The Rule Is Never Draw A Penis Ever, Ever, Ever…

You may think drawing a diagram of a dongarama is innocent fun -- just don't do it at the office...

I guess some guys never learn. Recently management thought it would be a smart/cool/kitschy thing to put chalkboard paint on the large 20’x20’ wall in my office’s elevator lobby. It’s a creative place, so hey, could be neat I guess.

Except there’s a giant penis drawn it, that will be there forever.

Apparently some jackass saw the new chalkboard wall and thought it’d be funny to draw a 15” dong; I mean, of course, what else would a pushing 30 dude draw?

In any case, the bad thing is the paint hadn’t fully cured, though not wet to the touch, the erasable quality of the chalkboard paint hadn’t fully set in. They were able to erase the chalk, but the outline is now darker than the rest of the paint around it. Not noticeable enough to force someone to repaint, but definitely visible to walkers-by.

Now, I have no idea who did it, or if they’ll even get in trouble — honest mistake, with an important lesson, I get it — but there is a security camera, being the lobby and all.

You’ve heard think before you speak, I encourage you to think before you draw wieners as well.

Have a great weekend!

Andrew Snavely

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.