The $35 Watch: Timex Easy Reader

You don't have to drop a health insurance payment to get a cool, minimalist watch. We love the simple white face and black leather strap of this affordable Timex. (Oh, and we've got one to giveaway too.)

When it comes to watches, guys come in 4 categories. The most expensive category is the jeweler. They buy watches made of the finest metals. Next come the watchmakers. These gents buy expensive watches with the best movements in the world. They have no problem spending a paycheck on something guaranteed to outlast nuclear winter. Then come the utilitarians, who buy their watches with a need to perform in the harshest conditions, in the field or 40 feet below the surface.

The fourth category is the least respected by the other three, but comprises most of the watch-buying men in the country: the everyday gentlemen.

These men don't need high performance or precious metals, they need something that tells time at an affordable price, and lives up to their personal level of style.

These are guys who don't need a Bentley's luxury or a Mercedes's engineering, they need something that doesn't break the bank or compromise his style. They need a watch to look great to get from point a to point b, or more accurately, to get them there on time.

Lets face it: we don't need watches like we used to. It breaks my heart even uttering those words, but it's a fact of the world we've come to live in. With cell phones in every guy's pocket, and clocks on every computer, tablet, and gadget we own, the current time is readily available information, no matter where you're eyes are looking.

Timex Easy Reader

Don't think I'm giving up on watches yet, though. As the last “accessory” men have been able to cling onto that's socially acceptable to wear no matter the event, a watch gives a guy the opportunity to accentuate his personal style and differentiate himself from the rest.

That's why it's important to have more watches in your arsenal to choose from than just your default (but nice, I'm sure) metal on metal watch. Your Fossil, Citizen, or maybe something even nicer that you've had for a few years, or that you received as a gift. Those watches are universal, they would look fine at your lunch meeting. But you're not going for fine.

Adding a bit of style to your wrist doesn't have to be expensive. For $35 you can pick up the Easy Reader from Timex, which performs perfectly as a modern man's sleek, minimalist dress watch.

Paired with a suit, or a cardigan on the weekend, the simple design will say a lot more than a metal strap and extra functions like altimeter or moon phase on more complicated watches. This smooth black leather strap is perfect for the conference room or a casual restaurant where textured leather may be less universal.

The Easy Reader has a mineral glass crystal and Timex's signature Indiglo Night-Light is available with a push of the dial.

If you're looking for a sophisticated second watch priced like a Honda that keeps up with your BMW style, the Easy Reader will get you there.

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