Why Your Girlfriend is Making You Broke

Why Your Girlfriend is Making You Broke

Being in a relationship may enrich your life, but it's definitely doing no favors for your wallet.  Find out where you're spending the most money on your girl and plug those holes ASAP.

By Jesse Bouche

You've been dating for 6 months now and things are great – you're hanging out regularly, your friends like her, her friends like you and, well, things are good. There's one catch. You haven't saved a penny in the last four months and you're watching your credit card balance climb onward and upward like a balloon on parade day.

Your girlfriend is making you broke. But, how? And more importantly, how do you stop it? Let's start with how you got here (here being the point where you start stuffing credit card statements into your sock drawer in order to hide from the shame):

She Wants to Go Out

It's Friday. She wants to leave the house. Nothing too crazy, just meet a few friends for a drink or two at a local pub, maybe have a couple of appetizers and then retreat back home to watch a movie. Doesn't seem like a big deal, right? Wrong.

Let's break it down:

  • Return Cab Fare* $20
  • 3 Drinks for Two $50
  • Appetizers $30

*The return cab fare is because you're not the kind of jerk that drinks and then drives.

For a quiet night with friends you just blew $100. Do that once a week and you're looking at $400 a month or $4800 a year. Don't even get me started on full-blown dinners, the movies, big nights out or the tiny little extras like stopping on the way home for a fancy hot chocolate.

Even if you two are splitting the tab now and then, all that socializing can cause some serious damage to your wallet. One to two nights out a week can break you faster than you think.

She Wants to Call You

Don't have unlimited texting and thousands of included daytime minutes? Too bad, she's calling and texting you anyway.

I love my lady. I do. But, I still pine for the days when my cell phone usage consisted of a few work calls and the occasional call to friends, which would go something like this:

“Hey, you want to get a drink tonight?”

“Yeah. Bugby's?”

“Sounds good. Six?”

“Yep. Bye”

Click. The End. Now, I'm renegotiating my contract for extra minutes and all-inclusive texting (more on that later).

She Wants Presents

She's not an unreasonable girl. She's not standing there demanding you buy her diamonds and designer purses. She just wants a present every once in a while. That's fair. Too bad so many of us go way over board on the gift-giving front.

According to the National Retail Federation, the average man will spend $103.00 on Valentine's Day gifts this year. That's down from last year's $123, you can thank the recession. Let's extrapolate that and just say most guys are going to spend between $100 and $120 on a gift for their lady. The problem? There are so many gifts:

  • Birthday $100-$120
  • Valentine's Day $100-$120
  • Christmas $100-$120
  • Anniversary $100-$120

That's $400-$480 and we haven't even started on those little surprises throughout the year or times that call for bigger presents (you've been there). Let's throw in an extra $15 a month for congratulatory flowers or you-had-a-bad-day cupcakes and you're looking at an extra $180 (and still looking cheap).

She Wants to Get Away

It's just a quick getaway. You know, a “mini break.” Well, guess what? That weekend skiing trip or drive through wine country could easily cost you well over $1000.

If you're driving, you've got gas and food. If you're flying, you've got plane tickets and all the costs associated with getting to and from the airport (not to mention the obligatory $20 that seems to fly out of everyone's pockets any time they spend more than 30 minutes in an airport).

Staying in a hotel? That's a minimum of $100 a night. Make it $200 if you don't want to hear about how disgusting your Motel 6 bathroom was for the next 3 months. Throw in 3 meals a day for two days ($200 a day for the both of you) and you've got yourself one expensive weekend.

I haven't even started on lift tickets, winery tours, or that helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon she's always dreamed about.

How to Stop Her Wants from Destroying Your Finances

It's simple: be honest. If your budget can't handle going out two or three nights a week, tell her. If you can't afford a weekend getaway, tell her. Nine times out of ten, she's going to respect your willpower and how responsible you are with money. If she balks, she's not the girl for you.

You also have to be honest with yourself. Do you know what you can afford? Do you have a budget and a strong understanding of how much money you have coming in every month? If not, subtract 10-20% of your take-home pay for savings. Now, factor in your bills and regular expenses (rent, cable, car insurance, etc) along with any debt repayment you're currently tackling. Whatever is left over is how much you can actually afford to spend every month on night's out and frivolous purchases.

But, and this is a big one, that doesn't mean you can get away with never going out, getting presents, planning trips or talking on the phone.

It just means you have to go about a little bit differently:

Limit the Night's Out

Try to limit your nights out to one night a week or even less. If you like the socializing, then something has to give. Either you go out and don't drink or you start inviting your friends over for drinks and dinner.

During our leaner undergraduate years, an old girlfriend and I used to trade off with three other couples hosting a weekly night in. We'd spring for booze and serve dinner once a month. It would cost us about $100, but it was a fraction of the cost had we spent those nights at the pub.

And there's always nights in. I cook most of my meals from scratch, I have a Netflix subscription (and an Xbox for Netflix streaming) and a comfortable couch. It's definitely not the most cosmopolitan of experiences, but it does the trick. Check out The Top 5 Dates Under $15 for some more cheap but memorable ideas, and also A Couch, a Film and a Bottle of Wine for some good wine / movies on the couch pairings.

