Five Reasons the Zombie Apocalypse Will Never Come to Pass

Aside from the fact that no actual virus/infection exists that would turn living people into soulless, plodding flesh-hungry beasts, there are five reasons the zombie apocalypse will never come to pass.

Just after watching the pilot episode of The Walking Dead, I decided that while I could still watch (and enjoy) any and all zombie films and television shows… I could no longer truly abide them. There's too many questions logged in my head from years of viewing this particular genre and here, at the end of 2010, I now feel a responsibility to myself and the world to completely unravel any semblance of the well-accepted cultural delusion that zombies could actually take over the world, if they existed in the form presented in popular modern media.

Aside from the fact that no actual virus/infection exists that would turn living people into soulless, plodding flesh-hungry beasts, I believe there are five reasons the zombie apocalypse will never come to pass.

(For the purposes of this dissertation, I am choosing to disregard any zombie tale in which zombies are created by some indefinable Biblical prophecy wherein all dead people rise from the grave and any person who dies after a certain point becomes a zombie whether or not they've been “infected” in any way. Because… come on, that's just ridiculous.)

5. Weather

You know how you have separate clothes for winter and summer? That's because getting extremely hot or cold is bad for the human body (you may have gleaned this, over the years). Extended exposure to harsh summer sun and/or the frigid temperatures that normally accompany snow and ice will absolutely kill fully nourished and healthy humans. So how would people with open wounds, no shelter, and rapidly decaying flesh and bone respond to being out in the sun for hours or days or weeks at a time?

With an intermittent diet consisting only of human/animal flesh, their bodies would quickly become dried out and malnourished, and they would soon turn to sticky puddles of death on a hot stretch of highway. And if any zombies were caught in a frigid climate, their likelihood of survival would be even further reduced. Frostbite on the limited remaining blood and fluid in their bodies would quickly eliminate motor function, reducing them to mildly cool heaps of flesh itching to be plowed into snowdrifts.

4. They're already dead

Humans may be relatively fragile but at least we can fix ourselves, more often than not. Human beings can get stabbed, shot, hit by cars, dropped from great heights, drowned, and poisoned and STILL SURVIVE (though to be honest, I don't know if anyone's sustained all of those in quick succession). We have science, medicine, and — above all — functioning immune systems. Zombies would have none of these. In addition to the aforementioned problems that zombies would encounter via the elements, they have no way to solve any other physical problem that may pop up. Oh, a zombie stepped off a curb at an awkward angle and broke his/her ankle? Have fun on the asphalt. A stray dog attacks them? Done.

Anything that happens to a zombie is final. Their life support is largely already unplugged. They cannot patch themselves up or seek help at a zombie hospital and their body can't do anything on its own. The hard work in killing them is done. There's no right or wrong way to go about ending a zombie's tenure. It's one move based purely on physics: impale the brain and walk away.

3. Disease control

Remember when everyone freaked out about SARS? How about the big Bird Flu scare, at the beginning of this century? And then the big Swine Flu business last year — remember that? The total combined deaths of those three recent outbreaks worldwide was under 20,000 people (and an overwhelming majority of those were from swine flu, which is odd considering that that form of influenza is not usually very deadly). Even with a decade and three different battlefronts, the result was far from global eradication of our species. Further, do you know how many SARS/Bird Flu/Swine Flu deaths happened in the United States? About 3,400, and those were ALL Swine Flu related (and nearly half of them were in Florida, Texas, New York, and California… meaning quarantine would've been relatively easy to implement).

Now you may be saying: “well, the death toll in those three instances was small because SARS and the flu are treatable and thus, not 100% lethal. So, the number of people who were infected with SARS/the flu is a lot higher than the number of people died by them. But with the zombie infection, once you're infected, survival is not possible.” And you'd be right. If the zombie virus spread like the Swine Flu, over 600,000 people would be zombies. Or would they? No, they wouldn't.

See, there is one HUGE difference between something like swine flu and the zombie virus beyond existing suitable medical treatment: transmission. The reason that influenza (in all its forms) has hung around so long and killed so many (thousands of people per year in the U.S. alone) is because it is very contagious. Whether it's through direct contact with fluids, aerosol germs, or touching a contaminated surface, if you believe someone around you has the flu, you basically need to avoid everyone and everything. Once the flu's in the area, it's very difficult to remain flu-free.

But one unchanging part in nearly all of the zombie mythos is thus: you can only become a zombie if you are bitten by a zombie. So to avoid becoming infected with the zombie virus… all you need to do is not get bitten. How hard could that be? Well, for real-world comparison, how many times have you contracted rabies? Exactly. On average, less than 3 people die of rabies in the U.S. annually. The lack of rabies-related death can be attributed to effective vaccinations but also because, at this point, people know not to get within biting distance of wild animals. So, if you knew a zombie virus was out there, would you get within biting distance of any person you didn't know to be zombie-free (to say nothing of getting within biting distance of any person who looked like a zombie)? Wouldn't you wear long sleeves and pants and denim and leather all the time just to ensure no zombie could even accidentally pierce your skin? Seriously, one aspect rarely dramatized in zombie stories is that — based on how difficult it is to contract the zombie virus — becoming a zombie would be embarrassing more than anything, as it is a clear message that you're just a total idiot.

Anyway, my point is this: we don't live in 14th-century Europe. Zombification isn't the Black Death. And even if the zombie virus was transmitted by rats or fleas like Black Death… again, it's not the 14th century anymore. When a disease (of any kind) threatens us in the year 2010, we immediately hear about it. A video of zombies would be on TwitVid within an hour of being filmed. We learn about it. We can handle it. We close borders and set up mobile clinics. We may not solve it immediately but you know those two places, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization? They're more than a couple of offices with fluorescent lights and file cabinets. They figure out how diseases work. And even if it took a month or a year or even ten years to figure out how to treat the infected, these national/global groups would have no qualms about running PSAs every 19 seconds proclaiming “hey, just a reminder: don't let dead people bite you!”.

2. They're mindless

Whether you believe they can run or not, one inescapable truth about zombies since their introduction to pop culture has been that they are conclusively no longer human. They can't speak. They can't avoid danger. They can't use tools. They can't hide and wait until your back is turned. They can't organize and design an effective plan of attack. They can't conserve their energy. They can't defend themselves. Translation? Make sure there are none hiding in your house and then just shut your doors and windows. That's literally all you ever need to do.

Zombies could pile up against the sort of door used as the main entry in a home or building but it probably wouldn't do much good as those doors are designed to keep people out. Zombies have no muscular strength or logic to organize “1… 2… 3… push!” so it would be long, sustained light pressure on your front door. I think by the time that loosely assembled plan came together for the zombies (if it ever did), you would've had more than enough opportunity to slip out the back door and drive anywhere else in the country.

Put it this way: how many able-minded criminals have broken into your residence when the doors were locked? Take it back another step: how many ANIMALS have outsmarted you enough to enter your house? And zombies are conclusively dumber and less capable than both of those groups. Our whole world is already full of objects erected to keep things apart — anybody who didn't have brainpower or muscular ability enough to use a sledgehammer or turn a door knob would have endless amounts of trouble breaching these barriers. And that's before you factor in people nailing two-by-fours across every entrance, piling up sandbags along the sidewalk, and buying tank spikes from the Army surplus store (I already have a line of credit there, just in case).

If you're going to take over the world, you need to at least be as smart as my dog. Zombies don't make that cut.

1. The military.

I would argue that no genre has disrespected the military quite like zombie cinema. At least when aliens or monsters or robots devastate armed forces in movies, it is usually hilariously explained within the context of the story (aliens have technology, monsters are bulletproof and very large, robots take over our computers and become omnipresent). But when zombies supposedly overrun the world, we're rarely given an explanation as to how these zombies could possibly trump a force with greater numbers, strategy, technology, and firepower. Zombie fiction (in film and literature alike) tells us that these military forces were simply defeated and that's about it. We'll see the occasional abandoned tank and helicopter, with bloody fatigued bodies nearby but we're never really offered any reasonable logic as to how this could have happened. That's because it wouldn't happen. It's dumb.

[Even worse, most zombie media will usually add another insult to the military by depicting at least one or two sequences wherein our protagonist ragtag band of survivors (or even a single survivor) — traditionally armed only with melee weapons — successfully wipe out a dozen or so zombies while rarely enduring any casualties on their side. How does this make any sense? A bunch of untrained civilians can hold this menace at bay but no military can? Pssh. Anyway, back to my point.]

Using America's military for comparison, do you realize that even when facing multiple well-armed foreign militaries overseas nearly non-stop over the last 90 years, the entire American military has never even come close to being totally annihilated (also relevant: America won nearly all of those wars). And those were multiple-year struggles against organized groups with rifles and jets and tanks — not a bunch of uncoordinated, slow-moving morons in wide open spaces.

On top of that, one of the biggest issues in winning a war is finding and subsequently neutralizing the opponent. This would never ever be a problem with zombies because zombies would be the only opponent in the history of living things to:

a. repeatedly try to get very close to their greatest predator

b. have absolutely no defense against their greatest predator

c. not flee their greatest predator even as their greatest predator is obliterating all other zombies

d. not be able to increase their numbers without step A

So if this unlikely outbreak somehow started, as long as every healthy human being stayed indoors, all the military would need to do is drive down the street and capture/kill those stumbling around, looking for flesh. It would be easier than Duck Hunt.

In conclusion, the zombie-induced end of the world as depicted in films, television shows, and comic books would never happen. Could zombies wreak some havoc in a small, isolated town full of the dumbest people on Earth? Sure. But once anyone with a functioning brain heard about it, the clean-up would take like 9 hours.

Justin Brown is an artist and writer living in Virginia. He channels most of his enthusiasm into making things for his online art shop, Artness! by Justin Brown. You can keep up to date with him, his worldly adventures, and his dogs by following him on Instagram and on Facebook


  • Reply January 3, 2011


    I would just say read World War Z or The Zombie Survival Guide to counter every point you just made. I’ll kind of explain each point though…

    5. Weather: The Virus is supposed to act in a way that preserves the body and therefor they are not affected by weather in an extreme way.

    4. They are already dead: This is why they are hard to kill… Also, most people wouldn’t instantly identify them as zombies. They would stab, punch, kick and mace them before thinking to smash somebody’s head.

    3. Disease Control: I’ll use your example of the flu. If everybody who had the flu tried their hardest to spread it to other people, there would be a larger death count. Hand sanitizer and sneeze guards won’t help here.

    2. They are mindless: This isn’t completely true. Their only thought is to eat you and that is the scary part. They will come after you like a machine with the sole purpose of killing. Shutting your windows and doors will only work for awhile, eventually they will push through. After they realize you are in there, more and more will show up too.

    1. The military: I could go into a lot of detail on why I don’t think the military would do very well in a zombie outbreak.

    For one, the military doesn’t just sit and wait for stuff to happen like this. The active duty ones who aren’t deployed also have families they are spending time with and can easily be infected.

    Two, by the time the threat was identified as zombies it would have already grown to a huge outbreak. There are not enough military personal to be in every city in America.

    Three, the military uses conventional tactics that involve “shock and awe”. Zombies are not scared of bombs and the blast pressure most likely will not kill them. Shrapnel will also not be as effective due to the need for the brain to be destroyed.

    Alright, I’m tired of writing… pick up a copy of World War Z and your questions will be answered. Also, visit

    • Reply January 6, 2013


      Kinda? .-.

    • Reply May 29, 2013

      This kid is wrong

      Well your wrong,

      5. The weather would kill them if they were infected.

      4. Nothing dead realistically can be alive. (Meaning dead thing don’t move proving it is impossible for dead zombies, infected, maybe)

      3. No one would try to spread the virus

      2. Zombies don’t even know how to function there for it is impossible for them to figure out how to eat a human.

      1. “I could go into a lot of detail on why I don’t think the military would do very well in a zombie outbreak.” The military wouldn’t have to deal with an outbreak if zombies cannot outlast more then a week in the first place.

      • Reply June 10, 2013


        Lol… shrapnel doesnt hit the brain? Do you even know why soldiers wear helmets? Its not for bullets, helmets arent effective enough to stop bullets. Its for shrapnel and falling objects. Originally in WWI it was implemented to pretect soldiers from shrapnel from artillary shelling. Because a) shrapnel goes through the brain too and if it does you are instantly dead. whilst other body parts dont need as much protection as they arent as vital. Clearly the author of that book has no idea what they are writing about.

        Secondly how would it spread fast if its only through biting? Thats the slowest form of disease spread… by far.

        Also zombie piling up on doors wont exert more pressure. someone clearly hasnt done any physics to pearn that….

        • Reply July 9, 2013


          I would like to say something about this really quick. First, zombies are dead, even if shrapnel hits their brain, they dont just die, it would take a lot of hits, or a hit with more power, to take a zed down. Also, biting is slow, but it could still take down a large population, also, it wouldn’t JUST be transmitted through bites, I would think that it could evolve, (though I’m not too sure about that refute) lol. But the main thing i wated to say is… Are you stupid? One zombie pushing against a door is a lot less force than… More than one zombies. They wouldn’t simply pile next to the door, they would make an effort to get in…

          • January 14, 2014


            bro zombie can freeze and dry out and you know how elements condese freze and melt gas solid liquid you must have learn about it in high school. how the body works it is a living organism look you gotta admit zombie is not dead or else it wont move infected yes but think about it how do you move your legs muscle oxygen blood circulation remember the mad cow things its was something like a zombie outbreak but there not dead they are brain dead but they are technically still living so zombie will be living people that is just crazy.okay lets asume the virus stop decay effect and somehow doesent need to get energy to keep moving theoretical impossible but okay lets go with it your not gonna tell me that the virus can stop evaporation also rite that just crazy lets awesome this bastard move around everywhere it take 5 or 10 or even15 days maxxxx before the muscles dries up like a jerky so once that happen how they gonna move when they no longer muscles or water in them see i the zombie apocalyse will just die out soon i dont doubt alot of people might die but this crap wont last longer then 1 month of its epidemic

          • December 14, 2014

            anthony longoria

            It can spread fast and easily as I’ve proved in my other comments plus of the controller (parasite,bacteria,fungus,virus) was capable to adapt from taking over rodents and insects to humans it can much more easily hijack the complete internal organ and muscle system control the body’s interior to its desire and creating a sub human and just wants to eat you and never tires out :/

          • July 19, 2014


            Okay just to add to your statement to kill a zombie you would have to put it in a million pieces. It’s like the game dead space shoot their heads or body isn’t gonna do shit so you gotta render them useless by shooting their limbs off and they can’t go for ya anymore

          • December 14, 2014

            anthony longoria

            Saliva, vomit and blood are fluids that can spread it and biting and scratching also spread it. Plus they never tire so instead of pushing or leaning on the door image them banging and scratching at it until they find interest in something else.

          • June 26, 2015


            It’s impossible to “never tire” due to the law of conservation of energy, because the zombies would have to get energy from nowhere, defying the laws of physics.

          • September 28, 2015

            Burt Fleming

            Okay, enough anthony. Zombies are not real, Zombies could not exist without being human with a mind that is turned off to moral right. A zombie would need to have a working human body to be able to function, walk around, let alone cross cities or counties to get to you. Stick a steak outside and see how fast it deteriorates (flies, maggots, fungus, rot). Soft tissue would go just as quickly. Ever see an athlete snap an Achilles? No weight bearing on that leg until it is surgically fixed by an expert, and it is rehabbed by the best trainers, healthy diet etc. This is a world class athlete we are talking about. Yet a coach potato zombie can become a zombie and all of his soft tissue remains healthy? This is the flaw in the ZombieWorld of thinking. I’m a fan of zombie stuff, its fun, but it is the furthest thing from real life we will ever have. Saliva, vomit, blood, piss, sh*t, all come from a person whose body system is alive and well. A dead person will only be able to grow hair and nails for a short time until that body system shuts off-that’s it.

            I know, and hope, I’m talking to a young kid that isn’t thinking this through and not some adult that actually believes with his tired and unreal arguments

          • May 7, 2016


            i dont think you are right more hits???
            if the brain thing dont work then just blow up their body to oblivion which is hard if you dont have explosives 😛

        • Reply October 1, 2013

          Brad Ward

          Really? There is a level III Kevlar helmet in the post museum at Ft. Benning, Georgia that was worn by a soldier in the invasion of Grenada. That K-pot stopped a 7.62 x 39mm AK 47 round! The soldier suffered a bad concussion, but the round didn’t even penetrate the helmet. Only the very tip of the projectile broke through, and that was not enough to kill the soldier.

          • January 30, 2017

            Lars Mårten Rikard Nilsson

            That’s because the round probably had already lost most of it’s kinetic energy in flight…

        • Reply July 19, 2014


          But helmets help for bullets as if shot at the correct angle it could bounce right off. Take saving private Ryan for example. Their on the beach huddled together and the guy gets shot in the head the first time survives because it bounces off and in the heat of the moment takes his helmet off to reevaluate his life then eats a mg bullet and…. Poor basterd

        • Reply December 14, 2014

          anthony longoria

          Spreads by vomit, blood, saliva, other bodily fluids, bites, and scratches. Oh look close up ranged and projectile means of spreading. Plus its a small part but a major part of the brain theyd need to latch onto, chance of shrapnel hitting it are must less likely unless it blows the head off completly :/

          • September 5, 2015


            Not necessarily the piece of shrapnel wouldn’t have to directly hit it because the shock and impact from the shrapnel would damage all parts of the brain and would probably take parts of the head of with it.

      • Reply December 14, 2014

        anthony longoria

        The human body is a vessel protection the virus, bacteria, fungus, or parasite in the brain. Seeing as to how its evolved to the point that it reanimates humans and controls them it’d evolve to the point of creating a new sub species of humans within months if not weeks. And the humans dead not the control moron :/ plus zombies tend to be more or less hive minded, thus why the gather togethor , form herds, and don’t eat each other. P.s there’s bacteria , fungus, and parasites that make animals lesser then humans and insects into zombies in oder to breed and create a controlled enviro. Also the military would be its own downfall with all the riots and confusing someone’s boundnto get infected within their ranks and likely won’t tell anyone since theirs be no way of curing a zombie virus since its in the frontal lobe meaning any cure= death. Plus where the only able to be transmitted by bites coming from? Its spreadable through saliva, blood, sweet, and vomit. Practicly any and all bodily fluids and by the flesh under nails. So biting distance? No arms reach while avoiding a small pack of them at once most likely :/ besides heat would give them almost a leather like extior and cold would have little affect on them and more on us. I can explain any of this you dont understand within greater detail if I must.

      • Reply July 17, 2015

        Kayla McDonald

        Number 2 is wrong nobody needs to function to learn how to eat A zombie is a predator whos man goal is to eat its their killer instincts for example if your in a wild animals territory and your nexts to her babys her instincts are going to be to come after you and try to kill you she not going to sit there and think about it another example if your very hungry and you see a big ass hamburger on the table your just going to dig in why?well because your hungry just like a ”zombie”

        • Reply November 21, 2017


          cool but animals aren’t mindless and braindead people can’t feed themselves… seriously go try to put a hamburger in front of a very hungry comatose person. Nothing happens.

      • Reply October 23, 2015

        Warren Callaghan

        Your wrong on 3 there are sum sick fucks out there 1 of them might spread the virus for fun because there a asshole

        • Reply May 14, 2016


          Some*, there is an asshole*

          • June 10, 2016


            *They’re an asshole

      • Reply May 1, 2016


        Zombies have the most basist of impulses, the most basic need: the need to feed.

