Win This Briefcase from the Fine Folks at Mind the Chap

Win This Briefcase from the Fine Folks at Mind the Chap
Every man needs a toolbox, no matter what kind of work he does.

In celebration of all the recent graduates, Primer has teamed up with Mind the Chap to give away an awesome briefcase from Will Leather Goods.

You've probably never thought much about the need for a briefcase before. But, you've been carrying your workload in things all of your life. Growing up you had a book bag. In college, maybe you upgraded to some sort of messenger bag.

Now? Entering into the office landscape means it's time to upgrade once again. The decision of what medium to stow your laptop and daily necessities in is usually a passive and subconscious one for many guys. But don't fall into the trap. You're ready to work hard, ready to impress bosses and clients, ready to hit the ground running on a career you've waited your whole life to start. You've tailored your sharp new suit and dry-cleaned your first work-week's worth of dress shirts. You're an entry-level grunt with management written all over you – except for that ratty, old Timbuk2.

It's even more important for those of us still on the job search. You know what sullies an immaculate resume? Pulling it out of a beat up book bag.

To support the graduates, new and old alike, the fine folks at Mind the Chap have graciously donated a beautiful briefcase from Will Leather Goods. If you haven't come across them before, Mind the Chap is a highly curated collection of men's goods, from shirts and pants to bicycles to camping goods. A gentleman's shop for whatever you need. A modern take on the classic outfitter.

mind the chap

Will Leather Goods is a family leather goods business based out of Eugene Oregon. Their rugged, timeless designs look smart with a suit or shorts, something not easily achieved with a leather briefcase. Three large pockets divide the Jacques Portfolio, one of which has a full-length zipper to secure your proprietary corporate cargo.

This isn't some cheap “where did it come from” leather bag. Lots of guys have had the misfortune of buying a leather briefcase online only to find that it smells strongly like a camel for weeks, if not forever.

Not this beauty. This is the kind of leather-good you hold up to your nose and just breeeeeathe. The Jacques Portfolio retails at $495, but for one lucky Primer it's their's, free.

And it can be yours! Enter to win below.

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Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • whittikere

    My ipad, notebooks, phone, kindle….

  • jerelster

    My backpack!

  • Omar Ruvalcaba

    papers to grade, research articles I’m reading, a samsung series 9, a legal size note pad, and some pens for notes and diagramming

    • Omar Ruvalcaba

      and i carry it in a lenovo bag (yeah yeah yeah, I used to have a think pad)

  • Chris J

    Carrying in a free laptop bag that came with a Forbes Magazine

  • Tanner

    Kindle, laptop on occasion, pens, pencils and a 5 subject notebook.

  • deny

    my laptop and notes

  • Neil Winter

    My Ipad, sketch books, paperwork, a few samples -(I’m starting out my business as a furniture designer/maker/upholsterer) – all in my ratty old messenger bag

  • Garrett

    Currently I carry my work gear in my Saddleback Leather Classic Briefcase.

  • Josh h

    I currently carry a messenger bag, but that briefcase would be sick instead!

  • Hunter Engstad

    In my work/school gear I carry my laptop, ipad, phone, and a notebook and pens.

  • Ethan Guswiler

    Old backpack with “german sucks” scrawled across the front…

  • Jeff

    Carrying in a leather briefcase…but not as snazzy as this one.

  • ike

    magazines, papers, lots of stuff

  • mnemenomorph

    A beat-up old messenger bag.

  • JCallaway

    A messenger bag that my dad got from a continuing ed. class.

  • Taylor

    Currently carrying everything in a reusable grocery bag.

  • David

    Old leather messenger bag.

  • Cameron

    school work

  • Jeroen

    I’m carrying my work-gear in a free laptop bag, actually so unprofessional..

  • Michael Belcher

    I carry a blackwatch tartan messenger bag to work. It stands out at a traditional company by being more trad than the bags others bring, without being on a briefcase level. It holds a kindle, notebook, and lunch, and looks good doing so.

  • Jon

    Laptop and notepads. And a corkscrew…

  • Sean Booth

    Juggling multiple organizers on the walk from the cat every day. Makes the stairs more fun anyway. Bleh.

  • Luke Boyett

    currently using the original large Saddleback Leather briefcase. Now that I’m not toting a laptop all over, I need to pick up something a bit more svelte. This one looks great.

  • brockbettenhausen

    Nothing right now…. Usually just carry it in my hands from the car…

  • Jordan Smith

    J. Crew leather messenger bag

  • Micah White

    chromebook, notebooks, phone, tablet…

  • jlachesk

    A ratty Timbuk2… 🙁

  • Daniel Delgado

    Pick me!

  • Michael

    A dilapidated laptop bag

  • Tom Wasko

    5 Year old North Face Borealis

  • Grant Tracey

    mac, ipad…anything and everything

  • Andrew

    Scripts and my laptop, mostly!

