One Shaver to Rule Them All


One Shaver to Rule Them All
Foil shaver, beard trimmer, and detailer all in one.

Kitchen guru Alton Brown famously hates cooking gadgets that only have one purpose. Maximizing cost and space efficiency is important, but the problem lies with under-developing products that could serve multiple functions.

Consider this when thinking about electric shavers. Traditionally they serve 1.5 functions: shave facial whiskers as close as possible, and trim sideburns. But if you want to rock stubble one week, maintain your slick mustache after Movember, or grow a beard you'd have to buy all different gadgets, usually costing upwards of $50 each.

These days men frequently change how they maintain their facial hair and the folks at Philips Norelco have caught on. The StyleRazor Pro has a regular foil shaver for clean shaves, reversible large and medium trimmers for detail trimming such as goatees and mustaches, a beard comb with 12 settings that allows for length variations from stubble to beard, and a detail comb for clearing up nose and ear hair.

I've been very pleased with the StyleRazor for the few weeks I've been using it. As with all electric razors your beard type may shave differently. I have fine facial hair, but if your 5 o'clock shadow is 3 hours early and denser than cotton you may need to stick to a blade.

Pick up the StyleRazor Pro on Amazon: $98.51

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Andrew Snavely

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