‘Gentleman’s Wager’ Short Stars Jude Law for Johnnie Walker Blue [Sponsored]

‘Gentleman’s Wager’ Short Stars Jude Law for Johnnie Walker Blue [Sponsored]
A beautiful boat. A delicious drink. A friendly wager.

Scene: An exquisite sailboat bobbing in the waters of the Caribbean. On deck we find nattily dressed actors Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini. They are sipping glasses of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. After a pause, Law turns to his companion and says: “I want to buy this boat.”

That's how the latest short film from scotch-maker Johnnie Walker begins, but we'll leave it to you to take a look at what happens next. Based on the film's title, “Gentleman's Wager,” we can tell you that the plot involves a bet that doesn't require money — like all gentlemen's wagers. It also involves a so-cool-it's-hot dance number inside a custom-made nightclub for one, that any of us would be happy to stumble upon during our next visit to a foreign city.

The six-and-a-half-minute-long film was shot in the British Virgin Islands and London, and was directed by Jake Scott, son of famed producer and director Ridley Scott. About his work in the short, Law says:“The film is about improvement and progress and this is something I try to do in my work and my everyday life. I had to learn new skills shooting this film and that combined with the places we visited and shot in, alongside working with Jake and with Giancarlo, made it a truly rare experience.”

Jude Law sitting next to a body of water

You can surmise from the video that those skills might just have involved a certain tickling of the ivies, and a bit of soft-shoeing as well.

Law's co-star in the short film, Giancarlo Gianni, is an Italian actor who you might remember from the two Bond films: “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace.”

Giancarlo Giannini wearing sunglasses and sitting in front of a body of water, with Johnnie Walker and Actor

This film joins a series of other shorts created by Johnnie Walker, such as the one called “Future From The Future” which is a rousing message about breaking out of workplace ruts today so that your future self is someone who's reached his potential. Johnnie Walker seems to understand the power of viral videos as opposed to traditional advertising methods. In fact, at press time, their latest video has already received over 3.3 million views on YouTube.

johnnie walker blue label

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