The Intentional Apartment: 26 Examples of a Masculine Home from the Pages of the Restoration Hardware Catalog

It's important to have a home you can be proud of, showcases who you are, and that is comfortable for day to day living. Unfortunately limited funds and a lack of resources causes us to accrue furniture and art in an unorganized way.

It doesn't have to be like this, just like dressing well on a budget, sprucing up your apartment just requires some inspiration. Here, I've gathered 26 different images from the most recent Restoration Hardware catalogs. These offer style inspiration like our Getups, but for your place.

If you're new to Restoration Hardware, their design is heavy on simple, industrial styles (masculine and awesome) with typical expensive home decor prices (not awesome). I doubt I'll ever buy a $4,000 couch, but I enjoy flipping through their catalogs the same way I enjoy browsing J.Crew: I like the style, and I use it as inspiration to find similar frugal options at places like IKEA. Perhaps you'll just see a a different way to reposition some things you already have, or make use of something previously tucked away in the bottom of the closet.

See anything you like?

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  • Reply December 27, 2012


    such a manly place. keep doing these. does give you great ideas

  • Reply December 28, 2012

    Matt Septer

    Cannot help but be inspired but these. 

  • Reply December 28, 2012


    I am unable to view this on any of my iOS devices (iPad, iPhone).

    Please make this available in a format that doesn’t require Flash.

  • Reply December 28, 2012

    Gregory Bendes

    I apologise in advance, but I couldn’t help but do a little white-hacking and found the raw images that the slide-show uses under the following folder:

    On a personal note: is it just me or are these homes all seem a bit… cold? They look either cold, or old-fashioned to me. Is that what manly means nowadays?

  • Reply December 28, 2012

    David X L

    Love the architectural/traveler theme. Very manly and effortless. And this is basically the best couch I’ve ever seen:

  • Reply December 28, 2012


    Appreciate the change in slideshow. The previous one moved too fast and was awkward to pause.

  • Reply December 28, 2012


    I love Resto. Although i cant afford most of their furniture there are Restoration Hardware Outlets in some areas(40mins away from me). I was able to snag a sofa and TV stand for more than 50% OFF!!! If there is one near you it is mos def worth a visit. I have also found the store HomeGoods has knock-offs which are damn near replicas of the things Resto sells for cheap.

  • Reply December 29, 2012


    I love this look, but my wife won’t go for it.  It does come off as cold in these pictures, but I think it’s the lighting.  If you did this design but added some soft, non-natural light it would be warmer.

    Also, I’ve seen many of those coffee tables, or ones very similar at World Market. You could also build the frames for the tables and shelves from pieces in the hardware section at Lowe’s and Home Depot. If you’ve got a basic home tool box with sockets or wrenches and you do the measurements beforehand, you could have the wood for the shelves cut at the store and put everything together at home.

  • Reply January 2, 2013


    I don’t know if the actual rooms are “cold” or if it’s just the photography.  There’s a lot of gray and brown going on, and all the leather should add “warmth” to these rooms (right?).  The lighting in the pictures, however, makes things look a lot “colder” than they probably are.

    Great inspiration all the same.  I loves me some giant old maps.

  • Reply January 4, 2013


    Ten years ago, I invested about $2,000 in a closeout sale of a four-piece set of leather furniture. At the time, I was 23-24 years old and living in my parents’ basement. Now I’m married and have three kids of my own, and the leather is so easy to keep clean. 

    I see what others are saying about the spaces looking “cold,” since no space is ever going to be this neat for long (especially if you have kids,) but that’s what makes these aspirational. I suppose you could “warm” this up with plants and photos of your mom and evidence of a pet. I think that’s why I like Crate & Barrel so much — it’s doesn’t support as austere or strict an aesthetic as many other home furnishing lines.

  • Reply January 4, 2013

    Doug Johnson

    I hate to pile on some of previous comments but this is definitely out of a catalog. It all feels so stiff as I watch the slideshow, I wouldn’t want to live in any of the rooms shown. It’s all very masculine but it’s all black, grey and faded leather. I can see how it can give you ideas to make your own but most of it is just too much.

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