      • Reply May 8, 2016


        5000 thousand armed men soldiers or not. Shifts of 8 hours (no overtime, zombie apocalypse or not), 1000 men firing (3 shifts on a day), 1000 men working mobile operating base perimeter security, and 1000 men working logistics.

        Average human walking speed is 3 mph. Say zombies are 2/3 that, though that would be fast for the genre. They are moving at 2 mph. Just have you base 20 miles down the road and you would have 10 hours before the zombies get there. Heck you could sleep 8 hours and still have time to pack up and leave. Pick a spot with good lines of sight and not near a population center. Even if you have a city of 100,000 nearby, the 1000 perimeter security could clean up the whole population moving at the base in mass in 30 minutes.

        Slow moving zombies, each man on the line kills one every 15 seconds. No need for auto and that would be a very slow rate of fire. 4000 killed a minute. 240,000 killed an hour. Basically 2,000,000 killed an 8 hour shift. 6,000,000 killed a day. Two days, even with the entire population of New York City turned into zombies, they are dead. Two months with weekends off and the entire population of the US could be zombies and those 5000 guys with guns could kill them all.

        No, slow moving mindless zombies would be a joke to any organized fighting force. The biggest problem would be bullets and even without them zombies would be easy pickings, just a little slower. That does not use any weapons other than a standard rifle and a bullet to the brain.

        • Reply May 14, 2016


          I completely agree with you

      • Reply May 15, 2017

        O agar

        your reply are really stupid without proper explaination…
        He said the viruse is suppose to perserve their flesh and protect from weather… u just jump in and said it wont without any explaination.

        4. that’s why we call it zombie…a death body that still move… it’s zombie… I like to think zombie is not a thing and will never happen becuz death cant move… but defination of zombie is dead body moving around. u cant just reply when u dont even know what fucking zombie mean. brainless.

        3. No one my ass… ever heard of Hiv… there are a few hundred people try to spread recently… so that people die together… and Embola etc.. even people dont try to spread.. it gonna end up spreading.

        2. like he said… if zombie know there are people inside… they will push the door… it’s not the hardest and complicate thing in the universe… just try to walk and push the door… that’s it.

        1. your explaination are base on your other 4 point which is stupid like your mom assholes.

        • Reply May 15, 2017

          O agar

          and the thing above is just soo beyond science like… a viruse that keep you protect from weather… that’s why I dont believe zombie will ever exist…. but your explaination is try to change defination of word zombie… idiot,

      • Reply May 25, 2017

        Taylor ryder

        Are you stupid?
        5. First if it were zombies like the walking dead weather wouldn’t do shit. The virus slows down decomposition and unless tornadoes or hurricanes or twisters consistently hit weather being a factor is bullshit your trying to go with factual vs fictional. Obviously zombies at this present time are fictional, but if you actually think for one second that the possibility of a virus not being able to mutate and turn zombies into a reality your dumb as shit.
        3. No one has to spread the virus. People go out sick all the time in current times. They wouldn’t have to knowingly spread it, they’d spread it without even knowing what it is.
        2.the part of the brain that drives a basic need like eating flesh is what they’ll do dumbass. People and animals alike evolve everyday, it would be a primal instinct for a zombie to feed on living flesh and spread the virus.
        1.its not a couple of zombies that the military would have to deal with its hundreds of thousands if not millions that they’d be dealing with. I served for 6 years and I’m and extremely loyal zombie fan. The military would get overrun within the month depending on the type of zombies they are.

        My suggestion, go watch or if you have rewatch dawn, day and night of the living dead. Try out return of the living dead while your at it and brush up on the walking dead zombies Too because everything you just said is beyond dumb as shit.

    • Reply November 4, 2013

      nick asatourian

      I will just list scientific common sense for you that has been lost among your generation:

      1. There is no virus or mutation of any kind that can fundamentally alter the biology of a host without killing it. Ever! Never has been and never will be. This fact has been demonstrated countless times that it is now canon. Viruses can mutate, but they do not change the host in any way except adversely. It always, always kills the host. This scientific fact makes Hulk, Spiderman, Superman, The X Men and Zombies science fiction. At best! However, genetic manipulation is possible. e.g: genome alteration to irradicate diseases, picking gender, eye color etc, etc. This is no more than playing with what is already there. Not changing it in any fundamental way. Blues eyes over brown eyes serves no positive or negative purpose. Choosing no eyes or 4 eyes will kill the subject in question.

      2. The most realistic rendering of zombies in film to-date is 28 Days Later. They were not animated rotting corpses… They were very realistic humans infected with a rage virus similar to rabies. They even bled out and starved in a scientifically sound manner. This type of infection is scientifically possible, but hardly probable. A world wide spread is possible, but so remotely improbable that is may well be science fiction.

      3. The most fictitious rendering of zombies is your classical rendering of zombies like NOTLD or The Walking Dead: Animated corpses. This is not only scientifically, biologically and physiologically impossible, it is purely metaphysical and supernatural. Both the metaphysical and supernatural are long discounted superstitions since the enlightenment. Nothing dead can reanimate. A human with open wounds will bleed out or die of infection. A human without a heart cannot live. The brain without blood supply from the heart and oxygen from the lungs cannot function. The zombies in The Walking Dead zombies defy science, logic and common sense. That is why the show relies on a religious theme for support: The zombies in the walking dead are supernaturally powered. More like remotely controlled demons rather than humans. They are acts of a god or a devil. Those deities found in the big three monotheist religions of today.

      4. Without a host, a virus will die. All living things need a source of energy and replensihment. Viruses are no different. Rust, bacteria, algae, fungus etc, etc. A virus or infection of any kind cannot sustain the host if proper resources are absent. In the case of zombies, it would be blood and oxygen. After several days without water, the host would die as would the virus. Human biology factually needs water to survive. Blood is not a supplement. Nor is flesh. These things scientifically cannot sustain the human body.

      5. Just because you may not understand a word of what I am writing doesn’t mean I am wrong. It simply means you are a victim of modern education, which has, effectively turned more people in the U.S into zombies than anything else ever depicted in film. i.e: you are just a mindless zombie with shit for brains. You really should try dealing in facts. It is so much better than the paranormal and metaphysical. Or, worst of all, the antithesis of science: superstition! The basis of all religion!

      • Reply December 14, 2014

        anthony longoria

        I’m to tired to point out all the flaws in your argument, but besides the factor that a virus isn’t the only this that can cause a zombie, butthay there are fungus and vacteria and parasites that turn lesser animals(not humans) into zombies for their own needs like food, population growth or a controled environment :/

      • Reply July 17, 2015

        Kayla McDonald

        If you want to speak facts so badly nothing is impossible

        If your in the hospital and your heart stops there is this thing called electric paddles that shocks your heart and brings you back to life kinda impossible right?…wrong

        There is this girl who is living with half of her brain but yet just because you know science you think its impossible right??

        There is this thing called hypnosis where a person can control your mind and make you do whatever they say just by tricking your brain if a person can look me in my eyes and tell me to go to sleep and im completely under their control what makes you think that a virus can infect the brain seems to me that our brains aren’t that good at blocking things out

        • Reply October 21, 2015


          Well arent you guys just a ray of sunshine.

        • Reply November 21, 2017


          Woah stupid person alert!!! Wtf are you even talking about with that hypnosis shit? Obviously the stupid shit your talking about is perfectly inside the confines of science. The paddles don’t “bring you back to life”, they restart the heart. GO paddle a corpse and see if it gets brought back to life.

      • Reply July 27, 2015

        BOOM roastes

        See this is where your wrong…..(getting ready to roast you)….. A body’s heart stops pumping blood, therefore the bloodstops moving, BUT depending on the way patient zero died, the blood will flow to the lowest point of the body, when the brain reanimates patient zero will get up, causing the blood to rush to its feet (the normal blood weight in a body is about 13.5 pounds depending on size) causing a drag on the walker. So i f there was some sort of virus, it would most likely take out the country, MAYBE even the world in under a month so they will most likely be slow TWD type zombies

        • Reply July 27, 2015


          Also for those of you who watched TWD regularly and are heavily religious anyone would have figured out that it was the day of reckoning.

          • July 27, 2015

            Zombie guu

            Rekd. I am a christian and your point is exactly correct. I was thinking about it today and you are exactly right. The zombie appocolypse is possible. Period.

      • Reply May 8, 2016


        Don’t bring religion into this

      • Reply June 9, 2016


        None of those superheroed you mentioned ever got a virus

        • Reply June 12, 2016


          “There is no virus or mutation of any kind that can fundamentally alter the biology of a host without killing it.” This is what he is talking about…
          “This scientific fact makes Hulk, Spiderman, Superman, The X Men and Zombies science fiction.” Ok… Let us dissect: Hulk, bombarded with gamma radiation and mutated because of it = dead (True). Spiderman, bitten by genetically modified spider and mutated because of it = dead (True). Superman, (Ouch, bringing in the big guns huh?) he is an ALIEN, ergo no mutation happened, he metabolizes solar radiation to fuel his powers somewhat like photosynthesis = still alive (Although impossible to prove currently if he can exist at all). The X Men, born with AN EXTRA GENE that activates, normally, in the teenage years due to chemical saturation during hightened emotional stress = feasible (Allthough most of them do mutate when the gene becomes active. However, as you say genetic manipulation of what is already there is possible, there is a slight chance (and I do mean slight) that the gene is doing just that since I am not sure the entire human geneome, and the prevalent animal equivilaents, have been completely mapped out)..
          So to conclude Even you have some holes in your reasoning…

    • Reply November 10, 2013


      Zombies can’t exist for the reasons that in order for any muscle function it would require oxygen, fluids and electrical impulses sent from the brain. But since a zombie is rotting it has only a few days before the tissue from the nervous system is too damaged to send any impulses from the brain to the body. The brain controls the body and dead flesh can’t receive electrical impulses from the brain anyways. The brain can’t survive without a working heart beat for more than 10 minutes before it completely dies and shuts down as it requires a transfer of glucose, oxygen and cholesterol for the brain to function in the first place. If one dies the rest falls apart. No virus can change that physical reality.

      • Reply March 5, 2014

        Romeo Bollen

      • Reply July 17, 2015

        Kayla McDonald

        Again like I said IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE DEAD TO BE CONSIDERED A ZOMBIE yeah your stating facts about the human body but you don’t know what the hell is out there in our world there could be the most deadliest contagious diseases out there just because we haven’t found it yet or invented it doesn’t mean it can’t happen plus it doesn’t even have to be a disease it could be a drug just like what happened in Miami

        • Reply July 17, 2015


          yes, it does….words have meanings, perhaps you should check it out

          • July 18, 2015

            Kayla McDonald

            Zombies are undead creatures, typically depicted as mindless, reanimated human corpses with a hunger for human flesh. Zombies are most commonly found in horror and fantasy genre works. The term comes from Haitian folklore (Haitian French: zombi, Haitian Creole: zonbi) where a zombie is a dead body animated by magic. Modern depictions of zombies do not necessarily involve magic but invoke other methods such as a virus.
            Read the bottom ZOMBIES DO NOT NECESSARILY INVOLVE MAGIC BUT INVOKE OTHER METHODS SUCH AS A VIRUS they said methods with a s in the original zombie movies there weren’t any type of viruses why because the zombie movies escalated into just more than zombies waking up out the ground so since zombies is a word someone made up they can easily put his or her own definition but there are many types of zombies just like the movie the crazies they weren’t dead but they were mindless and were killing people thats why if someone goes blank im the head and just stand there they would say oh he went zombie like

          • November 21, 2017


            so if they’re not dead then they are completely susceptible to nighttime freezing, nutrient deficiency, starvation, bleeding out, dehydration, and infection. In other words they wouldn’t last more than a week. If they got infected through a bite, they better hope it was minor, b/c any wound would eventually kill them.

    • Reply January 10, 2014


      you’re retarded for thinking the dead will just get back up and walk…..sure you aren’t a christstain??

      • Reply December 14, 2014

        anthony longoria

        Its no the dead walking but the thing inside it you know the parasite, bacteria, virus, or fugue and who knows, maybe that dude who ‘came back’ was a zombie XD

      • Reply July 17, 2015

        Kayla McDonald

        Im Christian and I believe in god and if you believe in god then you have to believe in demons you can’t have one without the other,plus zombies can totally be true they don’t literally have to be undead to be considered a zombie just like the movie the crazies the people weren’t dead but they were infected with a horrible dieses that made them zombie like I live in Miami and im pretty sure you all heard of the man who was high on drugs and ate another mans face off the cops literally shot him more than 4 times and he still continued to chew the mans face off until he got shot in his head I don’t know about you but I do believe that the zombie apocalypse can happen you never know what the devil has up his sleeves

        • Reply July 17, 2015


          go look up the definition of zombie, the word originates from the Haitian word for magically re-animated undead…which means you have to DIE first, so no, there will be no zombie apocalypse, no rapture….that was a hilariously long post….no doG, no Satan, no demons…it’s all one big pile of BS

          ……and the devil has nothing up his sleeves, he’s not wearing a shirt

          • July 18, 2015

            Kayla McDonald

            Your very pathetic anything is possible kinda like you burning in hell for not believing in god but like I said the zombie apocalypse could happen they don’t have to be dead tho

          • July 18, 2015


            I’m pathetic, and you’re the one running around like a grown child putting your pseudo faith in movies and a doG you’ve never seen/heard from or even remotely talked to….typical christstain, trying to tell everyone else where they’re going when they die and you don’t even know where you’re gonna end up……silly, silly woman….or maybe this is your kid on your account…..grow up, take responsibility for your actions and dump your christ crutch…..see ya in your fake hell

          • September 22, 2015

            Dawie Griessel

            Just because you don’t believe doesn’t mean you can go around dissing people’s religion. Have some respect and while you’re at it learn to spell… it’s not christstain it’s Christian with a capital letter, you faithless f***

          • September 22, 2015


            the beautiful thing about this country is that we have the 1st Amendment….I can say whatever I want about your pi55-porr religion and your deity, who is so weak, he needs you to stand up for him……and grammar police, you are a christstain….lowercase because you don’t matter that much and it’s ended in stain because that’s what you are, stains in the underwear of humanity….doG ordained 2 religions based on your book of lies, Islam and Judaism….christinsanity was the creation of Peter, you shouldn’t even exist as a religion, you half-a55ed wannabe Jew….your whole belief system is a swirled pile of peanut-filled dogsh1t

          • September 22, 2015


            wah….you had to flag my comment because you know what you believe in is a lie….LMAO

          • September 22, 2015

            M miller

            Hey Dawie…….keep in mind that cibersatan is nothing but a loud mouth when he can hide behind a keyboard……….face to face he cries like a baby when he don’t get his way..?..

          • September 22, 2015

            M miller

            What is the matter…….can’t take the heat?

          • September 22, 2015


            the beautiful thing about this country is that we have the 1st
            Amendment….I can say whatever I want about your pi55-poor religion and
            your deity, who is so weak, he needs you to stand up for him……and
            grammar police, you are a christstain….lowercase because you don’t
            matter that much and it’s ended in stain because that’s what you are,
            stains in the underwear of humanity

          • September 22, 2015


            doG ordained 2 religions based on your book of lies, Islam and
            Judaism….christinsanity was the creation of Peter, you shouldn’t even
            exist as a religion, you half-a55ed wannabe Jew….your whole belief
            system is a swirled pile of peanut-filled dogsh1t

          • April 18, 2016


            My goodness. You are quite possibly the most ignorant person I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. I don’t care if you believe or not, but at least educate yourself enough to say reasonable things. I realize you are probably 14 years old with a grudge against God and Christians, but you can at least read history books and biographies of the brilliant polymaths (look the word up) who were Christians so you don’t say ridiculous things. I’d be willing to bet that your parents/foster-parents/parole officer or whoever has some control over you are who are religious and you deeply resent them and any sort of authority that curbs your will. So you parade around on the web where you get to be your own “god” and call yourself nifty names like “cibersatan”! But the mark of any intelligent person is their ability to engage in civil discourse without temper tantrums or name calling. I’m sorry that your life is apparently so miserable right now and sincerely hope things improve.

          • April 18, 2016


            long diatribe for someone that has visibly not read their own book full of BS…once you’ve read it, and find out what I say is true, go hang yourself and do us all a favor

          • April 19, 2016


            So, are you saying that you have read the Bible and have ascertained personally that it is “BS”? Or have you read a Dan Brown novel and think that it makes you an expert? Have you actually read Jesus’ words? I’m not talking about hypocrites you know or atrocities done in the name of religion, yada yada. I’m talking about have you actually ever read the Gospels for yourself?

          • April 20, 2016


            started reading the garbage when I was 6…..and doG never once ordained christinsanity….jesus wasn’t a christstain, he was a Jew….lived as a Jew….died a Jew, yet the religion named after him has so little to do with Judaism…and the words attributed to jesus, well, they are just that, attributed…..seems nothing he said was ever important enough for him to write down so that leaves a great deal open for question… for my name, I had it long before you had a “web” to expound your own stupidity

          • April 23, 2016


            This is very curious. Are you a psychopath? I’m not being sarcastic or anything like that. I’m actually ASKING if you are a psychopath or have been diagnosed with some sort of mental disorder. There’s no reason for the level of hostility and aggression you exhibit. You really should have been finished with using name-calling as an argumentative tool when you were … oh … 14? It would be nice to have a reasonable discourse. There are plenty of atheists who are able to reasonably explain their unbelief without ridicule and contempt. Your level of hostility makes me think that there is much more going on than simple unbelief. But, armchair psychiatry aside … Of course Jesus was a Jew. Do you think that statement was revelatory? Everyone with any knowledge at all knows that Jesus was a Jew. Christianity remained a part of Judaism for quite a while, except for a gigantic wrench that got thrown in. Many Jews believed that Jesus was the Messiah, but the established synagogues and the high priest, scribes, etc., did not. That was not all. Gentiles began to believe that Jesus was the Messiah as well and that God’s redemptive plan included them. They could be forgiven as well because of Jesus. The Jews who did not accept His being the Messiah could absolutely not tolerate the idea of Gentiles coming into their faith, and so the Jews who did not believe and the Jews and Gentiles who did grew further and further apart. It is even reported in the book of Acts exactly when those who believed in Jesus began to be called “Christians.” Yes, Jesus did not write anything down Himself. But He appointed apostles to be with Him and travel with Him for the three years He ministered. They were taught by Him and appointed to be witnesses and teachers of everything He taught. They were also promised divine help in being able to remember it all. They wrote things down. There are more than 300,000 manuscripts and pieces of manuscripts of the New Testament. It is by FAR the most heavily documented of any ancient writing that there is. There are the writings of Romans and Jews about Jesus and what He taught. I rather doubt that you know anything about the Greek philosophy of knowledge. One of the established points of their philosophy is that the truthfulness of someone’s position could not be ascertained until holding on to that belief was no longer in the best interest of the person. In other words, it was all well and good for someone to say they believed something when all was going well for them. The real test of whether or not they truly believed was when it was no longer advantageous for them to continue to profess their belief. Persecutions broke out against Christians early in the first century. There is a chilling Roman report of the torture of two people who were slaves and professed to believe in Christians. They were tortured to see if they truly believed, and they continued to profess their belief until the torture finally killed them. In the same way, every one of the apostles were killed brutally for refusing to recant. Their belief that Jesus was the Son of God, that He had risen from the dead, and that they had seen the miracles He had done was proved by their refusal to recant. They knew that what they had seen was true and they could not deny it, even when it cost them terribly.