  • John

    A trusty North Face Backpack I’ve had for years. but its time to upgrade!

  • Burke

    Gorgeous briefcase! I love the clasp design 😀

  • Noah Garcia

    lawyer stuff

  • John Macready

    A black, bulky double-latch briefcase.

  • Drew

    I carry my things in an Antigua Leather 15″ Messenger bag.

  • SaberTJ

    Computer, paperwork

  • Jonathan

    My iPad mini, notebooks, phone

  • Rob Simons

    I have a medium CHROME Citizen Messenger Bag. Made in the Us and I’ve had it for at least 10 yrs without problems… I use it for work and personal! It’s awesome.

  • Tim Baker

    I’m using a leather messenger bag but it’s on it’s last legs. This would be the perfect upgrade. I’m carrying my iPad, MacBook Air, a Mophie juice pack and a Moleskine notebook.

  • Bill

    My old beat up laptop bag that has seen better days, cant take too many more business trips i think

  • Jason Jansky

    The Magna Carta and some white cheddar CheezeIts.

  • James Petzke

    I use a cheapo laptop bag, but that briefcase would be awesome!

  • Bart

    that would sure beat strategically carrying everything in my arms! sharp looking briefcase!

  • Justin Ache

    Using a surplus ammo/medic bag to haul around my camera, netbook, external hard drives, chargers, and sometimes energy shots

  • JustinDC

    Timbuk2 Bag

  • Robbie Hodge

    Just a 13 inch macbook air. No paper, no pens, no pencils. I keep it simple.

  • Tom

    I currently transport my items between my apartment and workplace in a drawstring bag. Yes, I’m embarrassed to admit it…

  • Chris

    A messenger bag from Areopostale.

  • AL

    A messenger bag.

  • Dorrick Alexander

    A typical IT worker… My book bag.

  • Gary

    One trustly old laptop and a notebook

  • Kheng

    My laptop, earphones, phone and wallet!

  • Adam Scolatti

    This is gorgeous! Plus made in Eugene, Go Ducks!

  • Chris

    Carrying everything in a tattered Monster energy backpack, time for an upgrade.

  • Jon Taylor

    All my work gear lives in a Timbuktu messenger bag.

  • Tyler S

    My 10 year old backpack from my middle school years.

  • rodrigo

    laptop, cellphone and wallet!

  • Minerva

    A large Saddleback briefcase.

  • Kevin

    Currently, using a Maxpedition Gearslinger backpack!

  • Frank

    Ipad, notebooks, laptop.

  • Steve

    Would finally have an item worth handing down to my next generation and hopefully it would carry my memory to them

  • Mel King

    Right now, I carry my work gear (notebooks, library book, phone, lunch) in a United by Blue canvas briefcase.

  • shea

    a fossil messenger bag

  • Ty

    A roller bag of a tub. Not exactly stylish, simply functional. Been looking to upgrade for quite some time.

  • Zach

    I’m carrying in an etsy leather messenger bag. It looks great, but the quality is not very good. One of the strap buckles already fell off after less than a year.

  • Brandon Bowman

    I currently carry work papers in a too-small padfolio. Worse, though – lunch goes in a Kroger bag.

  • Michael Lamb

    My old messenger bag from college still carries my laptop and ipad

  • John Mitchem

    An old backpack

  • Christopher McCaffery

    Right now I just have a dumpy briefcase from a thrift store…

  • Andrew

    An old ripped up computer bag from undergrad

  • Alex

    a beat up “Swiss Gear” messenger. However, one of the metal clips that holds the strap ripped off a couple months a go.

  • Kris F

    I currently don’t have a transportation bag!

  • jolly23

    A swiss army backpack

  • Joseph Burtoni

    iPad, Mac Book Air for work and a morphie power charger all wrapped up in a briefcase I bought from J Crew.

  • Richard Stephens

    I could put this to good use!

  • SD

    I carry everything in my pockets!

  • Felipe

    Nice to start successful career!

  • Frogg983

    Nothing! I just struggle to carry everything.

  • chadjnewton

    This would be amazing, carrying my college stuff, my laptop, and my phone would be ultra stylish and functional!

  • David R.

    Work materials

  • Ryan Lenzora

    A blue Jansport backpack I’ve had for almost eight years!

  • Randy Eisenberg

    Some ugly targus bag

  • Paul David Olson

    Sweet bag.

  • Christopher

    A hand-me-down vinyl zip-top breifcase from my old boss. 🙁

  • Doug Schacht

    Much nicer than my old laptop bag with lots of zippers, random compartments, and Velcro.

  • Robert Wheeler

    Currently my work gear is in a snap-on toolbox but I just finished my bachelors and will look pretty sharp with this new Will briefcase! I have been in the bodyshop for 17 years and its time to find a career that I can do without wearing my body out.

  • Db

    I am carrying a leather messenger bag.

  • rudishamba

    a ratty old pleather messenger bag

  • Pranam Gurung

    Laptop in hand…

  • Michael Woodings

    A binder..

