Enter to Win! Head to Toe Performance Business Wear from Ministry of Supply!

Enter to Win! Head to Toe Performance Business Wear from Ministry of Supply!
Your tech and thinking is 21st century, shouldn't your clothing be too? We've teamed up with Ministry of Supply to give away a shirt, pair of pants, and socks specifically designed to have you looking and feeling as great at the end of your day as at the beginning.

The average workday can be pretty rough on your clothes. Week in and week out you go through the expense and effort of getting your work costume dry-cleaned only to find yourself a sweaty, wrinkled mess by the time 4:30 rolls around each day. This unfortunate reality is responsible for one of the great workplace dilemmas of our time: do you go home and change into yet another outfit or go out looking (and smelling) like a guy who just put in an eight-hour shift? If only there was an alternative… something scientifically developed and battle-tested in conditions harsher than any office.

Fortunately, the forward-thinking folks at Ministry of Supply felt the same way. So they hit the laboratory, literally, enlisting the help of NASA technology and spending more than a year of research and development to create a unique line of menswear engineered to get you through the whole day and night looking fresh and feeling dry no matter what it throws at you, whether your office is on Main Street or the space station.

The resulting threads are the perfect fusion of style, comfort, and technology, where no one element was compromised for the sake of any other. They look like sharp, stylish work clothes because that’s exactly what they are, but they perform like rugged, high-tech active wear, so all day long you can look like a million bucks while feeling like the Six-Million Dollar Man.

No detail was left unaddressed in the design of these garments. From the very fibers made of space-age materials to the laser-cut armpit vents to a process called “thermolamination” that keeps the collar crisp without dry cleaning, every inch of this fabric serves a purpose. In the design process, Ministry of Supply even goes so far as to research human anatomy and biomechanics to determine the spots on the garments that strain the most as you move to more effectively integrate its myriad technological features.

Primer is giving one very lucky reader a chance to experience the future right now. That’s right, we are giving away a head-to-toe set of gear from Ministry of Supply. Everything you’ll need to power through your entire day and stride effortlessly into the evening looking crisp as an autumn apple.

From top to bottom, behold: the office attire of tomorrow.

gemini buttondown

The Gemini Button Down

Designed to move with you throughout the day and maintain a flattering fit no matter how you bend or twist, this versatile shirt is complex where it counts and simple in all the right ways. Its classic, precision cut look goes with everything, wicks sweat away from your body (with or without an undershirt), and utilizes state of the art NASA-engineered Phase Change Material to help maintain your body temperature whatever the weather forecast says. Not only is this shirt made to wear for 16 hours every day of the week if you so choose, it’s machine-washable and iron-free. So be sure to get your dry cleaner a nice goodbye gift.

Ministry of Supply Aviator Chinos

Aviator Chinos

The Aviator Chinos are comprised of breathable 4-way stretch fibers precisely placed to adjust with your body’s natural position, and the breathable material helps you keep cool from the morning commute until the wee hours of the night. These chinos will stay looking sharp no matter how active your workday, and its breathable pocket linings and moisture-wicking nylon gives the air a little room to circulate, leaving you feeling comfy and dry south of the border all day long. Some inventively placed urethane tape on the inner waistband keeps your shirt from coming untucked. The material even repels spills and rain. These pants do just about everything but put themselves on for you. Like the Gemini Button Down, you’ll never have to dry-clean or iron these bad boys. And to ensure a perfect fit for your new future-man duds, Ministry of Supply will even pay for your pant length tailoring–no joke. Just send them your receipt and they’ll reimburse you in full.

Ministry of Supply Atlas Dress Socks

Atlas Dress Socks

Much like the mythical titan of the same name whose burden is to support the weight of the world on his shoulders, our socks bear the brunt of our daily comings and goings. An all-too-often forgotten part of dress attire, the proper socks can actually be the cornerstone to a comfortable day. Using 3D knitting technology, the Atlas Dress Socks are engineered to hug your feet in a way that feels like a second skin, even reacting to odors and moisture on contact. You can wear them all day long without losing the spring in your step, because these socks’ breathable fibers are actually integrated with coffee grounds to absorb odor. We don’t think you’ll get a coffee buzz from wearing them, but be sure to let us know if you do. Right after thanking us for hooking you up with such awesome clothes.

4 Ways to Enter!

Entering is simple! You have 4 opportunities to earn entries, simply use the widget to below to:

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  • And if you do all 3, you can refer the giveaway to your friends for 5 additional entries!

The giveaway ends 9/9/15, enter now!

Ministry of Supply Head to Toe Performance Business Wear Giveaway

Chris Nesi is a writer and editor born and raised in New Jersey but currently living in Orlando, Florida. His work has appeared in more than a dozen publications including TechCrunch, The Huffington Post and Consulting magazine. When he isn't writing he enjoys swimming, reading, and cycling.

  • http://www.marcusbearden.com/ Marcus Bearden

    Absolutely love Ministry of Supply and the timing couldn’t be better! I’m revamping my business casual wardrobe and these will be great additions to the lineup…

  • Christian P

    Always wanted to try this brand. I work as a fisheries ecologist and though I’m in the field constantly, I still have to be presentable. MoS clothing seems up to the challenges of my job.

