GamerKitchen: Spinach Egg Drop Soup

In this episode of GamerKitchen, we're featuring a delicious vegetarian dish that's ready to go in about 20 minutes.

At most American Chinese restaurants, egg drop soup is tucked away at the back of the menu under the seafood combos. You can find it battling against wonton soup for the number one spot, with hot and sour soup staking its claim as the third most popular Cantonese style soup.

Many of my friends have told me they don't care for its texture, I prefer the subtle flavor of egg drop soup. Whether you are an egg drop, wonton or even a hot and sour soup person, I hope you'll give this Spinach Egg Drop Soup recipe a go.

In this episode of GamerKitchen, we're featuring a vegetarian dish that's ready to go in about 20 minutes. Egg drop soup is a great way to start off a meal. (Here's an idea for a main dish to follow.)  Of course, our Spinach Egg Drop Soup shines all on its own, since it's full of vegetables and protein.

To increase the overall flavor, we stirred in mushrooms, green onions and lots of fresh spinach. However, we didn’t want to just throw in whole spinach leaves like unruly brutes, so we used the cutting technique of ‘chiffonade’ to make the spinach more presentable. We explain this fancy sounding technique in the ‘active skill’ section of the video.

There are many possibilities for adapting this recipe – adding spicy Sriracha sauce to the broth, adding some ramen style noodles or even adding some meat (forgoing the vegetarian bit) if you want some more protein.  When you create your own perfect bowl of egg drop soup, let us know. Share a picture to @primermag with #gamerkitchen!

Want a hardcopy of the recipe while cooking? Print it here.

Luke Bryce

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