The $30 Trim Fit Oxford Cloth Button Down

affordable $30 slim fit oxford cloth button down from 20jeans

The oxford cloth button down, or OCBD as men’s style aficionados affectionately refer to them as, is not a closet staple – it is THE closet staple for every man’s wardrobe. They’re comfortable, can be worn with jeans, chinos, or a suit, and are super-easy to take care of. (Sometimes they look even better wrinkled.)

And while they’re readily available, finding one in a trim fit and at a reasonable price used to take some digging.

I was excited to discover the online affordable denim purveyor 20Jeans recently started selling a new line of slim oxfords in 6 colors. I picked up two, one in “Grey Street” shown here and a classic “Hint of Blue.” Both fit great and look sharp. The gray one is my favorite shirt in my closet right now.

Their Black Friday sale ends today, get 20% off with code “THANKS”.

Shirt: 20Jeans, $30
Jeans: Target, $30
Shoes: Keds, $45

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Chad

    Like the shirt, but how come $20 Target jeans? I think $40 Levis are definitely worth it.

    • Andrew

      Just mixing things up! I’ve got a pair and they’re not bad for the price. The Denizen brand is actually made by Levi’s

  • Max Nachamkin

    Right on, will check em out.

    The Frank & Oak button-downs, along with, Toppman, have phenomenal fits as well for an inexpensive price.

    • Andrew

      Definitely! I love all things I have from frank and oak.

  • Brian

    I haven’t tried 30jeans yet, but plenty of companies offer good oxford’s in that price range. JCP and Target have $20 options, Gap’s Modern Slim Fit has been $25 all weekend, and Uniqlo makes my favorite for $30.

    • Andrew

      Nice! The gap shirt is normally like $60 right?

    • TJ

      I picked up one of those Gap shirts this weekend. Fits and feels great.

  • Corey Epstein

    Thanks for the awesome write-up, Andrew!

  • Andrew

    go for the gap modern OCBD… pretty much always on sale for at least 30% off and when they run a 40-50% off sale it brings it down to $25-30 range

  • Tom

    So is that the shirt *after* you had it tailored, or is that the fit off the rack?

    • Andrew

      Nope! That’s how it came, and why I dig it so much.

      • Tom

        Thanks. Nice enough that I’d take a shot at it, but I’m with Clay and Michael…the lack of any kind of size indication in a world of vanity sizing is holding me back from buying three (which would use the discount to be $24 each). Hopefully they get that up sooner than later as it seems from these comments they are missing out on at least a few sales.

  • Clay

    Good deal but I couldn’t find a size guide on their site! Makes it really hard to buy something online.

    • Sean

      Agreed. Also, if anyone knows where to get OCBD’s in dress shirt sizing, I’d really like to know.

      • Michael

        I believe Brooks Brothers uses dress shirt sizing. I may be wrong

        • Sean

          Any store that sells them for under ~$80?

          • Tristan

            JOS A Bank usually on sale for around $20 and they use dress shirt sizing

    • Matt M

      While not specific to the sizing of the shirt, the fact that they mention the model is 5-11, 165 wearing a medium. I almost prefer photos and specs like that rather than just a list of measurements.

      • Tom

        I like that too. But they need to do it over a broader range. At 6’4″, 185 I would ASSUME I need a Large, but since the only model is 5’11, 165 and no one else is commenting who owns one I can’t be sure. I suppose if I was hyper-interested I could email them my measurements and they could suggest the size. But I don’t think most people will do that.

  • Michael

    Seems like a good shirt, but the lack of a sizing guide on the website and the terrible return policy put me off

  • Matt M

    I like Uniqlo’s OCBD, but last week GAP had their OCBD on sale for $23. Picked up another from them as well. With Uniqlo I buy true to size, GAP I sized down one size.

  • Ash

    For reference, what size did you get? I’m pretty skinny – 6’1, 150 lbs, and I’m deciding between a small and a medium.

    • Andrew

      Mine are mediums.

      • Joe

        Hey Andrew–can I ask what your chest measurement is? The measurements on their website seem odd, so I want to make sure the Medium will work if I have a 42″ chest.

  • Jay

    Hey Andrew, I’m thinking about buying on a shirt here, without the size guide, just wondering what size you ordered?

  • James

    What color is the shirt you’re wearing?

    • Tom

      He says on the sidebar it’s “Grey Street”, but to me it looks like there might be a filter on the photo making it appear a little bluer…so maybe don’t expect it to be that exact color.

      • Andrew

        Yep, Grey Street. I added a filter to the background but the clothing colors are representative of their real colors. The Grey Street is a nice light grey.

        • James

          Thanks guys!

  • Rob

    I don’t think I’m backing having a button-down collar for a business situation – it’s not just not a wardrobe staple for me, I don’t think I’d even consider having one… Stiff collar and some Wurkin Stiffs collar stays all the way!

    • andy

      I with you on this. There is no use for OCBDs

      • Chris Jones

        Well that’s certainly nonsense.

  • andy

    I don’t agree that OCBDs are a necessary staple. Button down collars look stupid, and unlike a real dress shirt, these can not be dressed up. Only a fool would wear an OCBD with a suit.

    • victor

      OCBD’s are awesome for jeans or chinos or chords…and they also look much better in a pattern or stripe….straight collars only look good for dress pants and suits.. it would look foolish to wear a straight collar shirt with jeans/chords/chinos.

      • andy

        You clearly have no concept of high/low pairings.

  • hiiro24

    since they’re in LA, wonder if we live close by, maybe we can drop by their distribution warehouse @
    5976 East Slauson, Commerce, CA 90040, and check out the shirt. Too bad they don’t offer the slim version of the shirt.

  • victor

    which guy does? Ive never heard of that saying in a shirt ..can you explain ? Im talking about a regular dress shirt which looks silly with jeans/chords/chinos.. its fine for suits, and dress pants, and which I agree an OCBD would not be suitable (not only that, but a pain to put a tie on), but an OCBD wins hands down with jeans ..especially a patterned check ..cant same the same for a dress shirt..

  • NC

    Just got mine in Gray. 2 thumbs up on both fit and fabric. 6’2″ 205 and a large fits almost as if a tailor made it. Will be going back for the pink and yellow.