  • Anders L.S.

    Currently carrying my laptop, iPad, notebook and notes in a much less mature messenger bag from college days.

  • chontzy

    Laptop, commute folder, snacks…

  • Jaylan

    My old backpack :/

  • John Roberdeau

    Messenger bag

  • jeffknox

    I’m currently dragging my stuff around in either a messenger or old briefcase

  • Scott Yousey

    Swiss Gear backpack I used all through college… time for an upgrade.

  • AJBoilanger

    I’m currently carrying all my stuff in my backpack, it’s lasted my entire college career thus far!

  • Jeff

    This would be a nice start to a collection 😉

  • Jk

    All in a Patagonia messenger bag

  • Jamie

    a timbuk2 messenger.

  • Anonymous Eel

    Copper River Journeyman

  • Adam Blount

    I’m carrying my laptop, my graded papers, and a paperback

  • Breno Ronchini

    I carry my stuff in a black Zara briefcase/handbag.

  • Simon

    A lot of revision notes, laptop, flask with tea. Lots of pens with misplaced caps.

  • Ron

    Recent grad here! I’m quite anxious to get started with my new life, so for now I’ll prob just be carrying my laptop and a ton of resumes!

  • Mike

    I mostly use a messenger bag I picked up a few years back.

  • Nick C

    Folders, couple of magazines, a book, and my ThinkPad

  • Evan

    Currently carrying a BaileyWorks messenger bag- a little big for the MacBook air and notebook that are the only items I need on the daily.

  • Bryan

    A backpack

  • John

    Mountain Hardware pack, it holds my stuff and is tough.

  • Alex K

    between my missionworkshop rucksack and nikesb camo backpack.

  • Casey Tsui

    I carry my work gear in a Navy Filson 256.

  • Andrew

    Currently using the ratty old backpack. In serious need of an upgrade!

  • Tyler Burdsall

    My backpack, not exactly the “best” thing a gent should be carrying haha.

  • Justin Hyer

    Currently carrying a mess of work items in my arms. Quite unprofessional.

  • Today

    I’m currently using a simple cloth bag or messenger back. I’ve wanted a briefcase for interviews.

  • Abraham

    I use a tactical bag which is great for every day flexibility but would love an upgrade and this Mill briefcase would do the trick

  • Neil W.

    Currently using a canvas messenger bag. I would love to bring this thing in to work!

  • Modern Connoisseur

    Currently I carry my iPad, documents, pens, usb memory key, swiss multi-tool and cell phone charger.

  • Matt

    I have an old, hand-me-down briefcase from the 80s that looks like it’s falling apart… But hey, it goes better with my blazers than a backpack!

  • matt

    Macbook and kindle

  • kevin

    some text books, my phone, a raincoat

  • Mike

    A Tumi laptop bag.

  • Bryan

    I have a messenger bag from Kenneth Cole–and still in great shape–but it’s too bulky.

  • tazpiano

    my Company gave me a shoulder bag with a company issued laptop. I also carry my phone power cord, external hard drive, and a notepad & pen. On trips I also carry a reading book.

  • Matt

    I messenger bag I have had since high school.

  • Matt

    A duffle bag

  • Abu Casey

    A messenger bag

  • Mahdi

    carrying mostly food!

  • Raihan

    iPad, 3-ring binder, computer

  • garymike

    My leather portfolio.

  • South

    Notebook, pens, survival knife

  • Casey

    I carry mainly a Lands End Canvas messenger bag. Great bag, just wish it was a little more structured

  • Rich

    Currently I use a bag found at a garage sale. Its nice, but doesn’t fit my title….boo.

  • Francis

    Kindle, Macbook, Notebook, and some pens.

  • Jason

    I’m a college instructor, so my lecture notes and gradebook!

  • Ford Aldrich

    An old messenger bag.

  • Ben Lee

    My Mac Book Pro and iPad

  • Graham

    Still using a beat up backpack.

  • John A

    Using a North Face backpack.

  • Tim

    MEC slingbag. Not too stylish, unfortunately!

  • Attonine

    Work papers, calculator, pencil bag, keys.

  • Justin B.

    my backpack. not professional at all

  • Christopher Hagmann

    Messenger bag

  • barkley

    I just leave everything in my truck and carry what I need in

  • Kevin

    My laptop to work.

  • Terry

    northface backpack 🙁

  • Karson

    My backpack

  • Lita Schule

    I am using an old ink-stained army bag.

  • Jason James

    my old black leather briefcase

  • Joseph Telezinski

    I’ve been carrying my work stuff in a nylon briefcase/messenger bag. Time for some leather, baby!

  • Rene Torres

    a backpack

  • ErickSalinas

    ive being carrying my work gear in my hands forever

  • adam

    first aid for the usmle step 1!

  • Dan Grabowski

    Right now, I’m using my college backpack.

