Free Art Download: Chicago’s South Water Street Freight Terminal, April 1947

Free Art Download Chicago
Free Art Download: Chicago’s South Water Street Freight Terminal, April 1947
Print this giant archival color photo for less than $25.

This beautiful, painting-like image is from the Chicago rail yards in 1947. Taken by Farm Security Administration photographer Jack Delano, the image creates a depiction of another time, that is still oddly contemporary 66 years later. It could be from 1950, or a Blade Runner-esque distopian future.

This image is availabe to print all the way up to 18″x24″, which is a nice sized piece to fit on a wall. It's also available in 11″x14″, like the other Free Art Downloads.

Download 18×24
Download 11×14

To download, click on the link above in the desired size, then click on “File” and “Download”.

Follow the instructions on the Hemingway post. Be sure to choose color instead of black and white in the instructions. For the full-size 18″x24″ print, it cost me about $20 to print.

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  • Matt

    Where did you get that frame? Did it come with the matting? Looks great!

    • Andrew

      I actually build the white matting into all of the free art downloads to keep costs down for everyone. The frame is from the as-is section of Aaron Brothers.

      • Z

        How do you build the white matting.

        • Andrew

          It’s a part of the image.

      • sogelegos

        That’s a neat extra step to take for the sake of your readers. As a fellow Andrew, let me tell you that I appreciate it. Thanks.

  • Justin

    Where can I browse for more photos like this. It’s a cool idea but I’m not sure if the gf will endorse a giant PBR photo.

  • David C Gullatte

    I’m not seeing any sizes close to 18×24 when choosing which paper/cardstock. 11×17 is the biggest they’ve got.

    • Andrew

      Sorry, you have to choose large format prints on the page before that.

  • Ron Macoon

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed these prints, keep ’em coming!

  • Ricardo Payne

    Beautiful photograph!

  • Z

    I’m from milwaukee so this picture is perfect.. PBR all the way!

  • Ley Willis

    Great picture and great idea… mine came out really dark. I’m missing a lot of detail on the train yard. Any suggestions?

  • Clybourn

    Great pic, if only it wasn’t a giant PBR sign…