Enter to Win a Hlaska Caliper V2 Briefcase!

Save the backpack for the gym and only use the messenger bag for school because when it comes to looking the part in a professional setting, you need to carry a briefcase. Luckily, we're giving one away.

3 briefcases in different colors

We all need to carry things; whether it’s for work or play, this is just an unavoidable fact of life. For many of us, an old backpack or messenger bag seems like a perfectly acceptable choice but if you really want to take your game to the next level, neither of these should even be an option anymore.

Let’s be honest: if we’re willing to carry something around with us in our daily lives, that something must hold value – unnecessary, replaceable items are logically left at home or in the car. So whether it’s a cell phone, laptop, tablet, camera, sunglasses, or important documents, you owe it to yourself to protect your own mobile property.

Most backpacks are not made with this purpose in mind and the few that are built to last are designed for mountain hikes and paratroopers, not boardrooms or graphic designers.

Even a high-end canvas shoulder bag will look out-of-place in most professional environments and what’s worse: a sub-par satchel can negate all of your exhaustive efforts to appear stylish and well-adjusted. The unfortunate truth of human nature is that even if you’re wearing a thousand-dollar designer suit, if the bag slung over your shoulder is some lesser holdover carryall from college… the bag will dictate the way in which you’re ultimately perceived.

The obvious solution to this pouch of problems? A briefcase. And I know that when I say “briefcase” you will immediately visualize an archaic, cheap-looking upholstered container with straight edges and gold combination locks. But it’s 2011 – we’re not talking about transporting dirty money to bootleggers during Prohibition or paying off wise guys on Miami Vice, we’re talking about a classic, simple, smooth, and handsome piece of everyday luggage.

Modern briefcases are designed to get through the day AND to help you look great while doing so. One of our favorite examples of a modern men’s briefcase? The large Caliper Briefcase from Hlaska. Perfect for both the tech-savvy laptop user (the bag can hold any size model up to 15”) or the old school analog file folder follower, the Caliper is deliberately versatile in its functionality.

With a body made of acrylic and Italian leather (not to mention the Teflon coating), it’s also exceedingly durable and smart in its style. Available in three colors (brown, black, and grey), anyone who carries the Caliper will never need worry about the suitability of their accessory.

A structured teflon-coated briefcase

Founded in 2005 by Anthony Mazzei and Chad Hurley, Hlaska is a San Francisco-based clothing brand geared around the principle of creating innovative, smart luxury apparel and accessories for both men and women. Dedicated to responsibility and transparency, Hlaska aims to resurrect honest American production with style. Currently, all of their women’s products are made in the United States and they’re on their way to reaching that 100% plateau for every item in their men’s line, as well (you can keep track of just how much of their menswear is made in the USA right at the top of their website).

While we are particularly taken with their wonderful briefcase, Hlaska also offers a wealth of other goods that would instantly improve any wardrobe. From their gorgeous Italian leather Cognac jacket and timeless Mariner linen shirt to their sharp Black Out timepiece and incredibly cool Diving Bell belt, their entire line of products seem familiar while also standing out as remarkably unique. Further, their mission of high quality inspiration means that their wares will be a part of your lifestyle for many years to come.

Naturally, we here at Primer want to ensure you’re always well-equipped and so, we’re going to give one reader a large Hlaska Caliper briefcase for free. We’ll even let you choose the color! How do you enter? Just leave us a comment explaining which items are absolutely essential for you – what would you carry in your Hlaska briefcase everyday? We’ll accept entries from now until August 3.

UPDATE: We've got a winner!

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