  • August

    A backpack

  • Travisvaldez

    My backpack and duffle bag

  • Tim B

    I’ve got a brief case that’s seen better days … going on almost a decade old that I use for work.

  • dan

    i currently carry my stuff in a saddleback leather briefcase.

  • James Thomson-Sakhrani

    I’m rocking a Lamborghini product sample backpack. Falling apart, but it’s big enough for my classes and travelling, but still has a decent profile.

  • skidoos

    Several books, pens, pad, charger

  • Todd Barwick

    my backpack

  • Dave DeDonato

    I use an Ogio backpack. I would really like a nice leather briefcase though….

  • Jay

    An awful discolored canvas bag!!

  • rorydoe

    A backpack that did not hold up well to the tests of freshman year

  • Trey Cash

    macbook air, notebook, and my kindle are inin my backpack


    Trans: by JanSport ;TB791207, its been a good bag….

  • Louis Bernal

    Perfect for my books of writings and meetings.

  • Liam

    A bookstore tote. Lame. I need something classier.

  • Will Milne

    My sketchpad and laptop!

  • Eugene Canal

    laptop, notepad, tons of chargers

  • Vince

    An oversized, not-so-stylish black laptop bag.

  • Evan

    I’ve been looking for an awesome briefcase

  • RH

    Cheap Canvas Messenger Bag worn to near uselessness.

  • Jacob K.


  • YerbaPrime

    Messenger bag

  • MikeB

    Rough old black leather laptop bag – has seen better days.

  • Joe

    Generally carry things in my pockets since I don’t have that much to carry!

  • Geran Brown

    An old backpack…carrying pens, notepad and basic keys and laptop

  • Tanano

    Notebook, listerine strips and a pen. It’s all you need!

  • Matt T

    Timbuk2 laptop messenger. It works, but it sure doesn’t look that good.

  • Brandon

    Currently carrying a “ratty old Timbuk2” 🙂

  • Drew

    Currently carrying my gear in a cheap-o leather bag or a black canvas samsonite laptop bag. Both are kind of boring and need to step up my game.

  • Cody J

    Under Armour duffle bag. It’s embarrassing….

  • Daniel

    All I keep is a (paper) note pad, my ultrabook laptop and some pens. This looks perfect!

  • James

    Saddleback leather bag!

  • Alex Kaehler

    I picked up an old croft and barrow soft leather briefcase at the thrift store for $30. I’d place it in the mid-80s. It’s great, except that the snaps on the front pop open if you put anything moderately heavy in it.

  • Scott Zirkel

    I carry a leather messenger bag I got from etsy. It’s good, but not this good.

  • Ryan J

    Some “leather” messenger bag I got from a discount store.

  • Chuck

    Carrying everything in a backpack and my pockets haha…

  • DLS

    My lap top bag

  • mike

    I’d carry it completely empty just to make other people jealous. 😛

  • David Landwehr

    This near-future grad needs a briefcase to impress on an internship!

  • Chris Kiser

    currently use an old backpack.

  • JesseP

    My trusted Dakine backpack! I have lovingly carried this bad boy around through my whole college career. Filled it with blank papers, an issue of the Wall Street Journal from last week, a water bottle, The Lords of Finance book, my laptop, and pens!

  • Andrew Rouge

    Water Buffalo bag from Far Horizon Traders, atm.

  • Blaine B.

    Tom Bihn Synapse 25

  • Douglas

    Research, books, notebooks, kindle

  • Sonny Gill

    Yes please!

  • nei

    Laptop bag.

  • Julian

    Currently an old college backpack. Could use a briefcase!

  • Greg_S

    Always my laptop

  • Micah

    An old briefcase from goodwill!

  • Colby

    a company-issued messenger bag…

  • Brian Nowak

    Right now, I carry my work gear in one of those recyclable grocery bags. Totally classy.

  • Kory Leach

    A waxed canvas and leather bag.

  • Patrick H.

    I’ve got a pretty slick kenneth cole briefcase currently

  • Pags

    Kenneth Cole messenger bag

  • John Markle

    Woo.would give this a good home.

  • David Anderson

    I use a Booq Mamba–modern and very nice, but not as nice as the prize on offer.

  • jryde

    School Stuff, such as notebooks and tablet

  • Adam

    Currently using a timbuk2 bag but really diggin the idea of classing my commute up. Hello leather daddy.

  • Chris

    Carrying my macbook pro and all of my school supplies and books in a william rast messenger bag

  • Andy D

    An old, ratty backpack.

  • KY

    Laptop & important documents

  • Cam

    Copy of Foreign Affairs and my laptop

  • Tino Raharja

    Currently I’m carrying my workgear (wich consist wacom Intuos 3 tablet, External HDD, and a notebook) with a cheap but it has a quite nice design messenger bag. Made from canvas and fake leather, one of the best deal I can get for something less than 30$

  • RW

    Carrying around a Targus laptop bag just doesn’t cut it now that i’m in the professional world.

