The Getup: What to Wear to a Summer BBQ

Great friends, great weather, great food. Look your best.

what to wear to a bbq

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  • Jason Wood

    I like the concept here, but isn’t a linen shirt on linen shorts a little bit much? I have both and I personally don’t like wearing them together. Kind of like avoiding stripes on stripes? Just curious what other folks opinions are.

    I do like the color combo though, I think I’d just pick a different fabric for my shorts.

    • Andrew

      If the tops and bottoms are made from a very similar cloth, you’d be right to avoid it. These are different colors, textures, and patterns so it’s fine. But you can always swap in regular chino shorts if you prefer.

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    You left out the most important thing:

    good (waterproof) sunscreen.

    Don’t wind to end up looking like a tomato, and be another step closer to getting melanoma

    • Andrew

      Absolutely! I’ve gotten really diligent about it over the last couple of years.

  • Ross

    I like this concept as well but I’m a big believer in not wearing no show bootie style socks. I think in this case it’s no socks allowed situation. Also anyone know why the Gerber Suspension multi tool is included here? I have one and love it but felt it was kind of random with the getup without any explanation.

    • Andrew

      Hey Ross, I’ve always included everyday carry items as part of The Getups. No explanation needed for being prepared. 🙂

      • Ross

        Sounds good to me. Warning though, the sheath that the Gerber Suspension comes with is garbage. So I suggest upgrading to a leather replacement sheath from Fiona Dixon on Etsy.

    • bryclops

      I assumed it was connected with the barbecue; I’ve been tempted to bring one along when steaks were involved and I knew the cutler would be plastic.

  • hcm004

    American Optical square aviators are 100% awesome. I have had my pair for a few years and love them.

    • Andrew

      +1 I love mine, I have two pairs! Gold and matte pewter.

  • Jesse

    I’ve had those Vans for J. Crew on my list for awhile now. they definitely fill a good gap in the summer footwear spectrum where sandals are too informal, white leather is too street, and loafers/boat shoes are too dressy. That particular gray pair seems to go well with everything.

  • yahtzee

    What to wear? I’ll be wearing anything but what’s listed here. To each their own, I just clicked the link out of curiosity.