            I didn’t ask about your name, so I am unsure why you bring it up. If you can discuss things rationally and maturely, without resorting in name calling and the like, I’d be happy to continue this discussion with you. If you are in some way unable to do that psychologically, I’d still be willing to discuss this with you. But … back to my question, which you failed to answer. What of the Bible have you read, what in it did you think was “BS”? Have you read the Gospels? Have you read about Jesus. Because it all comes down to Him. He either rose from the dead, or He didn’t. If He did, then that changes the conversation completely. For starters, have you read the Gospel written by Luke? That would be a good place for you to start.

          • April 24, 2016


            What level of hostility….. reading it showed it to be nothing more than a collection of fairy tales ripped off from the civilizations that proceeded the rise of Christ insanity…you can feel free to continue, but you’ll not convinced me otherwise….we need more lions

          • April 20, 2016


            you seem to be a christstain….yes a stain….a skidmark in the underwear of the world you biblebeating kiddyphucker

          • July 18, 2015


            and yes, zombies have to be dead, it’s the root of the word… actually did a C & P from wikipedia…..get your weak brain out of the movies…..hey, ‘stain, while you’re at it, why don’t you find out where the word “rapture” comes from since you’re waiting on it….and it’s not in your bible….

          • October 27, 2015

            SOMEGUY7893 .

            You will too you know? It’s a sin to pass judgement on another human, learn your own religion.

          • June 12, 2016


            Hmmm… Nice adherence to your own faith: “Judge not, lest ye be judged!” I believe that is from the bible, J-mans own words if my recollection does not falter…

          • November 21, 2017


            okay so he’s going to burn in hell for not believing in the shit that you happened to only believe because you were probably born into a family that believes it, in a culture that believes it. Newsflash most human cultures have their own idea about religion, the fact that you assume the one you were born into is the only correct one is the height of narcissism. Virtually every city state had their own creation myth and each one said their particular city was the most important in the universe. One of those city states had a pantheon of gods, 2 of which ended up having their own cults, which eventually became the canaanites, who eventually had people split off and they made judaism, and people eventually split off and made christianity, and people eventually spilt off and formed islam. But only your step in that process is the truth, the rest of humanity is going to eternal hellfire, which was totally not made up in the middle ages to scare people into acting a certain way… Your god unconditionally loves us… except under certain conditions.. yeah sure.

    • Reply January 22, 2014


      5. Everything is effected by weather even viruses, to say zombies would not is to do the exact same thing hollywood zombie movies do, and that is to set the human population up to fail. Zombies are not invincible, unless you count myth and magic, which we are using logic in this argument not magic.
      4. Stabbing punching and kicking are still an effective way to subdue a target. Humans aren’t stupid either, except for a few of us, we would quickly be able to tell that melee isn’t working. Not every human is going to revert to such methods. Some will use baseball bats if we are considering every possibility.
      3. CDC doesn’t fuck around enough said but I’m gonna say more. The effectiveness of the zombie apocalypse is through air transmission, and this magically transports itself all over the earth. One question HOW IN THE FUCK DOES THAT WORK? The flu virus is more subtle than the zombie virus. Who are you going to be more weary of, the sneezing man or the rotting corpse?
      2. Yes a very slow moving machine easy to pick and the head makes a good mount. Lets say a zombie or a group encounters a house fortified with boarded windows and doors.

      • Reply December 14, 2014

        anthony longoria

        Dumb…asssssssss. XD virus? Really? A virus? Lol a bacteria would do better and a fungus better then that and a parasite better then a fungus. All easily spread before zombification and enter the brain through the nose, guess what that means. No such thing as a cure or treatment, once its in you, your fucked. Plus it’d spread also by blood, saliva, and vomit even sweat since the cells would be throughout the whole body. Oh and scratches would be able to transfer it to so biting is just how they’d take you down as a type of fuel for the this in them XD

    • Reply July 2, 2014

      These people are wrong.

      Fools… Bite would play a very minor part in the disease’s spread.

      The disease could be airborne, in a specific food, and most importantly, spread via the Chinese organ mafia hundreds of thousands of organs (if not millions) are illegally exported from China. And they mostly do this with dead people. If these people had the infection in them, then it’d help spread the disease.

      Most countries’ militaries couldn’t do ANYTHING against zombies, because the main military tactic is to lower the enemy’s morale, induce fear in them. But you can’t do that with zombies. Tanks would be useless, and only jets would be an effective strategy.

      Besides, the riots, civil wars and protests would kill more people than zombies would.

      • Reply October 4, 2015


        Tanks useless? An M1A2 could just drive over them over and ove and over. Oh a bone got stuck in the track, no it would crush it to dust. They would never get in. Ten of them could kill a 100k easily by just running them over.

      • Reply February 28, 2016

        Menma Uzumaki(Sanautic)

        Tanks are useless? Give it a break. Zombies cant even get into one unless they are super mutated. They wouldnt be able to do crap to one.

    • Reply April 8, 2015

      Rocky McRock

      I hope you realize World War Z is both science fiction and satirical. So even if there was a zombie outbreak, the military could quickly eliminate it. Something like the battle of Yonkers would likely not to come.

      Don’t get me wrong, I like the author, I really do, but I’m not going believe that 1. several well-trained international armies, with enough ammo to take down the entire world population multiple times (that may be an understatement), all of which are known to be extremely adaptable, can be taken down by a bunch of limbering, mindless Zs who are coming at them at a snail’s pace. Also, since everyone already knows about zombies, they’ll take high positions and aim for the head.

      Not forgetting 2. that the author has little to no experience in the military. He may very well know plenty about them, studied them, or even gain interviews with them, but I highly doubt Max has any military experience.

    • Reply September 1, 2015

      Rachel Malcolm

      I enjoyed your response more than the article

    • Reply October 4, 2015


      The biggest problem I have, besides the military just shooting the shit out of them from a distance. Is the ecosystem, rotting corpses do not last long. See any roadkill by the side of the road? How long is it there for? Take an apple and put it in you backyard. Go back and check on it a couple of days later, check on it a week later. These things would be riddled with bugs trying to break them down. First go the easy parts, eyes and soft tissue, then the jaw. Not eating much without a jaw. How do you walk if there are now muscles or tendons attached to move you. At most I give them two months till they are a pile of goo in the street. Whether they have zombie preservatives or not. Oh and I’ve read Max’s book which incidentally has the the humans recovering the earth.

    • Reply October 24, 2015


      Their feet would be worn down to nubs real quick from exposure and y’know, being a corpse and all. A real zombie apocalypse would just .. have no legs.

    • Reply November 28, 2015

      Brandon Ownbey

      World War Z was the worst depiction of a zombie outbreak. For starters they would be bleeding all over themselves when they suicide run into cars, windows, etc. Secondly, humans don’t have tendons and fiber muscles to support the level of speed and aggression they display… I mean all zombie movies are unrealistic but this movie was just dumb (from the biophysics perspective). Sorry…

      • Reply February 28, 2016

        Menma Uzumaki(Sanautic)

        I think he was talking about the book and not the movie….

    • Reply April 18, 2016


      Something no one takes into account is the amount of bacteria we all carry. We each carry about ten pounds of microbes. The only thing that keeps them in check is our immune system. Without our immune system, the microbes would immediately proceed to do their job and eat us in the same way a dead body decomposes. You can actually look up the process of decay and see that any brain function (lower, lymbic brain) would rapidly be gone with muscles following closely behind. And this is just talking about the microbes we carry … not the fungi and microbes in the environment. I enjoy the genre, but I think someone could write a clever novel that took this into account. Zombies would only be functional for a few weeks. It would play out differently and could be an interesting take on the idea. Oh! And how about this! Why would shooting them in the cerebrum kill them when it is already dead and the only part of the brain (usually) with any function is the brain stem? What about a novel where they deteriorated to the point of being non-functioning in a month, and you had to destroy the brain stem to stop them?! I’d write the book myself, but I’m far too lazy! 🙂

    • Reply June 17, 2016

      The Truth

      I swear to god you must be the dumbest pile of trash on Earth. Saying you’ve “countered” a fictional argument by using other works of fictions as examples just makes me want to punch your dumbass in the face. Seriously, how do people like you even exist? I would think with an intelligence like yours you would have died off years ago simply by forgetting to feed yourself.

    • Reply August 16, 2016

      Freddy Gonzalez

      Sorry but using wwz and zsg as references is like a bullshit site quoting another bullshit site.
      Just like most of zombie media they totally underestimate the armed forces. Contrary to zombie movie, the military ain’t armed with nerf guns. If you want to see how the army handles a horde of enemies just check “death highway” in the first Iraq war.

      About the infection; health control agencies got it down, if you don’t believe me, just check how many times we went extinct from sars, swine flu or Ebola. Go on, I will wait.
      Sticking to how zombies ate portrayed (which is the only reference we got) the look at their best like the worst hobo ever. No one will go near one. And contrary to the movies, we live in a world where zombie fiction is a thing, we would figure the head shot really quick.

      The not feeling thing; yeah think about an ordinary table, it’s an unfeeling, none thinking object, now break one of its legs, it did feel a thing but is now totally useless. Same with the zombies, pain or not; a broken leg, and that’s a VERY easy thing to get when you no longer care about where you put your feet will no longer support its weight. As the zombie continues to limp on, it breaks up more and only become more pathetic from there on.
      Oh, they are forming a mob, how cute. Now let’s sit back and watch them get bottle necked and crush each other.

      So they got magical insulation properties that protect them from the deceise and the elements, well then we would of course harvest them to capitalise on those properties.

      And finally, the only reason zombie outbreaks work in movie is because everybody seems to be zombie level stupid to begin with.

    • Reply August 31, 2016


      Military has tanks.
      Soldiers sit in a tank an d shoot at the zombies.

      The end.
      Unless you tell me zombies can chew through armor plating.


    • Reply January 29, 2018


      Once a zombie’s teeth falls out, uh, they’re just going to be attempting to nibble on you with their gums.

  • Reply January 3, 2011


    Rasputin was poisoned, shot, dropped off a bridge into a frozen river, and survived. He apparently died of hypothermia.

    • Reply April 18, 2016


      Yea, but his “assassins” we’re a group of incompetents who were terrified by what they were doing and botched the job repeatedly.

  • Reply January 4, 2011


    Read World War Z, it explains the possible reasons the military would fail to contain the disease.

    • Reply July 10, 2014


      One thing I wondered is why they just didn’t stay on the carrier until the zombies ran out of pepople to to eat on land and starved to death; again. Or do they really need to eat to stay dead? Why do dead people need to eat? Asking truthfully here.

      • Reply April 18, 2016


        Some books have them going into a state of inanimation until they become aware of prey.

    • Reply March 30, 2015

      Дима Карпович

      It do not explain anything. Its impossible to get into melee range of modern army.
      Just look on satelite map of aftermath of fight for small village of Logvinovo in Ukraine. And its rebels vs third world country for couple of days. Not guys with huge guns. Zombies do not dig trenches, so large hosts would be decimated by artillery and finished with infantry and armour. Shrapnel would remove limbs, broke bones, destroy brains.

  • Reply January 4, 2011


    These are all good points but was it really necessary to make a five part argument illustrating the improbability of a zombie apocalypse? I’m counting on most people discerning the difference between fiction and reality. So what if every zombie story skates past all those pesky details that might derail the plot line? If the zombie genre was corrupted in order to account for all the points you just made, then it would play out like a classic war movie: fun but not what I’m looking for. As a self proclaimed fan of the genre wouldn’t you rather suspend you disbelief and imagine how you would handle the horror/adventure situation instead of playing the skeptic and undermining the fantasy for everyone else?

    • Reply June 5, 2014


      Completely agree with you friend! Sadly most people arent intelligent enough to actually differentiate between fact and fiction. I believe that most people are almost obsessed with apocalypses and zombies because being sheltered in a first world country, most of those with access to a computer probably have it too good to realize the terrors already running amok in the world 🙁

  • Reply February 24, 2011


    Humans are at the top of the food chain for a reason. Point blank. And with the means of communication we have, if a z day was coming, when I start seeing tweets that say “some guy tried to bite me”… I’ll start loading the gun.

    • Reply April 8, 2019


      I don’t view zombie apocalypse as a reality, but as an entertaining metaphorical fairytale about the horrors of humanity.. that is how Romero intended it it when Night of The Living Dead premiered, to view as anything else takes a whole new level of gullibility!! Let’s stop taking this too seriously.

  • Reply March 2, 2011

    Sgt. Thompson

    There are a few massive holes in your theory.
    1- People are stupid.
    If something like a zombie outbreak did happen can you imagine how many people will try to hide their infection and accidently pass it to someone else, or how many will refuse to believe their loved ones are infected?
    2- A zombie starts being contagious before it dies, and for days later any particular zombie might not have any visible wounds meaning in the early stages of an outbreak a survivor most likely wouldnt realize the danger in time.
    3- If hypothetically a medium sized city were to become infected and taking into account the above two factors I ask you to estimate how many days it would take, and how many people would have to be infected before they would even consider something as evasive as a citywide quarantine. look out your window and count how many cars are driving by. Next imagine in those few days how many of those cars have infected and how many different towns and cities are less than a few hours away.
    4- The biggest hole in your story is the military. How can the military ever even dream of watching every city, villiage and podunk town in the entire united states, and even if by some miracle they did, how spread thin would their ranks be? Marines might be able to shoot a head at a few hundered yards but heavily outnumbered with nowhere to run I cant imagine how at least one zombie wouldnt make it through.
    5- My theory on how civilians would be able to survive while military doesnt is simple: stealth.
    Military forces are notorious for rolling up in massive, loud vehicles, yelling orders at the top of their lungs and overall not being too frugal with their defteningly loud amunition. This isnt completely because they are arrogent or ignorent, it is because that is what they are ordered to do. A small group of civilians has the freedom to sneak, whisper, hide, use silent melee weaponry and most importantly the ability to haul ass without being labeled a deserter and court marshalled.
    Watch The Crazies and read World War Z (book on tape is done very well and actually has some recognizable actors). They will debunk most of your quandaries.

    Sgt. Thompson 0311 United States Marine Corps

    • Reply October 4, 2015


      I’m disappointed Sgt. 1st the military does win in WWZ with altered tactics and firepower. But even before that we would figure it out. Don’t you think the core of engineers would be able to come up with zombie proof barriers, don’t you think we would set up choke points and kill zones. Shoot a guy in a Humvee and a loud speaker would have them going in circles for days. A zombie isn’t trying to slip through, it is trying to attack head on up close. They don’t think they head towards the nearest loud noise and hope to find something to eat. They would be incredibly easy to predict, I can see a million stumbling around Central Park and Thunderbolts strafing and bombing them all day long. People in 1st world countries react differently. They are usually constantly informed, they will take orders, and will try to help. Add to that the number of guns in America alone, well I actually fear for the zombies.

  • Reply March 8, 2011


    Yeah the whole concept of a zombie apocalypse is pretty laughable. World War Z presented given scenarios where the military could fail. but not EVERY military in EVERY country EVERYWHERE around the world.

    Unless the Virus is airborn its easily contained. Biting is a pretty terrible way to spread a disease. Ever heard of one dog rabies and then the next day EVERY DOG IN TOWN HAS RABIES? Nope. How bout even marginally infecting a few humans? even thats pretty rare, and thats cuz dogs are MUCH MUCH MUCH faster and smarter than zombies.

    • Reply March 5, 2014

      Romeo Bollen

      Well what if it was partly airborn aswell. We could use spores like this one.

    • Reply May 11, 2014


      not EVERY military in EVERY country EVERYWHERE around the world: is why the humans won the war in that book 🙂 plz read the damn thing first

  • Reply March 10, 2011


    Great article no matter what the others say. Here are a few things that came to mind after reading this and the comments…
    1)@Ryan, get over it. If you don’t want your dreams of a zombie apocalypse crushed, don’t read an article titled “Five reasons the Zombie Apocalypse will never come to pass” Pretty simple, right? Grow up. I enjoy watching Vampire and Romances, but I also realize all that shit is made up by a very creative person and the stories they tell are very, very improbable if not impossible. I say romance because, well, honestly have you ever actually witnessed any of the crap they show? Chances are you haven’t. There is no “real” guy or girl that is as “perfect” as the ones in the movies…it’s pretty sad really…
    2)I agree with Sgt. Thompson on this point “People are stupid” so yes I agree people will hide it and try to deny their loved ones are infected. But there are still people that are honest (even regarding life or death) that will admit to being bitten or otherwise injured by a zombie and will kindly remove themselves if they ever got near one to begin with.
    3) Using movie references to further your point as to why it can and will happen is ridiculous. That’s like me saying Unicorns exist because they are in the movie Legend. Not likely. Even more unlikely than a unicorn is a zombie (hollywood style)
    4) How many times must one point out that even IF they existed, the human body needs certain things in order to function. With only a brain using its absolute basic functions a zombie would not be able to do anything let alone break through someones bolted and most likely barricaded door. The brain is the “core” of the nervous system. If the brain is not functioning as it should the nervous system would be non existent considering there are no commands being sent anywhere in the body. So limbs would not move and therefore…immobile undead.
    5) I have never read nor seen anything in any Zombie movie that says the virus/infection preserves the body. How did you even come to that conclusion? (Being serious, maybe I missed something) I know they show half torn apart “people” and skinned corpses roaming around, but those are just un-treated battle wounds from their previous encounters with the living.
    6) So, it takes days to really show itself in a healthy human. While that may be the case chances are you aren’t going to be injured in such a way that will transfer the infection. (unless of course sex is factored in. then well…we’re all screwed.) But anyway, chances are if you aren’t having sex or just randomly effing people up, you or someone close to you wont spread it. And once it does start to show up, somebody WILL notice you, or whomever, is ill. Generally when people are sick others stay away so that shouldn’t be too hard to avoid. Then when the final stage is in effect people definitely wont be within the needed transmission distance. I’m sure the rotting flesh and most definite smell of a decomposing body will keep even your mother away.
    Okay…I’m done. I love Zombies as much as the next chick but seriously we have scarier things to worry about that our own government could unleash accidentally and take out a city or two. Then again, I’m not worried about that either.

    • Reply March 5, 2014

      Romeo Bollen

      Hey, there might be a way to make this come thru. What if we used what is already available in nature to create a killer virus.

      • Reply June 5, 2014


        Do your homework man, the spores work on ants because they are SO different it’s actually laughable to assume that that could be converted. Believe me, anything is possible but what most people dont realize is that they are so sheltered that they dont see what terrors are ALREADY out there for the human race

  • Reply March 10, 2011


    Thanks Leah.

    Truthfully, to all the contrarians, my thesis could have been seventeen words long: “because zombies are dead, their flesh cannot engage in oxidative metabolism and thus, they could not walk”.

    So don’t take it too seriously, anyone.

    • Reply October 1, 2013

      Brad Ward

      What if the zombies aren’t dead? What then?

  • Reply April 26, 2011


    Although I love a good zombie flick, the reason it doesn’t scare me boils down to two reasons:

    1. Military- You already touched on this, but there would be many ridiculously easy ways for the military to dispatch zombies. Squad of elite soldiers in bite proof armor, sniper on a building with the stairs destroyed, armored tank, etc.

    2. Sixth Sense- In the movies, zombies seem to have a sixth sense that allows them to track down a single human from miles away. In the real world, they would only have senses a regular human has and they would be very easy to hide from.

