard. Ready to go.

  • Kurt

    I do this because I have to be in regs for the military, but I shave, then shower using irish spring wash for my body, lava soap lather in my hands to use for my face (good for my oily skin to help clean pores, just do not put the bar on your face). I use suave for men 2-in-1 since I have short hair its easy and last long. After, I shave only using hot water going against the grain to get that really clean shave. I brush my teeth using baking soda based paste and gargle with hydrogen peroxide and rinse with water. This helps a lot if you have sensitive gums and/or want to whiten your teeth almost naturally slowly or keep them whiter.

  • John Roberdeau

    It varies, as I have acquired many products I have yet to give a fair shake. I certainly need several more…

  • Daniel

    Shower, Herbal shampoo, yardley soap, nivea men aftershave lotion, nivea men bodyspray and dove moisturizing cream/ neutrogena for winter and almost forgotten, neutrogena body oil.

  • Michael Stuertz

    Not very exciting. Shower with hair one shampoo and cleanse with Kiel’s daily cleanser. Shave is Kiel’s as well with Jack Black moisturizer. Love to try these new products. Pick me!

  • Ben

    morning shower duh. dove body wash, head and shoulders, simple face wash.

  • James Cole

    Wake up, brush teeth (toms), drive to work, run and gym, shower (lucky tiger hair and body wash) and shave (Dollar Shave club and the art of shaving) and then get in my patrol car and roll. Change would be nice lol