  • Max K

    I got to wear a thick lab coat over my business casual wear alot- would love to give Ministry of Supply a try!

  • Michael

    I’d love to get a chance to try Ministry of Supply duds. I’m a student and have to balance looking presentable and mature for class, presentations and events with running around campus, hanging with friends after class, being out for long periods of time or unexpected bouts of activity.
    Winning this would really help me round out my wardrobe with quality clothes that combine the best of two worlds: classic, timeless styling and modern performance materials.

  • Book

    Just started a new job in Japan… i need some new office gear bad

  • Chris Burns

    Stepping up the game…some nice looks here

  • JDL

    I’m a teacher and need more flexibility than typical dress clothes offer.

  • conjob

    This is some great stuff — I’m particularly excited about the vents under the arms. I’ve always wanted to try this brand of clothing.

  • Chris

    I have heard good things about Ministry of Supply so I am interested in giving them a try!

  • Steve Arrington

    Sweat wicking! That’s got to be the best idea in shirts since stretchiness.

  • Andrew Garland

    I’m a grad student in the South. It’s hard to find tough, professional looking clothes that don’t seem too dressy, but also don’t suffer with the variety of weather.

  • DM

    This sounds like a great giveaway!

  • thinker_random

    Totally digging this stuff. Would be great for crawling around on floors hooking up systems and whatnot. Gotta love IT jobs.

  • Eric Cumming

    Been interested in their stuff but have yet to pull the trigger. Looks like excellent quality.

  • Scott M.

    Must be good if NASA’s in on it.

  • Chris

    I’ve been trying to step up my work attire lately from the usual khakis and polo. This looks like a great setup without going to far for my environment. Plus it will help get me through those hot and humid days down here in the South.

  • Arkadiy

    I hope I win!

  • Matt P.

    My business wardrobe is in desperate need of improvement. Although mostly sedentary, my job requires me to be at my best when making a mad dash for the elevator, or getting that last snack from the vending machine. If I want to have a competitive advantage, I cannot be constrained by conventional fabrics. Ministry of Supply has just what I need to take my game to the next level!

  • nh

    my shirt is a bit wrinkled by 10am. this might start a new page for my wardrobe

  • Diego “Cake Baker”

    I work at a power plant which involves a lot of walking and movement. I need clothes that dont suffocate me and are comfortable throught the entire day- no matter what I am doing.

  • Bradley Martin

    The underarm ventilation on it’s own is enough to get me excited about this product line. Bring on the MoS giveaway!

  • Eric Gutierrez

    Those MoS chinos look great.

  • Will A

    I need all of this to look like I know what im doing.

  • Sean

    Yes please! I need to be looking fresh for grad school and I have no budget for this.

  • Mike Rogers

    This would be so money. Ministry of Supply is doing it right. Straight from the office to the trail.

    Thanks guys

  • Anthony Trimble

    My current sock collection is lacking style, coordination, and coffee, these Atlas socks would solve all those problems.

  • James K.

    I go from indoor to outdoor all seasons of the year working as a Project Engineer. It is difficult to construct a wardrobe for high level meetings and utility tunnel inspections. This lineup from Ministry of Supply seems to fit the bill pretty well.

  • Patrick Anthony

    Would be awesome to win this!

  • Brandon Stephenson

    Working as a marketing director in a one-man department, I have to go from taking meetings to lifting boxes. This seems like a wonderful solution to looking presentable while still maintaining the ability to roll up my sleeves and sling some boxes.

  • Taylor sherman

    Once I can afford it I would like to give ministry of supply a try. I typically work 12 and a half hour days in shirt and tie. I work for a car rental company so I’m constantly moving around and sweating. I would have already purchased from MOS as my research for business clothing showed them to be the best choice for clothes that I wouldn’t sweat in as much as well as last longer than my current shirt option, but as I just graduated college my budget won’t allow me to purchase them. Once I get a raise I definitely will be buying their shirts and pants!

  • Raul Justiniano


  • Simon

    Wow these clothes look nice and comfy.

  • derekmck

    I’ve been following this company for a while. So happy to see this post!

  • kjax

    Really looking to try this brand out. Comfortable office gear is basically the holy grail.

  • nodoubtfan

    Those Ministry of Supply dress shirts look pretty snazzy!

  • August

    really looking to checking out the shirt and pants. already have the socks and they’re pretty great.

  • Kristopher Hesson

    I now have a standing desk so I’ll be moving a lot more. Need that quality MOS outfit!

  • Matt

    Love the idea of dress shirts that use state of the art technology to keep you comfortable

  • Danny

    My business wear can’t keep up with the demands of everyday life — sweat stains are all too common, and pants don’t afford any flexibility or ease of movement. Would love to win these great items!

  • Colin Keys

    As someone who transitions from the office to field work, crawling under desks & setting up computers, I tend to get warm & sweaty often. Additionally, switching from dress shoes to work boots daily, I need socks that can stand up those changes

  • Blake Alexander Hammerton

    I love Ministry of Supply! I ordered my father two performance dress shirts because he’s a ballroom dancer and needs to stay dry. They work like a charm! Great stuff!

  • Parker

    Nothing is safe on a hot, muggy summer day. Bring on the breeze!

