A Real Man Always Has Cash

In a world of PayPals, Credit Cards, and e-Checks, cash is slowly disappearing from our wallets, literally. On the street, cash is still king and if it's not in your pocket, well, you're bound to look a fool. Real men are prepared for every situation and real men carry cash.

In a world of PayPals, Credit Cards, and e-Checks, cash is slowly disappearing from our wallets, literally. On the street, cash is still king and if it's not in your pocket, well, you're bound to look a fool. Real men are prepared for every situation and real men carry cash.

You'll owe no one anything. How many times have you had to borrow a few bucks to cover the pizza? Or to leave a tip behind at the restaurant? Or to pay the door charge at a club for a couple of the guys who don't have the bills? Cash opens doors, literally, in ways that plastic does not. There is always a need for cash, whether its to tip the valet, a Coke from the vending machine, or to pay the taxi driver. If you don't have the bills, you don't get the service; or you borrow and that leaves you, literally, indebted to someone else. And no one wants to owe money or be the guy who always has to borrow it.

Cash is cool. We all want more money. High rollers don't throw credit cards on tables, they throw stacks of bills. So why is your wallet light on greenbacks then? People have started to shun cash for the “ease” of just using plastic, when the exact opposite is true. Cash is freedom, plastic is slavery.

Cash is accepted everywhere. Have you ever stood in a long line only to get to the register to have your cash turned down? Exactly, hard currency is always ready to be exchanged. Not true with credit or debit cards, which some businesses, especially smaller ones, turn away, charge a fee or have a minimum purchase amount. Plastic cards charge everyone – the business is charged a fee and if you use your card wrong, you're charged a fee. Credit cards do not forgive, cash does not accuse.

Managing cash is easier than managing money. With the swipe of a card, you can spend hundreds, or thousands, and think nothing of it. Leave your card behind the bar when you're out and a week later your statement has a damaging $230 bar charge on it, you'll wish maybe you paid more attention to all those rounds you were picking up. If you carry cash, you can visually and physically see and feel your money leaving your pocket. The real cost of five DVDs? Five twenty-dollar bills leaving your pocket, not a swipe and a signature. Walk into a bar with a set budget and a specific amount of cash and you can control your spending. Just make sure to keep enough cash for the taxi ride home.

So forget the “ease” of plastic and opt for the true flexibility of cash. The perfect clip full of cash is $58, as it gives you a handful of ones for tips, two twenties for big purchases, a ten for lending to your slack-ass friend, and a five, just because. There aren't many situations you can't handle with $58 in your pocket. So pack cash and carry it proudly. Cash can not be denied. Credit limits are not sexy. And when you're sitting in the car, waiting for your three friends to line up at the ATM to get money to get in the front door of the bar, you sit there smugly, cash already in hand.

Robert Fure is a fitness, lifestyle, and entertainment writer living in Los Angeles. He is also a certified Personal Trainer and the Creator/Editor of Fit and Furious, an online outlet dedicated to the pursuit of a fit lifestyle. His entertainment work can be viewed at Film School Rejects.

  • Ali

    Great article. I’m making all of my friends read this because they drive me crazy.

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  • Tom

    pardon me,
    in other article about manner
    using credit card is prohibited

    doesn’t pay by cash for some situation waste time, and if you bring too much small money or “wrinkle” paper money to pay big cash it will become bad manner i think

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    Great website enjoyed it very much will return =-)

  • http://money-matters-for-young-people.blogspot.com nazri

    There are many people who just can `t control their spending habits. And this is only a problem if other areas begin to suffer in life. This suffering is intrinsic, financial or just in general, whether it’s with family, friends or at work. Often there are reasons why someone has the need to spend and it’s often when they are raised these questions about the spending stops.

  • http://www.asiapersonals.net Single Asians

    A real man is also responsible with their cash.

  • Nick

    I’d have to disagree about not using credit cards period.

    I’ve had one since I was 17 and use it for almost everything. Why? It’s easier to track what I buy and I get free “reward points” for using it. I’ve also never paid a dime in fees or interest. I’ve over around years I’ve redeemed them for around ~$300 worth of bank gift certificates while it’s not much it’s certainly more than the $0 I’d make using cash. I loath change. It’s heavy, noisy and too easy to lose.

