30 Perfect Gift Ideas for Every Woman in Your Life

30 Perfect Gift Ideas for Every Woman in Your Life
There’s no time like the present to check some names off your gift list.

Drain the last dregs of your PSL and get ready to egg your nog–the leaves have fallen, another Daylight Saving Time has come to an end, and Mariah Carey is warming up her whistle register. Since you're prepping for winter, wouldn’t it be nice to get your holiday shopping done before you have to brave the crowds or shell out for next-day shipping?

If you’re drawing a massive blank on holiday present ideas this year, you’re not alone–most people struggle to come up with a great gift. Part of it is time. We’re all pulled in multiple different directions throughout the day. Another part of it is the meaning and emotion we attach to the gift-giving process. We want a gift to tell the recipient, “I care about you, I know you, and I know that this will delight you.” Suddenly buying a bathrobe feels like a high-stakes endeavor.

But a gift doesn’t have to be big, or expensive, or have major “wow factor” in order to be great. It just has to show that you’re noticing someone’s likes and needs. Even a small token can demonstrate that you’ve thought about what they would really enjoy and get a lot of use out of. Maybe it’s something they’ve wanted for a while; maybe it’s an upgrade of something they already own.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s speaking to them as a person. All too often, women’s gift ideas rely on the flowers/chocolates/candles/bath products mainstays. Which is fine, if that’s what your mom/sister/aunt/significant other/gal pal/work bestie likes. But even with that, you can get specific. What kind of flowers does Aunt Rhoda like? What fragrance candle does your sister light when she needs to unwind?

We’ve assembled a collection of gifts that suit a wide range of interests and tastes (and budgets). One note: given…well, everything…about the past few years, it’s a good idea to give yourself as big a buffer as possible. Although we’re used to the convenience of next-day shipping, many businesses are still experiencing delays–and the closer we get to December, the busier shipping companies will be. (The USPS has released its holiday shipping deadlines, just FYI.) So click “add to cart” now, and in a few weeks you won’t have anything to worry about other than getting those holiday earworms out of your head by January.

brass and easle calendar display with a picture of a man and woman

Customized Brass and Easel Photo Calendar

Customize this chic desk calendar with photos of her favorite people and places–it’s refillable, so you can update it every year.

a leather accessory tray with device charging feature

Personalized Wireless Charging Tray

No more fumbling to insert cables at the end of a long day, or scrambling to find essentials first thing in the morning.

a leather charger and small accessory roll up organizer

Personalized Leather Charger Roll Up

Headphones, chargers, and other tech essentials have a way of migrating to the bottom of any bag. This convenient organizer keeps them secured and easy to find.

a set of dice featuring messages encouraging mindfulness practices

Mindfulness Dice

It can be tough to find time for peace and relaxation, especially during the holidays. These dice make it easy to stop scrolling and start soothing.

a close up of a person wearing beige loafer shoes

Rothy's The Loafer

Blending comfort and style, The Loafer is both versatile and washable. Or if your recipient has perpetually frozen toes, go with the sherpa-lined Scuff Slipper.

nature meditations deck of cards

Nature Meditations

Getting outdoors is one of the best ways to destress. This deck of mindful moments makes it easy to connect with nature without getting lost in the woods.

a women wearing a green suede jacket

AllSaints Dalby Suede Biker Jacket

Whether you choose festive garnet or classic black, this soft suede jacket will wear in, not out. (And make sure you sign up for emails for 15% off–there’s no shame in getting a discount.)

a set of travel capsules

Travel Capsules

Building a beauty routine is one thing. Taking it with you is another. These easy-to-fill, leak proof containers are the travel-size aisle’s worst nightmare, and a globetrotter’s best friend.

a women wearing a brightly colored patterned robe

Parasol Robe

Hand block printed by master textile artists, this robe is a ray of summer sunshine.

a leather journal set

Leather Travel Journal

This refillable journal is a handy place for jotting down notes and storing mementoes. And it’s easy to buff scratches from the distressed leather cover.

a grey cable fleece throw blanket

Cable Fleece Throw Blanket

Cozy cables on one side and plush fleece on the other–the best of both worlds.

a bottle of empress gin alcohol beverage

Empress Gin

Blending juniper and butterfly pea blossoms with Empress Tea and an assortment of other botanicals, this unique gin also looks beautiful on a home bar.

a set of three foam musle massage rollers

Chirp Wheel

Fitness enthusiasts and keyboard warriors alike will benefit from a session on this circular foam roller.

image of a three wick candle and pieces of fruit

Nest Candle

Luxury candles are one of those things many people enjoy, but wouldn’t buy for themselves. That’s where you come in.

a dyson super sonic hair styling tool

Dyson Super Sonic

What do vacuums have in common with hair dryers? If it’s a Dyson, you can count on a powerful motor and superior engineering. The Supersonic is designed to protect hair from extreme heat damage, so blowout lovers won’t fry their ends.

a set of three hand care grooming items

Aesop Adventurer Hand Care Trio

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your hands. This set of three nourishing treatments is meticulously crafted to combine sustainability and skin-soothing properties.

a woman wearing a green pajama set

Waffle Knit Pajama Set

Lightweight yet cozy, and not so explicitly pajama-like–perfect for Netflix binges and last-minute holiday errands alike.

a luxury sheet bed set

Luxury Sheets

The average person spends about one third of their life sleeping. Make that time as comfortable as possible with a set of incredibly soft, snuggly sheets.

a bottle of linen spray

Linen Spray (add-on)

Scent is said to be the most powerful sense. Known for their calming benefits, lavender, vetivert, and wild chamomile promote deeper, more restful sleep.

Midnights Moonstone Blue vinyl record

Midnights on Vinyl

Add to an audiophile’s collection with this beautiful blue marbled disc.

a bottle of jo malone perfume

Jo Malone Gift Card

Personal fragrance preference is so, well…personal. Whether her tastes lean toward the fruity, floral, fresh, or spicy, Jo Malone’s scent finder is a fun way for your recipient to discover a new signature blend.

a milk frother kitchen appliance

Milk Frother

Fancy coffee, chai, and hot chocolate beverages are easier to make than ever with this handy device.

polaroid camera photo printer

Polaroid Lab

This “desktop darkroom” turns any smartphone into a Polaroid camera, so special photos can live in and out of the cloud. (Film is not included, so make sure to buy a pack.)

a black tote bag

The Everywhere Bag

Ideal for work, gym, and even overnight trips, this thoughtfully designed carryall (by modern suitcase brand Away) features a wraparound zipper for easy packing and access.

a cold brew coffee maker

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Waiting overnight for cold brew is so 2021. Extract delicious caffeine from bean or leaf in just 20 minutes with this miracle machine.

apple watch 7

Apple Watch 7

More durable and easier to use than ever, the Series 7 is a beautifully useful piece of tech.

a gold birthstone necklace

Birthstone Necklace

Modern and minimalist, but with enough personalization to feel special, this delicate pendant can be worn with casual and dressy outfits alike.

a close up of a pair of cashmere socks

Cashmere Socks

As a kid, you probably prayed that you wouldn’t get socks. As a grownup, the cashmere’s on the other foot.

apple air tag tracker

Apple AirTag

Perpetual wallet-misplacers and key-losers will breathe a sigh of relief once these handy devices are set up.

a woman carrying a large leather tote bag

Leather Tote

Day to Night Barbie gave a lot of women unreasonable expectations, but this softly structured bag really does go from work to dinner and almost any occasion you can think of.

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