Introducing Soapbox Therapy: An Advice Column For Guys from an Experienced Psychotherapist (She’s Cute Too)

Primer is excited to announce our new monthly advice column, Soapbox Therapy, created for guys just like us who may need some anonymous counsel from time to time.

Advice column? You may be thinking that kind of thing is reserved for the shallow analysis of girly teen magazines like Cosmopolitan or Seventeen. But we are men with real lives, and sometimes we need a little guidance. You may be looking for direction for something that you know your buddies won't understand, or you're too embarrassed to ask anyone about.  Or, maybe you're looking for the opinions of an educated expert.

We searched high and low for a professional who would be a good fit for the forward thinking, self-improving, introspective readers of Primer. The truth is, there are a lot of therapists and life coaches out there, but no one who really gets it, calls it like it is, and is actually intelligent, effective, and progressive. Therapists are smart…but modern, fresh, and relevant? Hard to find. Brooke Miller

But then, we met Brooke.

Brooke is an advice columnist, a published writer, and a therapist (Masters Degree, the whole bit). She’s professional, and pretty damn cute to boot. But she’s more than a pretty face with a degree, she’s real. She's got the goods to deliver what Primer's readers need.

She’s been cheated on (no longer bitter so she claims) and even admits to have cheated — a long time ago. She’s watched her house burn down. She’s had 2 brain surgeries. She has broken hearts and has had her heart broken…more than once. She’s had one night stands and long term relationships.

She’s the girl you wish you always had around, because she gets it — we also think she’s the therapist we all need once in awhile.  Brooke is refreshing, and now she’s our Primer girl…and we’re happy to have her. Like we said, goods…delivered.

Send your questions, get real advice.

Starting now you can send questions to Soapbox Therapy, directly to Brooke about love, life, family, relationships, sex…all of it. And by the way no one  will know who the question is coming from. All is confidential.

Wishing you the best,

The Primer Team

More About Brooke

Brooke Miller MA, MFTi  (marriage and family therapist intern) was born in Detroit, grew up in Chicago, lost herself in Los Angeles and found herself in San Francisco…sort of. Her blog, Soapbox Therapy (, has been called “Raw, honest, thought-provoking, and wisely witty” by readers and critics and can be read in several publications including The SF Chronicle’s insert, TheIsCollection, and Cheeky Chicago. Brooke lives, writes, speaks, works, and analyzes…in San Francisco. She can be contacted at brooke(a)

*Disclaimer: Brooke cannot respond to every question asked, nor should her responses be considered professional medical advice.
Brooke received her Masters Degree in counseling psychology and is an MFTI (registered marriage and family therapist intern) working towards licensure in CA. Soapbox Therapy/Primer Magazine is not part of the licensing process and should not be considered psychotherapy. Soapbox Therapy/Primer Magaizine is commentary and advice based on Brooke's personal opinions and insight and should be regarded as such. Soapbox Therapy/Primer Magazine is in no way related to or reflective of the opinions or insight of Brooke's private practice supervisor, Cynthia Hoffman LMFT.