Renegotiate Your Cell Phone Plan

She's never going to stop calling and texting. Renegotiate your cell phone plan before you spend a small fortune on over-usage fees. Sorry. $5 for the extra texting plan or $15 in overage charges?  You may not want to spend the extra money on the plan, but you're spending it anyway when she texts you all the time, you might as well be smart about it.

Save For Your Getaways

You want to get away? Have a little vacation? Fine. Here's the catch though, you have to save the money first. In fact, you have to save 130% of what you think it's actually going to cost.

It's the only way you won't drive yourself into debt on mini-breaks and quick little trips, plus it'll make the experience so much more enjoyable knowing you're only paying for it once (as opposed to the two or three times you could end up paying for something on your credit card).

You're also less likely to over indulge or spend frivolously with your own, hard-earned and saved money.

Save on Presents

You could negotiate some kind of present limit with her. Or, you could swallow the $480 a year and be a much happier man. Again, sorry.

Jesse Bouche is a grad student and freelance writer working his way towards a debt-free life. Check out his progress over at http://sixmonthstodebtfree.com.


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  • Reply February 23, 2009


    Good ideas here. I think a lot of guys either spend way too much or not enough.

    • Reply November 9, 2015

      Tammi Carson

      I’m a Girl and let’s face facts. Girls can be very greedy. They want it all and sometimes they don’t realize that they can’t always have it. They want The Victor Newman Syndrome. My Friend was telling me how much Bank her Boyfriend spent on her and she doesn’t realize how much she hurts him with her demands.

      • Reply March 20, 2016

        Stokely Calm

        it’s a tragedy you watch the Young and the restless. that actually speak volume about your personality (in a bad way).

        • Reply March 20, 2016

          Tammi Carson

          I said that because it was also referred to in Essence, The Longest Running African American Women’s Magazine.

      • Reply September 6, 2017

        Jeff De Meyer

        I know I’m replying to a 2 year old post, but this is so true. I just ended an engagement with a woman partially because her lifestyle was just too expensive for me. And, when I discuss the issue with her all I get is push back about how much canceling the wedding cost her, even though I’m paying her back for ALL of the expenses. She has no idea how much she hurt me financially, and it’s not for the lack of telling her.

        • Reply March 1, 2018


          Good for you. I know this post is old. But I’m reading a study how America will turn into Japan if the American dating scene and marriage scene doesnt change. Japan has too many old people and not enough babies. I mean you can do what my friend is doing. He is philphene living in LA and is going to the Ukraine to find his future wife or girlfriend . Its whatever. Is she doing it for the greencard or is it true love? Who knows. Its a risk. But its easier dating .

        • Reply March 1, 2018

          1 AlaskanAssassin

          Exactly, you can tell her, she might respect you telling her, but that respect, doesn’t cancel out the part where she still wants to go out to eat every night or live an expensive life. That will breed resentment, and then you’re pretty much done, or stuck in a very unhappy relationship, depending on how mature she is.

          Good for you for calling it off, a lot of guys would have just put up with it and those are the guys who’s hearts explode at 50, from never having the balls to tell their wife to shut the F up and stop spending all the money!

          This article is actually a decade old, first comment is 9 years ago, dayum.

          First internet law needed: Mandatory dates on articles.

          • March 23, 2018

            Natural Born Hustler

            Maybe not, this article will still be relevant 100 years from now.

    • Reply March 1, 2018


      “i think a lot of guys either spend way too much or not enough.” That’s because we men were never taught GAME. Our fathers never teaches us GAME.
      I traveled to many different states New York , New Jersey, Minnesota and I can have seen ….the poorest …Un-fucking unemployed men going out with their hot ass girlfriend. I would actually confront one of them. Like a beta male, I busting this guy’s balls ( Indian guy ) because he was with a really cute blonde chilling by the lake with all the other tourist. She was buying him food , drinks and Im like , “dude when are you gonna pick up the tab?” Girls are fucking idiots . They keep going after the same broke assholes for whatever reason. I guess after they are done dick carousel then end up with the nice guy in their late twenties. Fuck that ! Fuck you!

      You have to focus on yourself and be very upfront.
      “I’m not taking you out.We are fuck buddies”
      “I’m not giving you a gift . Fuck you.”


  • Reply March 4, 2009


    cool post, thanks

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  • Reply September 12, 2009


    I generally don’t take the trouble of commenting on blogs but your posts have been always useful. Keep up the good work.

  • Reply September 18, 2009


    Nice post, I always say that to my friends not to spend so much in flowers, gifts, outings, getaways etc. in their girlfriends, if they love you they would actually understand you. What if one day you can’t give those flowers, gift, etc to her, of course you spoiled her it would rather look another guy that will give those material thing. So don’t spoiled your girlfriend.

  • Reply September 29, 2009


    Here’s what I’ve learned. Instead of saving your money, (she’ll find a way to spend it), just spend it faster than she can. Be a little selfish and buy yourself something nice.

    • Reply September 29, 2009


      That’s certainly one way around it! 🙂

    • Reply November 25, 2015

      Christopher C

      it’s YOUR MONEY – if she wants money SHE CAN GET TO WORK OR GET ANOTHER JOB. because if she’s relying on a man – well that’s PROSTITUTION NOW ISN’T IT?

      • Reply November 29, 2015

        an alternate thought

        Prostitution is exchanging sex for money or other value. I haven’t ready thus far in this article nor the comments any indication of sexual activity, so no.