  • BJ Moore

    I’m interested in trying them out. It would be nice for the days I have to go onsite and move computers and equipment around.

  • Jonathan Nelson

    It would be great to have some comfortable pants like the Aviator Chinos for sitting all day.

  • Steffen Rohrbach

    Working in a laboratory with temperature ranges between 65 and 95 degrees. Can be tough to stay cool and looking put together.

  • T. Chiesa

    I travel a lot for work, so the features of these items would be fantastic for those times I head straight from the airport to a meeting. Usually I’m a wrinkled sweaty mess, even in the non-iron items I buy for business travel.

  • http://www.andrewordway.com/ Andrew

    I need to check this company out

  • Dennis Ko

    Have a typical desk job, but luckily there’s an office gym and i can go run during my lunch break. would be great to have office clothes that are comfortable to put on after my work out rather than the typical clothes that make it harder for me to cool down.

  • Allen R. Palmer

    Fantastic! I have nothing but subpar business attire and I think winning this would go along way in moving me into a good direction!

  • Gabe Taylor

    Just got a promotion- Time to look the part!

  • James Mersol

    I’d love to get a chance to try out Ministry of Supply’s clothing. I have a 15-minute walk to the Metro in the morning, and in summer I’m lucky if I’m not soaked by sweat or rain by the time the train arrives. Moisture-repellant, breathable fabric like this should eliminate that concern entirely!

  • Evan

    Would be great to try out some of this! I especially have trouble with shirt undarmars.

  • Brandon Griswold

    This would be so great to win!

  • DD

    Have heard great things about Ministry of Supply. Would love to experience their products first-hand.

  • Justin Neal Guebert

    Bought a house, got engaged and paying student loans takes all my money. Extra money for nice cloths isn’t in the budget right now.

  • Adam Blakely

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance. My current wardrobe is a little too thick and unforgiving for this Georgia heat. I could really use an upgrade!

  • Thomas

    I would love to try this brand, I like the range of movement it offers and the new materials used.

  • HD

    Love it. Let me win!

  • Kyle Greer

    The Primer keeps me in the know with some awesome things, this line from MoS being one of them! I could really use a new work getup that’s as sharp looking as this!

  • Cameron Albert

    Trying to update my wardrobe and get something striking. Ministry is just that

  • Carlos W

    New teacher in Las Vegas. I sweat through all of my dress shirts and split my dress pants all the dang time. I could use some NASA infused tech wonder business wear!

  • badrew

    Looks like some good gear!

  • Stephen

    With all the hours needed to put into work, I don’t have time to do all the prep before and after wearing that I would like to.

  • Ike Dolby

    Awesome concept, bringing traditional business dress into the modern world. Fits better, lasts longer, and designed for the fast-paced world we all live in.

  • craig hoffman

    Being in the office and on site in the summer can run through many a temperature change leaving me less than thrilled with the comfort of traditional business wear. This give away would cover me (litterally) in both situations. Thanks for the give away!

  • Erika-Andrew Clarendon

    As someone who wears business casual almost every day this is a great giveaway.

  • pkey

    These look really cool. I’m trying to up my office attire game a bit and, being in the South, something that can do that while staying cool looks like a win-win.

  • Jon Powell

    Good looks here, I’m looking for some better everyday work-wear.

  • RJC

    I have very long hours at my job and the weather where I live can vary wildly. This stuff looks up to the challenge.

  • David

    I want this… sooooo bad!

  • shea

    This would certainly help with the everyday struggle of jumping all over town doing walk-through’s and meeting with construction vendors at asset sites in the vendor management field of the REIT I work for.

  • Paden

    I love the content on Primer but have never had the opportunity to try MoS. I can say however that I love the design that goes into these.

  • Angel Hernandez

    A perfect outfit for a in and out of homes in South Texas. Basically spend my days showing homes, a Ministry of Supply wardrobe will be perfect for this heat.

  • Jeff

    My present day workwear can’t keep up with the physical demands I need them to meet. These would be perfect!

  • John

    Commenting to get extra entries. +1 more for being honest?

  • Brandon B. Busbee

    I live in Minneapolis where the weather varies a lot! I am a commuter as well so I’m walking around from bus stop to light rail stations in the mornings and evenings. My brisk walk typically get the blood flowing and I sometimes even sweat when it’s hot out! I need some help…ha.

  • Dan D

    Looks like some really nice options here.

  • Beaux D


  • Will

    Here’s to hoping I finally win one of these!!

  • sundragon

    This would be an awesome way to start a new job!

  • Brad Cairns

    Always looking for new ways to stay as sharp as I can.

  • hcm004

    Hoping to head to law school next fall. MoS would help keep me cool, calm, and collected as I pull my hair out while studying.

  • Matt

    I’d love to add to my wardrobe. I’m a health inspector so I’m always on my feet in all kinds of environments, indoors and out. I have to balance field wear with office wear. I’ve only been working a few months so I’m building up my closest from scratch.

  • Adams Tegeler

    I’ve looked at Ministry of Supply’s clothing before, but have yet to try it. This would be a great opportunity.

  • Eddie Stivers

    Being in the middle of Texas summer heat, I could use some NASA technologies in my wardrobe!

