Your Valentine’s Day Card Can Make You A Hero

Sometimes the small and easy things in life mean the most, a thoughtful card on Valentine's Day being the perfect example. Don't worry about buying an expensive gift, a card that can express how much she means to you will mean a ton more to her, and last longer than overpriced flowers.

Valentine’s Day usually strikes a jolt of fear through men.  Big expectations.  Commercialization. Excessive talking about feelings and love.  But don’t be intimidated – Forgetful Gentleman will make it easier for you to be a gentleman this Valentine’s Day and help you avoid the traps of an over-priced and over-hyped experience.

The most important thing you need to do on Valentine’s Day is express how you truly feel about your significant other.  There’s no better way to do this than through a thoughtful, handwritten note.  A note is tangible, tactile and classy.  Your Valentine will hold it in her hands, and savor it.  Don’t be surprised if she re-reads it multiple times in the ensuing weeks, and saves it for years in a desk drawer.

This article offers an easy three step solution to bring out your inner romantic: picking out a card, writing the message, and delivering the note.

Choose the Right Card

The first mistake men make is to run into the local stationery store and quickly pick out a mass-produced card.  Usually these cards have hearts all over them, and some sappy or funny message.  These cards work well if you want to be like the other millions of men who are giving their Valentine the same card.  And in many ways, you are feeding the beast of over-commercializing Valentine’s Day.

Instead, pick out a card that’s original and unique, that is not mass produced.  We recommend using a letterpress card.  Due to the technique of letterpress printing, cards cannot be mass produced in high quantities.  Letterpress is part craftsmanship and part art.  Look for soft, thick cotton paper with a simple design and message that is pressed into the paper.

In addition to the scarcity of letterpress cards, men will also appreciate the craftsmanship.  Letterpress is the same printing technique that Gutenberg invented in the mid-15th century.  If you remember from your history class, Gutenberg’s printing press could, for the first time, publish books and spread learning to the masses.  The letterpress printing technique, which uses a metal or wood block that is physically pressed into the paper, played a key role in the development of the Renaissance, Reformation and the Scientific Revolution.

Choose a card that is simple, classy and sophisticated.

Write like Shakespeare

Most men have good intentions when trying to express their feelings to a woman.  It’s the execution that they struggle with.  That’s why you should give yourself time to thoughtfully craft a sincere note that expresses your feelings.

Here are a few excerpts from A Forgetful Gentleman’s Guide to Articulate Writing to bring to life your inner Shakespeare:

For Serious Relationships

When I look back on all the special moments we’ve shared through the years, I can’t help but fall in love with you all over again.  Happy Valentine’s Day to my best friend and the love of my life.


Happy Valentine’s Day to the most beautiful girl in the world.  I’m so lucky to be with you.  You brighten all of my days.


You are beautiful, intelligent, funny and loving.  I’m so grateful for having you in my life.  My heart belongs to you on Valentine’s Day and always.

For Casual Relationships

The last three months of dating you have had some of the most enjoyable moments I can remember.  Thank you for making me laugh, bringing excitement and joy each day. I look forward to spending Valentine’s Day with someone as special as you.


You are beautiful.  Happy Valentine’s Day.


I appreciate how you think of me when you are in line at Taco Bell.  I like how you always look to dance with me whenever Katie Perry comes on (though I don’t know why.)  And I especially like when you text me funny stories across the day.  Will you be my Valentine?

For Mom

While I know I haven’t always been the easiest son to raise, you’ve been constant in your love for me.  I truly appreciate always knowing that you love me, and are looking out for me.  Happy Valentine’s Day.  I love you.


Did you know Valentine’s Day was established in 500 AD by the Romans to celebrate love and affection?  For over 1500 years people have been expressing their feelings to one another on February 14.  I’m lucky because I never have to wait a year to feel love from you.  I am so thankful for having you in my life, and growing into the man that you had hoped I would become.  I love you very much, and wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day.

Deliver the Note

You’ve picked out a special card and have written a touching message.  The final step is delivering the card in a unique and impressionable way.

You have two options for delivering the note – you can do it in-person or as a surprise.  The advantage of delivering a note in-person is that you can see their reaction, and re-enforce your message through verbal or physical gestures.  However, a surprise note can often take a woman’s breath away.  She’ll have more time to savor the note, reading each word again and again, studying each pen stroke.

If you choose to deliver the note by surprise, here are a few suggestions:

  • If you leave for work before she awakes in the morning, leave it taped to the bathroom mirror
  • If she is bringing her laptop to work that day, slide the note inside the laptop the night before.  That way when she arrives at work on Valentine’s Day, she’ll have the note surprise her at work.  Her co-workers will be gushing about you.

If you choose to deliver the note in person, here are a few suggestions:

  • Surprise her with breakfast in the morning.  When you serve her the meal, have the note sitting on the tray.
  • At the end of dinner when you are finishing dessert, give her the note from across the table.  Better yet, have the waiter deliver the note to her.
  • Attach the note to flowers or a Valentine’s Day gift

We at Forgetful Gentleman hope to make it easier for you to be a gentleman this Valentine’s Day.  Now that you have a plan in place, there are no more excuses!  Make her heart melt!

Nate Tan and Brett Nicol, b-school buddies and self titled “original forgetful gentlemen,” founded Forgetful Gentleman,, in Charlottesville, VA in January 2009. With the goal of making it easier for the busy, modern man to be a gentleman, Forgetful Gentleman’s innovative products have been recognized by NBC, Businessweek, Thrillist, Cool Material and the National Stationer’s Guild.