        • Reply December 29, 2016


          I suppose that tells us your girlfriends choose not to sleep with you then, when is even worst and means you are completely cuckold.

    • Reply March 1, 2018


  • Reply October 7, 2009

    ex girlfriend back

    the last girlfriend I had pretty much drained me. This is funny I find your post now. I think it would be nice for every once in a while for her to buy or at least split the bill with you. My ex girlfriend would eat half her dinner and then box it up every time I took her out. Talk about using me for a good dinner so she can save money on two meals… I always took care of everything. Well that got old and we are no longer together. You call them out on it and they freak out. I tried the best I could to be nice about it but didnt work. Whatever wrong girl I guess. You Just gave me some ideas for my blog. I will tweet this post here. Good stuff.
    .-= ex girlfriend back´s last blog ..Common Mistakes Men Make With Women =-.

    • Reply June 3, 2016


      Are you sure her name wasnt Gina?

    • Reply March 1, 2018



  • Reply December 5, 2009

    Farid Zenon

    note this:- this my second articlei read on this site, well think gonna change now i gonna addict to it every single day just like my morning coffee.

    guys you are the MAN!!!!!
    .-= Farid Zenon´s last blog ..farid_zenon: @mohdismail kuasa internet!buat aku terbeliak mata walaupun air liur aku masih dibibir.Link yang aku rasa betul berguna utk bulan ni. =-.

  • Reply February 16, 2010


    Yes sir my girl freind and kids stayed in my pocket so much i started a website so i could make alittle bit back off of my own money LOL. cheap prada bags

  • Reply December 7, 2012


    A recent ex of mine was exactly like this. Wanted to go out for dinner 3 nights a week, always wanted to go to the movies, and I was ALWAYS the one paying for it… (I was making $10/hr and she made $40k a year as teacher) Being a college student living in an apartment by myself, that was not ideal. Not even close. I TRIED explaining to her that I can’t really afford to drop $40 or $50 on dinner all the time and I’d completely be willing to cook up a nice meal at home… She wasn’t hearing it. Long story short, after a while I got rid of her and it was an amazing relief.

    • Reply October 31, 2014


      All women are not like this. I can definitely say that I have bought my boyfriend dinner more times then he has bought me dinner.

      • Reply February 1, 2016


        Good for you. My wife, when we were dating, was always very fair, in fact more fair than any of the many other women I dated before meeting her. It was one of the reasons I wanted to marry her.

      • Reply December 16, 2018


        90% of girlfriends depend on guys paying for everything. Maybe you are in the 10% population. Good for you!

    • Reply September 25, 2015

      1 AlaskanAssassin

      It’s so fucking brutal the way it’s set up. They can just be like “Oh baby I love you..” and then the minute you can’t finance them eating out every night, that true “love” goes right out the damn window and she goes “Oh my, this guy over here has some stuff, can he buy me some stuff?” and they just move on to the next guy, and your’e alone.

      “There is an epidemic, of gold digging whores in this country.” -Bill Burr

      • Reply February 9, 2016


        I totally agree because my ex girlfriend said the same thing to me “oh baby i love you” and when the money is not giving to them all of that go’s out the freaking window. Women are straight gold diggers they just want you to provide everything for them. I just don’t understand women no more.

        • Reply November 26, 2016

          Cliff Eden Gardner

          Get your money, do your own thing remember you don’t need anyone like that. They need you and the looks on their faces when the gravy train is over is priceless.

          • January 15, 2017


            you reallly right bout that i had a gf like this once too she was a beautifull choco girl i tought everythings gonna be happy n stuff but tough i often said fuck no for her extra needs cuz im not an idiot., but at the first moment when she had a chance to get together with a mobile wallet she just gone after 2 years everybody should happy that girls like this just gone everybody gonna have a better life without them

      • Reply March 1, 2018


        I love Bill Burr Postcast. I have to say though . After his marriage and having a kid that is clearly not his….he has changed. Its not funny but sometimes its hard to listen to his ignorance on certain events.

        • Reply March 1, 2018

          1 AlaskanAssassin

          “clearly not his”
          elaborate plz. You know Nia is black right?

  • Reply February 11, 2013


    Just stay single, like any girl is going to put up with a guy who wont spend on her

    Women always have backup beta male pussy beggars waiting in line 

    • Reply March 1, 2018


      This is the fucked up part. Certain women are like players yo. They girl you were just talking to , was sucking another guy’s dick. Good , great you got her phone number so what!? Shes out fucking another dude. Its insane.

  • Reply May 1, 2014


    Girls think guys are cash machines. Spend spend spend spend spend.

    • Reply March 19, 2015


      Not all girls..be careful.

      • Reply December 14, 2015


        Are you saying that if a guy feels internal pressure to pay for things you will absolutely insist on paying your fair share even though he is pulling out to pay his wallet?

  • Reply June 17, 2014


    Women still spend almost nothing and expect men to foot the bill. It’s funny how they’re feminist when it suits them but when it comes to money, suddenly they’re old fashioned.

    • Reply October 31, 2014


      this is false. When I want to go out for dinner I tell my boyfriend that it is on me since its my idea in the first place. The only time I absolutely expect him to pay for it is on my birthday.