  • Patrick

    Phone, bound notebook, sketchpad, camera….

  • Rostyslav Bondarchuk

    Laptop, tablet, phone, EDC kit, etc. in a backpack

  • jay

    books, extra hard drives, ipod and phone, all in a canvas messenger

  • Tripbar

    My backpack.

  • Evan85

    An old satchel that’s tearing…

  • David Carasiti

    I’m carrying my work gear in a hand me down Kenneth Cole Black Briefcase. It’s nothing flashy, but It works for now

  • warpathmechanic

    Usually a backpack. Often times I just carry my laptop. I try to stay as digital as possible to keep weight down.

  • Eric Henao

    I am actually using a timbuk2… that isn’t ratty.

  • Dave K

    An old macbook bag

  • Johnny C

    Canvas messenger bag.

  • MArmstrong

    I have a leather satchel I take to work for my laptop and a book or two.

  • wilburgw13

    iPad, moleskin, magazines, and a ton of pens!

  • Eastman18

    currently carry Saddleback medium briefcase

  • Theo

    I absolutely love the giveaways and get ups on Primer!

  • ZM

    Ben Sherman Canvass Laptop Bag

  • Brian

    I need a bag for my sweet new job!

  • Josh Ellis

    I use various cheap leather briefcases and I’m looking for a nice upgrade.

  • slenz

    Right now I’m using a crappy cheapo laptop bag that was provided by my work… God I’d love to walk in with this beauty in my hands! I need it!!!

  • Derek Roberts

    Jcrew briefcase.

  • BenL

    A Backpack!

  • DXLi

    Picked up a Copper River Journeyman bag from Massdrop.

  • Daniel Lelewski

    Laptop mostly

  • Andrew

    Messenger bag with occasional forays back to my trusty backpack.

  • Dave M.

    I carry my work gear (lunchbag, umbrella, badge, blackberry, whatever book I’m currently reading) in a rather shabby-looking messenger bag my ex gave me about 11 years ago. It’s time for an upgrade!

  • Judson M

    I only carry a lunch sack at the moment, but will need a brief case in the future as my traveling picks up!

  • Rich Kolb

    I have a ‘The North Face’ laptop bag with tons of extra room in it, a little too big and worn enough to need replacing.

  • Alex

    Pleather messenger bag

  • jam1n


  • Michael Y

    a not nearly a cool old school bag

  • Niles

    A similar leather bag.

  • Warren

    Great bag!!

  • Will

    A company-issued black nylon computer bag.

  • Josh

    my pockets

  • Ali Hendren

    I have a ten year old Timbuk2 black messenger bag. I love the guy but I’ve had it since sophomore year of college… I’m 28 now. I need to step up my briefcase game.

  • Ryan

    backpack for the plane, waxed canvas bag for the client

  • Kevin

    Using an older waxed canvas Jcrew messenger bag for more of a casual look, but this would be perfect with a suit!

  • Adam

    I’ve got nothing against my Timbuk2, but I could use an upgrade.

  • jthacker

    Rugby messenger bag

  • Brian

    Ugly laptop bag

  • eande413

    Either my distressed work bag or back pack (if I leave the office early to exercise).

  • b_sanks

    laptop, legal pads, and various papers from work

  • Nate

    Currently using a Saddleback messenger bag, which is great outside of work, but a little big for the office

  • EKC

    Kindle, Laptop, My moleskine, engineering computation pads, my hacked G2 Montblanc

  • SteveO_in_NY

    not carrying my work gear in anything currently…hence the need for this briefcase!

  • Dan

    my free laptop backpack from targus 🙁

  • DentArthurDent

    My laptop (2-3 days), a padfolio, some ballpoints, my Sub-Ethna Sens-O-Matic, some scripts.

  • Alejadnro

    My mail bag!

  • Topher

    i have a Columbia messenger bag with all kinds of wear and tear… it’s more of an old rag hanging on my shoulder than an actually messenger bag now….

  • disqus_A8keT2EvmE

    I’m still using my Osprey backpack for most everything. Fingers
    are crossed to win the beautiful case!

  • Paul Biagan

    laptop, power chord & mouse

  • I’m Diego

    iPad and bunch of folders and papers to grade.

  • Walé

    Old Kenneth Cole bag I bought years ago at Marshall’s.

  • TankTheFrank

    Laptop, Moleskine notebook, Nexus 7. That’s the standard,

  • Scott

    Currently carrying my work materials in an Ebags brown leather messenger bag that looks like a Kenneth Cole knockoff.

  • Alan

    Timbuk2 messenger bag.

  • Bobby_Black

    I’m currently carrying my work gear in the plasticy briefcase my company provided me with. :/

  • Marcus

    currently using a more utilitarian ballistic nylon laptop bag

  • Ryan

    I currently carry a Jack Spade tweed herringbone case.

  • Allan

    papers, a calculator, my phone, mints, etc

  • John

    Custom Hide Briefcase.

