The $10 Canvas Sneaker

The $10 Canvas Sneaker

Canvas sneakers are an essential for every man's wardrobe. They're standard issue with jeans and they can make a pair of chinos more weekend trip than weekday warrior.

Regular priced name brands can easily run you upwards of $60, but they're such a simple design you can get away with rocking far less.

Prime example: This pair from Wal-Mart's in-house brand Faded Glory that's a spitting image of a pair of Vans. At a budget-friendly $7.98 and with a cheap pair of leather laces from your closest drug store, you've got a look straight out of a J.Crew catalog. I opted for the steel gray, since they're more flexible than navy, which can look awkward with similarly shaded denim, and I love the way the brown laces look against it.

Wal-Mart isn't the only game in town, for others check places like Payless or Target – though I doubt they can come close to the price. Currently available in-store only.

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  • Reply April 1, 2014


    You can’t beat $7.98
    Good find!

  • Reply April 2, 2014


    Nice tip about the laces. I hadn’t thought of doing that!

  • Reply April 2, 2014

    Matt Reeder

    Thanks for the tip!

    I found a similar pair at Kohl’s a couple years back for like $14 (SONOMa + Life brand) and wore them to death. I wound up getting more life from them than the pair of Center-Lo’s I bought last summer to replace them (lasted 1 season).

  • Reply April 2, 2014


    I like it! Those rawhide laces will hold up great too.

  • Reply April 2, 2014


    I’ve heard Old Navy mentioned for very cheap canvas shoes too. I have to imagine the quality is probably going to be about the same as these Walmart ones.

  • Reply April 2, 2014

    Dave Oeskovic

    Love this! And love the look on others but just not on me. I’ve tried, but when I look down they look so plain and dumpy on me that I’ve reverted to Vans boat shoes.

  • Reply April 2, 2014


    Awesome article and tip. Anyone have a link to these or what to search for? I can’t seem to find them.

    • Reply April 14, 2014


      I got the shoes and the laces in my local Walmart. You may have to look around a bit for the shoes. I was able to string both shoes by halving one 72″ bootlace.

  • Reply April 2, 2014


    Great tip! I has been looking for a cheap pair of gray canvass sneakers. Just picked up a pair of these at my local Walmart for $8 and then got a pair of leather laces at CVS for $4. Awesome.

    BTW these are not available online – in store only. Its hit or miss. I got the last pair of 10s at my walmart.

  • Reply April 2, 2014


    Bad for your feet and back. You can wear better fashion that is better for your body and that doesn’t break your wallet.

    • Reply April 2, 2014

      Chris Köölle


  • Reply April 2, 2014

    Daniel Judge

    Went to Wal-Mart and got the shoes and laces at lunch. Total price was just over $12. The laces make a huge difference! I’ve been looking to buy some new canvas sneakers and these should be good for the spring.

  • Reply April 2, 2014


    Great find!!

  • Reply April 2, 2014


    But would they have them in a size 14? I’m guessing probably not. (I hate my shoe size)

    • Reply April 2, 2014


      They did have large sizes, the smallest was a 9 but I’m not sure how high they went.

  • Reply April 2, 2014


    awesome! i just searched online and forever 21 has a similar canvas sneaker that looks just as awesome and would look great with the leather laces. only $16.80 online guys!!

    • Reply April 4, 2014


      I know it’s only $16.80, but that’s more than double the price of the above shown shoes. I haven’t even looked at the Forever 21 shoes since these Walmart ones look good to me, don’t look like they’re made of tissue paper, and are inexpensive as it gets.

  • Reply April 3, 2014

    James Jenkins

    nice i have been looking for some grey sneaks!!

  • Reply April 4, 2014


    Just take a walk through the Walmart shoe section over the next couple months. I bought mine last year for I think $10, I can tell you they are very comfortable and have faded and worn amazingly. The brand was Ocean Pacific (OP) they were a navy blue canvas with white trim and laces. Honestly they look like Sperrys. I actually never swapped out the laces, that’s a great idea.

  • Reply April 4, 2014


    Whats the quality like and how comfortable are they?

    • Reply April 6, 2014


      It’s walmart, so the quality can range from “absolute shit” to “infinitely shitty”

  • Reply April 4, 2014


    There is a Vans outlet near my house. They always have “buy one, get one half off” sale even on the clearance shoes. So 2 weeks ago I bought 8 pairs of $20 Vans (this exact style in a bunch of different colors) for $120. Great quality and can’t beat the price!

  • Reply April 4, 2014


    Hi! I’m looking for these, but I’m having trouble. Anyone have the product number so I can call around?

  • Reply April 7, 2014


    Red, blue and black are only colors I can find. The blue and red are very obnoxious! Any thoughts on how these would look in black instead of grey?

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  • Reply April 8, 2014


    I saw the OP ones with all the other summer shoes & they look much nicer, but they are $13 or so. Then I found the Faded Glory ones on an endcap all by their lonesome. The OP ones are narrower but still work ok on my wide feet. I have a pair of the Old Navy ones from last year that are comfortable too. Hardly worn them though. I think the rawhide laces would greatly improve their look since they are cream/white.

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  • Reply April 28, 2014


    Newly follower of this website! This is truly a great idea. (Heading to Walmart straight away) haha

  • Reply July 9, 2014


    What I want to know is what sweet sneakers are in that picture love the color!

  • Reply August 27, 2015

    Stunt Zombie

    I know it’s been a while, but how do you guys deal with the lack of arch support in those things? I tried on a pair today, and it felt like I was standing on plywood.

    • Reply August 27, 2015


      You could try adding in an arch support insole.

  • Reply September 28, 2015


    I did something similar this fall. I bought St. John’s Bay navy canvas boat shoes from JC Penney on sale for $15. They are worn out by the end of the summer, but I wasn’t willing to pay $65 for Sperrys that might be out of style or worn out by next summer.

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