Gift Ideas for the Women We Love

Gift Guide for Women

Heart-shaped Ceramic Stonewear

Nesting Doll Measuring Cups

Reusable Bag

3 in 1 Avocado Slicer

Awkward Family Photos

13 Piece Cosmetic Brush Set

Infinity Scarf

Polish made without harmful ingredients

Pinch Pour Collapsible Measuring Cups

Stainless Steel Cheese Knives

250 Recipes for Every Season and Occasion

Voluspa Candle with 45 hour burn time

Libbey Spice Jars

Body Butter

Flowering Tea Set

Corkcicle Wine Cooler

Vanilla, Bourbon, & Mandarin Diffuser

Cinderella Work Apron

Makeup Train Case

Art iPhone Case

Modern iPhone Case

Leather Luggage Tag

Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves

Personalized Pet Pillow

Owl Corkscrew

Skagen Watch

Super Plush Bathrobe

Nike Flex

Timex Watch

Cashmere Sweater

Keurig K-Cup Brewer

Hunter Original Gloss

Kate Spade Watch

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Frye Riding Boots

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  • Reply December 10, 2012


    Anything that starts out “Women are just like men” is doomed to failure.

  • Reply December 10, 2012


    KitchenAid mixers are on sale at Target for $225-$280 (depending on the model).

    • Reply December 10, 2012


      Nice, thank you! They go on sale so much, it’s ridiculous.

  • Reply December 10, 2012


    So you essentially think we should gift our lovely ladies items to help them look prettier, and cook more? Really? I love this blog, but this one misses the mark.

    • Reply December 10, 2012


      Hey Matt,

      This was actually put together by my girlfriend. These are things that she’d love to have, but hasn’t convinced her checkbook to buy herself. It may miss the mark for the lady in your life, but not all of them.

  • Reply December 10, 2012


    Unless your lady is an avid chef and is constantly oggling the William Sonoma catalog, do not buy her kitchen tools. Same goes for make-up tools, you’ll probably buy the wrong things or sub-quality products she’s just going to have to return. All you’re doing is sending the message “I’d like you to cook better/more often, and look better while you’re doing it.”

    • Reply December 10, 2012


      Absolutely! The gents who read Primer are pretty thoughtful, it goes without saying that if your lady doesn’t like to bake for fun, it would be a crazy bad idea to get her cooking items, same goes for the makeup or fitness things, nor would you buy her a corkcicle or wine opener if she doesn’t drink wine.

      What things are on your list?

  • Reply December 10, 2012


    I completely agree with LadiesForPrimer’s comment and would add: if my boyfriend gave me an apron– especially one totally devoid of humor, like the one above– I would be ANGRY. No kitchen or cleaning tools for Christmas!!!!! And please, do not buy those $13 makeup brushes. A good– not great– set of makeup brushes will run you upwards of $150. Things I like about this list: the personalized pet pillow (so cute!), corksicle, Butter polish, and Hunter boots. Fryes are great if you can afford them!

    • Reply December 10, 2012


      Hey Lauren,

      My girlfriend was instrumental in picking these items out for the guide. Some women like getting kitchen gadgets or a $30 “Cinderella” apron that they wouldn’t pay for themselves. After all, if you already have measuring cups, why pay for a decorative nesting doll set? But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be cute to have. Same with the makeup brushes – if you’re a woman with a cheap set of brushes that need replaced but aren’t (and your significant other isn’t) in a place to buy the $150 set, do you just stop wearing makeup? The list has a great element of frugality and practicality to it, buying presents for significant others can be incredibly frustrating and anxiety-inducing if you’re just out of college and don’t have the funds to pay for a nice getaway, or jewelry, or another big-ticket item. Thanks for the comment!

  • Reply December 10, 2012

    Alexander Sollie

    Wowwww this is sexist.

  • Reply December 10, 2012


    Ladies- would love to hear what’s on your wish list!

  • Reply December 10, 2012

    Laila A.

    I think this list is great! It’s got a relatively wide range of items. As a lover of cooking, I would be more than happy to receive any of the cooking items. And as a female who does like to spruce up on a budget, I think the beauty items are a nice choice, as well. Of course, this list isn’t going to suit every gal, but like I said, it has a decent amount of different options, including price wise. So, kudos on the list!

  • Reply December 10, 2012


    As someone who likes to cook (and contributed to the 2010 guide), I don’t see what the big deal is about aprons or mixers. I’ve gotten both as gifts, and loved them. Makeup brushes too- all those things fall very easily under “cool things that I might not think to get for myself/might not want to shell out for” if you don’t like to cook, or aren’t into makeup, obviously those things are a bad idea (just like giving leather boots to your vegan girlfriend is probably also a bad idea.)

    These are just suggestions y’all-the most important thing in gift giving is to know your audience.

  • Reply December 10, 2012


    I was considering the tea flower set myself. My girlfriend said she was going to try and drink more tea and cut back on coffee, I wished her all the luck in the world. Along with a “spice of the world” set, she loves her salt. Its easy because we’re both foodies.

    • Reply December 10, 2012


      Nice! That sounds like a great idea.

  • Reply December 10, 2012

    Doug Johnson

    I gave my sister a nice, high quality sweater a few years back and she’s essentially worn it out. Definitely a good choice to have a quality basic like that can be hard to justify them getting for themselves.

  • Reply December 15, 2012


    Funny thing about this post is my girlfriend just bought herself some hunter boots and an infinity scarf so obviously those ideas are right on point.  She loves them both by the way.  Scarf is here and has been a big hit as a gift for her sister and my mom actually.  

  • Reply December 20, 2012


    Just wondering how old is your gf that helped compile this list?  On my wishlist is always socks, pajamas, starbucks gift cards, amazon cards, dinner certificates, anything sparkly esp earrings or bracelets, ooh and chocolate!

  • Reply July 11, 2015

    Cathy Hu

    The list is great. Just to add one more gift idea if you want to surprise your gf, check out, their flowers are amazing. Girls will definitely love them.

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