Girlfriend Gift Guide

gift guide for girlfriends - what to give girlfriend gift idea

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  • Harrison Ayer

    Your definition of “low” is slightly different from mine. The things on the low end are still pretty pricey.

    • Ron Macoon

      $100 workout pants? kinda glad i’m single now

      • Andrew

        Haha, that’s why they make a nice gift, just like our guy gift guide, great gifts are things we might like to have but would never buy for ourselves.

        • Ron Macoon

          true, true

          • Matt

            and to be fair, as a yogi, and husband of a yogi, they’re worth it. sounds ridiculous…but its the same as a good pair of cycling shorts. you get what you pay for.

    • Andrew

      Absolutely, the high and low are just relative to each other. You’ve got to find what’s appropriate for your relationship and budget. The ideas wasn’t to suggest that the low items are cheap, they’re two pricing tiers.

  • Andrew Mitchell

    Damnit where was this a week ago?!

    • Andrew Mitchell

      Good list, though. Very thankful for Amazon Prime right now.

    • Andrew

      So you’re one of those fancy folks that finishes their holiday shopping in a reasonable time, eh?

      • Andrew Mitchell

        Surely the blog devoted to helping young men grow up isn’t advocating procrastinating about getting your girlfriend a gift?

        I kid. I usually wait until the last minute, but travel plans this year mean I have to have things ready by the end of this week.

    • Jonathan

      Ughh… dont make the rest of us look bad!

  • Steve

    Mine already has everything in the baker section.

  • Matt

    The mixer is $299 not $199, and from experience, get the 375watt one. The 275watt left us wanting a little more umph.

  • Logan Greer

    I used to think my GF was crazy for spending so much at Lululemon, but then she bought me sweatpants, gym shorts, and a shirt for my bday. You get what you pay for. These 3 items are easily the 3 most comfortable items of clothing I own, especially the pants.

  • brandon.

    i got my girl a mistletoe belt….for me

    • notfunny

      you’re so edgy bro

  • Jeffrey Chen

    well shit. i got her a glock.

  • Devin

    Hey Andrew, would you be able to tell me what dye was used on the handmade belt in that picture? I think it’s great but want to be sure I get the correct one before I place my order.
    So ends my months of lurking the website.

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  • Marjorie Marj

    Gifts are meant to be thoughtful and unique, not basic and generic. Here’s a really cute site with one of a kind adorable gifts: