Announcing the Winners of Our Ten $50 Amazon Gift Cards Giveaway PLUS Survey Results!

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wow, Wow, WOW! I cannot tell you how much love I have for you guys after reading through all of your survey responses. I can't believe 5,000 of you took the time to share with me who you are and what I can do on Primer to help you. For all of the encouraging words, I'm truly honored! And for all of the great, constructive ideas and feedback, thank you! I can't wait to put together all of the ideas and changes that this incredible wealth of information has provided us. I've always wanted Primer to be about you, not me, and these answers will help me ensure I can make it bigger and better for all of you.

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And the winners are…

Emil S.
G. Lyman
C. Burge
B. Vandermeer
Sawyer T.
M. Rohlinger
R. Ringwalt
L. Shop
J. Perkins
C. Gieseke

Names interpreted from provided email. Winners will be contacted by email!

Some cool survey results

Check out some of the interesting information I've already pulled together from all of your responses.

Primer demographics 2016 survey responses

Thank you so much again, you guys rock!

Stay tuned for new great stuff!

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