Don’t Talk to the Police Without an Attorney (video)

The police do an incredibly hard job. Faced daily with the scum of the earth who want nothing more than to hurt others, cops are tasked with trying to stop these folks, and ascertain the truth once something already happens.

This job is made even harder by the restrictions placed on them by the Constitution, and while we would all love to see more criminals behind bars, I do not at the expense of freedom.

That is why you should always utilize your Fifth Amendment right to not answer questions by police without an attorney present. Even if you truly are innocent, none of that matters, as Regent University School of Law professor James Duane proves here in this fast paced and educational lecture.

Say one thing, just a little off, and it could sway the whole case in trial. As Professor Duane points out in the video, talking to police without an attorney will only hurt you, it will never help you.

And don't just take his word for it, Professor Duane invites Virginia Beach Police Officer George Bruch to address the topic afterward, and (surprise!) Officer Bruch completely agrees. Bruch has questioned 1,000's of people throughout the world when he was in the Navy and as a police officer.

I highly encourage you to watch the entire lecture, it may save your life one day.

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Andrew Snavely

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