      • Reply April 26, 2015

        Albert Kim

        I don’t see how it is false because of your story, since anecdotal evidence is irrelevant. It’s very possible that sabretruthtiger’s point holds for the majority of women. You would be the exception, not the rule.

        • Reply July 1, 2015


          What does sabre truth tiger mean

          • August 2, 2015


            for one it’s a play on words for, sabre tooth tiger. There could be other meanings as well stating that he’s the type of person to state the truth, the whole truth and and nothing but the truth

          • December 29, 2016


            Not at all, as a serial dater myself and through common sense and simple observation Sabretoothstigr comment holds very true for the majority of women.

      • Reply September 15, 2015

        AmeRican*51*Luis Arroyo

        Er….Victoria or Toriavic, just because you’re a blessed exception DOESN’T change the norm.
        This is typical lib indoctrination to grandfather everyone into the “positive”column. It also falsely accuses you of singling out ENTRE groups IGNORING the fact you said “MOST” rather than “ALL”.
        It throws a monkey wrench into the discussion.
        1. Most African Americans are academic failures and dropouts.
        Lib answer; ” That’s not true, many graduate and go to college.”
        2. Most Asian American students excel in academia.
        “That’s not true, many struggle.” (This is BS. I’m Puerto Rican American in Newark, and have seen all black high schools and the valedictory awards went to the 3 Asian students! )
        3. Most men are assholes.

        THERE’S NO HOPE.
        Men can’t win!

        • Reply February 1, 2019



          • February 1, 2019

            AmeRican*51*Luis Arroyo

            That’s it? Typical low IQ response.

      • Reply December 14, 2015


        I call bullshit. Unless your relationship is unbalanced severely in other ways. Like he is attractive and you are not etc…

        • Reply June 27, 2018

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      • Reply January 24, 2017


        I’m in a bad place I’ve told my girlfriend… I haven’t been able to save cause buying her food once in a while turned to an everyday thing she’s taking advantage of me. She says she loves me and she understands yet, why is she still doing it. I think I’ll brake up with her, because no Matter what I’ve said she doesn’t listen.
        Or she just plays dumb smh.

        • Reply July 29, 2017

          1 AlaskanAssassin

          Why don’t you just say “No” man? What’s the worst she’s gonna do, leave you? Good! If she won’t give you that base level of respect then good. You have to directly, calmly tell her that you need to start cooking in more. If she won’t respect that, I think I would tell her to kick rocks!

  • Reply June 17, 2014


    Prostitutes are cheaper with less hassle.

    • Reply October 4, 2014

      Bruce Wayne

      $120 at the asian whore house.
      If i go once a week, its still cost less than a girlfriend. LOL

      • Reply December 14, 2015


        Something to smoke & somewhere to stay for the night where I’m from

    • Reply September 15, 2015

      AmeRican*51*Luis Arroyo

      True,lol. But not if she turns out to be a cop!

      Scumbag pigs preying on desperate lonely men.
      Older lonely men are vilified and portrayed as creepy.
      Older lonely women are “corageous independent women. Better yet, cougars in waiting! Haha😊

  • Reply June 17, 2014


    Earn your own money women, if not then get in the fucking kitchen and spread your legs when I say.

    • Reply June 5, 2017


      So if she spreads her legs and makes you food, and you are still hokus brokus pokus, what then?

  • Reply June 19, 2014

    Just A Bloke

    If you’re a couple, then you’re a team. Part of that is sharing.
    Start as you mean to go on innit. So if you don’t wanna end up paying for everything, don’t start by paying for everything. If she’s gotta problem with that, let her go, she can go bankrupt some other poor fella who dunno any better, or maybe she’ll even learn to stop being a sponger.
    Now lads this works both ways, cos some women will insist on always paying for you both. When this happens, don’t take the pee, share.
    Some blokes might think paying for everything is the way to go. But if she’s attached to your wallet, not you, expect her to disappear when it’s empty.
    Ladies, you have a part to play in this. Don’t mug blokes off. You’re special, but if he’s paying for your time, you know what that’s called. If his company ain’t enough to keep you around, then show him & yourself some respect, & jog on.

  • Reply June 19, 2014

    Just A Bloke

    Also, what’s with these expensive nights out?
    Use a bus or tube, with Oystercard it’s easily half the price of a cab. & if it ain’t that far, walk, which is free & good for your health.
    Go to a cheap pub, & don’t drink much. Don’t buy rounds, which means it’s best not to request a drink if someone else is buying a round.
    Get some chips or donuts from a chippy or donut shack. They’re hot, one’s savery, the other sweet, & either one shouldn’t cost you more than £2.
    There are cheap cinemas where you can get change from a fiver.
    Ofcorse, staying in can be cheaper, but going out don’t avta blow the bank.
    Only take a certain amount of money with you, cos you can’t spend what you ain’t got. Ofcorse, that means no borrowing or taking cashcards with you.

  • Reply June 23, 2014


    save money, ditch the bitch.

  • Reply August 1, 2014


    Thats why i dont want GF… girls are awesome and cute. but WAYYY to expensive, i preffer buy a car and tune it up, if you will waste money, at least waste it for fun

    • Reply February 12, 2015


      At least your cars won’t up and leave you !

    • Reply February 13, 2015


      The minute a woman gets bored or feels like you aren’t paying her enough attention – which generally involves spending cash, she’s on to the next guy. Not all women are like this just most.