    • Reply July 2, 2014


      Soldiers would be useless, so would tanks unless they run over zombies. The most useful troops would be snipers, but I doubt it’d be so easy to headshot moving targets from yards away.

      • Reply August 9, 2014



        • Reply August 9, 2014


          This is why the military would work.

          The military can watch almost all cities because every state has a National Guard/ANG and reserve unit. The military has kevlar vest and helmets, some even come with full body protection. Everyone in the military, whethered they be a grunt or pog (person other than grunt) can atleast somewhat accuratly shoot a m16 assualt rifle. The military has drones, tanks, jets/planes/helicopters, and lots more.

          Even the police could hold off zombies (at least for a while), every patrol car has 1-2 assault rifles in it and a a couple of mags, not to mention a SWAT team. The police and military both have dogs that can sniff out decaying flesh, they could sniff out a building before we send a bunch of people in. Not only that but a human with a stuffy nose could smell decaying flesh so it wont be any suprises.

      • Reply October 4, 2015


        You mean basically what snipers train to do all the time. Soldiers would be the most useful, set up a battalion on high ground, lure zombies to high ground with noise and sparklers set up firing lines and just kill them. I swear ppl give these shambling moronic flesh bags too much credit.

  • Reply July 22, 2011


    I agree with you totally Justin.

    I cannot see how a Zombie outbreak would lead to an apocalypse with society collapsing and the military being destroyed.

    Zombies, as you have said, are weak, so will die (Be destroyed) easily. Another point you touched upon is, they are dead. Therefore, they have no working cells repairing wounds and, as such, dead skin.

    Therefore, a Zombie would collapse and die after a few days, being unable to sustain itself. If you prop up a corpse in your back garden, in a few days, it will decay and be unable to stand or even stay together.

    Zombies would just fall apart and the outbreak would be over. The Zombies would have to bite a new person every day so that the Zombie population is sustained.

    And finally, the military, your most ‘controversial’ point, as it wrongly seems to be. I am just backing up your point.

    Okay, a squad of Marines may be cornered and defeated. Armour may be pierced and even a whole army may, if very unlikely, may be destroyed by a hored of zombies but:

    Zombies cannot, ever, get inside tanks, armoured cars and even normal cars. Therefore, if an armoured regiment arrives in the city, draws the Zombies nearby and destroy them. They would never be able to stand up to an MG on top of a tank.

    I kinda almost want a Zombie apocalypse to come just so the military can kick Zombie ass and prove you right.

    • Reply April 1, 2013


      mg on top of a tank would esily be taken out by a zombie just climed up on to the back and bit him he would ove down and hide in the tank turn and kill the crew

      • Reply August 29, 2013


        How the hell is a clumsy zombie (that often cannot even climb ladders) going to climb onto an armored vehicle that’s moving at 30-60 mph while being shot at with a 50 cal machinegun and a 120 millimeter main gun? That’s not even getting into the fact that a soldier on top is unnecessary when the tank treads are good enough at killing zombies, so the tank can just be buttoned down and no zombie is getting in, evenif the tank crew drove straight into a horde and parked in the middle.

  • Reply July 30, 2011


    Justin. . . why do you say zombies are dead? If it is a virus the person isn’t dead they are infected.

    what if the virus is spread several different ways such as airborne. Also, what if it is very stable in the environment allowing it to survive in a lot of places.

    What if the virus was spread by a terrorist/nation with a potent military force behind it and was targeted to be placed into several water sources at one time so rapid transmission could occur before any action could be taken to stop its spread?

    I think this article relies to heavily on movie scenarios and lacks imagination.

    • Reply June 5, 2014


      AS was stated above, a bioweapon consisting of a “zombie” like nature just isnt tangible. Viruses kind of work on a give and take regiment since most of them would just instantly KILL the host of mutations wer eto occur. You could theoretically create a zombie from the fetus up but it would die almost instantaneously since it cant grow…at all….

  • Reply August 8, 2011


    ok well im going to add to this interesting discussion…
    please take this with a pinch of salt there’s no need to get uptight about it

    for the most part I agree with the article that zombies wouldn’t pose much of a threat since they’re mindless, and have no immune system. Plus even if the virus/disease allowed them to survive in extreme weather conditions the lack of nutrients for energy and other bodily functions would render them useless within a few weeks. Unless of course they were able to find a steady supply of food but thats another story.

    As for the spread of the zombie disease issue, if they were spread by biting people (I actually think it is the exchange of bodily fluids) they could just avoid them but if the zombie disease mutated to an airborne form then we might have some problems. Someone further up did bring up the point about panic of how people would try and hide their “problem” or be in complete denial that there loved ones have it. While, this is true i feel that people would distance themselves from the sick given that the zombie disease would develop in stages and therefore show symptoms leading to the final transformation. Unless the zombie disease fully affects people in a very short time frame people would notice.

    Moving away from the medical side the health and disaster planning agencies along with the military would set up quarantine zones and test everyone for the zombie disease. Albeit they probably have never drafted a zombie outbreak contigency plan but I think they’ll be able to handle it.

    Lastly, I feel the military would be more than capable to handle such a catastrophe. It seems to me that whenever people bring up the scenario that the military would be overwhelmed, they seem to forget that in the 21st century we have such things called airplanes and get this the airplanes actually have jet engines not propellers. At this point, since the use of military forces has been authorized it is not out of the question to assume that we would bomb them whether it be with napalm, fuel air bomb, carpet bombing, or some other type of explosive ordnance. While bombing them would be a last resort, using attack helicopters complemented with tanks, heavy machine guns and artillery would lay waste to the enemy. Lets not forget that during the trench warfare days of World War 1 tens of thousands of young men valiantly died trying to cross a couple hundred yards of space while under a hailstorm of bullets and artillery shells.

    Anyway, this is just my 2 cents enjoy

    • Reply October 4, 2015


      WWl is a good comparison where men who had the cover of smoke and were armed had trouble crossing between trenches. No imagine if they were flimsy rotting bags and were walking in broad daylight.

  • Reply November 23, 2011


    so your siiting at home one night. your on the back porch because the news says there is a comet supose to pass close enough to the earth to see it. parts of it break offf and enter our atmosphere these parts contain an alien virus ( alien life does not mean mutlikcelluler sentient beings). this aliens virus is airborn and is distributed throughout the world infecting millions. its not till the virus enters a host that it changes from being airborn to transmited though contact. a instance like this might not wipe out all human life but governments and civilians would still be in for hell on earth. also keep in mind its a virus is can mutate become something entirely diifert if its survival is on the line. virral outbreaks of any kind are one of the most dnagerous threats to man kind just because of that ability to evole rapidly. i think your seriouly unerestimate the strenght of these little bastards.

    • Reply June 5, 2014


      Your 100 percent right! the only issue would be the zombie part. A virus can travel throughout the body, live in it, breed in it and even carry genetic materials through it. BUT it cannot change our actual genetic makeup without killing the host. That is why typically, a virus will either have a powerful spread and extremely subtle to non existent effects (the common cold) or possess an average spread like system with potential for death (the flu) what needs to be taken into account is that without the host the virus dies so it makes no evolutionary sense FOR the virus to want to adapt and kill the population at that scale. In scientific short notes, the deadliest viruses known to human kind and once yet to be discovered would most likely just spread and kill OUTRIGHT, a madness disease would be EXTREMELY unlikely and even if possible, due to genetic resistances and variables only a small percent of the population would succumb to such a severe cerebral decline aka WE DEAD BRAH nobody gettin up after that 😀

    • Reply April 7, 2015


      A comet burns. So would the virus.

  • Reply December 13, 2011


    If you read the zombie books, instead of just watching the movies, all of your arguments are answered.

    5. The weather- basically, as you already pointed out, they’re dead. I don’t think snow or a little heat is going to hurt them.

    4.They’re already dead- Yes, that’s the point… they’re DEAD. No more electrical impulses in their brain, no working nerves to signify pain. And I don’t think dead people get infections. So basically, both legs could shattered on a Zombie and he could shamble happily around, looking for nice, tasty flesh.

    3. Disease Control- Yes, usually people know to stay away from people trying to bite you. But what if it was a loved one, say your kid perhaps? Whatcha going to do then? Also I’ve read books where the Zombie disease is initally spread by a sickness. You just had to come into an infected area, and bam, you’re gonna be noshing on someone’s kidney in the not-too-distant-future.

    2. They’re Mindless- Maybe, but if there’s more of them than you… well, I’d still watch my ass. And in the novel ‘Feed’ by Mira Grant, the more Zombies there were in a group, the smarter they became. And in ‘Rise Again’ the zombies evolved until they could use guns and talk.

    1. The Military- Well, if the Zombie disease is spread like a regular sickness, then I don’t think the Military will be much help. They’ll be too busy eating each other’s brains.

    So anyway… that’s my happy thoughts for a Zombie Apcalypse.
    Always remember… Aim for the head! -Kalmiel

    • Reply August 29, 2013


      The big problem against your argument: The CDC. As soon as the CDC knows what’s going on, they’re going to quarantine the shit outta the area. All of these infection (pre zombie, of course) tropes are just the same as real life infections like SARS, West Nile Virus, or Bird Flu, and none of those have wiped out humanity to post-apocalyptic levels. The CDC knows what it’s doing.

  • Reply December 29, 2011


    LooK at aids, in Africa 33 million have it, there’s no cure, word is, Aids is “man-made”, there are thousands of scientists playing with new creations for research or for evil things. At anytime, a airborne virus can hit us, it could kill in minutes or weeks, it’s possible, it can be in our water/food, or just in the air. The Virus has been around for millions of years, besides bombs and natural disasters like earthquakes, A Virus outbrake would be the thing to wipe us out. Although the author of this has some good points, he/she is a bit uneducated on how Virus works, as far as a “zombie apocalypse”, he may have a good point, but for a virus outbrake that turns us into mindless freaks..?…..It could happen!!! Respect the virus!!!!

    • Reply April 23, 2013

      check your spelling


  • Reply February 7, 2012


    prob really late, but i think only some places would be over run, while others would easiley shut the zombies out. I mean, places that have a lot of gang activity already have enough violence. Each gang is like a militia that can destroy the zombies easily with few casualties. Then there is the military that can set up in many places. Maybe not every place but they would grab the major/ biggest places for sure. Then the places that are small and have little gang activity. i’d have to say bye bye cause there are a lot of stupid people.

  • Reply March 8, 2012


    To everyone who says zombies can take over the world…. tell me how a zombie hoard can stop a single tank. One tank. Now lets throw in APC’s, helicopters, jets, warships, and…. more tanks! Poor zombies.

    Also, how exactly are zombies supposed to travel across continents? An outbreak in the Americas would stay in the Americas, while a Eurasian outbreak would simultaneously stay contained. But I suppose zombies have learned to fly planes, drive boats, and no country has gone to lockdown.

    • Reply October 4, 2015


      I wonder how they take out that aircraft carrier off the coast?

  • Reply March 12, 2012

    The Soldier with too much free time

    Why you nay-sayers are half wits.
    The author is 100% correct. Do you realize what our weapons can do?
    Do you know what a Bradley Fighting vehicle is? It’s an armored vehicle that fires a 30mm round.

    Let me give you an example, a 30mm round would pierce through steel plating armor (it has the capability to take out old 60s soviet era tanks [much more steel plating than the human body]). Take that into context and think about flesh. Oh wait, it doesn’t have to even hit flesh to destroy it. I forgot the velocity of the 30mm would tear a persons body apart at a certain distance without even having to succesfully hitting a person.

    Now forget using armored vehicles and lets use a light infantry unit’s capabilities. An armored HUMVEE weighs a few tons with steel plated doors and latches. Lets toss in a .50 cal M2 machinegun on it. Once again a the M2 would destroy things not only with the high calibur munition but the sheer velocity would tear off limbs and heads.

    A guy who shot 1,000 rounds of .50 into a building in Iraq and saw a demolished building collapse
    Thank you so much.

    • Reply October 4, 2015


      This pretty much sums it up.

  • Reply March 16, 2012


    as already stated before, humans are the most destructive species on earth, we have taken out entire species with no problems. say the military cant reach every city in america, but at least where i come from (Georgia), every household in town is loaded with all kinds of guns. plus, the zombies only source of food, and reproduction are also there biggest predator. that’s like wrestling a tiger to have sex or dinner. last point, with all the social media and news networks we have, the first eye witness report, that disease wouldn’t get far from where it started.

  • Reply March 16, 2012


    Look, The Walking Dead explained how it spread. They beleve any death, zombie caused or not, will trigger a virus your already infected with. So, lets say, you shoot a man in the heart. He will then rise up, stumble towards you, and try, to EAT you. Which will then cause you to rise up, and stumble along, looking for food. Eventually they will just decay, not be able to walk or do anything, and starve. Military forces will be to busy fighting terrorists to realize, Oh, wait, these guys are getting up again. Plus, people pass away. This means your in a constant struggle to stay alive for as long as you can, and at the same time stay healthy to live your life and pass alot later than now.

    • Reply August 29, 2013


      Then the solution is to make cremation the standard practice for funerals. BAM! Problem solved.

  • Reply March 16, 2012

    Private First Class

    Now that is the thing that bothers me the most in Zombie movies and whatnot. What about the military? How is it that the military is overrun when some stupid fat redneck survives. I just don’t see it being possible. Yes World War Z may provide some explanation, but I don’t buy it. 500lb bombs, 155mm artillery, 120mm main gun on an Abrams, 40 mike mikes, and M2 50 cals; even if they dont destroy the brain, there really isn’t going to be much left. Also how would a zombie overpower a tank, or an aircraft carrier, a jet or helo? Even without all those weapons, the closer they get the easier it would be to kill them. Shooting’em in the head with red dot sights, RCO or the visible laser on the PEQ-15 wouldn’t be that difficult. They get too close, fix bayonets, and E-tools again not that much of a challenge against a brain dead rotting corpse. Even in hand-to-hand, how is a zombie going to over power a Marine or soldier, hell even a sailor or airman? If they lack the ability to think, how hard would it be to counter them in hand-to-hand combat? Even basic tan belt MCMAP can beat them; leg sweep, forward stomp, repeat. Well what if the military doesn’t have enough personnel? Did you forget that every major city in the US has a police department, every state has Highway patrol, and counties have Sheriffs departments? Even without the heavy firepower of the military, the law enforcement agencies would be more then able to contain an outbreak. So local and state police can close down highways and roads, and contain smaller out breaks while the military deals with the larger threats. Hell the military may not even need to be called up, most likely the law enforcement alone would be able to contain most, if not all out breaks.
    Now if you believe the military wouldn’t do well, then how would civilians survive in a fight against the infected? How does a discipline, physically fit, and well trained soldier not survive when a untrained, indiscipline, and likely out of shape civilian survive? Ok, not all civilians are out of shape, but you get the picture. It is just plain stupid how on movies, the heroes are a bunch of civilians who just pick up some weapons and kill hundreds of zombies when the military could not. Some how, these civilians, some never touched a firearm before can pick up a pistol and magically get head shots, again and again. Its like a fat dude wining a gold metal in the Olympics for sprinting. Just ain’t gonna happen.

  • Reply March 28, 2012

    Asian Girl

    Okay, don’t underestimate the civilians. They may not be as good as the military personnel or the law enforcement people, but don’t forget about cheerleaders, gymnasts, martial arts people, rednecks, and gun owners. There are a lot of people who own hunting licences, and when the limit is raised from 2 deer to ALL THE FRIKKIN DEAD PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO KILL US, the zombies will be dead in a few days.

    • Reply October 1, 2013

      Brad Ward

      Yep. Just tell the rednecks that zombie meat “tastes like chicken” and like you said it’s problem solved.

  • Reply April 26, 2012


    As a person above me asked how a zombie outbreak could take on a tank, helicopter, or a jet. I hope to give you the answers. First off I’ll start with the easiest, the tank, there are many reasons why a tank would fail in an “outbreak” for one they are not as mobile as you would think. They can’t just trample over as many f**king cars as they please, go over wide trenches or fly over collapsed buildings. Another reason is that they are hard to maintain specifically the M-1 Abram. Every so often a mechanic is going to haft to get out and maintain the vehicle at which point they will be vulnerable, and if that person goes then the tank is useless. Not to mention the fact that even though they have very good fire power they only cary 4-5 rounds not enough to take out a massive horde attracted to the sound of the tank. Anyway I could keep going on with the tank but I want to mix it up a little. The jet is nearly immpossible for a zombie to track unless there is a straight line of them going to the airbase. However as mentioned above zombies surely won’t be very devastated by the bombs dropped since their main cause of death in humans is shockwave and shrapnel. While their guns may be able to kill a few it is pretty inaccurate and it only gets one pass. They also need a nice long place to take off and land. Which if it is an airfield might eventually be overun or if it is an aircraft carier will eventually need to resupply as will the jets. Now onto the helicopters. They are probably the best bet because the are mobile swift and can land pretty much any where. However they too can run out of ammo and can suffer many mechanical problems on the go. They also make a lot of nose and will attract a lot of undead to the area. Surprisingly though they seem an obvious choice if someone knows how to operate one. If someone has anything to add say so please and thank you for your time

    • Reply August 29, 2013


      They can easily trample over fleshy bodies, though, especially fleshy bodies that willingly walk directly in front of it. And no mechanic is going to get out of the tank in the middle of a war zone. Nobody is that stupid. What a tank will do when it has bingo fuel/needs maintenance etc. would be to go BACK to the base of operations (where it’s zombie free), do what it needs to do, and go back, while OTHER tanks fill in for them. Also, an M1 Abrams tank can carry 42 rounds, not 4-5.
      A jet dropping JDAMs will completely destroy any zombie body within the blast radius, including the head. Even if the head was not hit by the shrapnel, the shrapnel will still hit legs, spines, and arms, meaning that the zombie is mobility killed even if it’s technically “alive”. All that means is that you just send in a few guys with flamethrowers (or hell, even molotov cocktails) and dispose of the bodies. Problem solved.
      And helicopters, like tanks, will FLY BACK to the base of operations if anything happens. The only way a helicopter crew is going to be in the middle of zombie infested territory is if they got shot down, which is impossible for a fighting force that’s incapable of even using melee weapons.
      And the noise attraction aspect is a good thing. This is an extermination mission, after all.
      The military would decimate any zombie force. It has fought worse and came out on top.

  • Reply May 6, 2012


    In The Walking Dead (book & show) everyone ALIVE is already infected with the disease. So whenever someone perfectly healthy dies, they later wake up as a zombie.

    Think of how many people die a day. A lot will not be buried within the time frame (a few days max) of being dead, many will not even be found.

    All of them, hundreds of thousands of people dieing a natural or accidental death a day, for only say, a week, would equal millions of zombies from just people dieing. That doesn’t even start to take into account all of the people now getting bitten by zombies and it spreading even faster.

  • Reply May 16, 2012


    Zombies couldnt do anything becasue they are dead therefore cant see or hear and cant kill you unless you put your arm in their mouth and oush down on their head. are YOU that big of an idiot?

