The Weekend Bag: Primer Approved

If you decide to go on a last minute weekend trip the question becomes not 'what should I pack?' but 'what should I pack in?'. A suitcase is excessively big and bulky, and a book bag is too small and smells like your gym locker. The solution: the weekend bag.

In our college days it may have sufficed to shove all of our belongings into a book bag, whether we were going away for the weekend or home for the holidays.  Small, convenient and nothing fancy. All utility, no extraneous compartments. We didn’t need a suitcase, nor did we even own one to use.

These days you probably find yourself in the opposite situation: you no longer own a book bag but you’ve got a full size set of luggage that's too bulky and excessive for a short trip out of town. It's time to meet the weekend bag.

A weekend bag is many things, but it certainly isn't a giant suitcase hindering your mobility on your last minute getaway. No wheels, no squares, and no form to hinder your travel.

The benefit of a weekend bag is that of a duffel; its soft walls allow you to stuff it as full or as empty as required by your travels, without compromising the places it can be shoved into. You can carry it anywhere you need to go and stuff it in the overhead space of the tiny regional plane taking you to your destination.

Sure there are plenty of beautiful leather weekend bags on the market, but we opted for a waxed canvas weekend bag. If the importance of the weekend bag is mobility, ease of packing and transfer, then its form must certainly follow its function. Which is just a fancy way of saying canvas bags lack a rigid form, allowing them to take many shapes, fit in many places, and accommodate a wide variety of contents.

If you’re new to waxed canvas, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at its incredible durability. Not only is it virtually waterproof, the waxed nature of the canvas results in a beautiful patina achieved by stuffing, cramming, and hauling it over the years that it will last you. It will literally improve with age and use, while offering an adventurous, storied past for the man caught carrying it.

The weekend bag is a staple among most gentlemen who get to a place where a suitcase is too much and they need a more mobile alternative. With so many constant travelers choosing to carry canvas weekend bags, there are a bevvy of options available. We chose and unabashedly approve the Large Flight Bag by Frost River.

Not only is the price reasonable and better than many of its competitors, Frost River offers a lifetime guarantee and they’re hand-crafted in Duluth, Minnesota.

Weekend Bag

The Large Flight Bag offers bridle leather handles and leather patches at all major stress points. One large zipper allows you to fit anything you need to take with you; this past weekend my girlfriend and I both packed all of our stuff into one Flight Bag. If you're traveling solo, the ability of the cotton to change form allows you to also carry a single change of clothes without the extra bulk other bags and luggage force you to lug around.

Finding a fantastic product, made right here in the United States, by expert craftsman, all for a price more reasonable than its foreign-made competitors? I don’t know if there has ever been a product more Primer Approved.

Being a gentleman who understands the importance of putting your best image forward doesn’t end with a tie bar and a nice haircut. Don’t show up to a bed and breakfast with your gym bag. Don't make a weekend trip to visit that tryst from college with a roll-away suitcase. Primer, I introduce to you the weekend bag.

Close up of buckle on bag

Andrew Snavely

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