This Twitter Story Proves It’s The End Of Dating As We Know It

This Twitter Story Proves It’s The End Of Dating As We Know It
One modern guy looking for love runs into something...unexpected.

If you’ve dated in the last 10 years – or you’re dating now – you know the absolute dominance of the apps. If you’re not on them, you may as well be shouting down a well (or that’s how it can feel).

The numbers are staggering: 40 million Americans use dating apps. The share of 18- to 24-year-olds who use online dating tripled from 2013 to today. More people are on the apps than ever before.

Then there’s the bad news: 30+% of those using apps say they’ve never been on a date with a match. And there’s a gender gap – men are about 52% of the users on apps overall.

The dominance – and frustration – of apps has some wondering… have we reached peak online dating? Is there anywhere to go from here?

In the words of Samuel L Jackson, hold on to your butts. Because here’s a story about the unholy union of dating apps and reality TV so insane it might just spell the end of civilization.

The beginning is familiar: Twitter user Миша matched with a girl. She ghosted on him.

The rest … well, just check it out…

Stillman Brown

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