  • Reply May 16, 2012


    Alright what you people dont realize is, why wouldn’t the first person to see a zombie just walk up and kill it. I mean most people in the world know about them so if you see one get any kind of weapon walk or run up to it and kill it. There threat neutralized

  • Reply May 27, 2012


    The underestimation of the military is stupifying. Remember the movie where a thousand unarmed idiots assaulted a fire base? I’ll save the you trouble, the soldiers won. Even if there were a Walking Dead scenerio where everyone is infected, it simply means a change in funeral traditions. I’m often suprised how few of these forums mention the humble wall. A zombie is not motivate to damage a wall in anyway and their poor dexterity makes scaling a wall challenging. A wall deprives the zombie of the primary human hunting skill, sight. (Let’s pretend that sight/hearing and smell wouldn’t rot away in a day, which they would). The military may primarily use shock and awe tactics today, but this is a result of a careful enemy analysis. For certain, civilian/military observations would very quickly discover a threat profile appropiate for zombies.There is a lot of talk about destroying the brain, but this is not difficult. The brain mostly fatty tissue, which would melt under the sustained burn of say napalm, or a thermal baric device. Marines/ Army would set a perimeter and a fall backpoint whilst engineers starting constructing various barriers. Then they could use a loud noise to herd them into a kill box and call in the fast movers. Fire teams could clean up stragglers and keep the area under quartine for as long as necessary, with very strong counter measures for runners. When it comes to killing things, there are none better in business than the armed services.

  • Reply May 27, 2012


    Everyone who says that because zombies feel no pain, therefore they can survive weather and hits are idiots. Imagine a zombie standing in freezing weather. Since he’s still human, he’s still 80% water, therefore he would freeze/paralyzed. Now imagine yourself not being able to feel pain and having no immune system to repair yourself. That means every cut, bruise, wound, ect. you’ve ever gotten would stay with you and continue to rot until your whole body is decayed. Honestly, if an apocalypse started, it would be over in a month at most.

  • Reply June 1, 2012


    I don’t believe in zombies and the world ending crap . Because only god knows when the world is going to end. Plus my dads in the military and he’s went to 3 wars in iraq and other places

  • Reply June 1, 2012


    More reasons why it would fails stupidly hard.

    1. almost every incarnation of zombies I’ve ever seen/read revolve around them reviving after hours of death. After 15 minutes of no oxygen, the brain suffers MASSIVE amounts of cell death, beyond the point of any repair – a vegetable. That’s why they can’t think. And even if it somehow re-animated the brain stem – that’s only basic motor skills there, it doesn’t have anything to do with the cortex’s involved with decision-making and logic. Brain stems are often referred to as the “reptile brain” because all its programmed to do is eat, sleep, sex, repeat.

    2. seems to me in every movie I see, zombies fall. A lot. We know falling even down ONE STAIR can result in a array of broken bones and injuries. So I think the average bumbling zombies face planting every couple steps won’t make it very far.

    3. people discredit the CDC, mostly because ( i think ) of their image represented in zombie movies as being incompetent and unable to cope with the disease. Measels, small pox, polio – thanks to the CDC, we don’t have to worry about those anymore. When bird flu hit the United States, thanks for our friends at the CDC, it was well managed and only 23 people out of the entire country died. It seems like they do a good job managing diseases and infections, so maybe don’t trust the movies next time?

    4. human bodies start decomposing the second it shuts down, and unless zombies have some “magical” component to them ( in which case, wizards and dragons and elves exist ), they’ll start decomposing and bloating and rotting even in moderate temperatures. Within a few days, like any other rotting body, they’d start exploding from a build-up of bodily gases. The horrors of cleaning up a mess like that are worse than the hordes themselves.

    5. animals and bugs. The only reason we don’t have to worry about them is because: we think, use weapons, plan, and can outsmart them. Wolves, bears, mountain lions, etc would quickly and easily take down a slow, bumbling meat sack wafting its tender meaty stench around without a single defense in sight. But biting? Rabies isn’t massively a widespread problem ( with less than 3 people and 20 reported animal cases a year ) so its safe to assume that animals are pretty good at not getting bitten. Maggots would also begin feasting on the undead flesh in droves, so then the only horde we’d have to worry about is a horde of fat flies for the summer.

    6. why would eating human flesh sustain them? Human flesh has a higher protein level than other animals, resulting in neurological degeneration creating symptoms similar to aggressive schizophrenia. And remember how mad cow disease started? Cows were being fed left overs from their slaughters herd, resulting in disease. The human body cannot tolerate eating its own kind, and eventually starts breaking down.

    So there, the zombie is a bumbling, disease-ridden, maggot-infested, bloating and broken bump on the ground that eventually, due to a lack of survival techniques and any form of intelligence pushes itself to extinction. Zombie movies have warped the original portrayal of zombies from Haiti, living humans controlled by another person, into flesh-eating monsters. Its more the image of a relentless, Michael Meyers type that wants your brains that’s terrifying than that science actually says about them. Most people might discredit that because they want a lawless, gun-totting, scavenging, Mad Max-y type of world where they can be awesome and heroes and loft around guns like the heroes from their comics and games. Truth is, most zombies would be dead in a week, before your leet zombie weapons can be finished, and the only thing left would be a stinky mess everywhere. The military, who are trained combat professional with a arsenal of weapons that can make your head spin and elite training would make quick work of the zombies, not like how they’re represented in the movies as, practically, ballerinas shrieking in terror waving around a bazooka and letting a zombie chomp on its leg. Really now.

    • Reply January 1, 2017

      Planet man of MC animations

      Have you seen the TLOU Zombies? They relie on a real life zombie fungus that infects ants and other insects, just like how the bubonic plague went from rats to humans

  • Reply June 4, 2012

    santas vagina

    In the event of an outbreak, whether it be north, in the south,
    Or even lets say the center of the united states,
    The symptoms of the disease would not occur within say an hour but lets just say an hour was all it took for you to be completely transformed into this mindless creature.

    Within that hour
    you sneeze. You cough. Shake a hand. Share a soda. kiss. whipe your ass and a spec of your doodoo touches someone you know.
    they drive, walk, and communicate.
    Half of a major city would be overwhelmed in a matter of a couple of hours (if) it only took one hour to kick in your dead side.
    Now here’s this scenario.
    Russia is scared and hears the news and sends out nuclear bombs all over the world to save its own ass?
    America is vulnerable in the event of an outbreak.
    More terroristic attacks would be devastating,
    And thus you have the end of the world we once knew to be our home, changed to a new planet, as we fiend for what we can to survive on. Goodluck to you all. God bless.

  • Reply June 4, 2012


    Im fairly confident that no Zombie apocalypse could ever occur, but to lpay devils advocate, I will try to defend one of the arguments.

    Many people have agreed with the author that you’d have to be stupid to get bit, and that similiar diseased that are spread by biting, such as rabies, are rare, so the disease would be essentially stomped out.

    Now consider that the “zombie virus”, would most likely me a man-made mutation of an existing virus, likely used as a weapon. What would make for the most damaging weapon? One that alters something that is already in most humans. Enter the Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that feasts on the intesties of cats, and is present in 50% of the Earths population of humans. Imagine something that alters this parsite. Half of the world would be turned into Zombies, and even if it took some time for the change, this would require a monumental undertaking to contain them all.

  • Reply June 16, 2012

    Jo kewl

    Allright i have heard some good arguments and decided to join. First, zombies just getting up after death would be impossible. The body of those “zombies” is harmed enough to fail and could no longer support itself. The brain is dead and unable to function. A so called virus would have nothing to infect because without the brain ALL the organs and lmbs are dead. The fact that the virus infects the mind when dead is not possible. Also, those books and movies/shows mentioned are labelled as fiction and have been thought through and planned with details for such genres. Also recently the new Myan calender found continues past 2012 and ends in like 3525 or something.
    And God is watching us above. We have done some terrible things to oursepves but do you think the Holy Trinity would stand idley by and let us do this and not help us out. The answer is NO.

  • Reply June 20, 2012


    i agree with him, its 2012, not 1612, the world war z as a reference is junk. 20 tanks with a loud speaker would kill every zombie, if even half this country was turned, news happens in a flash. if they have zombies in other countries there would be NO air travel anywhere the minute the outbreak started, world war z is pretty lame when it comes to reality, it shows the military as idiots which they are not, now if a zombie is still in line with simple physics that a muscle controls arm movement and etc.. then if the mechanic is not there then it doesnt work, zombies are dead, they dont get super powers that make their bodies immune to laws of structure, re animated flesh beyond this would be a super natural event where someone or zombie could move the forearm without a bicep muscle even still a couple of tanks would just drive around with a bull horn killing everything in sight like butter, they are dead which means they are rotting and hiding up north would pretty much freeze them all, the only way it would work if it was not immediate and we had it in our blood like people had HIV for years and did not know it. even still just agree with you, and its pretty lame to think otherwise !!!!!!!!!

  • Reply June 22, 2012


    but what if its an Interspecies virus?

  • Reply June 23, 2012


    Wow!!! I cant believe all the homers out there that actually believe that governments and it’s entities could stop a Z Apocolyps. Come on.
    1. Yes, the military has tanks and guns and bombs… And a highly trained soldier is tough to reckon with. But an army regiment would easily be over run by a thousand zombies. Now if they were attacked by normal humans, military would win, but 1000 infected humans that aren’t afraid, or intimidated by guns or bombs or a few hundred military personnel…the zombies would win. Say you are in a tank and out of ammo and fuel(that stuff doesn’t last forever) and surrounded by half the horde you tried to wipe out. Then what. Starve to death in the tank?
    2. When you’ve closed yourself off in your home with your barricaded door, to “just avoid the infected” when you and your kids run out of food, what are you going to do? You’re gonna leave your “safe house” and look for food. That’s when most people would get bitten. Whe you get desperate, you do desperate things, and that’s when mistakes happen.
    3. The CDC? Lmao. They don’t have the resources to quarantine a city say the size of Los Angeles. And they are a government agency and we’ve all seen how well they do in a crisis. Even if they had the military to help.
    4. A shambling zombie can’t break down your front door. True. But 20 of them shoving against each other at your front door would bring it down fairly quickly. And 500 hundred of them could topple a standard home(we build homes now very weak compared to past generations. And a fence or a wall can be breached easily if enough force(ie large numbers of zombies) . Check out YouTube videos. I saw a video of a 12 ft wall being toppled by only 300 protesters. Now add hundreds more zombies wanting to get food.
    5. I really could go on as to why it could be possible, but I’ll end with this for now…
    God wouldn’t help either. What in the world would make you think he would? Look at all that has happened in the world that he’s done nothing. Child molesters, rapeists, murders, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes(FEMA did a great job in NO huh? The CDCs sister)
    And what did god do? Nothing. Honestly, if a zombie apocolypse came about, I just might think God was responsible.
    And in finale, all you folks out ther with silly little arguments about why it couldn’t happen, and all those out there with your in-wavering belief in the government and the military, and that all will be well if you rely on someone else….you will end up being the first to be infected. And I’ll be the first to dispatch you. Lol.
    This was fun

    • Reply January 7, 2014


      None of your arguments cover anything mentioned here and as the article mentioned rely on the idea that everyone in a city would be turned immediately and no one would run or avoid the original 5 ppl with GIANT HOLES IN THEIR NECKS eating a guy in the middle of road. That would easily confer a call to the police, and that’s guaranteed to make on the News.
      You also have to consider that zombies can’t organize or recognize structures like doors or windows. There’s also no way they could remember anything and would most likely fall over when pressing on eachother and forget which way their target went.
      My main problem with zombies outside of I Am
      Legend(where they’re actually living ppl) and dead space(where it’s a
      parasite wearing ppl as costumes) are that they’re undoubtable magical creatures that only need
      their brain(not their spine, heart, or lungs) for no reason and simply claim to be scientific with phrases like “it’s a virus” while ignoring decay and healing the ppl who were completely eaten by 50 zombies so they can appear again with 5 cuts for drama because ppl didn’t want to see another supernatural horror.
      Hell even if the zombies counted in the thousands the military exists with something called flame throwers.
      Tank shells will make craters out of any opposition and any armored or
      construction vehicle can roll over an infinite number of decaying
      zombies with ease. Not to mention that mounted machine guns have such high calibers that THEY REMOVE LIMBS WITH EVERY BULLET!
      And the thing ALL zombie movies ignore nowadays, missiles capable of eliminated whole city WITHOUT RADIATION. Even unmanned aircraft could solve this now.
      For fuck’s sake, 4 buildings with their fire alarms going off would prevent a horde from moving for an entire month.
      Also that 12 ft wall that got toppled by those 300 protesters was knocked over because they used all their strength to push on it and have the mental compassity to use their body properly. If you imagine a person shoving you’ll find that they naturally place their feet in a very specific way so they don’t fall over. That can’t happen w/ zombies, at best they’d extend their arms and fall backwards, maybe just lean up against it and pile up, with those over the building simply walking across the building to fall off the other side. Not to mention that they’d never be able to ascend/ decend any building or even a flight of stairs for that matter. They’d constantly be tripping over themselves, twisting their own ankles, breaking bones, and smacking their heads on the pavement, even trampling eachother. For a staircase they’d fall on the first step and try to crawl up them only to slide back down and destroy their hands. If they had to go down they’d simply fall over the rails or down the steps killing themselves on the way. You’d have to TRY to keep them from killing themselves led alone maintain their numbers.
      The only way a zombie virus could end the world is through the same means any other virus ever could end it and that’d to infect every water supply in the world and remain present when said water evaporates and becomes airborne then still persist when it rains, multiplying along the way for a whole year until it’s infected everything on the planet then suddenly coming out of some dormant state like a colds do everywhere within the same month and killing everything. Which is a bullshit notion.

  • Reply June 28, 2012

    Common Sense!

    First let’s say this disease exists. Okay? Now, where do you think it will begin spreading? Oh, I know, A HOSPITAL! Where weak and immobiles live. Yeah, people who can’t move will just stay away from infected. Okay, so they got a hospital. Will the government immediately get AIRPLANES OVER CIVILLIANS AMD BOMB THE CRAP OUT OF THE PLACE?! No. The police in Virginia are armed with this
    1 a rifle with a capacity of 9 bullets. 1 reserve magazine
    2 a colt 1911. no reserve
    3 A Batton

    25 bullets a cop. Your also forgetting that they are trained to use the Batton on their knees. AND that in Richmond there are only 300 cops tops. There are 102,000 people. Do the math.

    A day later, zombies will nearly overrun said city, and the surrounding area, where, guess what? People always don’t make logical decisions. People will lock themselves into their houses like you said. What will they do for food? Zombies are mindless, they will infinitely stand at all the exits and wait for you. Dead, not zombies, but dead, eventually, once the civilian population had already plummeted by 20%, the US military will take care of AMERICAN zombies. What about African countries that have no air force or navy, and only a few rusty tanks? You do realize that a zombie can get on a ship, it set sail, and zombies take it over, then they arrive. Yeah…no.

    Although unlikely there will be a zombie infection, if it does happen it might not wipe us out, but it will. Be hell on earth for a year.

  • Reply July 1, 2012


    History has shown that the most dangerous and deadly viruses, such as the black death, mutate extremely slowly or not at all whereas the not ery dangerous ones, such as the common cold, mutate annually. What makes people think that a virus that reanimates dead tissue could mutate at all? Also, bones support the body, so if a zombie broke its leg then it would not be able to walk as there is nothing for the zombie to put the weight on except flabby, rotten flesh.

    Jon, you first point is incorrect. Humans are able to use guns, tactics and strategy to overwhelm the military. Zombies are exactly the same thing except having no motor skills to operate anything, or have enough brains (it might have ate its own) to even think about flanking or pincer movements. The military would just spray all over their face then drop a grenade or to on the bodys to set them aflame and remove any traces.

    Oh and dont forget that if there was a virus then most airlines would just close in order to stop the virus from spreading.

    Zfham, i think you are thinking too much about battlefield(the game). Tanks are made up 3-5 man teams, a commander, the guy who fires the cannon, the guy who fires the machine gun, a side gunner and/or a loader. They are not designed to be able to be fixed in the field, they would just return to base for repairs. Geez.
    Also, what makes you think that the zombies have ears? I they do, how do you know they can hear? Lack of living cells causes the most sensitive parts of the body, eg ears, eyes and mouth, detiorate faster than parts like the legs and arms. There is no way a zombie could ever hear. Oh and btw a carpet bomb/airstrike consists or three things. You have the impact of the bomb first off, which can crush any animal before it even goes off. You have the explosion, which blows everything inside of 50-200metres to go up in flames and you have the final shrapneling. Of course, any smart person, like anyone other than you, would conclude that using napalm to set fire to the zombies would be the most rational thing to do. Seriously, when i read some of these comments it makes me want to seriously beat logic and common sense into you.

  • Reply July 1, 2012


    Dear common sense

    While your comments have sOme degree of truth, if zombies do get to africa, they will quickly be eradicated by te sun drying up their skin and basically bOiling them, gang wars joining together to combat the zombies or the numerous species of human-tramPling animals which would stomp em down if any of them got near their kids.

    Also, you know that if police are being overrun them they can call reinforcements? Although it can take a while, a few well placed barricads will take a week for the zombies to break though, easily enough time to install a minigun or two or get multiple grenades ove the fence

    • Reply January 6, 2013


      Why dO you write like tHis?

  • Reply July 16, 2012


    The way I see it, both sides have valid points. But what I have failed to see is a true example of a true real-life zombie attack (unless you count the incedent in Florida). The virus in Max Brook’s “The Zombie Survival Guide” has yet to surface in the real world. Along with that, could it be possible that the government has already set up a fail-safe plan when the living dead do attack us? Unless you work inside the white house and have access to secret government files, the answer is this : NO. We dont know anything that can be backed by solid evidence (unless the government is doing a dam good job of keeping it quiet). So in the end, the only thing we can do now is just sit and wait. If a zombie attacks happens, get ready for the fight of your life. If it doesnt happen, be happy, go live your life with your friends or family and move on.

  • Reply October 18, 2012

    Kristian Nelson

    you are f***ing stupid!
    the zombie Apocalypse WILL happen,and your dumba**
    “logic” won’t save you or anyone,because the virus can be created,and diseases can evolve
    “they’re already dead”,have you ever heard of the word UNDEAD?!
    the military?! they don’t know that automatic weapons waste ammo and the only way to kill a zombie is a headshot,and disease control? the CDC made a video about zombies and guess what it shows,they have no f***ing idea what they’re talking about!and in this case the stupidity of humans and the sheer number of zombies would overrule they’re mindlessness


    • Reply October 25, 2012

      Perry Louwers

      I agree with this statement. Why would a zombie need an immune system if they are dead? The dead can bite people and get the virus out because of the raw stupidity of human society. Once bitten do you really believe that a person is just gonna come on out and tell someone? No, they’re gonna hide it and think they can deal with it themselves.

    • Reply October 5, 2015


      Well I’m convinced

  • Reply October 29, 2012


    your talking a massive amount of friends family and others that would be infected by an initial probably airborne or water based assault then its just up to being like “hey buddy, whats up and turned into grindage for the group to increase the numbers of ppl you have to go against and furthermore the simple fact that cdc and nha exist would prevent the goverment from allowing an extermination for some time. during wich those numbers would farther increase and a greater area of the disease would  be evident. not to mention all countries would start to weaponize something so volatile for war

  • Reply November 2, 2012


    Okay, I fully agree with you on how easy it would be to prevent a zombie apocalypse.  However, you are going off on the idea that the virus was released as a mere accident.  If some one with inside information strategically planted the virus so that it infected overwhelmingly large numbers of people, then the virus has a greater chance to survive.  Also, said traitor would have planted the virus where it would be able to harm the military, so as they fight the zombies, they begin to die, under attack by an unseen enemy.

    the reason it’s the ragtag survivors that win out is because if you go along my version of how it happens (stated above) the outbreak is unexpected and the military would be unprepared.  It’s AFTER the outbreak, when people have time to organize and develop an effective strategy that we’d be able to fight back.

