A Big Thank You to Primer’s Sponsors

A Big Thank You to Primer’s Sponsors

Just as a gentleman always writes a thank you note, I'd like to take a moment to thank our recent sponsors for believing in Primer and our community. These companies recognize the unique position Primer's readers are in and see the value in wanting their names in front of all of us.

Please take a moment to check out our sponsors to thank them for supporting Primer!

St Liberty logo

St. Liberty

www.stliberty.com / on Facebook

St. Liberty is a Texas based provider of unique men's goods. They've got a really cool “Remember the Lusitania” henley that sports wooden buttons, beautiful pocket squares you won't be able to find anywhere else, and some unique accessories like this rugged looking bottle opener necklace.

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www.manpacks.com / on Twitter: @manpacks

For as little cloth that you're getting, I've always been surprised by how expensive underwear is. For this reason, it's no wonder guys put off buying new skivvies and end up wearing the same few pairs for years. ManPacks is an easy and affordable solution to automating the replacement of your underwear, undershirts and socks. The subscription service sends you new pairs of each based on your needs every 3 months starting at just $14.

Forgetful Gentleman logo

Forgetful Gentleman

www.forgetfulgentleman.com / on Twitter: @forgetful_gents

Growing up with the emergence of newer and faster communication technologies it's easy to assume no one writes a physical thank you note anymore, but a gentleman always does. Forgetful Gentleman offers a unique and well-made line of stationery, including a great starter Thank You Note Kit starting at just $25. They also have a beautiful Letterpress Correspondence Kit, suitable both for your girlfriend's parents and foreign dignitaries a like.