    • Reply March 20, 2016

      Stokely Calm

      plus you can always stick your dick in the exhaust system and get the same sensation. Smh… don’t spend money on a girl but don’t also spend money on your shitty car

  • Reply October 31, 2014


    Well this article is completely ridiculous. I buy my boyfriend bday/valentines/christmas presents. He likes going out just as much as I do and I havnt heard him complain once about the cruise we booked for the winter. My boyfriend will say that he spends more money now that he is in a relationship but guess what so do I. Like a lot more. Those xbox games and lingerie aren’t cheap!!

    • Reply December 14, 2015


      Yea, but did you spend him broke then ask for more?

  • Reply October 31, 2014


    Wow, after reading these comments I have a solution for you whiners. Stop dating girls with money issues. There are plenty of financially responsible, independent WOMEN out their who aren’t trying to spend all your money.

    • Reply March 19, 2015


      Thank You! I make 100K+ on my own every year.

      • Reply December 14, 2015


        Are you looking for a man?

      • Reply December 14, 2015


        Good for you but i’d bet you still expect your man to pay for more dinners, events etc than you do. Am I right?

        • Reply January 5, 2016


          I do not, I honestly pick up the tab more then my boyfriend does and he makes more money then I do. I’m the one that likes to go out to eat though so I usually end up paying for it. The only time I expect him to pay is on my birthday.

          • January 5, 2016


            Are you attractive? No offense but this mentality from a women is extremely rare.

    • Reply December 14, 2015


      Truly independent women generally are not looking for love because they can take care of themselves. Most have casual sex or pursue men that are richer than them.

    • Reply December 14, 2015


      Yes there is I’m sure but they almost always will let the guy spend it all first because they know there is social pressure for him to get the check at a restaurant. You will sit quietly whilst he picks up the tab over and over. Instead you should be INSISTING on paying your fair share.

  • Reply February 12, 2015


    I have a home, 2 cars and all the bills to go along with that. Yes I am single and have extra cash at the end of the month, nice to get out once in awhile. However I have no intention of spending 400 a month to go out because that’s just absurd, better to save that money and take a nice vacation.

  • Reply April 20, 2015

    Andrew Lin

    Or just become solosexual and happy. I became solosexual and before I knew it I had 6 digits in my account and I can’t be happier.

    • Reply March 20, 2016

      Stokely Calm

      you also had your right hand on your… you sound bitter as F

  • Reply June 19, 2015


    A good deal of these comments are really…really…mean, even stereotypical. (“get back in the kitchen and spread your legs when I say”? Really? I bet there are tons of women more useful than even YOU, arsehole.)

    I’m a female myself. I’ve paid for my boyfriend a few times. The only reason I don’t more often is because I don’t make a lot of money (have a barely-there job, cleaning for a local company maybe 3 hours every other week, $10/hr) & my father makes me put all of it into my checking account. I also have to pay my own phone bill. He, however, has a job. (There’s also an age difference- he’s 19, I’m 17.)

    I get mad at him when I feel like he’s spending way too much money on me, & apologize if I ask for it. I’ve put his saving on track because he’s…well, financially, not always too responsible. Sometimes I go grocery shopping with him & point out the cheaper version of what he wants, or when he’s been eating fast food for the last two weeks, I point out how he’d probably have more money if he’d stop doing that & bite the bullet & go to the store.

    While, yeah, he pays for me sometimes, I usually don’t ask for it. If I do, it’s usually something like food because I’m not allowed to eat if I’m not home at “dinnertime”, & he usually is hungry too.

    Does he buy me gifts? Yeah- but I tell him not to, or just make me something, cause that’s all I can do for him. He usually doesn’t listen though.

    Don’t blame all women for your money problems, kay? Blame the WRONG women- or even yourselves. After all, you’re the ones CHOOSING to spend the cash on the wrong gals. If they’re really worth it, they wouldn’t care less about what you spend on them.

    Just sayin’.

  • Reply August 13, 2015


    Not all women do this, BUT this is how women use men. The problem is society accepts this and nobody cares about our problems. At the end of the day, a relationship is about caring for one another, not using each other. If I take my girl out to eat, it’s not unreasonable that she make me dinner occasionally. Men feel insecure about money when we are young, because we are starting our lives and have little of it to spare. Just be honest with your girl; tell her that if she wants to be with you while you’re starting your life, that she can’t expect you to spend so much on entertaining, just like I don’t expect her to be like a “wife” at a young age either. Respect your selves.

  • Reply August 14, 2015


    You could just dump the girl, instant cash problem fix

  • Reply August 15, 2015


    Hi, I have question and hope someone can really help. Every time I ask my girlfriend to go on vacations for weekend; she ask me to pay for her grocery for the days she is out from work since she doesn’t get paid for vacations and she does work on weekend.

    This means, I have to pay for all the trip including travel, hotel, food, entertainment and some makeup stuff for the trip. On the top, she asked me to pay for her gas even though I drive my car. I told her that I don’t mind paying for travel but it’s hard for me to pay additional cash to her and she said than I can’t go. I even told her that some people share the cost too but I never ask you to pay anything, so please be fair with me but she doesn’t care.

    I knew her for the last 2 years. Not sure I am doing right or wrong, please advise. Thank you in advance.