  • Tyler N.


  • BelmontATO

    I currently have an Alite Squirrel backpack, which I am a fan of, because of its size. I’d like something more stylish for the office, however.

  • Amit

    An aging J. Crew messenger bag.

  • Clint

    I’m currently carrying all my gear in a osprey daypack – it’s awesome – but not that professional.

  • Caleb

    My backpack from Target.

  • Will

    Cheap laptop bag…

  • SparhawkJC

    Computer and lunch

  • John M

    A lands end canvas bag!

  • mike

    backpack 🙁

  • chris


  • Nathan

    Saddleback Leather’s Briefcase is a great bag, but it is a beast. Often I find myself opting for a ligher (less classy) laptop bag to get to and from with less heft.

  • Thick McRunfast

    Black nylon laptop bag.

  • Eric

    I carry a sketchpad, pencils, eraser, and a sharpener as well as a good book, a zippo, a knife, and some spare odds and ends.

  • Nathan

    laptop, snacks, and textbooks

  • Tj Shepherd

    I’m currently carrying my work miscellany in a beat up messenger from JCP.

  • Ken

    Messenger bag

  • sbratton87

    Carrying it all in a free laptop bag….so yeah, I need this.

  • Travis Taylor

    Nothing. I need this case.

  • Maxim

    Laptop and iPad

  • Guest

    i dont have one

  • DrDmax

    Carrying a leather briefcase

  • Jason Thu

    I carry a legal pad, pens, laptop, and papers to read.

  • Jeff

    Carry everything in my hands, folders, coffee, umbrella, its a mess.

  • vince

    my laptop and research papers

  • Stephen

    My old military back-pack — it’s aggressive rugged but lacks style.

  • disqus_5WnplCSzMf

    A jansport backpack

  • Ben

    a satchel from j Crew.

  • RacerJC2oo9

    Standard backpack. Looking to upgrade for the beginning of medical school!

  • Ley Willis

    i have a timbuktu laptop bag i take to work

  • jglaze

    A nice briefcase…but not this nice.

  • Tom

    Currently using a Target, magnetic button canvas shoulder-strap bag

  • JT

    two laptops, moleskin notebook, and a pen

  • Cryptic

    Currently? I’m using a backpack, which feels a bit juvenile, to be honest. But up until I was hit by a car, I was riding my bike to run errands and to commute to and from work.

    I carry all the necessaries in the backpack since I don’t have a car to carry everything in.

  • ffbear

    An old, cheap laptop bag.

  • Tim Cheek

    I currently use a messenger bag.

  • Will S

    Carrying in a bookbag – need an upgrade.

  • Devin

    A leather bag.

  • Cate Queener

    Currently carrying everything in a reusable grocery bag or reusing plastic grocery bags.

  • walter


  • Pat

    I carry everything in a mobile edge carry case. Very useful and ergonomic, but not stylish in any way.

  • dallasmoore

    I’m currently carrying a tattered Earthbound Trading Co. Messenger Bag that is falling apart at the seams. I feel like Patrick Adams in Suits when I carry it to work with me.

  • Jimmy_Johansen

    My iPad and magazines

  • daniel reyes

    my pockets and a old binder lol

  • Michael Stuertz

    Nice bag. Hope I win it!

  • random47

    My Chrome messenger bag.

  • Caleb Rochelle

    A worn-out guinness messenger bag that I’ve had for ages.

  • Shawn Shafer

    I’ve pared it down to my phone and kindle, which I just carry in hand or in my jacket.

  • Eric Petruno

    Sadly nothing. My Chome bag is too casual these days.

  • Ryan

    My pens, pencils, cigar case, notebook, and flask of The Macallan 12 year.

  • Allen Haynes

    I could do all the business with this.

  • Jon

    laptop, accessories, headphones

  • jake

    camo bag! it’s the second best option…to this one!

  • Anthony

    An issued MC pack, stylish yet versatile.

  • Wray

    Ben Sherman messenger

  • Luke Johnson

    I carry my lunch, kindle, and coffee in my red backpack.

  • Jesse

    Some cheap bag with synthetic leather

  • george

    I use a bag from Carbon 2 Cobalt, but I’d like the upgrade.

  • Thom Willis

    An LL Bean backpack. It’s okay.

  • Thomas Bliss

    I use a bag from JCrew Factory. It’s passable, but no where near as sexy as that. I carry my laptop and a writing folio, which include any documents for work that I’ll need at home. Chapstick, work badge, pens, are the boring things.

  • Drew

    My computer, note pads, iPad, and lots of miscellaneous!

  • Jeremy

    Still using a messenger bag. Lugging around a Macbook and journal articles to read.

  • Nathan

    Phone, Notes, Novel, Pen

  • Will

    I currently use a messenger bag

  • NewEnglandGuy

    I use an old backpack, but it is often out of place for meetings or it takes too long to find something. But I worry that a briefcase may not be enough cargo space when I need it.

