15 Statement Blankets That Won’t Break the Bank

15 Statement Blankets That Won’t Break the Bank
Decorative blankets usually cost an arm and a leg, but we rounded up 15 of our favorites that prove cozy doesn’t have to mean costly.

Whether your style is Joshua Tree hippie chic, urban rustic, or straightlaced guy with an outdoorsy flair, you may have fantasized about having your own rugged yet comfortable blanket to keep you warm on a long winter’s night or truly tie your living room together.

You don’t have wait until you have the kind of disposable income that allows you to spend $300 on a blanket to enjoy the cozy warmth and rugged beauty of a soft woolen throw. There are plenty of stylish blanket options to choose from that won’t break the bank.

Arus Highlands Collection Tartan Plaid Design Throw Blanket, $25

Image of Arus Highlands Collection Tartan Plaid Design Throw Blanket Gray

Arus All Season Collection Desert Stripe Blanket, $36

Image of Arus All Season Collection Cotton Blend Throw Blanket, Desert Stripe

Arus, a budget blanket, towel, and robe company, has partnered with familiar retailers like Amazon and Wayfair to bring their more utilitarian take on the throw blanket to the masses. The “All Season” Collection comes in four different patterns, though the “Arizona” and the “Desert Stripe” are closest to that classic statement throw blanket look. The Highlands Collection features a handsome windowpane plaid in a neutral palette, so matching your existing decor won’t be too difficult.

SheepWoolBlankets on Etsy, $80-$150

Image of Sheep Wool Blanket on Etsy

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t afford an artisanal piece. Ukrainian craftswoman Ivanka Garbuzyuk makes beautiful custom wool blankets for a fraction of what you would pay for even a mass market piece in the United States.

You may be hesitant to shop on Etsy, but their customer service is solid. And if a seller has a bunch of great reviews (like Ivanka), you’re likely in good hands.

Looking for more ways to outfit your home affordably? Check out our full guide on the best stores for budget home decor.

PAVILIA Premium Sherpa Throw Blanket, $23

affordable plaid blanket

Featuring a handsome mix of menswear patterns on one side and soft, snuggly microfiber fleece on the reverse, this cozy throw gets softer with every wash.

Sackcloth and Ashes Arrow Maroon Blanket, $109

Image of ARROW Maroon blanket

Sackcloth and Ashes Tribal Gold, $109

Image of sackcloth and ashes TRIBAL Gold blanket

Not only does Sackcloth and Ashes sell their blankets at a far lower cost than leading brands, but for every blanket they sell, they give a blanket to a homeless shelter. Bob Dalton, the company’s founder, launched Sackcloth and Ashes after his mother dealt with being unhoused and he saw firsthand the epidemic of homelessness in America.

In addition to this compelling humanitarian angle, there is no denying that these are simply beautiful, durable blankets.

Swiss Army Reproduction Blanket, $39

A living room with a military blanket and a chair

Primer editor Andrew Snavely has had this ruggedly handsome vintage looking blanket since he first included it in our annual gift guide several years ago. The brownish-olive looks great draped over just about anything.

Woolrich Walnut Ridge Soft Wool Blanket, $80

Image of Walnut Ridge 100% Soft Wool Blanket (56"x70")

Woolrich Rough Rider Wool Blanket, $90

Image of Woolrich Rough Rider Wool Blanket (50"x60")

Woolrich is probably best known for their flannels, but they actually have an expansive line of heritage inspired menswear and homegoods. Their catalog includes parkas, sweaters, and blankets. Woolrich blankets offer a callback to vintage Americana, at a fraction of the price.

Faribault Pure and Simple Wool Blanket, $150

faribault blanket

You know a textile company can be proud of their history when their “new” mill was built in 1892. Faribault often offers blankets at prices that undercut their biggest competitor. The Pure and Simple is an unadorned but lovely piece that will give you everything you look for in a great wool blanket, without the designer price tag.

Zoe Wodarz Bonfire Sherpa Blanket, $63.99

Image of Blue Stripes Zoe Wodarz Bonfire Blanket Sherpa Throw Blanket

Target has offered a subtly hip mens line for years, providing cool dress shirts and sweaters as well as tasteful takes on the basics. Now they’re doing the same for homegoods.

Ever Ready First Aid Wool Blanket, $24.99

Image of Ever Ready First Aid Olive Drab Green Warm Wool Fire Retardent Blanket

Ever Ready is one of a number of companies to make a wool piece inspired by the classic military issue olive green blankets. A blanket like this can add a nice rustic touch to your apartment and keep you extremely warm through winter. If you want a vintage piece, you can also try military surplus stores that often carry blankets in this and similar styles.

L.L. Bean Herringbone Washable Wool Blanket, $169

Image of LLBean Washable Wool Blanket, Herringbone

An American classic since 1912, L.L. Bean is known for its outerwear. However, the home goods section features some of the best outdoors-inspired products for your indoors. Their wool herringbone blanket is an absolutely beautiful piece at a great price.

AmazonBasics Plaid Blanket, $20

A bedroom with a blanket and a chair

Amazon’s home line of everyday items and affordable necessities includes some surprisingly stylish choices – like this attractive red and cream chenille blanket. It’s lightweight enough to be comfortable in autumn and spring, warm enough for snuggling under in winter, and will look great draped over your armchair or couch all year round.

Pendleton Camp Throw, $99


Pendleton is a name that has become synonymous with rugged comfort. Their blankets are some of the most beloved and sought after in the world – and often come with a high price point. But the smaller throws are comparable in price with some lesser-known brands. So if your priority is tying the room together rather than keeping warm at night, go for it.

What’s your favorite blanket or throw—and was it a splurge or a steal? Let us know in the comments.

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