    • Reply August 16, 2015


      Jason, It sounds like she’s being completely unreasonable – is she like that in other parts of the relationship? Perhaps it’s more of a sign that she doesn’t want to go wherever you’re trying to go?

      • Reply August 16, 2015


        Thank you, Andrew. That may be the reason sometime that she doesn’t want to go but she does tells me sometime that she can take next weekend off so that we can spend some time together. May be she does this knowing that she will ask me money for her grocery.

        I know it’s unreasonable but then sometime I do think that she may need some money. And on the other side I do think that if she can’t spend her time without asking me for grocery, she may not worth of a good girlfriend. I am little confused, please advise.

        • Reply August 18, 2015


          Hey Jason,

          Sorry to hear you’re going through this. Unfortunately, it’s a little hard to offer advice without really knowing the situation. I would say you need to ask yourself:

          – Is this a serious relationship? Do you see yourself spending a long time with her?
          – Does your gut tell you that it seems like she’s using you for money? – Do you think it’s reasonable to pay for the things she’s asking you to pay for based on how long you’ve been together and the nature of your relationship?

          If you feel uncomfortable with any of your answers to these questions I would invite you to truly step back and assess the relationship. Would you want to be with a person who does X, Y, Z? Do you think her attitude towards money could make things difficult or worse in the bumps of life that will surely happen down the road?

          I feel for you, it doesn’t seem like an easy situation.

    • Reply December 14, 2015


      You are being a pusssy and she is cheating on your GUARANTEED. She is using you big time and you are allowing it to happen. Don’t walk, run away if you haven’t done so already!

  • Reply August 23, 2015


    Women respond saying that it’s not true, but they’re the exception, the article can’t address every individual. In GENERAL, it’s true, the men are expected to pay because that’s how we’ve been brainwashed by society and so have the women. Women think it’s being cheap but it should actually be seen as a positive. Long term, you’ll want a man that is financially responsible! It bugs me that women can’t see this.

    Unfortunately for guys, you can either 1)deal with it, and don’t complain, because after all, you can just leave if you don’t like it. 2)Don’t date and focus on yourself, it’s cheaper! 🙂 3) Continue to date and hope to find the UNICORN one day (the one woman who doesn’t expect you to pay and will split things all the time). This is the option I’m taking and I haven’t found her yet.

    • Reply September 6, 2015

      Freddy D.

      In the german culture it is common in a relationship that they split the bill. Of course the guy has to pay at the beginning when they just started dating. This is normal but once u r in a relationship u normally both pay the bills. Unlike asian girls from abroad who expect the guy to be wealthy and pay for everything while they dont have to do shit.

  • Reply September 6, 2015

    Freddy D.

    Im laughing my ass off. 3 drinks for two makes 50$!!!!??? Where the hell r ppl hanging out these days? If u r not rich u dont go to expensive places on every damn weekend! In germany i would spend max. 25€ for everything.

  • Reply September 8, 2015

    Meteor Youkolalee

    Dump her ass and get a new girlfriend.

  • Reply September 26, 2015


    I’m a female and I clicked on this article somehow after googling makeup…go figure. I admit that I am guilty of complaining in the past about a lack of presents and dates but only BC I can count on 1 hand the amount of gifts my bf has gotten me. I think the max amount he spent on 1 of all FIVE gifts was maybe $200 I think… if that. He took me out on my bday once and i ended up paying for the whole tab. This past bday….all he sent me was a happy bday text…and we lived together. We have been together 6 years. I on the other hand have gifted him nice things on every appropriate occasion (YSL, Versace, Michael kors….I even offered to help him pay off some student debt but he declined) I don’t expect expensive things BC I know that’s out of his budget but some flowers and a card and maybe some affection 😉 on a birthday once in a while would be nice. I feel guilty for griping but I cant help but get jealous when I hear about what my sisters’/friend’s husbands and boyfriends have done for them. Don’t be too hard on us ladies…we understand that sometimes u can’t afford to do things…. if you’re not putting up some ridiculous a facade and we still love you the same.. It just hurts a little when you get nothing at all on a special day.

  • Reply October 5, 2015

    Question for you

    It is men like you that make men like me look good. I could take your girl out and buy her a box of Tic Tacs and she would be impressed after your cheap ways.

    When I pull up in my 20 year old Aston Martin, she doesn’t know I paid $5,000 for it. All she knows is I have a nice whip and the top drops.

    I roll up in a Brooks Brothers 365 suit — your girl doesn’t know it is from the outlet, because your cheap ass always wore jeans.

    I check my Rolex she doesn’t know it is a rebuilt frankenwatch I bought broken from a pawn shop and only paid $2300 for the watch and repairs.

    I take her to Ruth Chris, the hostess and waiter knows me and I only drop $85 – $140 and she thinks she is dealing with a real man, because you only let her super size it.

    I have made plans to take her out to the club, but first I need to change shoes and “why don’t we just drop my ride off at my parking garage I need to change shoes anyway and I will get the doorman to call a cab — I should have drove my other car this one the valets want to hot rod around in.”

    I’m getting dome from your girl at my place. I have spent less than $150 on her and she is swallowing my load. 1/2 the time I tell her I am tired and call her a cab… If your girl can suck dick good, I take her to the club.