  • Reply November 5, 2012


    I like the ill-thought-out comment about only way for transmission is to get but. incorrect. for one we can bring about the chicken and the egg argument. if you have to get bitten to get the virus or whatever it may be then how did it start? someonbody had to bite someone to spread it but then who hit that person and how did they get it? and so in and so forth. it has to come from somewhere. furthermore although often times not mentioned, fluid to fluid contact spreads the disease. if you kill a zombie and its blood gets into your system via your mouth, eyes or an open wound then you would have been exposed to the infection and therefore likely have just been doomed. just a mere small explanation about the poorly executed argument against the zombie outbreak. it IS theoretically possibly but just not exactly how we see it in the movies per se. for one there are already diseases which inflict symptoms of mania. the ultimately most accurate portraying of a possible “zombie” apocalypse would be within the story of 28 Days Later. however I find the virus there to be too quickly spread. And that is not really a zombie moie because it isn’t the living dead. it’s just enrage psychotic people with the taste for flesh and violence and no remaining elements of humanity or self control. henceforth they can be killed without trauma to the head.

    • Reply November 5, 2012


      I agree with some things you say, the living dead will never walk… for thats just physically not possible, but thats the definition of a zombie… People eating each other driven by a disease isn’t a zombie, its a cannibal.

  • Reply November 6, 2012


    some very good points indeed, however, the magnitude of the virus could change, the effects, and apparently solanum is a actual virus similar to that of a zombie virus, however, it would take a retardedly long time time for it to evolve into something worth worrying about. and military, lol of course they die right away in movies. the only way a zombie outbreak could occur, would be if the military was extremely outnumbered, and almost out of bullets, and for that to happen, I imagine it would take way too long, the military would simply restock, and the zombies would be fucked

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  • Reply December 19, 2012

    Jay Dees

    Because they’re decomposing rotting corpses, the first thing they’ll lose is their mobility.  Hips get the most stress and would be the first thing to fall apart as a Zombie walks.  If the Zombie tried to claw his way across the lawn/field or whatever his arms would detatch at the shoulders.  After that, it would just be another first base laying out in the sun………harmless!  Zombies are fun to think about but they’re totally bogus.

  • Reply January 29, 2013


    well then, how did AIDS start? it kills millions a year and its also sexually transmitted. shit with it. now go pray for god.

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  • Reply March 7, 2013

    just a thought

    I Agree to the fullest,, One thing to add, if by some minute chance there were some virus out there so incredibly potent, by far if it spred so rapidly that the government couldnt contain it. Do you think the government would be still hanging around to see the outcome . Put themselves there family or anybody close to them at risk, ….NOOOO……. TOWN , CITY, ISLAND AND SO ON WOULD BE DEMOLISHED IS SECONDS FLAT… So come on people think outside the box.Common sense people…so if you see 100’s to 100, 000’s of people high tailing it away. Believe me if such a threat were so they wont sneek out one by one..

  • Reply March 25, 2013


    Just get over it, zombies will never happen. People like you wish so hard that there could be a zombie apocalypse because you have delusions and fantasies about being on the road slaying zombies/being a badass, whatever. I’ll bet you have tons of weapons in your home, 8 different locks on your door, and a pantry comprised of nothing but MREs. There’s nothing wrong with preparing for the worst, but zombies are one scenario that does not take priority over far more likely scenarios. Don’t just come and berate someone with half-baked insults while providing no sound rebuttal or argument yourself.

  • Reply April 1, 2013


    Erm I agree with somethings said but you say
    “But one unchanging part in nearly all of the zombie mythos is thus: you can only become a zombie if you are bitten by a zombie. So to avoid becoming infected with the zombie virus… all you need to do is not get bitten”
    in walking dead for example the virus is in the air you just have to die to come back so if a virus came from the air from a lab or something i dont know they might have no way to stop it people die everyday and also zombies dont care if they are hurt they will keep coming at you with a bullet in the leg the virus if it ever came to be would most likely keep the “body from dieing” as in muscles and bones from becoming too weak it would be able to move and it could posible be quarantined in a certain area if it isnt in the air and some people will be safe but it most likely will find a way to get out, the military would be good till the few decide to “fall back” or they see a loved one or a child and panic then dead then it will be just like the films…

    • Reply October 20, 2013

      kim jong health

      the problem is in real life what’s dead is dead. The brain is dead so the corpse can’t do no more thing, can’t just wake up, can’t walk, can’t smell or hear, can’t move jaw to bite. Brain dead, everything else shut down. Even if some virus take over the brain, it just take over some inanimate carcass that can’t do any harm to people

  • Reply April 1, 2013


    may i also add i heard on the news that a virus “apocalypse” most likely not a zombie one is almost 100% going to happen sooner or later as medicine is becoming ineffective and viruses are evolving causing issues and this would lead to government collapse and then factions and gangs emerging with a militia and things like that with people looking for food and resources there is no way it can be stoped no way we are safe forever no way…

    • Reply August 12, 2013


      Sorta like infamous 1 the ps3 game without the super powers s

  • Reply April 14, 2013

    Kieran Dempsey

    A zombie apocalypse can happen but how will it start there has yet been a chemical that people Can inhale and turn into a zombie and if a zombie apocalypse did happen the chemicals would be decontaminated! F**K Dumb

  • Reply June 19, 2013


    Do you guys realize somthing when somthing is dead it is dead it can not come back to life and also most dead organisims decay in 7 days unless preserved face it you are a bunch of zombie fans who can not accept reality.

    • Reply June 12, 2016


      Stages of decomposition and the timeframe of them:
      1: Initial Decay. 0 – 3 dys after death. (Fresh Stage, Looks like 1st. season walking dead zombies)
      2: Putrefacton. 4 – 10 days after death. (The Bloat Stage, more along the lines of season 3 – 5 of walking dead)
      3: Blak Putrefaction. 10 – 20 days after death. (Active Decay, season 6 walking dead zombies)
      4: Butyric Fermentation. 20 – 50 days after death. (More or less liquid humans)
      5: Dry Decay. 50 – 350 days after death. (Bone Piles)

      (Data found out at body farms)

      Caspers law of decomposition:
      “A body left in the open air decomposes twice as fast as if it was immersed in water, and eight times as fast as if it was underground.”
      (Actual science)

      Fun fact: The brain stem (aka the reptilian brain) decomposes in a month tops.
      (Also actual sciene)

      So yeah I see your point, even if zombies were to become real we only have to wait a week for them to dissapear… Or rather as I have just shown about a year…

      Hope this was enlightening…

  • Reply June 26, 2013


    I would just say read World War Z or The Zombie Survival Guide to counter every point you just made. I’ll kind of explain each point though…
    Me: Well, first of all, who knows whats going to happen? Just because a book says so, doesn’t mean it’s going to be true…

    5. Weather: The Virus is supposed to act in a way that preserves the body and therefor they are not affected by weather in an extreme way.
    Me: Again, look at my above reason. Just because a book says so, doesn’t mean it’s true.

    4. They are already dead: This is why they are hard to kill… Also, most people wouldn’t instantly identify them as zombies. They would stab, punch, kick and mace them before thinking to smash somebody’s head.
    Me: Exactly, they are already dead. If the heart stopped, blood doesn’t flow. It doesn’t get to your brain, brain doesn’t function, muscles don’t function, end of story.
    If you say the virus covers all of this, how can a few microscopic cells be so technical?
    Because it ain’t gonna happen.

    3. Disease Control: I’ll use your example of the flu. If everybody who had the flu tried their hardest to spread it to other people, there would be a larger death count. Hand sanitizer and sneeze guards won’t help here.
    Me: Which is why you gotta stay completely away from these zombies. Suppose they are real, but you really think a body that’s barely functioning knows how to open doors. The pressure of a bunch wouldn’t open doors, as its made of metal, and most likely barricaded with more weight.

    2. They are mindless: This isn’t completely true. Their only thought is to eat you and that is the scary part. They will come after you like a machine with the sole purpose of killing. Shutting your windows and doors will only work for awhile, eventually they will push through. After they realize you are in there, more and more will show up too.

    Me: I can see where you’re coming from, as animals have the instinct to hunt and eat, like zombies would, I suppose. They could be attracted to sound. Thus, when a zombie finds you, it could growl and more would come. Look above with my doors thing too… Though I highly doubt that they can function enough to even move…

    1. The military: I could go into a lot of detail on why I don’t think the military would do very well in a zombie outbreak.

    For one, the military doesn’t just sit and wait for stuff to happen like this. The active duty ones who aren’t deployed also have families they are spending time with and can easily be infected.

    Two, by the time the threat was identified as zombies it would have already grown to a huge outbreak. There are not enough military personal to be in every city in America

    Three, the military uses conventional tactics that involve “shock and awe”. Zombies are not scared of bombs and the blast pressure most likely will not kill them. Shrapnel will also not be as effective due to the need for the brain to be destroyed.

    Me: What of the virus doesn’t pile up at the brain? What of it piles up er… At the heart, or simply spreads throughout the whole body. I just simply believe that a few shots in the leg will slow the, down, chest will be effective, and head is good enough.

    Alright, I’m tired of writing… pick up a copy of World War Z and your questions will be answered. Also, visit
    Me: No

    • Reply October 20, 2013

      kim jong health

      and one more thing about what you said in point number 4:
      If the heart stopped, blood doesn’t flow. It doesn’t get to your brain,
      brain doesn’t function, muscles don’t function, end of story.

      means to kill a zombie, you don’t even need to shot his head and destroy his brain. Shot somewhere in the body or limbs, cause blood loss. No blood flow to zombie’s brain, brain malfunction, zombie (now really)dead. That simple.

  • Reply July 9, 2013


    I am too lazy to write a whole bunch of stuff explaining why most of you supporting this are wrong, but, I would like to say something against the main topic going around. Sure the military has bombs, napalm strikes, etc. but do you think that the military would mercilessly nuke a city, unaware of the fact that there could be thousands (in a big city) of non-zeds just chilling and hiding? Humans have one (among others) HUGE disadvantage against zombies. Morality. One more point, the sheer number of relentless zombies, charging FULL FORCE, NOTHING held back at an armored vehicle would most likely tip it over. Just 20 zombies is already at LEAST a whole 2,000 force. Zombies don’t hold back. They see a human? They go ape shit. Look, I already wrote about 2 paragraphs worth of text about one topic even though I said I wouldn’t write much! If my theory has flaws, please do explain!

    • Reply May 29, 2014


      Evacuation of all non-military personnel issued throughout the infected city? Once the military believes that everyone, escapes, or at the least, casualties are acceptable, they’ll go full “ape shit” on the city. Your theory of morality is void, look at the Civil War(of The U.S.A), General Grant and Sherman( of the north)had no problem burning down southern cities that could be of use to the south, and guess what, innocent civilians off the south who resisted were killed sometimes! What makes you think the military won’t burn down cities swelling with things that can cause the extinction of humanity! I fart at your “theory”.

      • Reply May 29, 2014


        I forgot to mention that, with your theory void, the military will likely burn down a city, and with one more city burnt, one more step until the end of the “apocalypse”

  • Reply August 7, 2013


    Okay theres two different theories of the so called “zombies”. 1) The “virus/infection zombies” which I say would definitely wipe out humans. I mean after all they actually think. They are regular people who think like us but are just infected by some virus. Which can vary a lot! The virus doesn’t necessarily have to make them flesh-eating beast. What if it turned them into just people full of rage with only one objective… kill and destroy. But they point is that they can actually think! Because if it was like the swine flu… I mean are you brainless(really dumb) just cause you have a flu?? No!!! You’re immune system its just weaker. 2) The “undead” which would be the ones who rise from the grave. Which would also wipe out humanity due to the simple fact that the dead outnumber the living. Thats it.

    • Reply October 20, 2013

      kim jong health

      1) there is no such virus in real life
      2) you mean piles of separated bone that even don’t have cartilage to stick it together or some decomposed body in rigor mortis state that can’t even move it’s limbs? If they even can’t move, how can it emerge from the graveyard. LOL

  • Reply August 12, 2013


    Let me put a hole in this line of words zombies could never happen because there bodys are dead no way to live walk or eat there orgins are dead in other words the zombie virus does not and should not be able to reanimate but take control of someones mind yea you can say there dead but its a virus and hoe is killing the brain gonna kill a zombie when its dead already if the brain is dead it no longer sends signals to the body in other words a zombie can not be a reanimated corpse in some shape or form its possible the mind and bodys is still alive so if the body was dead and the brain is dead theres no way the body can work with out the brain or heart or any other organ the body within days or weeks maybe months with out the organs and blood flow the body begins to decompose no brain no thoughts no heart no blood to keep your body from dying no nothing if zombies were real they wouldnt need to eat any thing if there already dead then there stomics can not digest witch meens there stomic would explode to much inside it what i am trying to say is and you can call me stupid dumb what ever you want to a zombies body would still have to be alive o for them to eat us and move run walk and xombies are mindless so they wouldnt just attack us because they cannot tell the differance between alive or dead remenber there brains do not work they cannot see smell briethe or taste a zombie would die in a short amount of time

  • Reply August 25, 2013

    Daniel Xavier Knight

    “You know how you have separate clothes for winter and summer? That’s because getting extremely hot or cold is bad for the human body (you may have gleaned this, over the years). Extended exposure to harsh summer sun and/or the frigid temperatures that normally accompany snow and ice will absolutely kill fully nourished and healthy humans. So how would people with open wounds, no shelter, and rapidly decaying flesh and bone respond to being out in the sun for hours or days or weeks at a time?”

    Apparently you never heard of the man that after being electrocuted was able to JOG IN SNOW, NAKED. There’s human anomalies in the world who for reasons due often to some sort of electrical change in their physiology have “super human strength.” So it’s not impossible. It might require an act of God, to start a virus that imparts such an ability, but wouldn’t require a supernatural virus, just some sort of virus that alters a bio-electric component somehow, or whatever it is that gives that ability. Plus you seem to be limiting a zombie type to an either or fallacy: a zombie that lasts in any kind of weather and can’t be killed except for a magical vampire head chop off, or nothing else. Why not a zombie parasite like in various movies and real insect cases that takes over a certain part of the body and uses it till it’s done with it’s host?

  • Reply September 3, 2013


    Plenty of citizens in america have multiple guns of their own. Each person would be able to take out at least a handful of zombies before getting bitten. And since zombies rely on the getting people to increase there numbers, each new victim would be too costly to obtain. If you lose 5 zombies for ever person you get, well then you run out of zombies pretty fast.

  • Reply September 28, 2013


    Ok………………….first of all……………..Zombies are physically impossible. Re-animation has been PROVEN not to be possible. Once a cellular organism has lost its ability to reproduce over dead cells, it’s over. Period.

    This will shed light on that. Although it is possible to RESUSCITATE someone it is not possible for a cellular organism to re-animate:

    Also most zombie films give zombies ultimate physical credit (ex. amazing strength, speed, a form of coordination (ex. the trap the zombies set in I Am Legend), etc. ). Sorry folks, but I agree with the writer that there is NO WAY a zombie could have those traits if somehow a virus could MAGICALLY re-animate the cell structure of a rotting piece of flesh (an impossibility in and of itself) AND somehow that rotting piece of flesh that used to be a person would suddenly have amazing abilities. ………yeah……not happening.

    • Reply September 28, 2013


      In addition………with that being the case, 1) it’s called clearing a city, and using nukes (worst-case scenario), 2) ever heard of tanks? A rotting piece of somehow-re-animated-flesh would not have the strength to even climb aboard an ABRAMS M1 without getting crushed or blown to bits first, 3) pretty sure American civilians (most of which would be armed i.e. 2nd Amendment) would also be able to help in the mop-up of their hometown. It’s a no-brainer folks…..sorry to burst the bubble of a fun idea (that’s all it is and will ever be), but it’s just never going to happen.

  • Reply October 1, 2013

    Brad Ward

    Real life zombies would be victims of a bio-weapons attack. The weapon contains a virus alright, but not one that kills the victim. This one targets key areas of the brain that reduce the victim to a zombie mentality, and also effect the area of the brain that controls balance. This leaves the victim with the classic, awkward zombie gait. These “zombie weapons” are quite real, and are currently in the arsenals of the U.S., China, and Russia. Discovery channel was running a documentary on zombie weapons that aired back in October of 2011.

  • Reply October 20, 2013

    kim jong health

    that’s the point, kid. They’re already dead. Dead people can’t move moreover bite someone. Forget about CDC, military, etc. The first thing you should acknowledge is that dead people can’t move. Your T-Virus or whatever can’t do nothing hosting an inanimate dead body.


  • Reply October 20, 2013

    kim jong health

    but unfortunately this is not movie. it is not that easy to sabotage military in real life, so instead your “traitor” will immediately get caught and imprisoned. LOL

    And it will take far more time to cause zombie outbreak than time needed for goverment to organize. Real life goverment is not that stupid like in the movie. Heck, even real life people is not as dumb as portrayed in the movie. Real life people will immediately kill some clumsy zombie try to eat them.

  • Reply October 29, 2013


    wow lol never ever thought about it as that simple and crazy but if we were dealing with zombies like from the 28 weeks later series then it would be a different situation cause that was no zombie it was a disease. well what would you do?

  • Reply January 7, 2014


    Maybe 1 or 2 ppl would get biten by a friend or family member turned by a zombie, but you have to remember that it’s not going to be seen in broad daylight soon after that and no one wants to walk toward the crazy guy bite into ppl necks and would call the police and have it on the News most likely. If most of them happen in a house odds are that they’d fall down the stairs or kill themselves falling over, but either way they’d never be able to open the door and leave said building.

    Why the fuck would someone weaponize a stupidity virus that’s extremely easy to notice within the first 1 or 2hrs of its existence when they could simply use better diseases that take a week to manifest with little threat to their well being like America did w/ small pox.

  • Reply January 8, 2014


    This discussion and all the comments are just in vain. THE MAIN REASON that a ZOMBIE APOCALIPSE is never going to happen is…WATER. A human body can`t resist more that 3-4 days (some last up to a week) without water. Even if you are infected and “rise from the dead”, if you do not drink water your body will DIE. That means that ALL the body processes will stop (walking, smelling, seeing, runing, grabbing, eating, etc.) regardless of any virus you have. And I did not see any zombie to drink water in any of the movies and tv series (please do not count blood from the victims as water).

  • […] recently read an interesting article here on Primer Magazine called 5 Reasons The Zombie Apocalypse Will Never Come To Pass. It was insightful and somewhat […]

  • Reply January 17, 2014


    I saw the WWZ film and it said “Zombies arose from the ocean floor” or something like that. Logic! Do you realize how much pressure there would be on the zombies? They would be crushed immediately by the ocean’s pressure. Correct me if I’m wrong or I’m missing something. If this statement is true, then it would take forever to spread to the entire world, unless zombies can swim, which they can’t. Zombies can’t “doggie-paddle” or “freestyle” over to Africa or Cuba or some other country. Again, this can be proven false, but if you’ve learned something in science class at your Middle School, it’s that the ocean can put a lot of pressure on you if your that far down and squash you into jelly. Note that I’m 13 so this is just my thought. Again. Logic.