  • Craig Marshall

    Wow, thanks for the info about this great work apparel and the giveaway! I find Primer really helpful for knowing how to dress in the workplace – especially since I attend a lot of meetings and conferences. I had no idea about Ministry of Supply and their stuff looks great!

  • Eric Davis

    I’ve been wanting to try MoS but can’t afford it right now. This is a great opportunity!

  • Adam

    Wow. Really impressed with where this line of business clothing has gone.

  • Kenny

    Our office just went more on the casual side and I’m looking to add some items to my wardrobe.

  • liurobs

    Technical wear is definitely something I’d love to try out!

  • Jamy Comeaux

    As a real estate appraiser I am always out in the field and on construction sites in the brutal heat of southern Louisiana. The problem is I have to dress business casual to portray a professional appearance which usually leads to my clothes being drenched in sweat. I would love to add the Ministry of Supply button down and chino to my wardrobe. It would be a game changer.

  • Eric Jarrell

    I have the problem of sweating quite a bit and traditional materials just don’t hold up. I’m hoping something like MoS will help me out with this.

  • Dan Lish

    I am just recently discovering the great powers of tailored performance wear and want to adjust my business wardrobe to the awesomeness and freedom it provides!

  • Pat T

    I’ve been following MoS for a while since I’m always traveling and doing a lot of walking for work. I’ve never pulled the trigger but would love to become a loyal customer!

  • Mel King

    These seem like some incredible products and I’d love to try them out. As a frequent traveler, writer, cyclist, and teacher, I think Ministry of Supply would be an excellent fit for my active life!

  • Nelson

    I like the forward thinking of Ministry of Supply. This will give business casual on a whole new meaning.

  • Billy

    Just got a new job, could use a great getup like this since I’ll be working inside and outside in the heat, this would be perfect!

  • Robert Lamm

    As a teacher, I am physically active all day. Living in a rural area it is difficult to find professional looking clothes that look professional all day.

  • robanderson2

    Looks super comfortable and in style, just the look one needs in a professional environment.

  • benusellis

    No work wear fits right. No work wear lasts long. No work wear lets you actually move around.

  • Min

    In it to win it!

  • Mlcvr

    I’ve been following MoS for a while, would be great to cut this humidity with their clothes.

  • AtThomas

    Biking to work is brutal this summer – can’t imagine what a breeze the commute would be with some MOS style.

  • JolleyMan

    I have never heard of Ministry of Supply, but will check them out the next time I need to update the wardrobe.

  • Nnal

    This is pretty awesome!

  • djitea

    I hate most biz clothing…feel like I’m always replacing pieces that don’t last or make the grade. I’d love to give MoS a shot!

  • Jaime

    This is a nice giveaway. Ministry of Supply seems like a solid brand.

  • JP LaForte

    Modern updates for classic looks. Can’t go wrong with this brand. I hope I win!

  • Adam m.

    being out in the field and measuring houses requires some light, breathable clothing sometimes. this stuff would rock

  • Jake F

    I am sorely lacking in fitting business clothes and this would be a great way to start rebuilding my wardrobe for a lot of the conventions I have to go to!

  • Trey

    Honestly, I’m going all day long. Literally from sun up to sun down, I’m going somewhere. Whether it’s driving across town for a closing, running downtown to grab disclosure documents from a lawfirm, or grabbing drinks after hours with clients; I don’t have time to iron and prep my outfits the night before. I also cannot stand that most department stores’ clothing lines do not offer active dresswear options. My body temperature naturally runs high, which means I get hot fast and a sweat. I need a clothing line that will fit my needs, and not have to tailor my life around my clothing.

  • http://livesayhaiti.com Troy Livesay

    I live and work in a tropical climate and have yet to find clothing that can keep up and look good. Have always wanted to give MoS a try.

  • Kenneth Suna


  • Kevin

    This would be great for summer time in Orlando. I split time between a cubicle and a manufacturing shop. Lifting heavy parts and trying to remain presentable puts stress on your body and attire. Seems like a great design.

  • Liping Chao

    I hate having to dress up when it’s hot out, just sweating left and right, hopefully this helps hahah

  • bsosebee

    I work in historic preservation. A mix of office and field work. Ministry of Supply is great for active work wear and I could use more than one pair of pants.

  • Noah C.

    My current lack of business clothing contributes.

  • Brandon Sours

    I need these clothes! 🙂 I’ve heard phenomenal things about Ministry of Supply. Well made/designed clothes!

  • Jimmy_Johansen

    I work in NYC. If you’ve ever been to NYC in August I think you know why I could use this gear!

  • Bryan Tosh

    Would love to finally get my hands on some Ministry of Supply apparel. Love the blend of form and function.

  • hunter d

    I just bought my first ministry of supply pants last week and they are great. I would like to try more of their clothes.

  • Austin Sterling Reece

    Looking and feeling fresh to death with this ensemble.

  • Nate

    Being a med student, I have to wear a thick, non-breathing white coat all the time on top of business wear. Ministry of Supply would allow some much needed temperature regulation!

  • Curtis

    Would be perfect for my 12 hour classroom days.

  • Tarang

    I really need some flexibility with work clothes that I can wear to after-work events, that can withstand large walking distances and humid weather.

  • Casey Zimmerman

    I work in a laboratory and cleanroom, both of which can get hot, sweaty, and smelly, but I’m not one to sacrifice the impression I make with my attire. These clothes would be perfect for me and I can see them integrating well with my already assembled wardrobe! Great giveaway!

  • Jason Kleindorfer

    Ministry of Supply is doing big things lately.

  • Zach Pereira

    This getup blows the rest of mine out of the water! My shirts keep falling apart after a few gentle washes but this sounds like it’s made from more durable material than cotton. Coolio!

  • Patrick H.

    Hate going for a walk at lunch and coming back sweaty!

  • Zi

    Wow, this seems really innovative! Would love to win 🙂

  • tpop

    Looks sharp, that would be perfect for demanding days at work.

  • Drew

    Performance work wear for the win! Definitely need comfortable (and moisture-wicking gear) to keep me looking fresh after my morning commute and get me all the way to evening engagements. My dresspants, button ups, and surprisingly my socks have taken a beating over the last year.

  • derek wall

    They make some good looking stuff. I have never pulled the trigger and purchased anything yet.

  • DubyahEhtch

    A mix of office and on-call field work means that you can only really optimize for one. This outfit looks ready for any situation without looking like a sweaty, shabby mess.

  • Christian Siles

    i really need this gear, my current wardrobe is not techy enough for my current line of work, swiftly move from workstation to meeting room and holding the phone while typing during meetings will really put that NASA fabric to its limits!!!

  • Ty Kircher

    I live and work in Arizona and would love to try out these new threads from Ministry of Supply!

  • Joseph Pintek

    Ministry of Supply’s clothing line looks fantastic, would love to have the opportunity to try. Nothing worse than showing up to work damp.

  • Francisco

    My job requires me to work from an office setting and also an out doors camp. It would great if instead of switching out of my office clothes I could walk around camp in clothes that kept up with my daily schedule.

  • Mkruns

    Looks great – I’d love to win this!

  • chris

    Very nice shirt

  • Chris

    Look great!

  • Tim Sweetman

    This would work perfectly in my job in the restaurant business. Wanting to look sharp but still run around.

  • Ray

    These shirts look really good

  • Grant David

    It looks like speakers for your armpits

  • justinlitz

    I need the moisture wicking BAD!

  • joshray88

    Walking to seminary classes and work everyday leaves my business casual wardrobe with more wear and tear than I’d like. This would keep me going much longer than other brands!

  • Kevin

    Just started a new job in Uptown Charlotte, and would love to add these state of the art pieces to my wardrobe!

  • Tyler Jones

    I currently work outdoors, so I’m always a sweaty mess, but come next week I’ll be back in school, and I need to make sure I’m always looking my best, look good, feel good, do good!

  • Justin Newman

    This looks like the exact type of clothing that I have been searching for to keep me cool in the workplace. Besides most sleeves being too short, sweat management has always been an issue for me.

  • JB Estrabillo

    Here in Ontario, Canada… The weather has more range than Steph Curry. Blazing hot and muggy, to freezing cold and snowy – I could use attire that’s versatile.

  • Jon

    change in temperatures and settings make it very difficult to dress for occasions and comfort

  • Evan

    Those pants look pretty amazing

  • Stephen Hinck

    Living in a warm weather city, this sort of item is a must

  • CSA

    Looks great and durable!

  • Kevin Shade

    I’ve been looking into this brand especially because of the 4-way stretch chinos. Nice to hear good things!

  • Matt

    I could definitely use that shirt

  • Jeremy

    I am always moving, therefore sweating at my job, and no two days are alike. I never know what to expect, so I need great clothes that can keep with me.

  • Ian Dickerson

    Moving from NYC to Southern California, so new gig means new digs.

  • http://drewcurtis.me/ Drew Curtis

    My work pants are worn out from working at a desk. That’s not right! New work clothes would be awesome.

  • Mjk

    I live in Miami. Breathable business clothes are my lifeline, especially in the summers!

  • Serafin

    I’d like to see a slightly looser fit on the pants.. otherwise, very interesting.

  • JD

    Stuff looks great. Would love to check this company out, haven’t had a chance yet.

  • sean

    I’ve never needed laser cut armpits more than now

  • Brian Kirk

    Hey guys! I would love to win some Ministry of Supply business clothing. Why you ask? I work in Project Controls at the largest utility in NJ and I constantly go between a corporate office environment and out in the substations. I need some sharp looking clothes that can work as hard as I do!

  • Will Milne

    As a teacher, I sweat so much and get my shirt untucked I definitely need new business wear.

  • Tim M

    I like my clothing slim, but I can’t seem to move my body freely in the business clothes I currently have. Ministry of Supply seems to have a great alternative to that!

  • Aiden

    I’d love clothes from MoS–I work with students on a college campus. In addition to living in a state that experiences the extremes of weather every day, I find myself going from a meeting with administrators to actively facilitating a training to doing activities with students outside. MoS clothes seem up to the challenge!

  • Michael

    Looks good! Will definitely consider this

  • Lucas

    Just starting looking for new work clothes… perfect timing!

  • John C

    This stuff looks great. Fingers crossed.

  • Brandon R

    Right now I’m alternating between about 4 shirts at work. This would really help me out.

  • Vu Le

    I’m a mobile developer and I need more flexibility than typical dress clothes offer.

  • Today

    I spent what felt like hours ironing my button-down shirts and I need more shirts so I don’t have to do that as often.

  • dishwasherd

    I’m in wine sales on the streets of Shanghai, China. It gets hot over here and turning up to see a client with sweat stains isn’t cool. These clothes from Ministry of Supply look like they might do the trick.

  • Álvaro Calderón

    This seems like a perfect opportunity! I just lost a considerable amount of weight and am still having some trouble establishing my new go-to office wardrobe. Help Ministry of Supply!

  • Leev Robert

    I can’t stand the heat! These Ministry of Supply items will surely help me.

  • Benjamin Vu

    this is exciting

  • Garrett

    I can definitely see the benefit of wearing these in my classroom in Shanghai. The humidity is killing me here.

  • rpatrick1

    My hubby’s lifestyle and job entails both professional and down in the dirt working. Goes through clothes quickly this way, but it is a necessity. These would be great to try!

  • BlackCat Slim


  • Ryan Uhle

    Sit at a desk all day in an office that just can’t seem to get the temp right and end up sweating throug my stuff!! Could really use this new tech wear to help with that!

  • Bob

    If this clothing works as well as they claim, I may have to replace most of my wardrobe.

  • Zachary Rudolph

    It’s hard to seize the day in cotton.

  • Dale Thele

    Great Giveaway! Thanx 🙂

  • Pete

    I’m a teacher. Sometimes the school is too humid or hot because of the problems with air control. This causes problems when I need to be jumping around and moving a lot to teach little kids! I’m a hot person to start with!

  • Charles Parrilli

    After seeing your articles about Combat Gentleman and trying them out, and loving them BTW, I have no doubt that you guys have picked another stellar brand here! I feel they would be worth the money. Thanks for always recommending such high quality brands.

  • Will

    Always wanted to try these…

  • Jack Daggett

    Here in Baghdad, I really need to upgrade my workwear to something very much like this. Been meaning to check it out for some time.

  • Alex Mason

    I am quite tall and my office is usually really warm, which puts me into an odd zone of only being able to find thicker materials in my size and being miserable at work. Hopefully MoS has my size!

  • Sam Sik Youn

    Florida means dressing for heat and air conditioning. Hopefully, something these clothing can handle.

  • Doug Davis

    Very nice stuff. Hope I win!

  • Zach Harris

    As a physician I need dress clothes that are very functional yet also stylish and professional. This would be a great way to combine that!

  • Scott Patterson

    The shirts with wrinkles, the pants that just don’t flow… I’m a hot mess by the end of a typical day. I have one pair of the chinos now and, just can’t wear them everyday, so need to add to my wardrobe!

  • Jay

    All of this would be so great for those hot summer days next year

  • bhoe

    Anyone try the pants? They look quite slim.

  • Peter Larson

    i like winning things and clothes

  • Will Rickman

    Working at a university in campus recreation administration I’m always on the move around campus and our facilities. I need clothing that is able to keep up with an active job and lifestyle while looking good for meetings around campus. I think Ministry of Supply would be the solution. Plus it would be great advertising around the UNC campus

  • cspears20


  • Jean-Michel

    I’ve heard a lot about these guys. I need to try them soon.

  • Joshua Banks

    Time for an upgrade!

  • http://www.capradiomusic.org Melody G. Stone

    Cool clothes, I would love to win this for my husband.

  • ChrisBy23

    Crazy temperatures up in the Northeast need some smart gear

  • http://Batmannananana.com/ Caesar Merlin

    I always wanted to try this brand but seemed a bit expensive. Look forward to the contest though

  • Stephen Rush

    This would be incredible to wear around campus! I’d be the best dressed grad student around.

  • Michael

    Perfect time of year for this. Getting ready for fall, and I need new work clothes.

  • Jason Lucke

    Very interested in the stain resistant shirt…

  • bmurr009


  • Manuel

    This look like the solution not only for business casual but also for the future of style! My current wardrobe gets destroyed at work due to the sweat that is caused from walking all over the office and plant.

  • Alex Vierra

    I will be moving to a new profession soon and my wardrobe could use a serious upgrade.

  • tan_man007

    Winning these clothes from Ministry of Supply would be great as all of my work clothes are cotton and don’t breath in the Texas heat. With these clothes I could finally attend a meeting without those embarrassing sweat stains

  • Mrralph21

    My current wear is just too old. Too stiff, too outdated, too boring. Something like this would really allow me to shine!

  • jbird669

    Been wanting to try their clothes but they are above my budget. The timing is great!

  • Candace Kalugyer

    Functional & Fashionable! This is perfect for any no nonsense man.

  • http://www.about.me/jbchapp JB Chappell

    Sounds like a good deal to me!

  • Louis G

    Right now im just really looking to do better with my style as I enter the business world soon and quite enjoying wearing business casual looks on a daily basis

  • Victor Hugo Lopez

    I’ve seen this on Huckberry. Pretty interesting.

  • S G

    Technical fabrics + fashionable fits are my new favorite thing. Got a pair of Under Armour chinos that are awesome.

