Make This Room: Your New Home Office – Shop This Entire Look

No more sad, dark work hovel—it’s time to revive your home office.
Make This Room: Your New Home Office

Over the last year or two, most of us have become very familiar with working remotely from our home office, and have even made the permanent shift to working from home full-time.

But before you-know-what hit, carefully designing a functional yet stylish home office probably wasn’t even on your radar, so your home office’s look still hasn’t caught up to your new, permanent work-from-home arrangement.

Since it’s a space where you will spend much of your day, it makes sense to jazz it up, and make it a part of your home you can feel proud of when friends come over. (After all, if you’re like most people, your “home office” is simply a designated corner of your apartment, not its own walnut-panelled room with plush leather furniture and gaudy chandelier, right? You’re in good company, fellow Zoomer/Millennial!)

A new lighting source here, a statement plant there, a cool piece of artwork on the wall over there…and your home office is already looking awesome.

Shop the look below!

image of a wood home office desk and black office chair

Moreno Desk Natural – WyndenHall

Target, $611.99 

The hairpin legs and naturally distressed-looking finish of this desk emphasize clean lines and a modern design, while still offering enough space for your laptop and papers. Plus, extra cubby space below creates storage for small office items.

image of a brown and black office chair

Massey Mid-Century Office Chair Black/Walnut – Armen Living

Target, $157.49

Complement your desk’s modern aesthetic with this mid-century modern desk chair. The black faux leather with walnut back and armrests are practical enough for everyday use, while still looking great when company comes over.

image of a living room setting with green armchairs and a floor lamp

RANARP Floor Lamp

IKEA, $49.99

Ikea is one of our best stores for affordable home decor, and with good reason. This industrial-inspired floor lamp features heavy-duty crafted joinery and a swivel base, and is just the thing you need to introduce some much-needed lighting into your home office space.

image of a living room with a couch and rug


IKEA, $279

BRÖNDEN’s superpower as a rug is that it’s minimalistic and neutral enough in design and color to pair well with nearly any decor style, yet offers visual interest for anyone who gives it a second, closer look. 

Area rugs, in general, will help you better set apart your office space, especially if it’s sharing a room that is multipurpose in your home. Good rugs can be pricey, but the style and visual improvement they will give to your room make them worth the cost.

image of half moon shape mirror and a decorative table

Bella Artes Mirror in Smoke

The Citizenry, $225

Since offices can be dark spaces, reflect and amplify the light in the room with mirrors. These half-moon mirrors are statement pieces, and have a cool “smoked” effect, keeping the look elegant and sophisticated.

image of a faux potted cactus in a gold pot

Faux Potted Cactus

Crate and Barrel, $299

Brighten up the corner of your office with a large (faux) plant! Other favorites include monstera and giant bird of paradise. If you prefer live plants but just. keep. killing them. head over to Primer's guide quick and simple guide to house plants.

image of a potted haworthia plant

4” Live Haworthia from Costa Farms

Amazon, $19.67

Pops of green in your space will brighten your mood, and add levity to your space. Give your tall plant a smaller plant friend with this compact pot filled with a spikey, live haworthia, and bonus: the two-toned pot also echos the mountain-esque design of the bookends (see below!).

image of a monitor stand with a storage drawer

ELLOVEN Monitor Stand with Drawer in Anthracite

IKEA, $24.99

If your desk still needs some storage space, and you regularly work with a larger monitor, consider this two-in-one monitor stand with storage from IKEA.

image of lava resin book ends

Lava Resin Stone Bookends, Set of 2

Crate and Barrel, $49.95

These smooth, layered-resin bookends are reminiscent of mountains, adding a subtle hat-tip to the outdoors while still looking professional.

image of a painting of mykonos

Mykonos Painting

$350 (at the time of writing), ModShop

A pop of color and visual interest without being over the top, tie together the room’s look with this beautiful painting from ModShop. If you're looking for something a little more budget-friendly, you have to check out Primer's collection of free wall art.

Are you revamping your home office? Share your favorite finds in the comments below!

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