    I do agree that it’s important to keep cash in your wallet as there still are a few mom and pop shops that won’t cough up the 3.5% or whatever CC companies charge them these days. I’ve kept around $300 cash at all times since the first time one of the bloody debit card machines wouldn’t read my card a restaurant. Never had that problem with my credit card yet.

    I don’t know about you but when I go out my purchases almost always exceed $58. Shopping, dining out just about any where except a fast food place, and hell even the cab fare for a night of drinking was around $40. That wouldn’t leave much for the strippers. 😛

  • http://www.primermagazine.com Andrew

    Hey Nick,

    Thanks for the comment. We’re not suggesting to ONLY use cash. Obviously we use credit cards for most purchases. We’re advocating guys carry $58 so they have cash to split checks with friends or pay for parking where cards aren’t accepted, etc. We’re big fans of credit cards, but we hate being the only guy in the group who has cash to pay for those random things that come up.
    .-= Andrew´s last blog ..The Rub on Grills- An Intro to Dry Rubs and Wet Rubs =-.

  • Mark

    Good advice again. I remember being told in the “James Bond Lifestyle Seminar” to always carry crisp clean notes in a money clip. You always have some back up cash and if you lose your wallet or have your card refused or are mugged you have emergency cash on hand. It’s also much more difficult for a pick pocket to take a money clip out of your trouser pocket than a bulky wallet from your jacket. Oh, and I nearly forgot – it looks real cool to casually pull out a money clip and peel off notes.

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  • JC

    The $58 dollar amount is so random and contrived.

  • Troy

    Only one opinion! Cash is dirty, who knows where it’s been.

  • Eatschi

    Must be a US thing with all this CCs. In central Europe everyone pays cash. Seems like we’re all real men 🙂

    • Paul

      So I know this was 2 years ago, but just a quick response to why this is: In Europe, tax is included in just about everything. If meal A is 10 euros, and you put down a 10 euro note, thats it. In the States, most places don’t include tax, so that 10 dollar meal will come out to 10.19 or whatever. This is because the tax rate is different in different areas.

      My German friends wondered why I paid with a card so much here in the states (debit card, not credit card), but once they came over here they found out REAL quick that dealing with all sorts of change constantly can be a real pain.

  • Sridhar

    If you have 4 singles, a fiver, a tenner, and a twenty dollar bill, you are prepared to pay any value from 0 through 39 dollars with the least number of bills necessary (ignoring the completely ignorable two dollar bill). That seems a more objectively justifiable target than $58 (though I hardly recommend you must carry 4 singles, a five dollar bill, a ten dollar bill, and a twenty dollar bill at all times… such a specific claim would be ridiculous).

  • http://www.primermagazine.com Robert Fure

    Believe it or not, JC, a lot of thought goes into the perfect amount to carry in a clip. Carrying $60 in twenties gives you no leeway. You can’t tip and you can’t always make small purchases. Carrying more than $60 is generally not necessary unless you know you’re going somewhere where you’ll spend a lot of cash.

    The reasoning is sound: you have $40 in twenties for your big purchases, if you decide to buy a Blu-ray or some drinks or go out to dinner. You have a handful of ones to tip the valet. You have small bills to float your friends.

    With $58 the only thing you can’t do is spend more than $58.

  • Julius Leachman III

    Noteworthy material in this article. Especially love the $58 part. I’m seriously gonna have to make some adjustments in my wallet/card-case situation after reading this…

  • Bea

    I like the idea os carrying different bills to fit all possible needs. And use cards for larger purchases, of course (no one will look at you wrong for paying for a suit or a month of groceries with plastic)

    Does anyone have a tip for people whose currency is mostly coins? Like with the euro, the smallest bill, 5€ is quite a bit of money (around here it buys you lunch). I keep coins in my purse but what’s a guy to do?

    • René

      Get a money clip/smart wallet for your cards and notes, keep coins in pocket.

  • Mike

    $3 for tips? 😑

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  • JohnB

    No thanks. Bills have been everywhere….through sick people’s hands, in strippers’ underwear… I’ll pass.

  • Ron Swanson

    I always carry $1000 in cash on me. I only pay for things with cash and I watch women organum when I take out my wad. Actually this is the truth. A man carries cash.

  • Ron Swanson

    A man also corrects his spelling “orgasum”.

  • Ron Swanson

    $58 is ridiculous. You must carry at least $500. Break the bills down and get a money clip. Don’t carry the money in your wallet. Keep the money clip in your front pocket.