    I walk out of the elevator in my downtown loft that I bought specifically because it was close to the hot nightlife and I could pull girls like yours back to my place. I tell the doorman to fetch me a limo, it costs less than $30 to go anywhere downtown and your girl is impressed and her panties are moist because I haven’t given her any yet. I might finger her in the limo.

    I head straight to the front of the line at the club because I always order bottle service. It only cost $120 including tip and we can drink as much Ciroc as we want. I will get your girl really drunk and send her home in a cab if I see another girl at the club I want to bang.

    If not I will start letting her think that I am looking for something serious. We will dance and drink, she will try to kiss me, and I will establish early that after I cum in her mouth, I won’t do that.

    I grab a cab and take your girl back to my place. I oil her up and tell her that she needs to give me anal, girls like yours always do, they think they have scored it big with a guy like me.

    I pound your girls ass and pull out at the last second and shove my dick in her mouth. Your girl is now sucking on my dick that was just in her ass. I cum in her mouth again.

    I ring the door man to fetch your girl a cab. I am good at getting rid of girls quickly and they always want to stay, but are never mad. The girls always want to kiss me as I am opening the door for them to leave — I remind them I don’t kiss after cumming in their mouth.

    Your girl gets in the cab, rides home, and tells you what a great time she had with her “girls” and how she can’t wait to do it again — is it ok if she goes out again with them next weekend. You of course say sure and reach over and kiss her before turning out the lights.

    I only have one question for you bro… How’s my dick taste?

    • Reply December 14, 2015


      U must be a pickup artist.

  • Reply October 9, 2015



  • Reply October 19, 2015

    Jason Nguyen

    I’ll be honest, this was amazing. I usually don’t comment on posts at all but today was the first time it happened, we’ve been dating for 6 months, and she has been buying me food and shit I don’t really need and I’ve been so and so buyin her food and other accessories.

    We are both 18 and still living with our parents, we are both employed, she’s going to college while I go to nail school to get my license, and I try to save up a lot so that I can invest that money someday into something.

    Somewhere along the line she just honestly said, “you don’t buy me anything! I always buy you stuff, it would be nice if you got me something here and there.” Okay, so I drive to see her once or twice a week, takes about 45 mins to get there and 45 mins back home, gas.

    I don’t know, I just want to talk to someone about this. I never thought anything was wrong with our relationship until she blurted out I don’t get her Anything, which is not true, so what do I do? What do you do in this situation early on in the relationship so it doesn’t suffer?

    • Reply October 19, 2015


      Hey Jason, I would sit down and talk about it. It may be she doesn’t recognize those things and she might if you talk about. She may also consider those things a pre-requisite to the relationship and is talking more about gifts in general. Neither of those are right or wrong, but being open and honest in a calm setting is the only way to get it sorted out. It may end up that you see things differently and you might have to decide it’s not the kind of relationship you want; but I bet if you both talk about it you’ll understand each other better and everything will be ok.

  • Reply November 18, 2015


    People dont know how much they expect these days. I feel like my girlfriend unconsciously expects way too much from me. She has all these built in expectations she doesnt even seem to know she has.

  • Reply November 25, 2015

    Christopher C

    you’re broke because you’re being used as she $ell$ her A$$… it’s all most girls, gals and women got tot work with in life – don’t fall for their emotional manipulations or threats of leaving – because… they’re all the same – DESPERATE… and you can bag another one who’s just like her, or hey = UPGRADE ALWAYS. Leave the trash right where it belongs and ignore their attempted socialism guilt trip take over… it’s pathetic and even more pathetic if you fall for it… TELL HER NO. WALK AWAY. and then watch her start her angry revenge crap because the ahem, “modern woman” has 4 emotions = jealousy, envy, anger and rage and everything out their mouth is a lie to get what they WANT – and WANT = The Great Whore mentality. Sadly, most are just parasitic gestators off mankind who got no clue their whole lives. Do not take their disrespect. They deserve nothing just like men.

  • Reply December 9, 2015

    Matthew Curreri

    Humm I guess I’m lucky we like to stay in a lot and put a budget on presents to each other. Despite me making more than her she also offers to pay a lot. I let her probably 30%of the time. It’s a modern world I feel like this doesn’t apply to my age group mid 20’s. Things are more equal in all my dating experiences

  • Reply December 12, 2015

    Cathy Wilson

    Hhahaa this article is hilarious – equality only works when it favors women – do you really think women are ever going to split bills? All modern women care about is money – and they will just go with whoever has the most of it – women are incredibly shallow in this sense (believe me). Google MGTOW – men sick of being slaves to modern women who earn more in the workplace, spend NOTHING on dates, get spoiled rotten by their partners and have an entire justice system favoring them in divorce settlements.

    • Reply December 14, 2015


      It’s genetic tho. It’s like being the alpha male in the wild. The woman wants SECURITY & STABILITY, but they don’t know exactly what that consists of all the time.

  • Reply December 14, 2015


    I have yet to find a girlfriend who feels remorse for all the things I have paid for. It’s all expected and part of the female entitlement mindset. Sad, almost sociopathic at this point..

  • Reply December 28, 2015


    Women are money vampires. It’s biology, women want a man’s resources, men want sex from women.
    This is why prostitution is the most honest profession, and it’s the best. Use prostitutes and stay single and you’ll have a fixed price that’s cheaper than a girlfriend without all the baggage.
    For all the talk about independence and feminism they’ll never change, in fact it’s worse, they cherry pick all the things they like about feminism, equal pay (or more) quotas enabling them to get jobs over more qualified men etc and discard those they don’t like such as going Dutch on everything and not being saved first in an emergency.