  • Garrett Box

    This seems like a fantastic opportunity from Ministry of Supply! East Texas heat isn’t kind on a mans clothes, and this would help me go back and forth from classes and meetings with professors and staff, as well as amp up my wardrobe for when I have to go to interviews or meetings for my internships!

  • Jack

    Looks perfect for the office

  • JCS

    Been very intrigued by this brand and have wanted to give them try.

  • Tanano

    I’ve been meaning to try these guys for a while. The pants are definitely the most intriguing and I’ve heard nothing but good things about them.

  • LC

    In it to win it.

  • Josh

    I’ve had my eye on some of their stuff ever since you guys have showcased it. I know I could use some shirts that don’t hold body heat in during these continuing dog days – I’m sick of arriving to my office already sweating.

  • Kevin A

    I see Ministry of Supply plugs all the time. I’m curious what all the buzz is about.

  • Scott Neidich


  • Jake

    I’ve wanted to give these a try. I swear A LOT, even with the AC on full blast. The shirt’s ventilation and moisture wicking material seems like it would help a lot. I sit down in my office and next thing i know my back is soaked…

  • Justin

    This would be awesome

  • Evan Wiens

    Could use this for some job interviews.

  • Charles MacGregor

    As an up and coming image consultant I’m always looking for awesome new brands to tell clients! Also working as a wedding DJ is rough on my clothes with constant wear and tear and when heavy speakers keep rubbing against my clothes. Would definitely love some new and comfortable clothes before starting grad school!!!

  • cfezz

    It’s the sweat. Always the sweat.

  • Tyler Gendron

    I just moved to MD from NH and went to school in VT. I work as a PM for a GC and let me tell you flannels are not the everyday wear at my work. Even when I am on site I like to dress professionally to show people I care about the way I look and I care about the way I present myself to other especially new clients that I need to impress…Dress to impress they say. Well since I have started this job, I have been rolling with the same 5 pair of pants and basically the same 3 button downs…wearing polo’s on Wednesdays and Fridays…Casual Fridays I believe is the saying. I have been on primer even at work trying to find new brands, new styles, and new articles to read. Socks are my favorite style to update with my wardrobe basically because I am fresh out of college and don’t exactly make a doctors salary. In saying all of this I have and will continue to follow you on instagram…sorry no Twitter…and would love the chance to dress to impress.

  • mleetaft

    I sweat a lot, and I need something that can help cool me down. This looks perfect.

  • Chris Northington

    Always been interested in trying Ministry of Supply. Currently wearing Express 1MX for my dress shirts, they work but aren’t always the most comfortable.

  • Kyle Bishop

    I’ve been trying to put together a sharper wardrobe that will survive the Oklahoma heat/humidity. These items would be perfect!

  • Brian Nowak

    High paced retail management means I’m constantly sweating and engaging in unexpected physical labor to help my team. High quality clothes made to move are a blessing!

  • Filip S.

    My business wardrobe underperforms on my short bike ride to the office. It’s difficult to find appropriate attire to balance field and office.

  • Prestomagnetic

    I live in Seattle and bicycle to my job as a postdoctoral fellow. On days when I need to look extra sharp, for a big meeting or something, I sometimes have to forego the bike in favor of looking more presentable. Give me an outfit that can do both!

  • JonR

    I’m a business school student in France and you had me at NASA ! Would definitely like to see these clothes in person

  • jaubut

    yes I love MoS can’t wait to win!

  • Michael Masc

    Have heard about the brand. Couldn’t pass on this opportunity and try to win my first adaptable gear.

  • Pat C.

    Being an IT Lead, giving presentations to key stakeholders and Senior Management is common. This performance wear would without a doubt build my confidence and remove any doubt of the effects of public speaking and being under bright, hot lights can have on my clothes.

  • Hunter

    Living in GA, my clothes simply can’t keep up with the constant humidity and heat. Sweating through is not a good look…

  • G Cross

    It’s hard to look nice in dress clothes when you sweat easily and you’re in between sizes. The folks over at Ministry of Supply seem to have foreseen those problems and made headway on solving it.

  • Motti Fang-Bentov

    Damn, this thing is coming out way too late. As a profssional concert pianist the hindrance of wearing a button down to every concert is a drag and often a limitation on my ability to perform at my best. Sweat, heat and comfort are impossible issues when performing in front of thousands in uncomfortable wear. Hope this new tech helps.

  • Andrew

    I’ve been looking for a pair of pants like that. Love this style.

  • Travis Ferguson

    I’m glad Ministry of Supply is figuring out a solution to this problem. I am a traveling sales rep and all the getting in and out of my car does work on my clothes. By the end of the day, my clothes are a wrinkly and smelly mess. I would love to try the brand out to see how it holds up.

  • http://instagram.com/_sean_n Sean

    My current attire is restrictive I can barely move. Always being on the go it slows me down. Second living in texas where it’s 90+ everyday my clothes don’t wick moisture away. It’s hot and I feel like all the shirts I have are just to thick.

  • Butch_Zee

    I’m in.

  • Josh Hoefler

    I got a new job recently have have slowly been updating my work clothes. I work as an accountant at an auto parts manufacturing plant, so I am constantly having to walk through the plant to audit different machines. I live in the Midwest and the plant is not air conditioned so I was actually looking at some more functional, comfortable, and cooler business casual clothing that was still fashionable.