  • Sean Henry

    An old satchel that I used in college… The first time.

  • Jordan

    I’d carry boring legal title opinions…but I’d do it with so much damn style!

  • Raymond

    My laptop, notepad, etc. for work

  • AT

    A computer bag

  • Rich C.

    Been daydreaming about a getting a nice briefcase like this for about a year!
    I absolutely love my job for a small non-profit organization, but unfortunately probably can’t even afford the bag that ‘smells strongly like a camel’.
    Primer, thanks for lots of great articles and also for hosting this give away!

  • Marc


  • Jake

    Laptop, a book, gym clothes

  • Liam

    My Laptop, caramel nibbles, two a5 notepads, my keys, my charger, post-it notes, kindle and one hundred ball point pens.

  • ztro

    A red shuck.

  • DL

    My old backpack.

  • Zach

    An old canvas messenger bag that is starting to fray.

  • Jon l

    Paperwork marketing materials

  • Jessie Avalos

    Office supplies, phone, note pad and such

  • L.A.B.

    I’m using a backpack. Mind you I upgraded to a fashionable canvas one but it is not professional enough.

  • Matt

    phone, nook, notebooks, schoolbooks, all in a backpack..or the saddle bags of my motorcycle

  • Ricardo

    No bag currently so winning this one would be awesome

  • Andrew Jeon

    My pockets!

  • wickdawg

    I am using a fossil bag currently.

  • Michael Thiele

    A canvas sidebag.

  • KC K.

    Copper River Bag Co. – An EXCELLENT bag and gift from my SO. However, having something smaller would be ideal for my upcoming business trip. Good luck to all!

  • Steven Bremer

    This is sweet.

  • Kris Walser

    Laptop, iPad, journal…I want!

  • Charles Wang

    I carry my laptop and reading glasses in my laptop bag

  • Simon

    Great looking bag

  • Jake Kotzman

    My Chromebook, composition notebook, and the book I’m currently reading: Cornelius Ryan’s A Bridge Too Far.

  • Tim

    I use a tan leather messenger bag courtesy of my fiancée

  • AntonM

    Old leather messenger bag. Past the point of “better with age”.

  • Dillon Dooms

    My STM laptop bag, cool, but not ‘Like A Boss’ cool!

  • Guest

    A backpack

  • Spooner

    I’d carry my papers and laptop for daily college activities.

  • johnty425

    I carry everything in either my 10 year old North Face backpack with sloughing inner waterproof liner or my incase laptop backpack. Mind you, I’ve been out of college for 20 years. It’d be great to look like a professional when I go to work.

  • Rob

    Macbook air and notes

  • Zakk

    I use the same messenger bag I used all through college – I found it in a trash can at the end of my freshman year on move out day.

  • Scott

    That is a beautiful bag, that’s for sure.

  • Hector

    My backpack right now!

  • Chris

    A ballistic nylon messenger bag.

  • Bryan Bjerke

    My pockets as well as a binder.

  • gregamorose

    Company issued leather notepad and whatever else I hate carrying in my pockets.

  • adamb83

    North face backpack 🙁

  • Adam Beck

    Seeing as how my work is all done from home.

  • Joodis

    I carry most of my day to day stuff in my pockets, occasionally a backpack, or messenger bag, depending on size/shape.

  • Bagless Guy

    Nothing… I don’t have a bag to carry at all. How deserving am I?

  • joe park

    osprey messenger back 🙂

  • sdelorme

    my backpack

  • Joshua

    My Laptop, School Books, Charger, important gear – keys, wallet.

  • Ryan

    I use my gray canvas flap over bag, it holds my laptop and sketchbooks perfectly for design meetings but is too collegiate level looking.

  • chip

    laptop and notebook

  • raghav mahendru


  • Dan

    faded leather looks great

  • Dan

    I have a small chocolate brown leather briefcase from Neo Handmade Leather

  • lumirb

    Kindle, laptop and phone

  • Ty

    My computer, a notebook, and a Christopher Hitchens book.

  • James

    My pockets and a broken down backpack

  • bud76

    Patagonia messenger bag, but it’s not leather!

  • Caylem

    I’m at school with a minimum of 6 classes each day. Back pack for now, but ready for my brief case when I’m a doctor

  • Daniel

    An old canvas bag. Boo.

  • rodrip1

    Currently using old leather messenger bag I got at a garage sale about two years ago.

  • Cole Bradburn

    Cole Haan messenger bag

  • Jared Rodgers

    I’m like a high schooler. I carry it all in a Northface backpack.

  • Jed

    Work gear is currently being carried in a several year old messenger bag

  • Glenn R


  • mark

    Nice upgrade from my current messenger bag!

  • Sho Stehr

    my hurley messenger bag!

  • aceoftrades

    My fossil breifcase

  • Guillermo Monroy

    Laptop, notebook, business supplies, power cord, and textbook, sometimes homeworks to grade. All in a days work!

