20 Ways to Improve Your Style for Under $20

You don't have to spend a fortune to polish yourself around the edges. Here are 20 economical ways to look like a million bucks for under twenty.

Just graduated college and don't have that first pay check? Want to dress like a magazine model but short on funds? Have three kids and a mortgage and no extra dough? Take a look at this list and find ways to improve your image on the cheap.

1. Get a haircut – A haircut can make you look 5 years younger and 10 pounds lighter. Need help? Here's how to get a good one. The average American millionaire man pays $16 plus tip.

2. Wash your face – Grooming is essential.  Use a facial scrub twice a week and keep your skin youthful and bright.  Anthony Facial Scrub – $9 / Every Man Jack Face Scrub – $6

3. Buy scissors – Not for cardboard cutouts but your nose hair.  Your local CVS has plenty – $2

4. Freshen your breath – Try Smalls Altoids mints.  Little mints.  Big taste.

5. Use a Tree – Use cedar shoe trees and keep your wingtips in good form – $12 per pair.  An even better deal since you only need one pair for your entire shoe collection.

Handbook of style6. Shine your shoes – Do it yourself and it’s free.  Get the guy on the corner to do it for you and shell out $5.

7. Control your tie – Use the Tiedown to keep your tie in place – $1.75 for a pack

8. Upgrade your undershirt– Tired of Hanes and the Fruit?  Try a new undershirt experience at Ribbed Tee – $18.75 for two classic V-neck tees.

9. Put on some deodorant It’s a must do.  Mithcum is known for its superior protection against wetness – $5

10. Use a shoehorn – Another way to keep your shoes in working order. Find a good option here. – $2.95

11. Pull up your socks – Opt for bold socks instead of the standard navy and black to kick up your accessories a notch.  Try stripes like these – $7.50

12. Lose your wallet – Get rid of the fat wallet in your back pocket and slide one of these slim options in your front pocket.

13. Get a hold on static – Spray down with a can of Static Guard and keep your pants from sticking to your leg. – $1.50

14. Get a handbook – Read this handbook by Esquire and you’ll be two steps ahead of the next guy.  $15

15. Brighten your smile – Go first class with this Italian made toothpaste.  Your lady will thank you in the morning. – $6

plaid pocket square16. Be a square – Add this plaid pocket square to your wardrobe to liven up your spring suit. – $10

17. Get some shadePick up these sunglasses.  Just be sure not to wear them at night or in the club. – $6

18. Use your head – Top of your look with this Fedora, but don’t wear high tops with your suit like Justin Timberlake. – $8

19. Belly up to the barThe Tie Bar has as many tie options as your local watering hole and they are cheaper than a round with the guys. – $15

20. Tap your toes – Find a cobbler to put taps on your toes and help your shoes last forever – $3

Grant Harris

Grant Harris is Owner & Chief Style Consultant at Image Granted; a Washington, DC based Image Consulting Company dedicated to solving the complex image, style & fashion issues of today's professional man. He has a healthy obsession with socks. Follow him on Twitter & Facebook.