Lessons from a Tailor [video]

Lessons from a Tailor   The Story of Martin Greenfield (video)

Suit Tailoring Tips

Greenfield Clothiers has an improbable story: Owner and master tailor Martin Greenfield survived Nazi concentration camps, came to America as a young man, broke and alone, and eventually built one of the most well-regarded bespoke suit companies in the U.S. He’s cut suits for presidents, including a young politician on the rise who arrived at the White House without a proper wardrobe: Bill Clinton. But the most inspiring part of his story isn’t his celebrity clientele or tailoring prowess (a custom suit requires 108 operations to build from scratch) – it’s Greenfield’s commitment to his workers and his community. He makes a point of hiring families, friends, and neighbors, and helped build up the neighborhood around his company. A lifetime of tailoring has led him to lesson worth learning: “Everybody is a perfect person.” We hope you enjoyed these suit tailoring tips!
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