A Very Special Thanks to Indochino for Sponsoring Primer this Month!

The popular made-to-measure company just got more awesome – they sponsored Primer this month!

A very sincere thank you goes out to the fine folks at Indochino for sponsoring Primer this month. I'm equally excited as I am grateful for partnering with them, because to me, Indochino is one of the perfect brands for Primer and our readers.

As you may know, I've been a huge fan of them for years, I've had their Essential Gray suit since 2010 and wear it every chance I get. But even more so, Indochino was one of only a handful of brands that I had in mind while building and starting Primer way back in 2008.

One of the fundamental reasons I started Primer was because I was frustrated with men's magazines only focusing on really expensive clothes. Yes, that $1,500 suit looks great on that model, but what about me? I was a few years out of college at the time, and there's no way I would ever have bought such an expensive suit. Even now, I can't imagine myself dropping that much. I had come across Indochino, a company that offered made-to-measure suits at off the rack department store prices. Perfect for a guy like me, and I knew there were tons of guys out there in the same boat.

Fast forward to 2012 and they're sponsoring Primer, making everything we do this month possible. Incredibly exciting!  If you like all the things the few dedicated writers and I do, help support us by checking out Indochino.

Not only do they have a large selection of styles and cuts for made-to-measure suits, they also offer a line of dress shirts, great for the guy who can't seem to get a shirt to fit in all the important areas off the rack. (That's probably all of us.) They also have blazers and outerwear, and chinos.

The Modern Linen & Wool Suit

A man wearing a suit and tie holding a umbrella

Fall and winter are great seasons for men – thicker fabrics and layers not only look put together, they functionally keep us warmer. The hotter months are a different story unfortunately. I've always found looking sharp to be much harder when fighting the heat is taken into consideration, especially when thinking of a suit or blazer.

Fortunately, there's a solution: linen. Linen suits provide breathability and a lighter, less bulky look. You may be scared because you have an image of a guy wearing a rumpled khaki suit from some movie taking place in Panama, but not all linen suits look like they belong in Central America. Take for instance Indochino's new linen suit collection that has one key difference, the inclusion of wool. This keeps the suit from getting completely wrinkled when you bend your arm 20 degrees, and the blend is perfect for spring and summer.

The Essential Gray Suit

A man wearing a gray suit and tie

One of the most versatile suits you can own, the Essential Gray works perfectly in professional settings, weddings, or a show that requires a bit of class. One of my favorite things about my gray suit is that I can wear both black and brown shoes with it. I usually pair it with my Allen Edmonds Strand wingtips, and get compliments every time I do.

The Essential Navy Suit

A man wearing a navy suit and tie

Many men start with a navy suit, which is absolutely a solid choice, I tend to place the gray slightly above for the post-college guy, but the navy suit is a close second. When you get to the point that you're ready for a second suit, either because you don't want to wear the same gray suit to all your friends' weddings who are getting married these days, or because you've got a gig that requires regular suit wearing, pick up the Essential Navy. I'm actually planning on ordering one shortly and will do a full write-up on it.

The Essential Gray Blazer

A man wearing a light gray blazer

Much like a gray suit, I find a gray or herringbone blazer to be more practical these days than the traditional navy blazer. (Though the navy is still a great look.) I feature them regularly in articles and Getups. Cheaper than both the J.Crew and Lands' End Canvas versions the Indochino blazer will have you looking sharp without breaking the bank.

A big thank you to Indochino for supporting everything Primer's trying to do. You guys are the best!

Andrew Snavely

Andrew founded Primer in 2008 and brings 15+ years of men's style expertise. Known for his practical, relatable approach to style and self-development, he has been a recognized speaker at conferences and has styled work for top brands. Off-duty, he loves photography & editing, and enjoys road trips with his dog, Leela. Raised in rural Pennsylvania, educated in DC, and living in LA for nearly 20 years, Andrew's diverse experiences shape the relatable and real-world advice that has helped millions through Primer. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.