GamerKitchen: Italian Sausage Carbonara with Asparagus

Move beyond spaghetti and meat sauce with this delicious and simple pasta dish that works equally well impressing a date or just after a long day at work.

Pasta alla carbonara. Now that sounds pretty fancy. It might even scare you away from trying the recipe. But don’t run! GamerKitchen is all about demystifying the culinary world. We wanted to cook this tasty, Italian comfort food to give you a short and easy recipe after tackling the Beer Braised Middle-Earth Meat Pie.

The essential ingredients in carbonara are – egg yolks, parmesan cheese, cream and bacon – which many of us always have in the refrigerator. The additional meat and vegetable we used can be interchanged with anything you want, like chicken and broccoli or shrimp and zucchini. The same goes for the pasta. We picked penne because we thought it would match the shape of the asparagus nicely. Get creative!

If you think of a really great combination, be sure it share it with us and tweet a picture to @primermag!

Need a reference while cooking? Print the recipe here.

Luke Bryce

Luke Bryce reviews games at Leisure Gamer Network. He also makes videos, teaches cooking classes and rides an old blue bicycle. Follow him on Twitter, @lukebryce.