  • Clay Kim

    Great brand. Even my bespoke clothes can’t keep up. I’ve torn far too many seams reaching for things

  • Matt

    I wear the same two pairs of pants to work and I need new ones!
    I work in finance so I have to stay classy.

  • joverman

    Love the Aviators Chinos.

  • Dan

    Transitioning out of the military and could really use some Ministry of Supply gear for upcoming interviews

  • René Roth

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  • MSW

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  • xnosliw

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  • Liam

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  • Nick

    Just got a promotion and the polos of the week are starting to fade out of my wardrobe. Sweat stains and odd fits are just not professional enough.

  • justinm715

    Starting a new job soon. This would be great!

  • Christian

    I go through more than a handful of pairs of chinos every year just because normal chinos don’t cut it!

    Anything with spandex is usually a godsend, but I’d love to try Ministry of Supply!

  • Ben Lester

    I want to be able to dress up despite hot weather and cotton simply doesn’t cut it. I would love to ride my bike to work without sweating through every article I own… the tech-formal combination is genius!

  • John Moreau

    Living in the midwest, the humidity can turn most business casual clothes into a sweaty mess. Those Aviator Chinos would be a lifesaver.

  • cchris210

    Currently on the job hunt..first real job out of college. When you look good, you feel good. Anything to get an edge over the competition helps! MoS clothing seems like a good step in the right direction

  • Sam Pine

    Biking to work every day wears my pants out a little faster than I’d like, and sweating through a dress shirt is never a good time. I’d love to put these clothes to the test!

  • Rust

    Entering for my son. His business casual workwear needs an upgrade.

  • Lawson Daves

    May the odds be ever in your favor!

  • Swayze

    im active in my business wear and id love to give this a try!

  • Karen Genna Nadeau

    My husband could really use some help and step up his wardrobe. This would really look nice on him.

  • Alex

    Moisture wicking control for the win!

  • JasonRoberts

    I would love some Ministry of Supply swag. The Old Navy shirts I’m wearing these days just don’t cut it. Thanks Primer!

  • Steve

    Running around Washington DC every day and then coming home to a 3 month old…this may literally be the only way I stay looking fresh.

  • freefighter

    I’m starting a new career this year and would love some clothes like these to help me look good in it.

  • PatrickW

    Ministry of Supply is one of my favourite places to shop. I appreciate the recommendations!

  • Ilyas Mohamed

    Personally for me, I live in a very humid environment. In addition to this, I sweat a lot. To combat this I’ve been wearing inner shirts but sometimes still have sweat stains even in air-conditioned weather and this shirt looks like the perfect solution!

  • James Thomson-Sakhrani

    Time to dress like an adult at the office. Jeans and untucked shirts might be doing the bare minimum, but I need to start dressing for the job I want, not what I’ve got. Plus, it’s hot as heck in Hong Kong, so the technology in this clothing can help keep me from sweating out on the streets.

  • Jonathan Lennard

    Sounds Good!

  • Alex Therriault

    Living in northern Canada you never know what kind of weather to expect. It could be rain, snow, or hotter then the gates of hell. Technology such as this can keep me looking sharp and ready for anything!

  • Jeff Bryant

    I am getting to the point where I would like to start looking more professional in my appearance and this site is helping me achieve that.

  • Andrew McMaster

    I don’t have any socks that look good but can also hold up to the demands of my work boots and keep my feet cool.

  • Luca V

    I sweat a lot and can’t find a pair of olive chinos that I like.

  • Chad Orlikowski

    As a consultant, I’m always looking for clothing that looks clean and crisp yet still allow me to move. My current wardrobe definitely falls short in many ways.

  • Cheryll Cosenza

    My husband is in desperate need of new clothes. He usually wears a tee and jeans but when he has union meetings and such, he has nothing that I like, lol. I have tried to get him to go shopping but he is so stubborn!! He really needs your help!! So do I… lol

  • David Aaron

    Please!! Help me! I work 3 jobs to keep my family afloat and my wardrobe has been suffering! My wife says I dress very “shlumpy” and that I desperately need some fine tuning! She loves your magazine and encouraged me to write to you for help! This would be a tremendous opportunity for me to get some nicer clothing and feel better about myself both professionally and personally. All my jobs are in sales and there are some staples that are seriously missing from my wardrobe. Please help me put my best foot forward….

  • Nick Emery

    Could always use additions to the sock game

  • laydownlarry


  • thoneck

    I’ve been following the Ministry of Supply for a while now. I’ve really wanted to try their stuff but haven’t made the investment yet. A free outfit would be a great way to start expanding my business casual wardrobe to a more reasonable size.

  • Kim Cowgar

    I’m entering for my son. He’s looking for a job now and could use some nice business casual clothes. And the not having to iron them is perfect.

  • Erika JM

    My current business wear cannot hold up to heat and sweat! Its annoying, and no matter how much I wash it, you can see stains. It sucks!

  • Tanano

    I know this contest is over but I ended up getting some of the pants anyways. I got the navy blue ones but just had to return them. The quality and build are awesome but the color was waaaay too bright! Esp compared to the pictures. Anyone else have the other colors? Are they just as bright?