  • Reply January 18, 2014

    Giannis Chef

    no guys the zombie apocalypapse could happen and we know that all these zombie attack had happened miami africa chicago are fake? no they want to reduce the popullation they have big plans but we dont know how will be…i heard umbrella corporation is really and it have some viruses who turn the humans in zombies…they doing experiments in humans and they follow them to see what happen…i heard that thing take place in brazil guys maybe it’s real maybe not but they are not innocent they keep big secrets from us.god help us god 🙁

  • Reply February 18, 2014


    solanum ….. first we need to figure out if solanum really exists

  • Reply February 27, 2014

    Dajamer Fadi

    i love reading about apocalypses, nuclear war is the only logical way for the apocalypse while zombies is not possible at all but still fun to watch and read about it even prepare for it.
    regarding your article zombies in cinemas was not always being slow and brainless, my most favioret zombie movie is 28 days later and 28 week later and they show us zombies as fast and strong creatures.
    the second movie that i believe every one watched is i am legend, in that movie they showed the zombie as not only fast and extremely strong but even a very smart creature also they socialize, i consider them as smart as the apes but not as human, still if they are even not less smart than apes they can overtake the world duo to strenghthen bodies and bones structure, just imagine a group of 50 zombies who can run 50-60 mph and they are strong enough to deal a damage to armored vehicles and jump easly up to 6-9 ft, then they are stronger than us.

    still i don’t believe in zombie apocalypse unless some one designed a virus that could change the structure of our bodies and change our way of living.

    are zombies already exist now? yes and they are smart, selfish and rich peoples you meet them every day and some peoples have to live with them in their homes or offices or work places.
    pharmaceuticals companies, drugs dealer, weapon dealer, politicians, dictators and etc are all zombies.

  • Reply June 1, 2014


    Rabies can turn dogs into flesh hungry beasts n I’ve heard of people who have been infected with rabies by a dog bite foaming at the mouth and trying to bite other people, and I’m sure that the virus could mutate into something worse n who says the infected have to live longer than a few weeks to be called a ZOMBIE? There are LOADS of Viruses that can be considered to turn people into Looney Tunes! n if u starve a nutter they’ll probably eat anything or anyone! Go kidnap a Amazonian Cabalist Tribesman and infect him with Rabies n CJD, Starve him, then release him say London! There a real live Flesh Eating Zombie, I guarantee he’ll infect others! Although he might only live for a week or two! This is hypothetical! Pls don’t actually do this, it would inhumane! but you get idea.

  • Reply June 5, 2014


    One more comment out there would be the fact that even a FAST MOVING zombie is…well…its not taking down the predators of earth. Look at it factually. Viruses can on VERY rare occasions jump species but for the most part, its not going to have any effect on wildlife AT all. (the only thing more impossible than a crazy rampant virus that can spread that fast, and with such deadly force is one of the same kind that can spread SPECIES. look it up….it wont happen)
    anyways lets say these…infected…all decided to have a field day outside of a major city center… all i can say is predators of this world have been evolving and changing for MILLIONS of years….good LUCK TO A BUNCH OF CRAZY (or braindead morons) walking around. especially if they start to give off a rotting stench. Forget big boys like carnivores and think INSECTS. Wouldnt even be a competition. and on a final note lets just say that these zombies were the living type that got infected with a super virus…well that means that some laws of nature are gonna be applied REAL fast and to put it bluntly, if you think zombies are terrifying, combine the insects of earth and the climate of most of earth’s areas… would become a comedy movie real fast.

  • Reply June 10, 2014


    Hello my name is Steven. I was wondering about this Zombie Apocalypse in my own personal mind; I think that it is not true to the fact in my personal research probably in the lab; experiments from Toxoplasmic Diseases. It cannot happen for this Zombie Apocalypse because in the Expert Professional Medics Team; the World is proud within their Peaceful Gods; and with aid of Christianity of Jesus Christ. I pray for this swift end to this so called Zombie Apocalypse. Thank You So much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 :0

  • Reply June 10, 2014


    I wish another testimony on this Great Upcoming Topic. The Freedom of Gods said that there should be no such thing as a Zombie Apocalypse. Do not be troubled or dismayed; nor crying or sad. HELP SAVE THE WORLD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Reply June 10, 2014



  • Reply June 15, 2014

    Just A Bloke

    Films is films, but if you wanna see some real zombies, just hang around a pub late at night, or a crackhouse at any time, & you’ll see plenty. In many ways they’re far more dangerous than the variety seen in films. Not only do these zombies attack, injure, & sometimes even kill, they can also cause serious damage to property. I recommend that you steer well clear of ’em for these reasons, & cos they’re highly contagious. Only the very strong minded can be immune to the contagion (binge drinking & drug taking), usually cos they are strong minded enough to stay well away in the 1st place.

  • Reply June 24, 2014


    All I want an answer to, is what is a zombie army going to do against a tank battalion?

  • Reply June 25, 2014


    This is what my brother and i have talked about ( in close relation to the five points). To logically be bitten by a zombie, you would have to be completely oblivious to it’s intention, deathly look (if they happen to actually be alive) Or one might have to be delusional to see a zombie. (considering they aren’t alive), or tricked into believing someone is a zombie.

  • Reply September 22, 2014

    Someone who has a brain.

    You are an absolute DUMBASS!!!! Have you ever seen World War Z? Or, have you actually been chased by a rabid dog? They are not brainless, they have regressed to an animal like state, so they will hunt you down. A bite would not be the only way that the virus would get transmitted, ingestion of their body fluids would also do it. Finally, did you know that there was actually a fungus that could infect the mind of an ant, and some larger insects? It’s called Ophiocordyceps Camponoti-Balzani, LOOK IT UP!!!!

  • […] world will fall to the likes of the walking dead. I read an article the other day explaining the logistical impossibility of a virus triggering the kind of symptoms common to Hollywood zombies, and if the Internet says […]

  • […] world will fall to the likes of the walking dead. I read an article the other day explaining the logistical impossibility of a virus triggering the kind of symptoms common to Hollywood zombies, and if the Internet says […]

  • Reply March 7, 2015

    Mr Peace

    Nice sir
    i like and i believe with all what did you say .
    In Islam all the corpses will be eaten by worms
    so all this dead bodies will be Crumbles
    and i think the virus that will turn them back to live have no ability to control the Crumbles process.

    My Regards Sir

  • Reply April 29, 2015


    BS, I know I have met a few zombies already, so they aren’t mindless they think love dream and have passion and compassion. The zombie virus is very real and it possibly could transfer from people to people via body fluids because it is blood borne, CDC confirmed it so they are on our side possibly, I know I am the INSIDER. I have been digging and digging about what the government wants to hide that we need to know and the writer of this article is a conspirator. You’ll truly know if you read the insider blog

  • Reply May 8, 2015

    Kevin Worldsavior

    The zombie apocalypse is not only possible, but is already in the making – The Ebola outbreak is a hoax to trick you into getting a viral nanobot laced vaccine that will turn you into a zombie and destroy you – But I got the deadly weapon to destroy that viral zombie nanobot instantly – I got the mightiest way on Earth to stay absolutely healthy all the time – Only my discovery can save the world from the imminent viral zombie apocalypse and keep everybody (kids and adults) absolutely healthy all the time – I got the power (and everybody can possess it) to wipe out Rabies, T4 Bacteriophage, Ebola, AIDS, Colds, Flues, Pertussis, EV-D68, Polio, TB, Any Poxes, Any Hepatitis, Malaria, Dengue, Cholera, etc. in just a few days – I got my WVCD – The Weapon of Virus and Cancer Destruction – By far more powerful than the human immune system, keeping it intact all the time, for any pathogens are killed the moment they touch us – Just an exercise for a minute a day – The cure and prevention of any diseases, known on Earth for millions of years – Infections, Cancers, Diabetes, MS, Cardiovascular Diseases and Strokes – Even Tibetans and Yoga don’t know how to stay absolutely healthy all the time – The price of the WVCD for the whole world is 5 billion EURO – Just 25 million EURO per country – Can be paid to me by the governments of all countries in the world – Only my WVCD can destroy the T4 Bacteriophage viral nanobot spread by vaccines, hatched to cause global zombie apocalypse (by altering the human DNA) and wipe out billions of humans, the moment it gets into our blood stream and save the whole world – Just Google “T4 Bacteriophage nanobot” to get all the info regarding this Israeli race warfare ethno-bomb.

    • Reply October 5, 2015


      Will do, thx Kevin…..(crazy)

      • Reply October 5, 2015

        Kevin Worldsavior

        You are welcome, BC!

  • Reply May 23, 2015

    Roy Umaña

    If we are taking the idea from Wolrd War Z well i have to appoint that the Virus didnt start in USA you all talk about how the military can take down USA virus but what happen in africa Japan China their population is bigger than the army.
    and keep it based on WWZ the reason why the virus spread is exactlly this cause people think that is impossible to happen you compleely trust in the CDC? and the Army? so we are talking about another WWZ

  • Reply June 4, 2015



  • Reply June 4, 2015



  • Reply June 4, 2015



  • Reply June 4, 2015



  • Reply June 27, 2015

    william clark

    I Still Think It Could Happen Regardless What Anypony ( Yes I Am A Brony ) Or Anything Says I Have Melee Weapons ( 2 Pipes Of Iron 1 Sturdy Wooden Stick A Flashlight AND A Knife Not A Hunters Knife To Cut Open Deer Or Whatever I Mean A Knife Used For Ceramics So To Speak So I Got It Covered I Would Be A Lone Wolf A 1 Man Crew Solo ) And I Would Be Successful

  • Reply July 9, 2015


    You took all of the things that zombies are *NOT* in order to prove,
    “see, this can’t exist”.

    Stop thinking that zombies must have these traits because fictional
    movies say so:
    They have to be unkillable.
    They have to be raised from the dead.
    They have to walk very slowly.
    They must contain rotting flesh.

    Why not take all of the things that definitely *ARE* possible, instead:
    1. Can a virus be contagious and air-born? Definitely. Like a cold virus.
    2. Can a something cause brain damaged? Definitely. Like rabies.
    3. Can parts of the brain be damaged, like speech and logic? Of course.
    4. Can parts of the brain be NOT damaged, like the desire to move,
    eat, and survive? Of course.

    I would think Zombies are extremely likely to exist some day.

  • Reply July 24, 2015

    Edwin Gracia

    tsss…… only scared people are saying zombie apocalypse is not real, but it is real, we can’t prevent it and we can’t stop it. for those who are saying that zombie apocalypse is not real, they are scared. for those who are non-zombie believers, they are the ones who will infected first, ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE IS REAL

  • Reply July 24, 2015

    Edwin Gracia

    EITHER YOU BELIEVE OR NOT, ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE IS REAL!!! for those who don’t believe in zombies, well they are the ones who will infected FIRST!

  • Reply July 29, 2015

    Edwin Gracia


  • Reply August 7, 2015

    Finnick Gonzalez

    Have anyone of you heard about Dr. Robert Sapolsky’s theory? A professor of neurology in Harvard University. He explained that the stress vaccine can make you a modification in the brain.
    The external parts of the brain will be dead and the only part that will be alive is the center: Thalamus, Hipothalamus and the stem. The part of hunger gets damaged too. That means that you will want to eat anything that is moving, even humans! The parts that coordinate the movements will be also damaged in a way you will be trembling or walking unsteadily; your movements won’t be precise and you won’t be able to jump, or run very fast.
    The external parts of the brain will be dead, the ones that form your personality, thoughts, who you are, memories, feelings…humanity. All of that will be gone forever. So, everyone of you were mistaken. They are alive! But won’t be the same again. They won’t feel when they’ll have a cutted finger, or a nail nailed on their feet, or a disease like flu. They don’t need an inmunologic system, heart or liver because they are feelingless and nothing can harm them (except for a knife in its head).
    And they are not “zombies”. Zombie is a word used for the dead bodies of people reanimated by magic. This has nothing to do with magic. I prefer to call them undead or walkers.
    The stress vaccine that Stanford is developing is made out of genetically modified herpes. Sapolsky says that a normal herpes just cause weals. But what a genetically modified herpes in the brain can do?
    Now I’ll explain your points of view in my points of view:
    5. They could die by the weather, that’s right. But slowly and not because of any other disease. And remember that everywhere there is climate change. One day they could have an extreme hot day, and the next one refresh with some rain. The most probable way they’ll die is by hunger. Someday they’ll run out of food and will just starve until death.
    4. They don’t feel, no need for any other organs (except digestive system). Just the body, brain (alive part), and neurologic system. Nothing else to live.
    3. Every disease starts because of something, right? Sapolsky’s theory says it may be caused by the stress vaccine. Many people will buy it obviously. By the moment the vaccine starts to make effect, millions of people will be already like the undead. Herpes is very contagious. If they got herpes inside their brains, it could move to the mouth. By a kiss or a bite you can get it and no one will recognize them as “zombies”. They’ll think it’s a poor insane person or a drunk. They’ll be bitten, heal the wound, and after: transform.
    2. Of course they are mindless. They can’t solve problems or plan things, or communicate… But what they do can make is search for their food. Always using just the instinct to bite and eat their prey. If the prey is locked in a house, they’ll just push the door to enter without giving up, and they won’t make it. But the prey will go out for anything, obviously.
    1. Like in number 3, many people will be already sick. They’ll start attacking everywhere and nor the cops, nor the army will be prepared.
    And now for the religious men. Tell me yes or not if this sentence is in the creed: “We look for the Resurrection of the dead and the Life of the age to come”
    These are just my beliefs and hypothesis. I am prepared, and I recommend you to be prepared for anything. Whatever can happen, soon or in a million years. But let’s not spend our lives on the phone. Get back your real lifes and be prepared. That’s my advice, if you want to take it go ahead.

    • Reply June 12, 2016


      I really like that you classify the victims (“infected”) as undead or walkers…

      Lets take a little look at the meaning of the word “undead” shall we???

      If you look the word up on Wikipedia the first you read is this: “The undead are beings in mythology, legend, or fiction that are deceased but behave as if alive.”

      Hmmm… Deceased, which means they are no longer amongst the living, but you stated that they were not dead just sick…

      Let us consult Wikipedia further on the subject shall we??? In all actuality lets continue in the opening definition: “The undead may be incorporeal like ghosts, or corporeal like vampires and zombies.”

      Hmmm… Lists zombies as corporeal undead… Which means that you do not want to call them zombies but you will make the mistake of cataloging them as dead without them actually being so…

      Sure that meaning of the word undead was mostly brought to the forefront because of the story of Dracula written by Bram Stoker… And fact remains that undead existed before the printing of that book…

      Again consulting Wikipedia: “The word does appear in English before Stoker but with the more literal
      sense of “alive” or “not dead”, for which citations can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary.”

      So let us just call them “infected”, “afflicted”, “diseased” or as they do in the subtiteled version of the anime “Highschool Of The Dead” “Them”…

  • Reply September 10, 2015


    So what I am getting at is the zombies of The Walking Dead, are people who have died and been reanimated, they are not alive and only have the need to feed on human flesh. That a virus invades the human while their alive and then once the human dies regardless of what manner they turn into these zombies.
    The only way that this could be plausible is if the virus that’s in the zombies is sustaining their life, which I don’t think is the case since their skin decays and their bodies can be broken and they crawl around without a lower half. It just doesn’t seem possible for living things or dead things in that manner to be able to function in this type of form. I mean I’m a medical student and I love zombie movies and I love reading books about zombies, but zombies defies reasoning of science and medical information. I believe the only type of zombies that could be possible would be those that were invaded by a parasite into the brain which is actually kind of difficult because we have this thing called the blood barrier inside our brains that protects us from viruses but not so much parasites. So the only way that the zombie apocalypse could affect our nervous system which is in our brain would be by a parasite that has to find its way through our body fight our immune system and invade our brain.
    I don’t so much believe in a virus epidemic but I do believe in a parasitic epidemic and I don’t think that the people would be dead I believe they would be kind of like how the wasp paralyzes and causes trimmers within ladybugs to protect the larvae that hatch out of them. Like mindless zombies the ladybugs were infected with a RNA gene that makes them defensive and lash out until the larvae are wasp themselves.

  • Reply September 28, 2015

    Burt Fleming

    Well, first off, you only need a list of 1. And that would be, to get into the whole Zombie thing, a zombie, if there ever could be such a thing (uh, not) would need to have a beating heart and working lungs, period. The mind, muscles or any other body function will not work without such a system. If muscles are not working, then there is no movement-from hungry jaws to grabby fingers/hands let alone movement at all. Deterioration of muscles and soft tissue would be very quick. The brain could never be alive either in any capacity. Even if a zombie could move around, how far would it be able to walk before its soft tissues disintegrated and it fell to the ground unable to crawl, move, or much less get up again? Tendons drying out and snapping would happen quicker than it could actually move across a city. A zombie would not be able to apply any kind of pressure in a bite because of this reason (jaw physiology compromised let alone teeth falling out) it would be like an 90 year old grandpa gumming you! At the very least, a zombie and its lore should have a working system you know? A head shot, a shot to the heart, stab to the lungs, a wound so it would bleed out would make so much more sense. A zombie under those conditions with an impaired mind (like a Kardashian) would be more believable.

    A human that becomes a zombie would have its body bloat and pop like a balloon on top of all the other body failures. A zombie would also have maggots and flies surrounding it that it would be a skeleton in no time at all (zombie mind included).

    If we had to progress to the keep your doors closed part. Locking your doors would be a start but once the first rows of a horde against a door started to push against it, they would crush like eggs from the weight. You would have piles of squashed bodies in front of your door, eventually limiting a horde’s strength by pushing it further away from the door.

    I love zombie shows and movies but they are the greatest test of the ‘suspension of disbelief’ in the history of entertainment. But its fun!!!

  • Reply September 30, 2015

    dumb bstrds

    This is just stupid… unless you believe magic is real… a body can’t move and exist if it is dead… sure maybe a virus could make people crazy.. but it wouldn’t be through a bite and without water and food it would die quick… zombies can never be true dude… brain is dead.. u aren’t moving

  • Reply October 9, 2015

    Jeff James Crawford

    Fun article. I agree with the military part. For everyone on here saying the u.s. military would fall…. A. Unless you served like I have, shut the duck up. You have no clue what the Hell your talking about. B. If you can honestly think couple hundred zombies could over power a 50 cal machine gun you need to go shoot some guns cause you live under a damn rock. For the person that says someone would get infected within the ranks and no one would noticed your a typical civilian that has no clue how the military works. When we deploy we get many vaccinations such as small pox. Guess what we get checked on weekly to see the progression. We get certain aspects of our lives checked everyday! For single soldiers they get there living area checked. So with the knowledge the military is very redundant and efficient. It wouldn’t be hard for a good idea fairy to say “Hey every time you get back from guard duty, convoy, anything you must see the medics for a full evaluation. … Hate civilians that talk about military cause they have seen a few movies or played call of duty…Trust me we would know fast if there was an outbreak. To wrap it up if you think the military can’t handle some walking morons then feel free to join and explain to us what were doing wrong otherwise shut up cause you wouldn’t know how to fight of a paper bag. “Enough said”

  • Reply October 19, 2015


    But you could just ride over them endlessly with a tank, one tank would win – or a reinforced steamroller.

