Alison Sets Us Straight: 10 Things You Thought You Knew About Women

Alison Sets Us Straight: 10 Things You Thought You Knew About Women
Copyright Alison Kresta | Photos by Robert Caldarone

Alison Sets Us Straight:

10 Things You Thought You Knew About Women…

1. We think you are actually listening.

When you’re watching the game on TV, nodding your head while we’re trying to tell you something isn’t enough for us to think you are actually hearing us. We know you're just agreeing so we’ll shut up, which will lead to us keep talking about the issue over and over until we feel you heard us. Listen to us the first time, and we'll only say it once.

2. We are obsessed with getting married.

Trust me, there are other things going on in life that we don’t have enough time to always think about this. Plus, believe it or not, us women are just as scared of the long term commitment as you. We may not show it in the same ways, but the idea of being with one person for the rest of our lives is still scary to us.

3. We always want to cuddle.

We like to have our own personal space sometimes too.

4. We like jerks.

I never understood when guys would come to me and say “Girls don’t go for nice guys.” That’s simply not true. Personally the biggest turn off to me is when a guy is actually a jerk. What keeps me interested is when a guy would go out of his way to show that he is a great guy, not the other way around. We like being treated like a lady, because that’s what we are. Any woman who doesn't go for you because you're a nice guy hasn't grown up yet, so you're wasting your time anyway.

5. PMS means stay away.

All you have to do is come over with some chocolate, show us some sympathy and distract us with dinner and/or a movie and we’re definitely feeling a lot better. And if you’re ok with being a punching bag for a little while, that helps too.

6. We are predictable.

I know this term is very general, but I don’t think we are in any way predictable. In fact, I think I am very unpredictable. I often change my mind about the way I feel about something and am very spontaneous.

7. We are easily manipulated.

While we do change our opinions sometimes, the change usually comes from within us, not from an outside influence.

8. We hate watching sports.

While some women might not particularly like watching sports, you’d be surprised how many of us actually love it and know just as much about it as you, maybe even more.

9. It takes us forever to get ready.

Usually if it’s taking a while it’s because we can’t find something, or we’re sitting around watching TV when we should be getting ready to go out.

10. We can’t stand our in-laws.

That might be true in some cases, but in my personal experience, I’ve always been very close with my boyfriend’s family. It makes the relationship much more enjoyable and less stressful.

Alison Kresta is a native New Yorker (and a raging Mets fan). She was born and raised in Manhattan where she is currently a working actress and model. She attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, then went on to study Theater in London. Her favorite hobbies include: going to Mets games, practicing flair bartending, where she bartends at McFaddens and Calico Jacks in mid-town, and playing Guitar Hero. Random fact: Alison will put Ranch dressing on any kind of food. You can visit her site at

  • Jorge

    11. We all already have boyfriends or aren’t interested in you in particular, Jorge.

  • Brad

    gorgeous AND intelligent

  • jon

    true that, too bad she’s a met’s fan HAHA

  • jon

    true that, too bad she’s a mets fan HAHA

  • steve


    haha tooo truuuuuue.

  • Alan

    #4 is so true. All growing up I always wondered about this then I realized when you find a mature woman all she wants is a nice guy. This could b really usueful to alot of guys

  • BC

    Um. I got something to add to #4. I’ve always been “the nice guy.” And I’ve definitely seen the swing overtime, from obscurity to girl magnet. (YEAH!) I would differ though by saying it’s partly the ladies growing up. I think nice guys grow confidence a little late, and there is not question that confidence is REALLY what the ladies are attracted too.

  • Brandon

    I have to agree with both Brad and Jon, beauty and brains. I think every point makes sense but I wonder if you speak for all women or if you are just truly unique. In my experience not all girls would share all of your views and so you seem to good to be true, but I believe you because your words are sincere and honest. Even tho ur a met fan, you’re a beautiful one and I only wish I could meet a girl like you. In my experience there are not many.

    I think you should do another list, 10 things guys should do to date a girl like you. I think a lot of people (mainly men) would be interested in reading that.

  • Brett

    I guess I have to drop the bad boy image now Ali

  • Don Juan

    Damn, this girl is hott! Please tell me that she is gonna be a regular contributer here..

  • Butterscotch

    This girl knows what she’s talking about. She definitely set me straight, and that’s a tough feat for a Mets fan. I heard she can make some mean drinks, too. She’s too weak for Margarita stands, though 😉

  • Zach

    Wow this girl is really something. Her website is good too. I agree with the Don, I hope to see some more pics and read more insight on what women really think. I also think I need to stop by Calico Jacks or Mcfaddens to see this girl in person. Don’t worry I’m not a stalker.

  • cmurda

    Really nice photos by Robert, though he probably had a lot of help from such a great subject.

  • Imran

    Yes yes yes!!!!! Good one! I agree with all except just a little bit on number 4. Great job on setting the boys straight Mrs. Alison! Love ya!

  • Phil

    what a cool girl, talks alot of sense and is so hot! The article is awesome! You have to get her on regularly, be it photos cause she looks amazin, or more questions cause she’s on the ball! wish all woman were like her!!

  • Joel

    I agree Phil! beautiful girl who knows what shes talking about! We should see more of her. Take note boys we can learn a lot!

    Loving her website too!

  • Ei8ht

    Great insight for us guys!!!!

  • Dj

    Damn right guys!! she knows her stuff!

  • Jamie

    and shes gorgeous!!

  • Stratos

    Ali is hot and a very chill chick. I think its great shes a Mets fan. Definitely going to have to make my way down to McFaddens and Calico Jacks to see her in person!

  • chico

    i think i’m in love!

  • mondo

    she’s awesome

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