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This tiny tool, no bigger than a business card holder, has 12 wrenches and a slew of other tools perfect for stashing in your bag to make sure you've always got the right tool for the job – and we're giving one away.

There are plenty of mottos and creeds out there urging you to be prepared, like the Boy Scout’s obvious “Be prepared” to the Marine’s slightly more involved “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.” We here at Primer are big fans of being prepared, which we generally boil down into simple recommendations, like carry a pocketknife or a Leatherman.

As handy as either of those items may be, it’s impossible to have one tool that covers all your bases and sometimes it’s impractical to have a bulky Leatherman hanging on your hips or a knife in your pocket – like when heading into government offices or onto airplanes. These tools can’t do everything and they can’t go everywhere, and sometimes they just come up short on the task at hand. Something to give you that do-it-all utility edge.

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I carry a knife everywhere I go, because it's thin, lightweight, and unobtrusive. It doesn't afford me the greatest versatility in the world, but I don't like having the big multitool on my belt if there is a low probability I'll need it. If only it were smaller, and less bulky. While I'm wishing, maybe it would have some sort of wrench feature, because those pliers leave something to be desired when going for torque. Maybe that's what the guys at PocketToolX were thinking of when they created the Piranha, a multitool that goes anywhere and becomes a great addition to your arsenal by filling in the holes left by other doodads you might be carrying.

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This cool little item is a little less than a quarter inch thick and three inches long. It fits easily into any pocket – front or back. Made of high quality heat-treated stainless steel and weighs in at a feather-light 54 grams, the Piranha is also TSA-compliant so it can be carried just about anywhere you can think of.

The Piranha advertises 10 tools: an open wrench, a 3/8” wide flat/pry tip, a ¼” hex bit holder, an oxygen bottle wrench, a bottle opener, a metric wrench, a scraper/large pry tip, a box/tape ripper notch, a 1/5” driver bit (the versatile #2 phillips head and #8 flat head), and a 1/8” wide pry/knot un-tier.

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Shaped like its namesake, the Piranha is a style statement as well as a useful tool. It’s got a great finish, feels smooth, and looks cool. While it’s not meant to replace a pliers based multi-tool, it can fill a niche that’s currently empty – a highly mobile multi-wrench tool. Plus, since it's the size of your business card holder, maybe even smaller, you can take it anywhere in addition to anything else you want to shove in your pockets – from phones to keys to gum, the Piranha fits in anywhere.

For something about the size of a key-ring, the Piranha packs a lot of bite in a small package. It’s perfect for tucking into your pocket or throwing it into your bag. If you’re a bicyclist or someone who has to adjust bolts and remove nuts frequently or are constantly swapping blades on your power tools, the Piranha makes a great addition to your every day carry.


The PocketToolX Piranha is made 100% here in the United States of America, in the Pacific Northwest. With 12 wrenches and an ever useful bottle opener all in one credit card sized package, you'll have no trouble finding a dozen everyday uses for your Piranha, unless you're already carrying an entire wrench set around with you which would just be silly.

Check out the Piranha by PocketToolX.

While they normally retail around $35, a few lucky Primer readers are going to get a savings of 100% because we’re giving three away.

Congrats to Primer readers Colby, Tony, and Robert! They each picked up a Piranha from PocketToolX!

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