Sharp Shorts: 8 Pairs of Swim Trunks Under $30

Sharp Shorts: 8 Pairs of Swim Trunks Under $30
You’ve earned your stripes, now hit the water in style with an affordable pair of trunks.

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  • Ethan

    More articles like this please!

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  • Brandon

    Love it! Those Walmart ones are so cheap and cool looking! Those Target and Converse ones also can be considered purchased!

  • Andrew

    Ethan, Glad you like it! What about it would you like to see more of?

  • Rick

    How about the quality? I really like the K-Mart pair but afraid they will disintegrate during the first wash. The old saying, you can buy 3 pairs for $30.00 that may last you the season or one pair for $30 that may last you years. I still have a pair from 2003ish.

  • Justin

    Why the heck would you want swim shorts with a cargo pocket? The American Eagle selections are over branded, too. H&M has some great swim shorts for under $20. Heck, Old Navy’s options at $15 also look good.

  • Brock

    Awesome guide! I was just looking for a new pair of swim trunks and have been seeing all of these $50+ pairs on Bonobos and the like. Why would you spend that much on swimwear? What are we, women?


  • Rob

    Love this site…it’s easy for someone to give “style advice” when everything is $$$$$ You guys understand that young pros want to look legit, but not break the bank. Keep doing your thing.

  • Andrew

    Thanks Rob! I really appreciate that.

  • ChrisReetz

    I picked these up from Old Navy Outlet for $7.50 today. They do have an elastic waist which is a no-go for some, but the length is perfect.

  • Jeff K

    I agree with Rob completely. It is TOO easy to say “oh, buy this and that for $150” and “this looks great if you can shell out the $75 for these trunks”…you guys are the exception to that rule.

    Jeff K

  • jalin

    The swimming shorts are very nice and stylish and are having a nice deal to go go with it.