  • Reply December 29, 2015


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  • Reply February 9, 2016


    Oh look. An article for guys who don’t already know how to budget (in which case, glad you’re reading this, gentlemen), or apparently how to actually choose a girlfriend with the same values as themselves. Or wait…looking at some of the comments, maybe they ARE choosing a girlfriend with the same values as themselves. Or, maybe since they’re not choosing a girlfriend with the same values as themselves, could it be that they don’t know how to do that either? Or maybe that it hasn’t sunk in yet that they’re attracting certain kinds of women because of who *they* are and what their values might be?

    Your girlfriend isn’t making you broke. YOU are making you broke by spending on this person who thinks you spending money on her means that you must like her enough to be in that relationship.

    There’s lots of women who aren’t gold diggers. Why are you attracting the ones who are?

    If you want a partner who will be around for you through thick and thin, and in fact, *especially* through thin, be the person who knows how to do that and knows how to choose a person who will do that for them too.

    Be a grownup and choose a partner who is a grownup.

  • Reply March 9, 2016

    Lindsay Schramm

    As a girl in a committed relationship, I want to shout from the rooftops that honesty is key when it comes to this kind of thing. There have been times in my relationship where my dude has been able to (and wanted to!) drop some coin on big dinners and trips, but when he needs to pull it back and conserve a bit he lets me know. Keeps everything nice and realistic.

  • Reply June 3, 2016


    My ex alcoholic girlfriend would NOT work to save her soul. I finally kicked her out of my apartment 2 months ago. Sad thing is she was smokin hot. She just jumped in the next bed and all is good. I have money in my wallet now. She is unemployed and wont work, an alcohlic, broke, bankrupt, no health or car insurance, no car….and drinks a bottle of wine every day. When she drinks…which is daily, she is violent and abusive. She also fell down St Pats Day and broke half of her front tooth. Gal has serious alcohol issues. There is more but I will save the details. Dump your gal if any of these characteristics are true. I miss her but dont miss the stress and headaches.

    • Reply June 3, 2016


      Congrats on the big decision I think you’ll see it as one of the most important you’ve made.

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  • Reply September 26, 2016


    I think for people trying to budget their money well, this article is very useful, but if you have to do all that just to finance a female, that’s all you’re going to be seen as, a source of income. I think starting out the gate spending money on her is setting yourself up for the L. You can still take her on dates, do nice things for her, just don’t spend any real money, esp money you dont need to spend. Take her for walks in the park, go to the museum on the free day. Get your movies from the bootleg man and buy her favorite snack. Get her pads and chocolate once a month if you’re the type of dude that can’t help but spend money on your girl. But if you’re not married, save the expensive ish for her birthday, every other “girlfriend holiday” (valentine’s, sweetest, anniversary, Christmas, etc.) Just be really thoughtful, cute, and creative, because trust me, it’s not worth it to be broke over a girlfriend.

  • Reply November 29, 2016

    F Dannn

    I told my girlfriend to not expect me to pay for everything all the time, this is a relationship and its not fair for a girlfriend to cost me hundreds of dollars while you get to have a boyfriend for free.

  • Reply December 7, 2016

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  • Reply December 18, 2016

    Jamiel Bertie

    My boyfriend would buy me something I know that’s 194 but I would buy a 40 dollar gift. But….. I’ve changed my ways because I know he buys me perfect things

  • Reply January 13, 2017


    I have a great solution… ‘Stop being a sucker. And find a proper girl’

  • Reply April 17, 2017

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  • Reply April 17, 2017

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  • Reply April 17, 2017

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  • Reply May 9, 2017


    The most important hole you need to plug in is in the same size, weight and shape of your girlfriend 😉

  • Reply May 15, 2017

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  • Reply August 4, 2017

    Tatiana McGlynn

    Although some of this is ridiculous on the woman’s part (i.e. designer bags and expensive restaurants and drinking three times a week) Do men seriously understand how much it costs women to do their hair and nails alone? Sure, men can say that isn’t important but if we looked like we would when we went to scub into an OR or work a 12-16 hr shift in an ER all the time, especially in the beginning of a relationship, you would be looking for the next girl who was “more put together.” Moderation is key but just remember that makeup, blowouts, nails, clothes, and jewelry is what men look at first because you guys are VISUAL creatures. It’s not until you get to know us after a few weeks or months that you can see thru the dark circles, crazy hair, and dry rough hands and cuticles from washing with antiseptic soap on a daily basis that you see us for whom we really are, and yes I know, it actually takes a few weeks or months to get there because it takes awhile to get to know someone. If a woman isn’t at the same playing field as you by then and can’t accept a home cooked meal, then she has got to find someone who can provide her with her needs.
    As for vacations, chivalry isn’t a lot to ask for once or twice a year if you can afford it, other getaways for a weekend or wherever should be split and planned together.
    It takes a wise, realistic woman to find the right man for herself as does it takes a wise, realistic man to recognize that he can’t give a woman he may want what she needs or wants and for that he has to be honest with HIMSELF first and her SECOND.
    Good Luck world!

  • Reply August 11, 2017

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  • Reply September 25, 2017


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