“What Should You Know Before Getting Married?” Reddit’s 14 Top Upvoted Responses

A surprisingly thoughtful collection from the land of Snoo.

What Should You Know Before Getting Married? Reddit's 14 Top Upvoted Responses
Wedding season is upon us, and with all the champagne, cake, and rental suits for groomsmen it’s easy to forget what the whole thing is about: lasting partnership.

Maybe it’s the reason yesterday’s top post on Reddit caught fire. User EssamSidqi posed the question, “What should you know before getting married?” and commenters have weighed in with advice that’s wise, funny, and downright heartfelt.

Listed here are the top upvoted comments. We were impressed with some of the thoughtful insight these married (and, unfortunately, formerly married) Redditors had to share.

If you’re already married, it’s worth reading for the reminders. If you have yet to tie the knot, one of these comments might make your life a whole lot happier and healthier someday.

Stillman Brown

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