The Gentleman’s Smart Bedside Table

The Gentleman’s Smart Bedside Table
It's the first and last thing you see. Make it good.

The bedside table is an often overlooked piece of equipment. It is utilized as a catch all more often than not, which shames it to below its full potential. An artfully curated bedside table can become paramount to the end of your day. It becomes the last destination you visit before climbing into bed and drifting off to sleep. More over, it is the first thing you see every morning. Now shouldn’t that be as enjoyable as possible? Below we have compiled a few items to help you create an ideal bedside table. Use them as inspiration for what your own should look like, and enjoy more restful nights – and easier mornings.

Ecosphere – Small Pod – $54.99

Amazon, $55

Having something living in your home can be therapeutic. Bring that aesthetic to your bedroom with this small and sealed off terrarium. Tiny shrimp eat algae and microbes that are completely self sustaining off of what is present within the pod. The instructions say they can live up to 5 years, but customers have reported even longer. Go ahead and name ‘em, if you can tell them apart.


West Elm – Industrial Task Lamp (+USB)

West Elm, $119

It is imperative to have a light source somewhere close to your bed. It's helpful for late night reading to put you to sleep, and this beautiful and industrial adjustable black and gold lamp includes a USB port in the base for convenient charging. Personally, I flick my light on first thing in the morning to force me out of bed.

West Elm USB Table Lamp

Marathon – Non-ticking Alarm Clock

Amazon, $30

Even the quietest of sounds can sound like a sledgehammer in a cave when you're lying awake at night. This smooth sweeping alarm clock doesn't make a sound. It has an auto-light option where a dim orange light turns on when it's dark that will make the face legible without being bright enough to upset your slumber.

Marathon alarm clock

Appointed – Charcoal Notebook

Appointed, $24

Keep this within hands’ reach so you can jot down any strange dreams late at night. Also, inspiration is known to strike at random, be ready for it. This well-designed, thick notebook is made in Washington, DC and available in blank, graphed, or lined pages.

Appointed Notebook   Made in Washington DC

Blackbird – Hibernus Incense Pyres

Amazon, $35

This incense comes in the less-traditional pyre shape that resembles a small cone. They are slow burning and are known to create less smoke. Blackbird offers a multitude of scents, but this one is less “college dorm room” and more “cabin in the woods.”

Blackbird Incense Pyres

Billykirk – Leather Valet Tray

Billykirk, $35

Don't just dump your pockets as you take your pants off: Keep things semi-organized with this stylish leather catch all. Adding a monogram is an extra fifteen dollars, but there are a slew of pre-stamped options available, too. The leather is sure to age nicely beneath your phone and loose change.

Billykirk Leather Valet Tray

Ikea – Lövbacken Side Table

Ikea, $60

This affordable table is decidedly mid-century, with it's leaf-like shape and veneer pattern and gold tipped legs.

Ikea Lovbacken Side Table

What's on your bedside table? Continue the conversation in the comments.

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