GamerKitchen: Paleo Grilled Latin Steak

An incredibly healthy meal that doesn't lack in flavor.

Perhaps it's the connection to the word carnivore, but carne asada sounds like the manliest way to prepare a steak, don't you think? It means “grilled meat” and is a Mexican style of marinating and then grilling steak. Usually the meat used is a less expensive cut like skirt or hanger steak, which is easy on the wallet and is transformed with a flavorful marinade.

I've decided to share this recipe with you because I've received a number of requests for Paleo recipes, and I know that following a particular diet or dealing with a food intolerance can be tough, especially when hanging out with friends who don't share your gastronomical preferences. Should I eat the potato salad that might have a soy-based mayonnaise? Do I blow my diet off for the day to avoid starving for rest of the evening? Can I eat my burger sans bun without getting too many weird looks? Well, put those worries behind you Paleo eaters – this is a perfect recipe to prep and take along to your next BBQ.  It's in-line with the Paleo way of eating and it's sure to cause many empty plates to line up when you take the meat off the grill.

For those of you wondering what exactly this Paleo diet is that I keep referencing, well, it's a way of eating that avoids most (if not all) processed foods. Grains, refined sugars, legumes, and diary are avoided, while fruits, vegetables, nuts and animal proteins are promoted. There's also a big emphasis on eating saturated fat, mostly from animal sources, while avoiding some plant-based oils. (Although there are variations within the Paleo-eating community about what exactly is and is not okay…but all seem to agree that animal proteins are of utmost importance.) These websites (one) and (two) do a much better job explaining it than me!

In this recipe, we prepare a delicious marinade with loads of Latin flavors. Next we grill the steak and serve it with freshly made pico de gallo – a simple salsa which complements the savoriness of the beef. I also show you how to quickly cut and slice an avocado, which pairs nicely with the steak and is one of those good sources of saturated fat.

It doesn't matter if you follow the Paleo lifestyle or not, this recipe is straight forwardly flavorful and definitely deserves a place on your BBQ grill. Let us know how it goes by tweeting a picture to @primermag #gamerkitchen!

Need a hard copy of the recipe when cooking?  Print it here.

Luke Bryce

Luke Bryce reviews games at Leisure Gamer Network. He also makes videos, teaches cooking classes and rides an old blue bicycle. Follow him on Twitter, @lukebryce.