Enter to Win this Beautiful Orient Disk Watch + Primer Exclusive Discount Code

Class up your wrist by winning this Orient disk watch.

We're not sure exactly how many times we've said it, but we're sure it's a lot: a good watch goes a long way. As men, we're not afforded a whole lot of options when it comes to accessories, especially casual ones. You can't exactly spice up your sweater with a pair of cuff links or a tie bar. Short of other forms of jewelry, which we're not crazy about, you're pretty much left with the watch.

Luckily, watches are awesome and functional. They add a bit of class to your ensemble as well – pulling out your smartphone to know what time it is may get you the information, but it definitely doesn't win you the points you get from having a nice piece of metal on your wrist.

We want to help out by offering up a chance for one lucky reader to win this bad ass sports watch from Orient.

This model is what Orient refers to as a “disk watch.” Instead of having a traditional hand system, the watch keeps time with a rotating disc. You can see the hour marker is a nice, thick triangle, but because of the nature of the disc movement, the hour indicator actually changes color depending on the time of day. It goes from white, to half-white and orange, to full orange, and back around again. Pretty neat.

Flip the watch over for show and tell and the transparent back gives you a view of the interior workings of the timekeeper, which is both intricate and awesome as you watch the balance wheel spin around.

What's even greater about this watch we want to give you is that this minimalist modern design is casual enough to be worn at the sports bar while watching the game, but elegant enough to be worn with your favorite suit. It's got a beautiful case with a nice finish for that wow factor, but still features a sporty and functional face design. It's a go anywhere watch so you've got one less thing to think about when flying out the door.

But what if you're an unlucky guy? You enter tons of contests, but never seem to win anything? Relax, we've got you covered too.

By using the special promo code PRIMER30 at Orient you'll receive 30% off your next purchase, free UPS ground shipping, an Orient lanyard, an Orient T-Shirt, the Orient Catalog, and, if that wasn't enough (it's not!), a free Orient Quartz watch.

Sound good? We know. To use your promo code, just head over to the Orient site and shop around – to win this awesomely functional yet elegant sports watch, enter our raffle below.

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Robert Fure is a fitness, lifestyle, and entertainment writer living in Los Angeles. He is also a certified Personal Trainer and the Creator/Editor of Fit and Furious, an online outlet dedicated to the pursuit of a fit lifestyle. His entertainment work can be viewed at Film School Rejects.


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      Its 2012, you should have a FB account regardless if you use it or not….unless your uber old.

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        And what if you don’t feel like giving random internet sites your profile info?

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        Why should I have a Facebook account, I am sorry did I miss the evolutionary class that said its mandatory for humans to have Facebook? Wasn’t ware that class existed. Andres I take it u r über young so ill let it go but don’t make assumptions about how people should choose to spend their time on the interwebs, it’s just not cricket…….. Oh and one other thing if I don’t use it why should I have it, seems pointless to me, but hey I am just the dumbass that doesn’t have the account, what would I know……

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    im with you Car, no fb and proud of it

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    Tyler Allen

    Classy, gentlemen. 

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    Well for one, if you have a Facebook, you can use it to log in to certain websites and features across the internet (such as this one) even if you never log in otherwise.

    It also doesn’t have to spread and share information as much as you think. If you’re just using it for functional purposes, there’s no reason to tell it where you went to high school or who your favorite band is. Just open it up once, give it your basic information (name, birth year and state where you’re from) and walk away.

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    don’t have facebook? don’t join. easy!

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    who won?

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    Looks great. What about the price?

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