Win This Briefcase from the Fine Folks at Mind the Chap

Win This Briefcase from the Fine Folks at Mind the Chap
Every man needs a toolbox, no matter what kind of work he does.

In celebration of all the recent graduates, Primer has teamed up with Mind the Chap to give away an awesome briefcase from Will Leather Goods.

You've probably never thought much about the need for a briefcase before. But, you've been carrying your workload in things all of your life. Growing up you had a book bag. In college, maybe you upgraded to some sort of messenger bag.

Now? Entering into the office landscape means it's time to upgrade once again. The decision of what medium to stow your laptop and daily necessities in is usually a passive and subconscious one for many guys. But don't fall into the trap. You're ready to work hard, ready to impress bosses and clients, ready to hit the ground running on a career you've waited your whole life to start. You've tailored your sharp new suit and dry-cleaned your first work-week's worth of dress shirts. You're an entry-level grunt with management written all over you – except for that ratty, old Timbuk2.

It's even more important for those of us still on the job search. You know what sullies an immaculate resume? Pulling it out of a beat up book bag.

To support the graduates, new and old alike, the fine folks at Mind the Chap have graciously donated a beautiful briefcase from Will Leather Goods. If you haven't come across them before, Mind the Chap is a highly curated collection of men's goods, from shirts and pants to bicycles to camping goods. A gentleman's shop for whatever you need. A modern take on the classic outfitter.

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Will Leather Goods is a family leather goods business based out of Eugene Oregon. Their rugged, timeless designs look smart with a suit or shorts, something not easily achieved with a leather briefcase. Three large pockets divide the Jacques Portfolio, one of which has a full-length zipper to secure your proprietary corporate cargo.

This isn't some cheap “where did it come from” leather bag. Lots of guys have had the misfortune of buying a leather briefcase online only to find that it smells strongly like a camel for weeks, if not forever.

Not this beauty. This is the kind of leather-good you hold up to your nose and just breeeeeathe. The Jacques Portfolio retails at $495, but for one lucky Primer it's their's, free.

And it can be yours! Enter to win below.

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