  • Seth


  • Steven Desantis


  • Aaron

    Using an old nylon backpack to carry my computer and other work essentials.

  • Aaron

    A timbuk2 backpack

  • Guest

    An old, OLD, Timbuk2 bag that’s showing it’s age and wear.

  • iKyle

    A satchel!

  • Jared

    Work notepad, kindle, laptop…

  • bholler

    Textbook, two notebooks and my laptop

  • jaredjohnson41

    I carry a Crumpler bag.

  • Jon Snow

    A small heroin balloon.

  • Kevin Saun

    Currently using a black leather David King

  • JW

    I’m currently carrying my laptop, iphone, and iPad in an old laptop bag my uncle gave me. Nothing special.

  • Alex

    Currently I’m using a messenger bag, though I’d love something more classy and gentlemanly.

  • SalPic

    I currently carry a Cole Haan messenger bag. Black Leather. It was a gift for graduating law school. I love it, but I also would love to add some variety. This bag is incredible.

  • ynpi

    some shitty messanger bag

  • DanPatrickFlores

    an ipad and a copy of Love in the Time of Cholera

  • Andrew

    Macbook Pro, book, pens, wallet

  • Neo_MaFx

    Mostly try to keep my gear in pockets, but if not possible stuff my work gear in my car

  • Paden Clayton

    I carry it between a Fossil laptop carrier or for my tools a SeaChange Messenger bag.

  • Joseph Killoran

    I carry a canvas messenger bag that I bought 8 years ago at a vintage shop in Barcelona. It still holds strong, and I can easily fit a 13″ laptop, notebook and a few smaller items. The leather briefcase looks very nice though I’m not sure how I feel about switching from shoulders strap to handle. Cheers guys.

  • Matan

    looks great

  • Mackenzie

    My dufflebag

  • Phil


  • tseten

    my messenger bag

  • Matt

    A timbuk2 bag!

  • Alex


  • Kyle

    A shoulder bag thing I got for 5 bucks at an army surplus a few years ago!

  • Beantown12

    Fossil messenger laptop bag…

  • Josh

    Stack of papers in the back-seat of the truck.

  • steven casado

    I currently carry a leather messenger that I thrifted for $5. Not a bad bag, but it’s put to shame by this beauty!

  • James

    A backpack! Might be time for something more … Professional and less educational 🙂

  • Thomas P

    Nice bag

  • ucdustin

    Jansport laptop bag

  • Micah

    I’m using a leather Armani case for my laptop and paper work.

  • John Hamulak

    I currently carry everything with my hands!

  • Will

    in my backpack like most young people

  • Brian

    Carry stuff in a generic messenger bag

  • simokt

    an old unassuming black bag I bought in China..

  • Jim

    A grocery bag

  • Alexandre

    In my sport backpack.

  • Jigsy

    A Messenger bag from J. Crew

  • Goose

    A black pleather Samsonite bag

  • Nathan

    I just started my summer internship before I graduate in August. I have an Osprey backpack that looks more at home in the mountains than the office, but it does hold what I need it to. Having this briefcase would not only benefit me in the short-term this summer, but would look professional and functional for many years to come.

  • JWetz

    I have everything in some lame laptop bag that I got from bestbuy years ago. Time for an upgrade.

  • phsiao

    Dopp kitt, workout clothes, extra cards

  • Ronnie

    Messenger bag

  • Adam

    My laptop bag, old laptop bag

  • Ky Ngo

    my backpack and my pocket

  • William

    A busted, old backpack.

  • Rob

    I carry all my files, folders and laptop in the backpack I used back in college.

  • flipandtwist

    I am carrying my work gear in a horrible ugly kenneth cole reaction bag. I hate it.

  • Alysha

    ipad and my cigars.

  • Sean

    The cheapest bag I could find at Target! #budgeting?

  • jphineas

    I’ve still be using the same bag I went to college with…

  • Dalton

    Sadly a bookbag, looking to upgrade for my sophomore year in college

  • Ryan Bolte

    A raggedy almost 8 year old back pack

  • Joe Ruiz

    A basic messenger bag.

  • Samantha Szymanski

    currently, a FreshCo. 99cent bag 🙁

  • alex perez

    My old black jansport from high school

  • TJ

    Mostly just my notebook/portfolio for work and pens.

  • andy


  • Sean

    An old climber’s backpack – not as cool as it sounds!

  • Neo

    standard issue black nylon bag with company logo.

  • Jeff

    Old black canvas flight bag that desperately needs a replacement

  • Gustavo Aguilar Ayub

    My laptop, ipad and some documents.

  • Jack

    I’ve got a Booq backpack I’ve been carrying everything around in (and it’s great), but seeing as I’m starting my hospital work in a few weeks, a briefcase would be great…

  • Kenneth Liu

    A laptop bag, but it’s not stylish

  • Ken

    I use the Dell bag that came with my laptop