Enter to Win! Head to Toe Performance Business Wear from Ministry of Supply!

Enter to Win! Head to Toe Performance Business Wear from Ministry of Supply!
Your tech and thinking is 21st century, shouldn't your clothing be too? We've teamed up with Ministry of Supply to give away a shirt, pair of pants, and socks specifically designed to have you looking and feeling as great at the end of your day as at the beginning.

The average workday can be pretty rough on your clothes. Week in and week out you go through the expense and effort of getting your work costume dry-cleaned only to find yourself a sweaty, wrinkled mess by the time 4:30 rolls around each day. This unfortunate reality is responsible for one of the great workplace dilemmas of our time: do you go home and change into yet another outfit or go out looking (and smelling) like a guy who just put in an eight-hour shift? If only there was an alternative… something scientifically developed and battle-tested in conditions harsher than any office.

Fortunately, the forward-thinking folks at Ministry of Supply felt the same way. So they hit the laboratory, literally, enlisting the help of NASA technology and spending more than a year of research and development to create a unique line of menswear engineered to get you through the whole day and night looking fresh and feeling dry no matter what it throws at you, whether your office is on Main Street or the space station.

The resulting threads are the perfect fusion of style, comfort, and technology, where no one element was compromised for the sake of any other. They look like sharp, stylish work clothes because that’s exactly what they are, but they perform like rugged, high-tech active wear, so all day long you can look like a million bucks while feeling like the Six-Million Dollar Man.

No detail was left unaddressed in the design of these garments. From the very fibers made of space-age materials to the laser-cut armpit vents to a process called “thermolamination” that keeps the collar crisp without dry cleaning, every inch of this fabric serves a purpose. In the design process, Ministry of Supply even goes so far as to research human anatomy and biomechanics to determine the spots on the garments that strain the most as you move to more effectively integrate its myriad technological features.

Primer is giving one very lucky reader a chance to experience the future right now. That’s right, we are giving away a head-to-toe set of gear from Ministry of Supply. Everything you’ll need to power through your entire day and stride effortlessly into the evening looking crisp as an autumn apple.

From top to bottom, behold: the office attire of tomorrow.

gemini buttondown

The Gemini Button Down

Designed to move with you throughout the day and maintain a flattering fit no matter how you bend or twist, this versatile shirt is complex where it counts and simple in all the right ways. Its classic, precision cut look goes with everything, wicks sweat away from your body (with or without an undershirt), and utilizes state of the art NASA-engineered Phase Change Material to help maintain your body temperature whatever the weather forecast says. Not only is this shirt made to wear for 16 hours every day of the week if you so choose, it’s machine-washable and iron-free. So be sure to get your dry cleaner a nice goodbye gift.

Ministry of Supply Aviator Chinos

Aviator Chinos

The Aviator Chinos are comprised of breathable 4-way stretch fibers precisely placed to adjust with your body’s natural position, and the breathable material helps you keep cool from the morning commute until the wee hours of the night. These chinos will stay looking sharp no matter how active your workday, and its breathable pocket linings and moisture-wicking nylon gives the air a little room to circulate, leaving you feeling comfy and dry south of the border all day long. Some inventively placed urethane tape on the inner waistband keeps your shirt from coming untucked. The material even repels spills and rain. These pants do just about everything but put themselves on for you. Like the Gemini Button Down, you’ll never have to dry-clean or iron these bad boys. And to ensure a perfect fit for your new future-man duds, Ministry of Supply will even pay for your pant length tailoring–no joke. Just send them your receipt and they’ll reimburse you in full.

Ministry of Supply Atlas Dress Socks

Atlas Dress Socks

Much like the mythical titan of the same name whose burden is to support the weight of the world on his shoulders, our socks bear the brunt of our daily comings and goings. An all-too-often forgotten part of dress attire, the proper socks can actually be the cornerstone to a comfortable day. Using 3D knitting technology, the Atlas Dress Socks are engineered to hug your feet in a way that feels like a second skin, even reacting to odors and moisture on contact. You can wear them all day long without losing the spring in your step, because these socks’ breathable fibers are actually integrated with coffee grounds to absorb odor. We don’t think you’ll get a coffee buzz from wearing them, but be sure to let us know if you do. Right after thanking us for hooking you up with such awesome clothes.

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