    And always more than one enclosed gigantic rpg withstanding shell zombie fingers couldn’t break

  • Reply October 21, 2015


    who said in order to be a zombie…you must be dead? look at mad cow disease…im sure that could clear alot up…and there arent as many military personnel as this vountry would like you to believe…roughly 200k in marines…550k-750k in army 300k in air force and 400k-600k in navy…so thats what 2 million in military personnel (and tjats invluding the non combatant personnel) vs. a zombie population that vould exceed 100 million (that doesnt portray the military personnel that have been tirned already)

  • Reply October 28, 2015

    Geo T

    I agree with the author. The fundamental problem with zombies is that motile life requires constant inputs of ENERGY, just like a gas tank or battery. Zombies seem to only eat when they get lucky, even if the mere fact of being dead wouldn’t prevent life. They could only exist in the realm of unprovable supernatural phenomena.

    The classic zombie scenario could be replaced with a plague that renders people mindless without actually killing them. They’d stay alive by eating plants, rodents or whatever (not just mainly people). Then again, the weather would kill many of them but it could be treated as a shorter term crisis where they DO die but keep trying to attack people while still alive.

  • Reply November 15, 2015


    Agree with those solid explanations of why thats impossible, for those who got butthurt and trying to make their points by some lame arguments I got some truth that no ones told you yet, if that shit would get real you even could survive so dont trip about it

  • Reply December 6, 2015

    Society's Shadow

    Everyone has there own opinion. But this whole conversation is merely based on the Author of this page and what he wrote. This is just what he believes and other people do and can or don’t have to believe as well.
    You can’t say he is right or wrong, and you can’t also say that everyone else is right or wrong either. Based on what the author said is true,(on the facts he has and explanations.) But depending on what we think a zombie is can really dictate on what we think is possible. If we are able to have an open mind on what others have to say, we can still agree with our own opinion, and theirs as well. Zombies (can be possible depending on what type of ideal of what you think zombies are.) They don’t have to be dead. Based on the definition of zombie on google, it says that they are to believed to be a dead person raised by (magic).
    in CERTAIN African and Caribbean religions. It ALSO SAYS that zombie ALSO means a person who is or (appears) lifeless. Now we may or may not think an apocalypse is possible, but assuming it is possible, (Zombie)
    could mean something totally different. As (INFECTED, or DISEASED.)
    The definition of (INFECTED) on google means affect with (Virus.)
    or (contaminated.) So it is possible, to have a (zombie like) apocalypse. But it (DOES NOT) mean that all the stereotypical aspects of a zombie are going to be true. In fact, (Ebola) was an epidemic, which means a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time. But you didn’t hear or see that people were turning cannibal. All they were called was (INFECTED) people. Now Ebola took 11,315 lives world wide. and had 28,637 (infected) people world wide, based on the World Health Organization. 39,952 people world wide were (infected by Ebola.)

    but only 11,315 peoples lives were taken from the infection. And the places that had the most infection from Ebola was Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. So it is possible to have a (apocalypse of some type but does not mean that zombies will have all there stereotypical aspects.) They could be totally different on what we think they could be. And since something like this has never happened in Human History that we know of, we can’t tell the future and we will for sure not know what the true character of what we assume as (zombie or infected) will be. But it is possible for a Apocalypse of some type that (infects humans) to come true. But it would have to be (intentional) to have this to happen. also it would have to be carefully planned out as to spread this (INFECTION) unnoticeable. And to be spread through (Major) populated areas. Diseases and behaviors evolve sometimes slowly or fast. So spreading the infection could be totally bizarre on how people could be infected. Like for an example, the infection could be throughout the whole atmosphere and air that we breathe. But people can only get infected if they drink a certain beverage of take a certain medication. This is just an example of a totally bizarre way of getting infected. But overall (I CANNOT) say that the author is incorrect or correct. My overall point is, that what the author is saying about the given facts that he knows, are indeed (TRUE.) In that aspect it could not happen. But if what we call a (zombie), is totally different on what we believe it to be, it (CAN) happen, if our stereotypical belief on what a zombie is, is (NOT TRUE.)
    If (ZOMBIE) was meaning to be an (INFECTED PERSON) without knowing they are infected, spreading an infection, And then a new virus outbreak happens like the Flu, then a certain shot that people can get so they don’t get that certain disease, but activates the other neutral disease (that has already infected people without knowing it, through a long amount of time as in years) activates and make them go insane (psychologically) turning them to think cannibalism. Which this has already infected billions of people through the years and now is considered an apocalypse. It may sound like a whole bunch of words and chances but it is the same concept as the black plague. But instead we are the rats and then we get a new type of flu, then get the shot but activates the disease that we already had.This is more of a logical explanation on a different way of an apocalypse happening. But this is just my opinion, you are free to agree with whatever you believe in. But sometimes we can be right or wrong.

  • Reply January 12, 2016


    why cound’t we just burn them all? i mean, if they are transformed human bodies, that means they are organic matter, and so, you don’t even need that mutch flame temperature to just simply turn them into ashes. This question goes to people who understant simple organic chemistry, if this is not your case then please just don’t say a word.

  • Reply February 4, 2016

    Jason Ingalls

    Agreed! I think there are plenty of people that want this because they generally hate people, it may also have something to help people escape to a world of total anarchy. Let us face the facts. Our country alone has centuries of knowledge that has furthered the fields of medicine, science, our armed forces, and need I say emergency response. FEMA, the military, and every law enforcement/ rescue agency would volunteer in the event of an outbbreak, most of which would carry weapons. The U.S. dollar is the world currency so if we fall then so does the world, I guarantee the U.N. would be here within the week. Humans are also genetically different from most of the theorised animals that produce the epidemic . The virus would have to literally change itself and evolve because we have fewer or greater chromosomes than other animals. Bacteria are generally easy to kill with modern medicine, and as smarter more capable beings humans still have the ability of free will. Scientifically the brain may tell the body what to do, but a human will have an emotional response to most things located and memory located in the pons and medulla. So if the core is left to still operate in the brain so will be the subjects ability to remember stuff and have emotions. All these movies are anymore are entertainment with hidden political and social meanings. It’s a bunch of hog wash and the only zombie victims are the countless being targeted by American capitalists to buy “Zombie Merchandise.” useless garbage that will most likely be used to fend no one and nothing away.
    Jason Ingalls

    • Reply June 12, 2016


      Ok… I see what you are saying and I will retort with this:

      What if, and this is strictly fantasy, a virus evolves in the world that when it infects a biological creature, lets say a dog, shuts down or damages the parts of the brain that moderates behavior, morals, and memory??? That would make said dog very dangerous indeed… Ok, now that dog is not a domestic dog, a stray, and it lives with other dogs that travel around the city, kind of like a wolf pack, it infects the other dogs in the pack and miracle would have it that none of them get caught… Some time passes and the virus, which happens, mutates and gains the ability to infect cross species, which also happens think rabies, and this entire dog pack starts infecting humans, now the only changes in the virus that have happened are the following: It has gained the option of a secondary carrier (humans) on top of the initial carrier (dogs), and because of the secondary carrier it now also shuts down/damages the centers of the brain that handle what we call morals (since animals are not really famous for having that)…

      There… A scenario that actually could happen because: There are known instances of something called Cross Species Contamination, although they are rare but Rabies is one of the better known… There are known viruses that cause areas of the brain to become damaged and therefore non functional, or for that matter just cease to function all together…

      Now some people might call the people affected by the virus from the scenario above “zombies” but from the original meaning of the word (being a dead person brought back to life and controlled by some other living person thru magic) and the fact that they are not dead, that would be the wrong moniker to put on them…

  • Reply March 15, 2016


    I write some science fiction. The idea of a parasite taking over a host is an oft used tool in science fiction. So let’s talk about what would make a zombie apocalypse last longer than 30 days. These are just random thoughts and not organized in any particular order:
    1. Warm blooded versus cold blooded
    If (highly speculative) a zombie is “dead” because it has become cold blooded and much more reptile-like, it gains a number of advantages including the ability to last up to a year between feedings. A crocodile can do this. The longest surviving species between feedings is a lungfish, which can last up to four years be feeding on itself.
    If the zombie remains warm blooded, it can last no more than 4 to 6 weeks without food–even with a reduced metabolism–our bodies naturally go into a reduced metabolism mode when we do not eat.
    2. Hydration– Much has been made of the issue of water. Apart from magic, water is necessary for life. Just 6 hours without hydration on an average summer day (over 95 degrees Fahrenheit) in Georgia can kill you. (Consider our slow moving and slow speech a form of estivation. It does not mean that our brains do not work.) Cold blooded animals that can go a year or more without feeding usually reside in water or mud and can remain hydrated. It would be reasonable to show zombies gathering to drink from fountains or pools. They should also tend to gather around water. Outside of this, they would tend to remain underground. The Walking Dead takes place in Georgia (or at least it is filmed in Georgia) and it gets super hot here. Water would be vital.
    3. Cold blooded gains advantages against disease–most diseases like a well-regulated temperature range. This is the reason humans have such strong immune systems to counter disease. If we assume cold blooded with the advantage of a working human auto-immune system, it would explain their resistance to disease in open wounds. Truly dead flesh would be infested with maggots. The maggots would eat the dead flesh and leave the living flesh.
    4. Warm blood is necessary for the level of brain activity we see in humans. A cold blooded human would have substantially reduced brain activity but strenuous activity would raise body temperature and could also increase intelligence. Wouldn’t that be a nasty shock?
    5. A virus/fungus/parasite that attacked the hypothalamus gland could account for the change to cold blooded. Imagine a virus that has invaded a parasite that has invaded a mammal.
    6. Cold blooded has disadvantages–it could account for the hive tendencies as they gather together to conserve energy while remaining at a higher level of alertness. But they would react poorly to rapid changes in the environment. They would also tend to become far less active in winter and would prefer underground because of the constant temperatures below 6 feet underground.
    7. Estivation could be an explanation for the lesser need water. It is also a reptilian trait but would not be enough to account for a total lack of re-hydration.
    8. Reptiles continue to respond to stimuli even with their heads removed and are dead. A virus/fungi/parasite that turns a human back into a reptile could account for a lot of behavior. They may also be drawn to warm blooded animals and movement. So perhaps would also ingest bugs.
    9. A virus with a much longer incubation period. Think the AIDS virus. It continues to spread through transmission of bodily fluids because of a very long incubation period. If it was as quick as in the Zombie movies, it would have difficulty spreading. AIDS is successful because it has such a long stealth mode. Imagine if the infected continued to operate and spread the disease until bitten and the Zombie saliva inducing the full blown zombie state. An infected person might become increasingly reckless and violent and have an inhibited ability to focus–in this way, most of humanity could be infected and a single child biting another child in pre-school could initiate the Zombie state.
    10. Resistance–the survivors in a zombie apocalypse would be slowly developing a resistance to the disease. Simply by wading into a group of zombies with a machete, bodily fluids might be inhaled or ingested–not sufficient to cause an infection but sufficient to slowly create an immunity. But if the virus had a long incubation period as described in point 9, perhaps they have built in resistance against reckless and violent behavior or were already ADHD and had developed techniques to overcome the lack of focus and so were basically unaffected and able to survive.
    10. The Military is the big issue.
    a. The US Military killed over 50k Iraqi soldiers in 4 days in the first gulf war. The closest thing to a zombie apocalypse was faced by the US Military in Korea when China sent swarms of unarmed soldiers against the US–Machine gun barrels became so hot they melted. This forced the retreat of the US military to the 38th parallel. That being said, the US Military acquired the means to significantly blunt this thereafter. The MK 19 is a machine gun that launches grenades instead of bullets. The AC 130 is a fearsome ground support aircraft that could wipe out an army of zombies. The M1A1 Abrams tank weighs in at over 68 tons and could easily mow through any downtown district filled with zombies at over 40 MPH. It would only need fuel. They are super loud and would bring in a zombie swarm. A single brigade of these tanks combined with AC 130 ground support (should they be overrun) would likely be able to take out tens of thousands of zombies an hour–just by driving through downtown. A brigade includes 90 Abrams tanks, 90 Bradley IFVs, and 112 M113 vehicles. We have two brigades in Georgia–a training brigade at Fort Benning and a combat brigade at Fort Stewart.
    b. Military surplus–yes, you too can buy a tank. Sheriff’s departments and police departments are buying these things. Perhaps not Abrams tanks but Strykers.

    To offset the military would be the challenge so we have to create a backstory to assume several things:
    a. A dramatically reduced military due to budget cuts and a devastated economy prior to the outbreak.
    b. The scrapping for metal of military hardware prior to the outbreak. It became more worthwhile to sell the military hardware for scrap metal than to maintain the equipment.
    c. The outbreak begins in the military. Units are closely quartered. Spread could be quite rapid. The heightened training and physicality of the original hosts would dramatically aid the spread.
    d. One of the early signs of infection turns out to be passivity. Which means the chain of command failed to act decisively until everything totally broke down and the civilian sector was left to its own devices.

    A few notes: I am not a zombie fan. I have not read any zombie fiction that I can recall and I have a limited background in the whole zombie fandom. I have watched two or three episodes of The Walking Dead and I think Shaun of the Dead and a few glimpses of some of the other movies on television.
    These are just my thoughts as a fan of speculative fiction to a thread that I found intriguing. The primary reason I avoid zombie fiction is that I generally loathe horror and I think this fits best in the horror genre. I had the same thoughts as the writer above and was unwilling to suspend my disbelief. I did the same with The 100. The moment I discovered I hated the premise of the series, I stopped watching it. Though I admit the concept of 100 teenagers stranded on a post-apocalyptic world must have sounded like a dream format to some producer, the method they ended up there was too contrived for my tastes (and really bad science makes me want to vomit). I feel the same about most zombie movies–they are far too contrived for my tastes but if I were to write a zombie novel, I would develop it along these lines.
    Anyone else have any thoughts on what would make the concept better?

  • Reply March 19, 2016

    Roger Clemens

    I don’t see how anyone can have any factual evidence to back up any of these theories. Zombie virus does not exist therefore it cannot be studied or figured out how it works. Also, whether or not zombies withstand weather types, or are effected by disease. It takes multiple years for a human body to break down. So, referencing decay is irrelevant as well, considering we don’t know whether or not zombies take in nutrients, or possibly even Decay the same as we do.

  • Reply April 14, 2016

    Tired of Nerds.

    oh my fucking god. all these NERDS arguing how its possible, everyone knows thats impossible. just assume that idiots, the simple fact that zombies are dead defy all rules of lifekind. dont make yourself more idiot than you look now.

  • You actually have a good point out there that might going to inform someone a good idea that they will not be ever be worried if zombie apocalypse might occur.

  • Reply May 14, 2016


    Also they have limited space in the stomach and since their digestive system wont work, how would they fit all of the human flesh in there?

  • Reply August 8, 2016

    Ricardo amado

    you may be right but your forgeting one thing…WE humans are our own destruction which means if a zombie apocalypse happen people will start riots, looting and killing and thats what increase the zombie horde…zombie dont have to do anything because people become crazy when their lives are at the end and what they do…ITS KILL OR BE KILLED

  • Reply August 15, 2016


    Well the desease could become airborne and things are going to get quite fucked up….

  • Reply September 1, 2016

    murray wilfred jackson

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  • Reply September 15, 2016


    It’s a made up concept with loose to little science so in this sci-fantasy universe, it’s creators can make up reasons for it being possible or just ignore explaining it logically. So whether aliens, chemicals, religion, mutation, or such, writers make a way and a way that makes applying our observed science and logics hard to apply.

    There are a lot of good explanations floated, but it’s not a scenario that’s been experienced by humans, and it’s closet parallels are often dated or addressed quickly because they are diagnosed. Frankly I like contagion movies/shows because they deal with creation/spread/aftermath a little better than some of the hand waving . . and less likely to upend science to say the virus or bug changes how a deceased body functions through the oddity of reanimating, because their dead don’t reanimate. Contagion movies are about the breakdowns and can we come back (and our worries our other humans and maybe a mutation of the disease), not can we ever find a time/place that is zombie / hostile free.

  • Reply October 28, 2016



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  • Reply January 30, 2017

    Lars Mårten Rikard Nilsson

    obviously most of the military got sick first, then bit their collegues because they were the fireguard when they turned.

  • Reply March 13, 2017


    Our idea of what is “life” and what is “living” may not coincide with others thoughts on it. Plants are alive, are they not? But do they have a heart? Lungs? Blood? Otjer organs? No. But its still alive. Same thought pattern can and should be applied to undead. Because no matter what anyone says, you just dont know. And its the human condition to do the exact opposite of what you are told, so of course the population will be infected fast bc Sheople dont listen.

    Bottom line, it will happen or it wont happen, we dont know. But no one short of god himself can know. And if you believe in god, than you believe zombies can exist. Its all the same fairytale.

  • Reply May 15, 2017



  • Reply July 3, 2017


    The idea and theory of zombies becoming a fact is pure retardation !

    Its proven fact the government wishes to kill people faster not making people immortals. The governments consider human population too high as is. Which is why tobacco alcohol and pharmisudical pills exists and are sold. They do nothing but decrease the overall life expectation, Hell china even made it a law to have only so many children. If america was smart they would do the same as our population is already at the tipping point and our planet is suffering for it. Infact war is considered a good thing most the time simply because it does help lower our population back down. So to think ok yea the government is gonna make a chemical to make humans immortal is just retarded. Its the exact opposite of our future. There will never be zombies because no government or kingdom wants immortals they want there people to live quick short lives.

  • Reply September 9, 2017


    Just saying that once something is dead it will stay dead. If a person or zombie is loses its heart, lungs, kidneys, or most of its blood it will be dead and never come back. Because all those things are very important and necessary for any part of a body to function. In many zombie media like twd zombies can have bullets in their chests and he fine. Realistically whatever organ the bullet broke would kill the zombie. Because we need that organ to pump nutrients or oxygen to the cells that make our muscles move. All this to say zombies can be killed easily by anything that kills a human and whatever happened to a body to make it stop functioning will not go away when it becomes a zombie. I love twd and zombie movies. But their not realistic at all.

  • Reply October 13, 2017

    Avi Michel

    People that think zombies could actually happen need to go back to biology class.

  • Reply January 16, 2018

    Dragon Lich Queen

    I hate to add something to a post that happened a few years ago but what if, theoretically speaking, the virus didn’t just infect humans but infects the animals as well. For an example, you can’t combat a zombie mosquito. Besides, the way we depict zombies in movie is just the way WE depict them. There’s no way of knowing exactly if the zombies will be like the we we show them in movies/shows/books or if they’ll be completely different.

  • Reply January 26, 2018


    Can someone tell me how someone or something would be able to move without blood circulation? How would zombies be a more powerful version of a healthy human being, or nearly any really? Also, when a person dies they lose all of their senses, so we would be dealing with a deaf, blind, mute, no sense of smell kind of a dead decaying human. You would have a harder time trying to fight someone like Helen Keller. Also, let’s say there was a way to come back to life after being buried six feet underground, how would they be able to break through the casket and dig themselves out of the ground with six feet of dirt on top of them? The pressure from the dirt would crush them, even if it wouldn’t, the pressure would be to intense that they wouldn’t be able to move. If you think that there is a way to get out of a casket and dig yourself out of six feet of earth, please try, and tell how that works out for you. I can’t make sense of it myself, but if someone can answer my questions based off of actually facts rather than theories, I would be extremely grateful. One more thing though, if you don’t think the military are able to take out all of the zombies, you can bet that there would be a lot of brave men and women fighting to save their families at any cost.

  • Reply February 21, 2018


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  • Reply March 13, 2018


    *sniff sniffs* This article … so much … art … and truth … It reminds me of the one written on I agree to all said here!

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