Sex: A Seductive Addiction?

Sex. Just the mention of the word makes your mind wander. It is the lure that hooks men and women on a daily basis. But can sex be an addiction? Well, it depends on who asks.

Sex is a big deal. It has been since the beginning of time. If there is anything that can get a man “hooked” it’s sex. Society knows it. The media knows it and women definitely know it. What most men don’t realize is that if you do not master your sexuality, it will definitely master you. Let me explain.

Sex is big business. At the end of 2006, the sex industry in the U.S alone was about 12 billion dollars. The revenues of the NFL, NBA, and MLB do not even come close to the revenues of the sex industry. This revenue is split between internet pornography, CD-roms, videos, and gentlemen’s clubs. One of the biggest areas of growth has been “sexting,” where nude photos of those engaged in sexual acts are sent to others via text messaging. Technology has really enhanced the growth of the sex industry. As always, men are being targeted like crazy by using sex to reach them.

There are websites where you can get involved with others interested in adultery. You can find tons of social network “meet up” sites to hook up with others, anywhere at any time. Most men say “What’s the big deal? I’m a man and I am supposed to look and gawk at women, right? I am supposed to be unfaithful to my girlfriend and delay marriage as long as I can because I am a man!”

Medically speaking, sexual arousal in any form spikes a hormone in the brain called dopamine. If you saw a picture of your brain when this happens, it would look like the brain when it's hooked on heroin. That's why so many men become addicted to internet porn and get involved in infidelity and adultery. Your eyes photograph what you see, your brain is spiked with dopamine, then you repeat the cycle again and again. You enjoy the experience and just like that you are looking for your next experience.

Article Text - is it really worth risking those things

There was a governor over the past year that cheated on his wife and four kids. This guy flew out of the country to be with his mistress! Talk about being addicted!  Now his wife is filing for divorce and his political career could be in shambles.

It doesn't stop there. Last summer, a former football star lost his life due to adultery. He started looking at a waitress that served he and his wife and family at their favorite restaurant. The two of them started going out and developed a relationship with each other. When he decided to break things off, she took matters into her own hands. She purchased a gun, killed him and then killed herself. Now he has left a wife to raise four boys on her own. Most recently, a future hall of fame golfer was caught in an adulterous affair by his wife. This man is losing endorsements, credibility and faces an uncertain future.

Now let me ask you a question, man to man, do you think ANY of these men expected things to turn out the way they did? Does any man get involved with a woman outside of his girlfriend or wife, and expect it to blow up in their face? Of course not. Most men that I have spoken to on this issue always regret getting involved with a “third party.”

So what’s a young man to do? Simple. Go against the grain of the culture. If you look at internet porn, get out of it. It can take years to detox your brain of the images you have encompassed via porn. You will then conjure up unrealistic expectations of your mate.

Guard your relationships with the opposite sex. If you have a girlfriend and there is a female co-worker who you are strongly attracted to, then maybe you need to distance yourself from her. You could be playing with fire if you become weak with temptation. If you think you can stand, be careful that you do not fall! Although you might feel like you currently have it all together, it could happen to any at any time!

Always assess what could happen if you fell into adultery or infidelity. Perform a “cost analysis.” What could you LOSE? Your position, career, health or even your life. Is it really worth risking these things?

While sex may have been designed for marriage, most men are simply not going to abstain. I’ve made mistakes in the past, but after a 10 year addiction to sex, I got it right. I abstained from sex for two years when I dated a beautiful woman who is now my wife. We have no regrets at all.

You are where you are in life due to the choices that you make. With a ton of diseases, headaches, and other potential losses, you must look yourself in the mirror and say “Is it really worth it?”

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Sanford Ashley (“The Men’s Coach”) is an author and speaker on men’s issues. His book “Sex…The Seductive Addiction”(Authorhouse) is available on Visit his website at to find out more.