“What Should You Know Before Getting Married?” Reddit’s 14 Top Upvoted Responses

A surprisingly thoughtful collection from the land of Snoo.

What Should You Know Before Getting Married? Reddit's 14 Top Upvoted Responses
Wedding season is upon us, and with all the champagne, cake, and rental suits for groomsmen it’s easy to forget what the whole thing is about: lasting partnership.

Maybe it’s the reason yesterday’s top post on Reddit caught fire. User EssamSidqi posed the question, “What should you know before getting married?” and commenters have weighed in with advice that’s wise, funny, and downright heartfelt.

Listed here are the top upvoted comments. We were impressed with some of the thoughtful insight these married (and, unfortunately, formerly married) Redditors had to share.

If you’re already married, it’s worth reading for the reminders. If you have yet to tie the knot, one of these comments might make your life a whole lot happier and healthier someday.

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  • Reply May 16, 2018

    Justin Rogers

    Great article! I really wish I would have read some of these whenever I got married.

    Finances were only brought up once. That’s a big one and a pretty big conversation that needs to happen before marriage. Not just the “how much debt do you have” conversation but also looking at how each other spends money. Figure out how each of you spends money separately and how you need to spend it together.

    I loved all the responses about honesty (even the little truths) because honest communication is the most important. I would also add that no matter how long you have been dating, engaged, or known each other, everything changes when you’re married. It’s almost like consciously or unconsciously before marriage you’re both still trying to present yourself as perfect-ish. Once you’re married you will see more of your SO’s flaws and vice versa. Remember to be open and honest about them. They might do something that gets on your nerves and that’s OK as long as you tell them about your feelings and have a conversation about it honestly. Like one of the comments above said; keeping these things to yourself can lead to resentment and that is unacceptable in marriage.

    Lastly, you will argue and disagree a lot. Every married couple does and you need to sometimes so you can get past issues. You are 2 independent adults with strong opinions that may differ on some topics. Your first instinct may be to argue as little as possible because arguing means something is going wrong. Don’t shy away from confrontation because by being open, honest, and respectful in these disagreements is how the marriage grows stronger.

    Sorry for the ramble…

    • Reply May 18, 2018


      Justin, I love these ideas! Thank you so much for adding. 🙂

  • Reply June 19, 2018


    Getting married can be hard.

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